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Nissan Maxima: Stolen Headlights!!



  • marteeenezmarteeenez Posts: 2
    it was parked in long island, new york. i have a 1000 deductible so its not even worth issuing a claim with the damn insurance company.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Uh, hate to bring bad news, but better get ready to submit a claim. As I recall, the costs of replacement will be in the $2500 range.
  • nj847nj847 Posts: 1
    marteeenez,you better submit a claim and trade your car in. my headlights got stole twice and cost my insurance to fix $10,000 first time, second time got stole again i just trade in my car without headlights(was estimated $5,000 to fix).
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    I hate reading these posts.

    I live in Michigan, where this isn't a problem at all. In fact, when I bought the car, I asked them if they'd ever heard of this. While they couldn't vouch for other dealerships, they said, they've never had a single car come in with its headlights ripped out.

    I've had my '03 for over 2 years, and even if I did live in NY/NJ I'm not sure I would let this deter me from buying this car. It's as tight as the day I drove it off the lot, and haven't had any issues with it at all.
  • thinkalotthinkalot Posts: 1
    True. Living in the midwest seems to be disease-free from this epidemic. I am moving to NJ however, and am thinking of either getting the bracket, or just forking over the money for angel eyes or similar replacement so I don't have to deal with this mess hopefully. If there is a suggestion of going with the 2000 model, or some other aftermarket, I'd appreciate it. thanks.
  • letgigletgig Posts: 4
    Hi, i had my hid headlight stolen also, would like to keep vehicle but change the lights to non-hid and am considering the 2001, please e-mail the info from the Newark and/or queens location so i can find out the price also i'm imagining they did what they needed to do to adjust the wiring to work properly.


  • letgigletgig Posts: 4
    Hi, i had my hid headlight stolen and i've only had the car one month, to avoid this type of headache and expense or trade it in, and having the depreciation value, i'd rather keep the car, with the non-hid you know where in brooklyn, queens or jersey i can have the headlights changed to a 2001, i know there is a 1/2 to inch gap, which is okay, i'll either add something around it or leave as is...
    a name, address, phone number of the place where this can be purchased and installed or even just purchased would be great...Thanks.


    P.S. unfortunately, thiefs can be anywhere and take we shouldn't have to move or pay for garage because of them...i say screw them and enjoy your's frustrating, but that's life.
  • rastagirlrastagirl Posts: 1

    Did you find a place to swap your 2002 lights for 2001? I live in NJ also and my 2002 headlights were stolen twice. I thought they had stopped doing this but last week my neighbor's headlights were stolen in our condo complex and now I'm worried again. Both our lights were stolen in 2004 the same night. I just want to replace these darn lights!

    BTW, my car was parked diagonally acrossed from hers and they didn't take mine? Go figure! I don't know if the "Protected by DATADOTs sticker" stopped them from taking mine. I doubt it.

  • pjbearpjbear Posts: 1
    I had my '03 Maxima lights stolen out of my car for the 2nd time.

    The first time was 12/03 shortly after I purchased the car - replaced to the tune of $3,500.

    They 2nd time was this past Saturday 7/16 @ 4:30am my car was sitting in my driveway on a quiet residental street.

    This time it looks like more damage then the 1st time.

    I was told by the dealer when they replaced the lights the 1st time that the "datadot" would deter thieves, NOT!!!

    What are these lights you guys are talking about?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is trying to learn as much as she can about the stolen xenon headlights phenomenon. If you have an experience or other information to share, please respond to no later than Tuesday, July 26, 2005 with your daytime contact info, city and state of residence and a few lines about your perspective.


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  • stephenostepheno Posts: 1
    That's a shame that they were stolen. Maybe you should keep your car locked up from now on, huh?

    I've never had that happen to me, thanks to my security system installed. ;)
  • Interesting you would say that, considering by the time anyone responds to an audible alarm, the lights are already in the theives hands. locking the car up has nothing to do with it, the hood is popped from the outside and headlights are then removed.

    nissan has an antitheft kit available which includes theft resistant bolts which are a PITA to get out, a hood cable protector and a door lock cylinder sheild. anyone attempting to steal the headlights after this is going to have a hell of a time.
  • gig3gig3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Maxima SE and I too had my passenger side headlight stolen one week after I purchased the car from Nemet dealership in Hillside, Jamaica...They didn't take the other because something must have spook them.....The dealer ship didn't warn me about the headlights being popular w/the thieves.....On that day an officer was dispatched to take finger prints and before he got started he stated he too has a Maxima 2003 and he was informed about that anti-theft kit so he bought it and had it installed on the car, 2 days later his headlights were stolen again but the only difference this time was that they did more damage to his car than the 1st time because the thieve has to work a little longer, instead of 45 second it took them 1 minute and they bent the hood and damage the front grill......My advise to you is don't waist your time buying the anti-theft kit, it is a wait of money and time....
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I thought that kit was supposed to be free to people in high theft areas?
  • sharkpsharkp Posts: 3
    I just got a letter from Lexus, telling me that I should get a dealer installed theft deterrent enhancement for my RX 330 since I live in the "areas of the Northeastern United States of high incident of HID headlight thefts".
    The letter says its a free installation (needs to be done before Dec 31st) and it includes 2 things: 1) new HID headlight securing devices and 2) unique identification technology applied called "datadots".
    Has anyone had this done to their vehicle? I found the "datadots" info from their web page. I have not yet seen what the securing devices are.
  • vanny1vanny1 Posts: 1

    I recently purchased a 2002 Infiniti I35, I had my car less than a month when my headlights, were stolen. I made the grave mistake of parking my car on the condo complex parking site. At 7am on 7/29/05, when I was on my way to work, I noticed my windows down, and my CD's scattered about on the passenger seat. Whatever they did to get my headlights caused my windows to roll down once the car was turned off. The damage alone for the replacements was more than $6000.00. After reading all of the stories posted. I'm thinking of trading my car in for something else, that would draw less attention to my car. Please advise if BMW or Mercedes is also having the same problem? After speaking with my insurance company I was informed that this epidemic is also occuring with the Maxima's, Acura TL's, Infiniti's and Lexus.
    I called Infiniti, and of course they are aware of the problem, but honestly are not doing anything about it. If anyone knows of any class action suit in New York City, against Nissan or Infiniti, I would gladly like to know or if there is anything I could do to protect my car from being violated again, please advise.
  • I had my brand new '05 Escalade for a month until it got stolen out of my driveway. A week later, they recovered it three states away, but otherwise in pretty decent shape. They think it was used as a mule vehicle to transport drugs.

    A few things suck about this--1) it's my wife and kids vehicle-- we don't want it back now. and 2) With all those miles that were put on it, GMAC is now trying to tell us that it is our responsiblity. (I only get 12K a year, over 2K were put on the vehicle).

    Am I just out of luck, stuck now with 3 long years on a leased, stolen, smelly, car that I never got to enjoy brand new? On top of that, they stole it out of my driveway, no broken glass, no alarm, the dogs didn't even bark. What's to say they can't just do it again, even with the locks changed?

    Is there anyway to have the insurance company consider it totalled? Probably a pretty naive thought. What about selling it privately, does the Carfax records on it say it was a stolen/ recovered vehicle and thus make it even harder to get rid of?

  • So they tell me I'm getting my '05 Escalade back, without the VIN numbers. (except for the secret one they can't remove off the bottom). The cops told me that my dealer would just put a temp vin tag back on the front, but this would forever be a car that has lost 25% of its value due to be stolen/ recovered. Good luck selling it, ever, was their quote. So why doesn't insurance companies consider this 25% loss and cover me for it? Instead, I get a 60 grand car back that's only worth 45 or 40 with not much help of anyone purchasing it. What next?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That sounds like a nightmare.

    You may be able to find some help in Lease Questions - Ask Here and Questions About Auto Insurance & Accidents.

    Best wishes.

    tidester, host
  • Is this problem occuring on the 2005 Maxima as well? I'm interested in getting one. However, this deeply concerns me.
  • I consider myself somewhat of an expert in the Maxima - stolen HID issue, since it's happened to me 3 times in 13 months. I'm in Miami and work in a "secure" parking garage with patrolling security vehicles, but it's no help. After the first heist (June 2004), I worked with the dealer to get the first version of the "Theft Deterrent Kit" (Part #65601-6Y300). It consisted of four parts: tamper resistant Torx bolts, protective pads on hood lock cable, hood lock/cable protector and a driver door key cylinder protector. At first, the kit was on back order and, after three months or so, removed altogether from the Nissan parts list. The best explanation I could get from service technicians was "it did not perform as intended".

    In between thefts, I received a notice of a class action suit against NNA in South Florida which was in the settlement phase. Basically, Nissan would make available a theft deterrent kit at a cost not to exeed $30 for members of the class (ie: 02-03 Maxima owners). A final hearing was scheduled in July, 2005.

    In July 2005, they were yanked again. This time, I worked with NNA and secured the new version of the theft deterrent kit (Parts #26040-6Y325 & #12089-6Y300). While it still contains the Torx bolts, Nissan has abandoned the hood lock and cylinder key protector; the new kit are a set of brackets that bolt the bottom of the HID assembly to the frame of the car. It was installed in my Maxima on 08/11 at a cost to me of $377.00. NNA agreed to reimbiurse me everything above $30 once I receive the "official" settlement letter.

    Four days later, 08/15, the HIDs were stolen again. Not only were the brackets ineffective; it appears they did not even slow the bad guys down. The time of day these thefts occur, combined with the activity in the garage during that time would only allow for a couple of minutes to steal the lights. Apparently, that's more than enough time.

    So, the remedy Nissan is proposing to settle these class action suits (in FL and NJ) simply does not work. You can bolt the HID assemply to anything you want, but it's still easily breakable plastic. If they were serious about stopping these thefts, they would recall all 02-03 Maxima's and retrofit the lights with at least two design changes that would stop the thefts cold: encase the HID assembly in a metal (rather than plastic) casing and move the ballast back further in the engine compartment. The HIDs are worthless without the ballast, and Nissan conveniently packages the ballast in the same plastic case as the HIDs.

    Great car, but after $10,000+ in repairs caused by HID theft, I doubt I'll ever buy a Nissan again. They really left us hanging on this one.
  • It is true, they will put the kit on, according to cops doesn't work, the theives will take more than a minute and do more damage...What Nissan should have done was create a different type of light or alarm unit to any proximaty or tampering with those lights or alerting customers before hand (god forbid). I bought mine at nissan nemet in queens, and will never buy from them again, having been battling for 2 months on a trade to get one excuse after another...They claim they weren't aware of the class action suit against nissan or that these were hot items...well i fell victim again, this time for airbags, my car is fixed and in a lot, i'm paying for it, can't use it. obviously don't want to contine being a victim again, will try my business with another's frustrating and expensive...the 2005 don't have that problem, but trust me, maximas are hot for parts, so if they don't go for the lights, they'll go for the airbags, the stereo the having a nice quality expensive car, may not be worth it, if it's gonna benefit the theives...My advice sell your 2003's if you have them and get a toyota, a chevrolet or some other good car that the appearance or parts are so appealing....Good luck.

    If there is a class action suit in the New York area, please let me know, cause i will definitely join in on that, and get all my money back as a settlement.

  • Someone should also get their act together at Lexus: the stolen headlights on my RX400h cost $8400 (!!!) to repair. And, of course, Lexus (dealer and corporate) deny any responsibility.

    It takes less than a minute to pop those suckers out - how is it not a defect? And we'll see if their fix is as effective as Nissan's.
  • I feel for you. I have a friend who had the headlamps stolen from her RX300 - parked on her driveway! I also know quite a few folks that have had their Maxima lights stolen. Recently, I saw a CTS that also had the same thing happen - and it only had halogen bulbs, not HID. Do you live in the NY/NJ Metro area?
  • Well Add me to the list also my 02 maxima had its headlights yanked from it not even 2 weeks after i bought the car! This is insane that the motor companies refuse to do anything about this. Its as if they begg you to buy their car with their billions in advertising then once you buy the car your screwed. I too will never buy another nissan or any other auto manufactur that refuses to take action about this !!! NEVER NEVER NEVER and i am also getting rid of my maxima as well
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I just made a 1345 mile trip to come to my daughter's rescue after some thugs made off with her headlights at a football game. Not only did they get hers, they made off with 13 other cars, most of them Nissans(7 Maxima's, 2 I30's, 1 G35 2 350 Z's and oddly, a Chrysler 300 C, all with HID's) So I decided the best thing to do was to call the local Nissan dealer in Austin, Texas(GO LONGHORNS) and purchase the headlamps . The rep told me that they were on back-order for 3 MONTHS. He further said that they cost an estimated $789 a piece. I was in total shock. So I called the insurance company after I got the police report and they implied that they would suck up the cost minus the $500 deductible AFTER they locate a set of lights. WHAT?? So the car was completely unusable at night and because my daughter wouldn't be caught dead driving a car without headlamps even in the daytime, I left her my 3500 Dodge Ram to drive until I could get back home and find the lights. Turns out, no one had them because of this latest round of theft to the Nissan cars. Here comes the gotcha!

    Checked out E-bay, and guess what people ? I saw all of our lights.

    Wonder what would've been the outcome of all of this if Nissan would've stamped the VIN# on all of the headlamp assembly's? These guys were selling them for like $100 bucks. So I managed to buy 2 sets, 1 as a spare. After about 5 days, flew back down to Texas and the bandits had made off with the Dean of Students Infiniti Q45 headlamps and a few other Nissan-related cars. Now they had finally done it. He had ordered 24/7 police patrol after "his" car got snabbed.

    To say the least, I left my truck with her and drove the Max back home to Long Island and trade it in on a '06 GTO for her today. She originally wanted a G35 Coupe, but as you can see they're just as easy to be vandilized. I will never buy another Nissan again. Nissan, knowingly mad a bad headlamp design, has lost me and quite a few other customers. And for more reasons than the headlamps. But that is whole nother story........................
  • Anyone with Xenon lights in NJ are subject to HID thefts!
    No matter what you drive,lexus,toyota,nissan,whatever.
    If it has bling ,bling,you know what type of person wants it
    Let me tell you they live in deprived areas :Newark,Passaic, and the Oranges.Also people with suped-Hondas that have readily available Projector housings that fit your HIDs,pick up a custom car magazine or search online.We need to sue the hell out of these people that promote stolen lights!!!The aftermarket car parts people.
    So get a car with halogens,sue some companies, or stop complaining.If any lawyers out there want to do this post online,or reply so we can all join in. :lemon:
    Signed Maximacrap-
  • gtwgtw Posts: 46
    I need to hire one of these thugs to show me how in the hell to replace the burned out Xenon bulbs in a 2004 maxima. My goodness what a task it looks like.
  • rmdrmd Posts: 3
  • rmdrmd Posts: 3
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