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Nissan Maxima: Stolen Headlights!!



  • hey smart u honestly think theives are that stupid? you do kno who these theives are right..majority of these theives are your local mechanics, at your local lexus or honda or nissan deals, where do u think these kids get these ideas, i mean if their smart enough to figure out a way to take your headlights right from under you. and getting away with it every 9 out of 10 times, what makes u think they wont know anything about your car..and just to remind u, they do know that your car has HID's you have clear tazor tail light with the silver ring instead of full black housing with the red and white circle....the way to find HID is to look for the silver RING in the tail guy, think again, u just down graded your car for nothing........that was worthless and a waste of time.......

    Waste of time my aZZ,they look at the headlight!
    4 years and noboduy has touched it.
    That is the fix.
    I also fix the car myself ,dealer was told off after they looked at my stereo doing a seatbelt change that had NOTHING to do with the trunk they looked in.
  • saxon2nsxsaxon2nsx Posts: 19
    Ok guys it is June of 2009 and I am considering a 2003 Maxima with the "special" thief prone head lights. Any nw news on the market are they still hot? BTW i reside in NYC...... :cry:
  • capbwpcapbwp Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    my 2003 nissan headlights were stolen in my driveway!!! we live in a nice neighborhood - thinking that I was followed home...scary. My neighbor happened to be out at 3:30am and saw them, called the police, but they were unable to catch them.
    I am in Charleston, SC area.
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