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2013 and Earlier - Ford Escape Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 68
    ACOG is the American College of Ob/Gyns

    There's a magazine called Plum aimed at pregnant women over 35 that came out last september. It was only mailed to Ob/Gyns though. They put an add there for a $500 off, same as the Gerber deal.

    It's supposed to be only one of them, but most dealers advertise both and would take both. But you need a copy of the mag. and the email with the certificate number.

    I was able to get a copy of it but did not come in in time for my purchase. The dealer though gave me an extra rebate form and I mailed that in to Mazda HQs. I new the procedure since when I got my MPV a few months ago, I also got the Loyalty rebate 3 days after taking delivery (so had to mail it).

    For the MPV I got 6.39 so it wasn't THAT BAD. But now I got 6.99 and that was HIGH. Also, I wanted to do it for 4 years, and they would give me the same rate !!!
  • clariosclarios Posts: 19
    Has anyone out there bought a 4WD Mariner Premier since the employee pricing promotion started? I was wondering how good that was. If you have bought one, what was the sticker price (MSRP), and what was the employee price?
  • What did you find out about the brake vibration?
    I recently bought a Mercury Mariner and noticed the vibration when I step on the brakes driving on the highway. Like a warped rotor or something.
    I only have 700 miles so far and have not taken it into the dealer, but feel I should do so very soon. I don't think it should vibrate like this.
  • I’ve been using, including these user postings, as well other sources to make a new car purchase decision and figure out a target price. I’d like to “give back” to Edmunds and the other online posters so here’s my experience. It’s long but I hope it’s helpful to newbies.

    For various reasons I settled on the 2005 Mazda Tribute S as my first choice. I initially leaned toward a 2005 Subaru Outback 2.5 (I’ve owned two Subarus, starting in 1976!) but drove a 2005 Ford Escape rental in July and liked it: not as “truck-like” as I feared and got 24 MPG on the highway. I prefer the Mazda interior plus the longer warranty and loaner cars for warranty repair. Also the current 2005 Tribute close-outs incentives appear higher than Ford’s and the 2006 model doesn’t seem to add any significant improvements.

    The closest Mazda dealer to the tiny mountain town where I live – and where Outbacks are the dominate vehicle – is Wenatchee, WA, 100 miles away. Cascade Autocenter which sells Subaru, Mazda, Jeep and other brands, had a car in stock equipped almost exactly like I wanted. I emailed, said I was ready to buy and asked for an out-the-door price on a particular vehicle (referenced by VIN). I did the whole deal online with their excellent internet manager plus one phone call. Cascade Autocenter offered the best price, and were significantly lower than Seattle dealers proposed.

    What I got: Mazda Tribute S with 1PK (Level 1 package: sunroof, stereo upgrade, etc.); AB2 (side airbags/side curtain airbags), FLA (floor mats).

    Prices (including delivery charge) per
    MSRP: $27,295
    Invoice: $25,405
    What others are paying (?): $26,013

    My price goal: $21,400 plus TTL
    What I paid: $21,322 plus TTL

    After agreeing to the price online I phoned to provide information to arrange Mazda financing (necessary to get additional $1,000 discount; will pay off 90% in first payment and rest over three months which will cost less interest than I would lose by cashing in a CD early to pay for this car) and scheduled a pickup date/time. When I arrived the car was parked in front and perfectly detailed. The internet manager demonstrated the car – locating jack, under-hood items, etc. – and we went for a 25 mile test drive with speed up to 80 mph on the highway plus twisty roads, over railroad tracks, etc., to check for vibrations, wheel alignment, etc. No problem.

    Back at the dealership we went over the warranty and service schedule, signed the papers and I drove off. As far as I’m concerned it was a satisfactory transaction and I highly recommend Cascade Autocenter’s internet manager. Hope the car turns out as well as this transaction; I’ll report later on my driving experience.
  • This bulletin board plus specialty tire consumer survey boards all indicate the standard Tribute/Escape/Mariner Continental Conti-Trac 235/70-16 tire is a total dog. Here's how I dealt with it at time of purchase:

    Before going to pick up my Tribute I called the Wenatchee Les Schwab tire dealer to price a set of Toyo Open Road A/Ts (considered a good tire for conditions where I live and well-rated by several sources and consumer surveys). Les Schwab’s installed price was identical to internet dealers (after factoring in shipping and installation) plus they offer free 3,000 rotations, 30-day no questions exchange/refund, additional warranty services and have a dealer for service 9 miles from my house. I drove straight from the Mazda dealer to Les Schwab and got the Toyo’s put on. The sweet part is that Les Schwab gave me a $216 credit for the unwanted (by me) Continentals. Driving the 100 twisty highway miles home the tires seemed excellent. Life’s too short to waste time wearing out lousy OEM tires.
  • This is the first car I’ve purchased since getting my internet connection in 1998 and my take on online car buying is:

    If you want the lowest price you need to know beforehand EXACTLY what you want and let the dealer know you’re ready buy NOW; don’t ask for three demo drives in the same car, wait for weeks to decide and then expect a great price. My philosophy is that if you find a fair salesman/dealer then treat them fairly as well.

    Most so-called online salesmen I encountered were basically unresponsive and treated an online inquiry as a lead to be reeled into the dealership. Despite their manufacturer and dealership web sites inviting you to “request an online quote on this vehicle”, most of them won’t do it and will send back some line like “you need to come in so we can assess your needs properly.” I decided to just ignore them and move on to other dealer sites.

    Except for the internet manager I purchased from (who provided detailed, specific answers to all my questions) everyone else, including Mercury’s so-called Online Concierge, simply ignored questions I asked re maintenance costs, the benefits of certain options, etc. My experience, and I’ve been both a business owner and salesman, is that most salespeople, online or otherwise, are too lazy to work for a sale with a customer who wants to know more than is in the brochure.

    I found it incredibly useful to check (and even track over a couple or three weeks) the dealer’s actual online inventory. Not only could I tell if they had one equipped as I wanted – and even some large dealers didn’t; all of theirs were “loaded” – but I could gage by the size of inventory on a particular model and by tracking it over a couple of weeks how badly the dealer might want to get a particular car off their lot. One so-called internet sales manager – who refused to quote a price on a particular VIN - went on about how hard it would be to get the model I wanted while this jerk’s online inventory showed a large and growing inventory and the manufacturer is rebating them.

    I got an excellent online quote on a Mercury Mariner BUT using the online inventory I leraned there are no remaining 2005 Mariners equipped as I like anywhere in the state. I would have to order a 2006 (also a very fair online price but still higher than a 2005 and I would have to wait six weeks and I wanted the new car for a month-long “safari” in September).

    I hope everyone uses internet resources responsibly – i.e., if an internet dealer is treating you well don’t try to bust his chops – so that courteous, informed online buyers continue to make good transactions at the expense of salesmen and dealers who “don’t get it.”

    On, no! I just realized that if I keep buying cars online I’ll never have a chance to get the free balloons and hot dogs some dealers still use to lure in suckers or visit another "tent sale"...
  • turtoniturtoni Posts: 9
    nice posts bubblehead. i enjoyed reading them.


    PS - i paid 18K + TTL for a new 2005 Tribute 4WD i with cruise control.
  • Took 8 hours at the dealership to work the numbers, but I think I got a good deal.

    2005 Mazda Tribute

    List: 28,900
    Automatic Discount 2000
    Minus 3000 in rebates
    Minus 1000 Mazda finance (must use for a minimum of 3 months)
    Base total = 22900
    Minus 600 manager reduction

    Trade in had been valued by other dealers at 7 to 9k. They gave me 10000 sight unseen for a trade in. Tax savings of about 700 for the trade in.

    Total = 11600 +tax+tag transfer+title

    Tribute has package 3 w/leather, V6, automatic, side air bags, wind delflectors, Moonroof with wind deflector, Side Step tubes, Heated seats and mirrors, Wheel Locks, nicer rims then the other tributes on the lot, rear bumper plate, cargo net, and me in the driver seat.

    Will refinance after 3rd payment to mazda to drop the interest rate and save montly.

    Dealer tells me he lost money on the deal - but I can't imagine that to be true. Even if he did - the car is a year old and now he can place a 2006 on his lot.

    Thoughts on this deal?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Took 8 hours at the dealership to work the numbers

    8 hours???? if you walked into my dealership and offered me your numbers the deal would have been done in 10 minutes. That includes 5 minutes looking for a pen.

    You did fine....but 8 hours??
  • In the market for a Mazda 3 now - wouldn't happen to be in central Florida would you? ;)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    He isn't... and if he were, he couldn't solicit for business on this board..

    audia8q is a valued member of our Town Hall community, and is here to help answer your questions and participate in the discussion...



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  • He isn't... and if he were, he couldn't solicit for business on this board..

    It was a joke, take it as such. Did you notice the wink?

    Does everyone have to be so literal that we forget how to enjoy ourselves?

    Don't bother answering those questions. But take a chill pill. :P
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 72,944
    Replies aren't just for your benefit....

    Newer members may be unaware of the rules...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    There are a few decent Mazda dealers in your area....before you go, get a referral from somebody who recently purcahsed a car from the dealership. Going in with a referral is always better than going in blind.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I, hereby and furthermore, refuse to answer any questions that are typed in "CAPITAL LETTERS".....and furthermore, why ask if you received a "good deal" after you already bought the vehicle. The time to ask is before you buy and give us all the info beforehand!
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I always wonder why people ask after the fact also...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter with a major daily newspaper is looking to speak with people who’ve purchased a crossover/sports wagon in the last few months. Specifically, vehicles like the Saturn Vue, Chevy Equinox, Ford Freestyle, Ford Escape, Honda CRV, Nissan Murano, or Toyota Highlander.

    If you have, please reply to no later than Tuesday, September 27, 2005 with your daytime contact information and a brief description of your recent crossover/sport wagon purchase experience.


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • hey nortsr1, here are the small letters you asked for! i bought the tribute the same day i towed my 2001 escape ( tranny went at 130,000 miles ) to the mazda dealer. the only other vehicle i had in mind was a nissan x-terra. did not have much time to shop around. once again do you think the 2006 tribute s v-6 package III was a decent deal at $23,700??? i feel no major difference between the 2001 escape v6 and my current 2006 v6 tribute. second guessing that the x-terra would have been a better fit?? regards, realsales.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    You probably could have done a lot better on the 2005 model with all the rebates and finance incentives. If you paid MSRP, then yes, you paid too much. If you go to the Edmunds New cars, then check out the exact model you purchased against the edmunds prices...MSRP vs Invoice....and make sure you price all the exact options that you received....then you will have a much better idea as to your "deal", plus you have to figure out if you got a good deal on your trade-in (which can also be checked out here at Edmunds ( with 130,000 miles and a shot tranny, I really have no idea what that would be worth as to trade-in value) as used SUV's are a dime a dozen right now with gas prices the way thay are and people clamoring for more "economical" gas mileage vehicles.
    resales....thanks for the small letters and as long as you are satisfied with your new Mazda...that is all that really matters. the deal is be happy, the Mazda Tribute, with the 4yr., 50,000 mile warranty is a very good decision.
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