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Truck jerks and loses power.

datkins1985datkins1985 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2015 in Chevrolet
I have a 98 2-door Tahoe 4x4. For the last week or two while going down the road the truck will jerk every once in a while like maybe 2-3 times in 15 miles. At first it seemed that if I was on bumpy roads it would be worse. Now it seems to happen no matter how the road is. I have noticed it both if I'm cruising or accelerating just a little. Last week my wife noticed that the radio time had changed like if I was to have disconnected and reconnected the battery. Right around the time she pointed that out she also noticed while driving that when it jerked the battery gauge would drop not all the way just from the half way mark back to the quarter mark. (this jerking and gauge dropping happened in the matter or 1-2 seconds) We have checked the battery cables one is a little corroded not bad and I haven't had a chance to check the starter wires which was replaced last year. This morning my wife drove it to work and she called to tell me after she backed out of the drive way it acted like it wanted to die for about 40 feet and was fine, she then drove 1/2 mile to drop the baby off and backed out and it did the same thing acting like it wanted to die for 40-50 feet the straightened up. Once she got on the interstate she had the normal jerking every so often and made it to work just fine(about 12 miles from home) The check engine light is on my father in law hooked it up to his computer and said O2 sensor. Could this be from O2 sensor, battery/starter/alternator, or fuse issue. We had some trouble with a fuse back 2 years ago that was making my 4wd try and activate. Anyone else had this problem what did you do to fix and did it work?
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