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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vidurvidur Posts: 22

    I got a quote of $31,800 + TTL on an '07 TL w/ NAV. What do you folks think? I am planning to buy the car today.

    Thanks, Vidur
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 89

    thats a good price..I mean a great price....Go to the lease boards and see the deal I just got...Mine was $30,667, however Honda was offering an additional $1000 rebate for might also want to considering leasing?
  • vidurvidur Posts: 22
    I prefer owning the car than leasing it, specially something like Acura with good reliability & resale.

    - Vidur
  • brywbryw Posts: 9
    I didn't know this until I picked up ride, they put on the wheel locks and put in a trunk trey.
  • brywbryw Posts: 9
    What was your OTD price? I negoiated with them, but they could not beat the price that Fayetteville gave me.
  • Buy that friggin' thing, dude!! I bought an '06 TL w/ Navi last year brand new for $32,750 + TTL. That price they're giving you is $950 balloons fewer, not to mention the next year model that supposedly worth more.

    Are you financing? What's your APR? I got 4.9%

    DO IT!!
  • Hi guys,

    I'm in the market to buy a 2008 TL with navi. I went to the dealer today, and i was able to get it down to $34250. I think i can bring it down to flat $34000.

    Can you guys tell me if you guys think that's a good deal? i will be financing, and hopefully i can make the deal before the 4.9% deal is done on tuesday.

    Please give me inputs! Oh, i'm in north nj, so if you know of any great dealers other than the one on rt. 17, let me know also. i don't mind getting an '07 for cheaper ^^ thanks!
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I just got a 2008 Type-S for $400 over invoice or $36,138 and they threw in the their protection package of free trunk liner, splash guards and wheel locks, and I think paint sealant. Of course you need to add tax, tags and $500 doc fee to that.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Invoce on a 2008 TL with Navi shoud be around $33900 so you are around $300 over invocie so I think that is good. I have not seena dealer, at least in ATL, that is willing to go down to invoice on a 08. Keep in mind thy have approx 3% in hodl back, although my dealer showed me what he said was his invoice and hold back and their hold back on a Type-S was like $764. I think some dealers may be nervous that the 08 is last year and sales may suffer, also with the new Accord the honda dealers I spoke to are actually targeting Acura (funny their own siblings) since the 08 Accord in many areas out features a TL. But in the end Honda dealrs want MSPR or more for an 08 Accord and Acura is pricng TLs near invocie that makes for a comparable car being about $2K-$3K different, I'll take the TL, styling is nicer, resale is better and while built on the same line the Acura names carries more weight.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    What are the difference (if any) between the two model years? If none (or insignificant), I would rather get a good deal on the outgoing 07 and save $2.5k.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Nothing chanegd between 07 and 08 except maybe some color choices and the Navi DVD is newer, that is it. Put an 07 and 08 next to each other and you will see no differcne. The 08 may be a short year depending on when Acura releases the 09 TL which will be ALL NEW
  • im picking up my tl stype on tues .It is carbon bronze with silver ,ebomy interior.automatic. awesome looking car.i own a 2003 tl stype now no comparison to the new price is 33.500.00 plus mass sales tax 5% is that a good deal.also wheel locks mass.
  • I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and I specifically asked my salesman about any manufacturer's incentives to the dealer. He said they were offering $1,500 on the '07 leases and nothing for the '08. Any way to verify whether this is correct?
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 89
    Its correct. I just bought (leased) one last week. If you lease they offer another $1000. Its only on the 2007s.
  • Does anyone have thoughts on how much value will be lost on a purchase of a 2008 TL when the 2009s are out with the new design. I've always been told never to buy the last year of a model design, but it is tempting with the deals they're offering out there. I was quoted $34,500 for an out-the-door price for a 2008 TL with NAV (with all weather mats, trunk tray, splash guards and door edges).

    The 2009s will be interesting, but may be a lot more expensive. Any thoughts?
  • I just purchased from Regal Acura in Lakeland FL. 2007 TL W/navigation for 31010.00. Monday no dealerships were coming off of 33,500.
  • Does anyone know the current dealer incentive for an '07 TL? If so, please post. It was $1,500 up until 9/4, but I'm hoping that it's even higher now.
  • Hi looks like you had a good experience. I recently bought a 07tl no s type. I have a question maybe someone can help me. This car bounces around a lot especially when driving on interstate and after going over bumps or badly paved roads. i traded my 99 nissan for this 07 acura tl could there possibly be an alignment problem, or bad tires? I have 1500 miles on the vehicle purchased in July just want to here from some mechanically inclined people i know nothing about cars. i want to go to the dealership but i want to be able to clearly articulate what is going on with the ride. i did mention it to service manager about a month ago he stated it was because the tl has a larger wheel base tha most cars..hmm hmm well anyways if anyone can offer some advice it will be greatly appreciated!!
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Alicia, it really depends on what you mean by 'bouncing'.
    The TL, even the base model, has a nice firm suspension, and bouncy is not a word I would use to describe it.

    You could certainly start by checking the tire pressure, as they could be over-inflated.
    Cars come into the dealerships with over-inflated tires and the dealership should set them to the correct pressure before you take delivery.

    If that doesn't help, come back and give me a better idea of what you mean by bouncy... I mean, is it like Uncle Buck's car? :P

    Only other thought would be the possible rear strut issue, but I thought that was limited to the Type-S and only occurred for a short time - and even those cars weren't boucing. :confuse:
  • I just leased a 2008 TL Non-Nav for $500 over invoice. The Gross Capitalized Cost was $32,100. This includes the destination fee.
  • Is this with all dealer fees included? Can you email me your salesperson and his/her contact info so I can get a similar deal? Thanks.
  • cpa3cpa3 Posts: 89
    Here is the deal I got. Also posted on lease page.

    07 TL With Navi - So Calif.
    SP: $30,677
    Lease Rate: .00275
    Term: 48 Months
    Miles: 12K year
    Residual rate: 46% = $16,926
    Monthly Pmt: $408.74 plus $31.67 sales tax = $440.41
    Cap Cost: $30,310
    Drive Off: $1800 = includes $440.43 lease pmt, $265 Registration, $595 Honda Lease Fee, $131.85 Sale Tax & Other Fees, $367 Cap Reduction.

    This board is great. Thanks to all those who had purchased/leased before me and shared their info. Keep posting.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106

    The proper answer is noone knows for sure. But there are a few thoughts on it. First, it is very likely Acura will add SH-AWD to all their cars, so the new TSX and new TL will get it. This will surely push the price up maybe $2K - $5K.
    If this happens then my guess is the current TL will hold some value as the new one would possibly be priced out of some's range making the current model more attractive. Also depends on how much people like the 09, many love the current TL and are nervous on what Acura may do to the current TL. Looking back at the 03 TL it seems to still have good resale considering it is a 5 year old car and the previous body style. The TL jumped about $3K from 03 to 04 and the older TLs are still very desirable cars. From what i have seen of the 09 TL spy shots I am not sure I will like it, they moved the Navi up int he dash and it is a big hump in the dash similar to the MDX. Also looks like all the Acuras are going to the BMW-like idrive controller and no more touch screen. I perosnally hate the ugly controller knob in the Acrua's and new 08 Accord. I beleive my next car will be a G35 as i liek the way Infiniti incorporated the nav screen and their controller much nicer than the way Acura is doing it. Also the Infiniti is also still a touch screen as well. As for your out the door price, is that with tax and tags and doc fees? You shoudl be able to get a 08 TL for $500 over invoice and including the goodies you mentioned. I just paid $36,138 for a 08 TL-S with all the goodies you mentioned.
  • "they moved the Navi up int he dash and it is a big hump in the dash similar to the MDX"
    You actually saw the inside of the 2009 TL when viewing the spy shots?
    Can you please post those shots here?
  • Thanks for the input, Keithl.

    It does make sense that the current version may hold its value as with the 2nd gen models (and perhaps the higher price that the 4th gens may go for). My quoted price was for everything but TTL for the 08 with Nav. This puts your 08 TL-S at $1,638 more than the TL with NAV (if your price included all but TTL). A good deal. Were you able to determine what invoice is for the 08s?
  • Can someone please post the invoice Price for a 2007 TL (5-Spd AT w/ Navigation System)?

    Edmunds has the invoice price listed as $33,137 + destination charge. has the invoice price listed as $32,953 + destination charge.

    Which one is correct?

  • Well I guess what I mean is when I go over a bump or something it seems to take a while to get over it. mp psi on my dash says 30psi for all tires and it also states that the tire pressure is normal. I read in the manual that the psi should be like 33psi or 34psi so I'm assumming that this may mean under inflation? Do you think I should put more air in the tires and see if that makes a difference or just take it into the service dept. i went over a road last week where they were doing some paving the road had a lot of unevenness and I felt everything while driving on this particular street very unpleasant feeling. If you can offer any additional advice on this I'd grealy appreciate it!
  • Alicia,

    Have you driven any other cars with sport type suspensions? When driving a car like the TL or even the Jetta my fiance calls the ride rough or maybe even bouncy, whereas I would call it "firm" or taut. If you traded in a standard passenger car with what I call a "floaty" suspension, then you might indeed feel the TL as rough or bouncy. Find a friend with a BMW or another Acura and take them for a ride. If they too find the ride bouncy, then there might be a problem, although I can not think of anything that would make a new TL noticeably "bouncy". That's why I think people should drive any new car on a road you have actually driven a few times before you buy it. I was just in a Mazda dealer and they actually have a test drive route map that was conceived by a person that visits each dealer and designs a test drive course on the nearby roads. I plan on learning this route, and then driving it several times in my car before I test drive any new cars on it.

    You might also consider that the design purpose of the TL is a luxury GT, which means the car handles like a sports car but has luxury appointments. Sporty suspensions are designed so you can feel the road surface and be more connected when driving hard. I have an acquaintance who recently bought a new Cadillac and had been raving about how he hated the way the new cars ride and nothing could match his 92 Caddy. Well, I drove both cars (he kept the old one). The old Caddy drove like a royal piece of crap. It floated like a beach ball on rough seas. The car had no road feel or control, yes you did not feel the road surface like a new car, but it was actually scary to drive for me. I actually considered this "floaty" ride to be "bouncy" but in the sense of the word meaning it would move up and down at about the rate of a kid on a pogo stick. I hope that helps. :shades:
  • Hi thanks for the advice. I dont know anyone else with an Acura BMW or Infinit g35. Well actually I know someone with an 8yr old bmw but I dont know if that would help. I'm pretty familiar with all areas of my city. You are right the test drive route is mostly on on interstate and one road with a few bumps. not on my side of town.I hope it is my imagination! when I first got the vehicle i didnt notice the rough ride it appeared like it was maybe after the third week I guess when I got out of the break in period(600miles). bouncy may be the wrong adjective to describe what i'm going through. well lets just say if i go over a speed bump at 20 mph the car while shift left to ride noticeably and to me seems to take awhile to adjust to going over it. Also I notice when I'm driving over certain parts of the interstate I can really here the tires hitting the pavement doesnt make for the quietest ride! I guess that's why they put a pretty could sound system in the car. I havent went to the dealership because I havent quite figured out how to articulate the problem i really dont want them taking things apart which could lead to other things.
  • Unfortunately, it sounds like a more thorough test drive might have dissuaded you from buying a TL. My '05 rode the same way, it's the nature of the vehicle. The only thing I can think of is switching to a more cushy tire. You will pay for it however in performance.
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