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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This is from Santa Monica Acura (in southern california) on 30-Oct-2007:

    This price quote is for a 2007 Acura TL, Automatic Transmission and Navigation System. The Retail price of this vehicle is $36,795.

    Your special Internet price from Santa Monica Acura is just $30,688 plus fees. Based on our information from other dealers in Southern California, this price is extremely competitive. If for some reason you receive a lower price, please let us know so we maybe able to price match or beat it, all we ask is to forward us any quote you have received.

    It is our goal to provide excellent customer service as well as competitive pricing!
  • Your demo car 2007 TL W/Navigation with 4300 miles asking $29500 + tax + license, is NOT a good deal. Dealers are closing out NEW 2007 TL-NAV's for $30,688 + tax + fees.

    The 2008 TL W/Navigation (wheel locks,splash guards) for $33,522 + tax + license is an EXCELLENT DEAL. This is better than ANY quote I have seen or been given.

    The absolute best deal I was quoted for on a 2008 TL with NAV has been $33,550 (including wheel locks, splash guards, and a free oil change).
  • What do you think might be a google deal on one of those.
  • On Wednesday 10-31-2007, Santa Monica Acura had two (2) 2007 TL Type-S models left. Best to contact them through their internet marketing department for best pricing.

    For the remaining 2007 Acura TL Models, ideal pricing is roughly:
    TL $28,500, TL NAVI $30,500, TL Type-S (includes Nav) $32,500
  • cllawcllaw Posts: 32
    Hi all

    I'm planning to get a 08 TL with Nav in the New York Metro area, anyone can recommend a good dealer that talk to start my shopping? I got a quote from plaza acura for a 08 TL with Nav in any color I want for 33800 +TTL. Is that a good deal?

    Also anyone have an idea when will the 09 TL come out? If the 09 will come out at March 08, I would probably wait for the new model come out

    Thanks all

  • Alex,
    33800 + TTL for a 08 TL with Nav sounds like a great offer - too good to be true!!

    Does it include all dealer/doc/prep/etc/etc fees that the dealers quitely include in the final calculations?

    I doubt the 2009 will be available before August 2008. So far I have see no information what so ever about the new model. Please share with me if you have found something.

  • oc2020oc2020 Posts: 14
    I looked at that black one at South Coast. I was getting it for 30,900 but i did not like how they keep their cars. The black one had scratches on the bumper and the battery was dead. I bought mine from Planet Acura. Black with taupe interior. I paid $30,900 for a 2007 Tl with Navi. There is no reason why you should pay any higher. In fact i think you can go lower.
  • I received a quote on a 2008 TL, no NAV and no options for $30,741 plus $715 dest. All that is left is TTL, which will get me to about $34,000 due to high tax rate in my county (COOK, IL). Can I have some opinions as to is this a good price? Thanks in advance.
  • I know edmunds doesn't mention any dealer incentives for leftover '07 TLs, but does anyone know of anything that's still hiding out there?

    My wife is getting antsy again for a new car and she initially wanted the RDX, but for a few thousand less it looks like we could land a TL and save the 5-7 MPG by driving the TL. Any thoughts on what I should be paying for either? I live near Pensacola/Panama city, FL, so I'm willing to go to Tallahassee or some of Alabama if necessary.
  • Paid 30,400 +TTT, no destination charges. Splash Guards, Wheel Locks, Trunk tray included. Is it good deal?

    Compromised with Color (While Pearl and Tuape interior), not many 07s out there, though its great.
  • jhuo1jhuo1 Posts: 1
    Been lurking around this forum for a couple of months. I have to say, you guys are very helpful and friendly. I just purchased a 07 TL, non-Nav. I live in Utah and there are only two dealers in the state. The 07's were sold out about a week before the $2500 factory cash ended at the end of October. As of now, there aren't any dealer cash or rebates from Acura.

    Anyway, here is the story of how we bought our TL. On October 28th, we received our third recall notice on a 03 VW Passat 1.8t we used to own. Two days before that, I had a accident in the Passat and damaged the intercooler that sits behind the front bumper. Needless to say, the wife freaked out and thought our car will fall apart.

    So we checked our budget and decided to get a new car. We both liked the TL, but since 07s were gone, we didn't want to spent the money on a 08. We also drove the 08 Accord V6. It was nice, roomy, comfortable, but just not as fun to drive as the TL.

    So we started to contact Acura dealers in the surrounding states and found both Acura dealers in Nevada still had some 07s left. So I started to contact both dealer to get a deal going. I all but finalized the deal with Acura of Las Vegas for a good price on October 31 on a base TL. Next day, I called to put a deposit down, but was told by the sales lady that the $2500 dealer cash was no longer avail and she jacked price up by $800.00. So I went back to second dealer which was Findlay Acura, outside of Las Vegas. I ended get a dark blue TL for $29243.00, incl mudguards, door edge guard, trunk liner. Paid $199 in window etching, $399 in doc fees and $28 in title fee. totalling $29900.00. I was too tired to fight for the etching and doc fees as I am already getting a good deal. without the extra package, the car would have been around $28600.00. I do need to pay sales tax in Utah once I get the Cert of Origin.

    We happened to plan a short trip to Vegas during Veterans day weekend. So we picked up veh on Saturday. Findlay Acura was great to work with. It took them longer to get the car ready than the paperwork. Low pressure from finance manager to sell warranty, lo jack, etc.

    Dealer was only offering $9500 for my Passat, so I sold it to Carmax for $11,000.00.
    I am so happy with the TL, been reading the owners manual page to page.
    Anyway, thanks again for your help with pricing and info. You guys are awesome.
    By the way, Findlay Acura still has two 07 left. Dark blue/parchment non-nav TL and one champagne/parchment, Nav.
  • Is $13,000.00 a good price for a 02 TL-S?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,711
    If you are looking for a price on a used car, the best place to post is here:

    Real-World Trade-In Values

    Good luck!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Readers:

    I want to personally address the complaint sent by the above customer of Cerritos Acura. Unfortunately, the retail car business is not a perfect place. Customers have more access to information, both truthful and erroneous, than ever before. Good, accurate information is hard to come by via 3rd party sites. Dealers, still use the old bait and switch tactics in their e-mail responses to customers. While I do not personally condone this type of behavior at my stores and have put control steps in place to prevent this, it still happens.

    The customer above e-mailed my dealership about a 2007 TL-S in carbon bronze. At the time of the original e-mail, we had one in stock. The consumer then took a vacation and when he returned, the vehicle had been sold. We then agreed to a very competitive deal on a 2008 in stock and the customer took delivery of the vehicle. He was happy when he left the lot, but continued to shop other dealers via the web and, of course, he found a better deal.

    At the Browning Automotive Group and Cerritos Acura, we want all of our customers to leave our dealership 100% satisfied. My family would not have been in this business since 1936 if the vast majority of our customers did not leave 100% satisfied. The internet now allows consumers to do the shopping that they normally did over the phone and in person. However, dealerships still low-ball people on price and options over the web in effort to get them on the lot. My advice to all consumers shopping for cars over the internet, is to get the quoting dealership to send the VIN# for the vehicle that they are quoting. You will find that most stores will simply not respond to this e-mail, because the quote that they are sending you is typically not a vehicle they have in stock.

    The truth is, Cerritos Acura is the #1 store in California for retail sales. We want our customers to be happy before, during and after the purchase process. Our best customers are our current customers.


    Matt Browning - Director
  • I already bought it. The dealer did not really know what he had.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,711
    Congrats on the new car!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I test drove a new 2007 TL NAVI last night to get an initial feel for it (with no intention of actually buying -- I haven't even sold my old car yet). Of course the sales guy wouldn't let me leave without making me an offer so I said what the hell. First they offerered me $6000 on a trade-in for my 3000GT, which I was very surprised at considering how filthy it was -- I really wasn't thinking about doing a deal that day and therefore my car looked like hell. Anyway, the TL had a "sale" tag in the window of $34,999, and they offered me the car at $33,422 + $589 doc fee + TTL with a 5.75% finance offer (he said that price included a $1500 cash back offer that Acura is running right now). I told them that was a good offer but 1) I want to try and sell my car privately first for closer to $7500, and 2) I've seen many examples (mostly on this forum!) of people getting new 2007 TL NAVIs for significantly less (averaging around $31000+TTL). The guy looked like he was honestly hurt that I was turning down the offer! I told him no thanks, but that I'll be back after I sell my car and hopefully they'll still have the 2007's...

    What do you guys think? I really like the car but and I'm not in a hurry and refuse to rush into a deal. Should I go back and offer them $31,500 and no fees?
  • I think 33,422 + 589 = 34,011 is too high for a 07 TL w/ Navi. Secondly, the sales might have "got his facts wrong" about the cash back. Acura is currently offering 2.99% for 36 months, or 4.99% or 48 months, not cash back. Check around.

    I am also in the process of collecting quotes for the 08 TL w/ Navi. BTW, I am in BayArea, CA. The quotes I have gotten so far are 34,000 + TTL. The lowest I have gotten is 33,500.Which I believe is pretty good. I haven't ask about the doc fee. But 589 is nway too high!.

    If you are not in a hurry. I have read that the days around Christmas are the slowest days for car dealships.
  • Well, I called them up today to see if they were willing to bargain and they were. Their intial "can't go any lower" offer was $33k + $589 dealer fee. That was only $422 less then their first offer, and $1500 off from where I wanted to be. I told him no, but if they could split the difference and go to $32,250 + fee I'd do it. He called right back and said done, so I bought it. Not the greatest deal in the world, but not a bad deal and obviously it was good enough for me.. :) What really made me pull the trigger was getting a good amount for my trade, saving me the hassle of trying to sell it myself...
  • If EASY and Fantastic is your kind of buying experience, Kendall Acura in Eugene, Oregon is the place.
    I made my deal on an 08 TL Navi, with mats, locks and mud guards, over the phone, in about 10 minutes. I got the price I wanted and no hassle.
    PG was very polite, professional and to the point.
    I flew to the dealership (Eugene airport is only 10 minutes from Kendall Acura) and drove the car home, 500 miles, that afternoon.
    So good was the deal, my mom's boyfriend went back the next week and got one just like it; same price.
    The only downside (and a very minor one) beware the finance guy. I paid cash but he still tried to get me to buy a bunch of extras. After the first pitch, I politely explained he shouldn't attempt any others or "he" would blow the deal and I would walk. Everything was perfect after that.
  • blktlblktl Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 TL Navigation black on black and love it! It is such a smooth ride and has the most user friendly controls on the market. I test drove dozens of cars and this cars performance and features for the money can not be matched! I purchased my vehicle from Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, Virginia. My sales person was Johnathan Welch and he was such a great young man. He answered all my questions gave me the best price up front no games. I would highly recommend this person and dealership to anyone looking to purchase a new Acura!
  • I wonder how much more the base 09's will be than the base 08's. I'm currently holding out to buy a new TL until the 09's come out, here's why: I figure that one of the following will be true:

    (1) 09's will still offer FWD, then maybe they'll be no more than a couple grand more than the 08's. If so, then definitely it's worth waiting a few months to get the 09. I assume the 09 will have a nicer NAV and keyless entry/start, and whatever other fun state-of-the-art gizmos - I'm willing to wait and pay an extra $2k for that.

    (2) 09's will have AWD standard (no FWD option), in which case I'm thinking TLs jump up $5k or so over current 08 prices. If this happens, then I'm hoping that the 08's will get quickly discounted as Gen 3 owners anxiously trade up, and I'll grab an '08 at invoice or less.

    (3) 09's are much pricier (same as 2 above), but the 08's don't get discounted, and I end up paying as much for a TL 8 months from now than I would right now. This would suck, cause I'd sure rather have one right now.

    What do y'all think about this theory? Which of the above 3 is most likely?
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    1 and 3 are wrong. 2 is correct, but it defeats your whole purpose of holding out to buy the 09 TL. Expect 08 incentives to kick in around 3/08, depending on supply and demand.
  • My goal is to either get an '09 at something close to today's 08 prices, or a discounted 08. So 2 doesn't defeat my purposes, if it gets me an 08 for two or three grand less than what I'd pay today.
  • Bought a 06 TL non-navi CPO (Acura Certified Pre-Owned) with 14k miles, black on tan for $26,500 out the door last night. It's immaculate inside and out. How did I do?
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    What's the going rate for any remaining 2007 S-Type with manual transmission? $36K seems to be mentioned as a decent price. What about a 2008?
  • 2008 TL Type-S - October Deal $36k - Awsome car, did care about the number but they go fast up here in NE - literally. DSO was about 38 days. As you get into '08 there should be moeny in the deal to drive down the price. :shades:
  • If you think that was a good price for you, if you couldn't afford more than its a good deal. I bought an 08 TL non navi with sticker of 34,375 for 31,900 out the door with taxes, title etc.

    I paid $5,400 more than you but it got me a car with 18 miles on the odometer.
  • I live in the greater Boston area and a local dealership quoted me $32,100 for a base 2008 TL, plus $210 doc fee. This does not include MA sales tax (5%). What do y'all think?
  • I am in the market. What was sticker and which dealership?
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