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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bobbby786bobbby786 Posts: 7
    Hey guys,
    I knw i am kinda late to post this but this is what I got my Type S at the end of last month.

    Total Price of the Vehicle(including Destination) - $ 32,544.67
    Sales Tax (NJ 7%) - $ 2,278.13
    triVIN On Line Reg. Fees (Mandatory) - $ 7.70
    NJ Tire Fee (Mandatory) - $ 7.50
    Registration Fees (Fixed) - $ 354.00
    Doc. Fees - $ 258.00

    Total - $ 35,450

    I also got Locks, Floor Mats, and Trunk Mat.

    I think I got a good deal, What you guys think?

  • muuppalmuuppal Posts: 20
    This is good deal. Is this Cash or 48 mos 0.9% finance price?


  • guido999guido999 Posts: 8
    If it's has 0.9% it's an unbelievably good deal :-)

    Ya got to love end of month pricing...
  • cubs1908cubs1908 Posts: 2
    I could use all of your advice....quickly. I see a lot of "prices" here for a base TL in the $29k region. What is hard to decipher in some cases is whether or not that included the $2500 cash back.

    I plan on financing a basic (non-navi) TL so I won't be eligible for the $2500 cash back. I have been quoted near $31.5k from three different acura dealers. Is this a comparable quote to the rest of you?

    Likewise, the edmunds TMV lists $30.5k for my area but I don't know if that number considers the $2500 cash back.

    Thanks in advance.
  • rtongrtong Posts: 4
    I'm looking around too and with the special financing the lowest quote I got back so far was $31k.
  • rtongrtong Posts: 4
    Now I'm curious, was this with the financing?
  • guido999guido999 Posts: 8
    I had the same question. If you look at TMV page there is a link "Pricing Worksheet" that says dealer incentives (the $2500) is already included in the TMV price. The site says the average selling price in your area is $30.5k and you can get 0.9% financing at that price.
  • mwaddo10mwaddo10 Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2008 TL Base w/Nav, and I was wondering everyones opinion about the extended warranty.

    My last car was a 2001 Accord (EX, Manual, 4cyl) and I bought the extended warranty since my previous ride was a Chrysler that needed a new tranny at 45K. Since after 135K miles on the Accord, I never needed the extended warranty, I'm inclined to decline.

    However, the only thing that makes me reconsider is the amount of extra stuff this car has that my Accord did not (Nav, Bluetooth, etc). Should I reconsider? I'm pretty confident the powertrain will not let me down, but it's the other stuff I'm worried about.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,259
    Self-insure. Take the money you would have spent on the extended warranty and invest it for the four years of the mfg. warranty. If you need a repair post orig. warranty, you have your money plus earnings. If you never need a big fix, you still have your money plus earnings vs. the warranty company having your money plus earnings!

    But, as always, if you can't sleep at night without the extended, buy it. But negotiatie the price, of course...

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • astro13astro13 Posts: 26
    From what I have found $29,000 should be with the $2,500 cash back. If that is the case, you probably won't get the special financing. Yes, you are correct that Edmunds says the TMV includes all incentives, but I was wondering myself it it includes the the $2,500 cash back. If it does, their price seems way too high.
  • hl08809hl08809 Posts: 5
    Hi all - I just ordered a carbon bronze 2008 TL-S automatic after getting quotes from 5 dealers. I wanted a 6 speed but there are none to be had in carbon bronze or silver, only in black and white, neither of which I wanted. Took the lowest quote to my local dealer and they met the price, $33,175 which includes destination. Registration is est. at $234 and the ridiculous documentary fee is $298. They wouldn't give me the .9% interest rate deal since I got the $2500 manufacturers rebate. There wasn't much room for haggling but I think I got a decent deal. If you're thinking of buying a TL-S now is the time as inventory in my area is starting to get low. I will be trading a 2001 Audi A6 2.7T, my third Audi. I loved the Audi but maintenance was very high. I'm hoping the maintenance on the Acura will be more reasonable. Thanks
  • mark196mark196 Posts: 10
    hl08809 - can you let me know where in NJ you got this deal? I'm looking at the exact same car (will also buy an MDX at the same time) and your price is about $500 lower than my best offer thus far.

    Also, did you still finance or pay cash? If finance, what rate did they provide when you took the rebate?

  • cubs1908cubs1908 Posts: 2
    Thanks to all for answering my question. Thanks for taking the time to help clarify things.
  • hl08809hl08809 Posts: 5
    Mark196 - I got all my quotes via email from the dealers internet departments - very easy and didn't have to trek all over NJ. The best price was from Ramsey Acura but my local dealer in Bridgewater met the price. Their original quote was about $1000 higher. I also got quotes from Clinton & Springfield at about $33,600 which included destination.

    Since I don't qualify for the .9% finance because of the $2500 dealer incentive, I will be paying cash.
  • bobbby786bobbby786 Posts: 7
    Well this was a Cash Price and i took the $2500 Dealer Cash and Honda financing was asking me to put down $13,000...ridiculous.....

    Anyways..I think end of the month is the best time...i think....
  • bobbby786bobbby786 Posts: 7
    Hey man,
    I got mine from Springfield and i think if u didn't order it yet u might wanna go and talk to them as they can do better than the internet if you want go in and talk to them......i think u can do 32.5K if you trying for the $2500 cashback.....Good Luck
  • jonnhyujonnhyu Posts: 3
    I got a quote in San Diego/Temecula for 33700 on TL TypeS HPT plus documentation and fees. They are also willing to add in trunk try splash guard and all season floor mats. Is this a good deal or what????

    Acura Escondido is giving me 33500 on type s.

    thanks guys!!
  • hl08809hl08809 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info on Springfield Acura. I did go there but part of my deal was a trade and their offer wasn't too good. Bridgewater gave me the best overall deal. If you paid only 32.5K and that price included destination you did great. that's a really good price. I pick mine up later this week.
  • bobbby786bobbby786 Posts: 7
    Ohh ok....well thts gr8...i love driving mine and i am sure u will love urs as well...well..enjoy
  • mark196mark196 Posts: 10
    Effectively agreed to terms on TL Type-S (Carbon Bronze with Ebony) for $33,212 (not included tax, tags, etc.).

    Also, getting 4.64% financing.

    Seems to be about as good as I can do and with the financing seems like a good deal. Any thoughts?
  • hl08809hl08809 Posts: 5
    Mark96 - I did a lot of shopping in NJ too and $33,212 for a carbon bronze with ebony is a good deal - go for it! I couldn't decide between carbon bronze & silver but I'm going with silver. I pick it up tomorrow (Thurssday).
  • billchkbillchk Posts: 1
    you are correct that the car dealers use a different scoring module---they took your credit score and plugged it into an ADP car dealer module----which by the way has a different numerical scoring range than experian--- you are familiar with credit scoring ranging from 350 to 850 , approx--from one of the big three---the the dealer lies to you ant tells you that your adp/experien score is 680 and tells you that is your experien score you feel it is low----but actually it is not so low-----it is a sales gimmick to make you think that if you got up and went to your bank you would get a bad rate also---when this guy told you that the adp score was you experian score he in effect coerced and intimidated you into taking his product-----interfering with your equal oppurtunity to credit is a rights violation under federal law---your seking credit is an entittlement--almost a right--just that there are requirements ---rights no requirements needed-----so---for the purpose of arguement he deprived you of a right, when he misrepresented you ADP/credit score as something other--coercing you to take what he was offering becasue we all know a goo experien score is 780 or above------also----if he upsold you----meaning that to get a lower rate you must buy an extended warranty or something similar added to the purchase---he broke the law--actually an etched in stone federal violation---the rate and credit itself must be based on risk-----

    you have three years to file in the federal court for rights and entittlements violation----
  • bhag117bhag117 Posts: 2
    The lowest internet quote I got from a local dealer (Chicago) is $28,800 (with destination). When I went in to the check the car with a promise of a "good deal" I was told the price was 29,100 and when I insisted I have the 28,800 quote in my email, they said they would honor the old quote for courtesy sake..(apparently the internet rate bumped by 300 the day I went in..very conveniently)...I asked them to work with the old quote and give me their best price, to which they refused and I walked out..the manager said he is aware his price is the lowest which is partly true as I have a couple of other quotes in the same ballpark...

    I have another dealer who asked me to bring in my lowest quote and he wud give me 5% of the discount price after matching the lowest quote..I have no idea what that means but I am assuming he is talking abt 5% off the $2500 cash back....

    Can someone advise what I shud do? Appreciate ur inputs..

  • ktatektate Posts: 7

    For what it's worth, I've been in communication with several N. California Acura dealers for the past few weeks now. The lowest quote I've received was from the Acura of Pleasanton dealership at $29,300. (Base w/o Nav. and before TTL.) But late-last month, they called and left a message indicating they'd go lower–by how much, I don't know.

    I'm still shopping, though. Yesterday, an '07 Type S with 15K miles closed on eBay for $27,100 so I'm being patient and weighing my options. Plus, I'm curious to see what kind of deals the manufacturer will put out on July 1.

    Good luck with your purchase.

    Modesto, CA
  • bhag117bhag117 Posts: 2
    Hey Kevin - Thanks for ur reply. Yes, it would be interesting to see the July special, especially with the 09 coming this fall. But I honesty don't t think its going to change a lot. Also, going by the prices some people have reported here..someone even had 27,500, I am surprised by the quotes we seem to be getting. Maybe it depends a lot on the area...

  • vbn526vbn526 Posts: 6
    When I purchased my car, I based the price on carsdirect & what dealers were offering in Orange County(more dealers, more competition, lower prices). Carsdirect is saying that the San Diego/Temecula price for a TL-S is 32,857 and Orange County's price should be around 32,557. However, if you ask the Orange County dealers to give you a quote directly, the price may be even lower. Then take those prices to your local dealer and ask to either meet or beat the price. You'll save about a grand. Either that or accept the offer you were given if you feel its not worth the hassle.
  • jonnhyujonnhyu Posts: 3

    thanks for the reply. I finally bite the bullet and got the type s in temecula for 33332. San Diego was quoting higher and they are not willing to get lower. their excuses where type s in san diego is rare. i thought it was full of you know what.

    anyway, no regrets and we got the car with 3miles on it and the whole process was pretty smoth. san diego dealers was a bunch of stuck up "you need my car, I don't need your business son of a crap.

    I am happy w/ the dealing in temecula and probably will go with them again in the future.
  • vbn526vbn526 Posts: 6
    I'm glad to hear you settled. It really depends on the sales men's mood when it comes to them selling a car & their personal bias. Some are easy to deal with and others are a pain in the behind! As for me, Escondido took my lowest quote from OC but Temecula refused. In the end, we all ended up with the car. Congrats & enjoy the ridee :)
  • rtongrtong Posts: 4
    Hope this helps everyone! I purchased a TL-S in Blue Pearl at McDavid Acura today for $34,594 plus ttl with the .9% financing.

    Don't go to Goodson Acura. They claim to have a "LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE - What does that mean to you? If you have a legitimate price from another Acura dealer in Texas we will beat it by $500. No gimmicks or tricks, just $500 lower price than the other Acura dealer. Period!" It was an absolutely LIE. They said they would make it worth our effort to come in, we came in with a legitimate offer and they gave us an even worse offer. We came in with an offer in writing for $37k drive out and they offered us $37.5 drive out. They thought we were idoits and tried to convince us that DRIVE OUT price does not include destination and other fees. They were not only dishonest but the attitude was horrible. It was like our business wasn't good enough for them.

    Mac Churchill was bad too. Their internet sales guy replies with rude snide remarks.

    Good luck everyone!
  • I am trying to negotiate price for 2008 TL w/ Nav. I have to say that the Acura dealers/salespersons have some attitude problems. Our other car is a LandRover LR3 and those guys were much, much more friendlier and nice to talk to (we bought in 2005) and were genuinely interested in our business.
    The sunnyvale Acura internet guy doesn't even bother to call for follow up - we went to dealership on friday, he wasn't there.. met somebody else who said that he would call.. it's monday. Same with Anderson Acura:: no replies to emails etc.
    AutoWest Acura salesman seems to be more content making snide remarks and putting down Ford then to actually sell his vehicle..
    Is the car worth all the hassle ?? Considering the current automotive market, one would assume that they would be tad friendlier..
    Can somebody recommend a decent dealer in NorCal ?
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