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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for helping me buy my '08 TL for a good price. Here are the details:

    $28,700 (No TTL, but includes Delivery & Admin fees)
    Base TL (No Nav)
    Polished Metal, Black Interior
    $450 in accessories (Trunk tray, wheel locks, all-season floor mats, mudguards)
    Bought it Friday 09/05/08 during $3500 incentives (Paid cash, did not use financing)
    LIFETIME oil changes
    Jay Wolfe Acura - Kansas City, MO

    I know there are better deals in cities nearby (STL, Chicago) but KCMO was easier and I really like the lifetime oil changes as I keep my cars for 8-10 years.


    P.S. Oh yeah, I got a free Acura hat too. ;)
  • to 2008stype

    Did you drive both before buying? do you find the S more sporty? I'm weighing the differences between cost and value. I know this is a subjective question, but information is a valuable thing.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
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  • Scott, As you can see from the post history, the best deals around you are in NOVA, D.C. and Maryland, which is a short drive from you.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    As far as fees...this is how I negotiate price:

    I tell the salesperson to give me the best price they can INCLUDING any and all fees the dealership feels they have to charge (except for TTL). I tell the salesperson if the number they come back with is acceptable, I'll buy right there and then. If not, I'll look elsewhere. This way there are no bs surprises at signing about documentation/advertising/ADM/ fees, etc. I normally aim for about $500 above dealer cost. YMMV
  • When you say you bought your TL Type S for $34K OTD did it include the local sales tax and all the dealer fees and tag tranfer fees???

    Thanks for your response
  • Can anybody provide us with information with respect to the best prices OTD or not including sales tax that they have paid for the 2008 TL Type S that currently has an incentive of $3,500 and extra $1,000 till th end of the month???
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    Gang, one thing that I see a lot in this forum is sometimes the lack of information that we provide to each other in terms of all the cost that we will incur or have incurred when we buy or lease our cars. Lets all be more specific so that we can go with more ammunition to make our deals. For instance; if you leased or are receiving a quote please provide:

    *Cap cost (negotiated price of the car)
    *term (months)
    *Miles: 10k; 12K; 15k; 20k
    *the residual
    *Down payment (cap cost reduction) which is independent of fees
    *Taxes and your state
    *Itemize how much you paid for your DMV, Bank fees, Document fees and any other fees (detail them, dont lump them together)
    *Money Factor

    And if you are buying just let us know the details as well, dont just say "out the door" itemize the cost of the car, the taxes you paid and any other cost associated with your purchase.

    I know, I know, it will be a little bit more typing (copy and paste it if you have to answer your question more than one time :>)

    I am still waiting to pull the trigger on my Type-S, but the money factor now sucks: Here is the latest offer I received in NY (I will be registering the car in NJ) on the first week of Sept;

    Type-S; Silver, Carbon or White exterior (Hey I am flexible!); Ebony/Silver int
    36 month lease; 10k per year; no money down
    MSRP 38,950
    Negotiated price of car (cap cost) $33,137
    Money Factor I was offered 0.00270 (6.48% ouch! and I am tier 1);
    monthly pmts $500.34 + NJ taxes $35.14 (7%)= $537.16
    $595 acq fee; $380 DMV fee(no way I am paying that much for DMV fees); 120 Doc fee; 8.75 Tire fee and first month payment of $537.16. So, with $1,640.91 drive off.

    I am also waiting to pull the trigger on my TL-S, but not at these money factors.
  • Been looking for awhile. Wanted some ideas or comparisons

    MSRP 37,238 (has pinstripe and glass etching)
    Car Price 32,950
    TTL 1524.55
    I'm coming in with 6500 down. Dealership says because they gave a decent discount, they'll finance at 5.9 or I can go to my own bank and do 5.25.

    Comments appreciated
    Scott Virginia Beach VA
  • Hello,

    I'm new to this Forum and delighted to see that you offer help and advice.

    I'm currenty shopping for an Acura TL Base (no nav) in St. Louis, MO.

    With the model change coming and depriciation on a 2008 model, I'm not sure how much to pay.

    Can anyone advise or share their purchase details. :confuse:

    PS - Please be advised, I'm not sure what the abreviations stand for.
  • Hello,

    New to forum. Can you elaborate on what OTD means. I'm also looking. Was yours the base or Tyoe S?

  • I priced St Louis and also Rizza in Chicago and got a much better deal at Rizza. They have a good internet sales group give them an inquiry about price. I got an S when the manufactures support was $2500 (got it all plus). As it is now $3500 go for it as the choices maybe limited. I don't care for the 09 as it is much bigger and gets less MPG.

  • All,

    Two items: one, I'd like to echo previous comments on how people are posting info to this forum, and then two, I'll tell you about the deal that I just made.

    First off, please read Post #9567 above. I really get the feeling that nobody here is really using this as a tool...everyone just wants to get on and spout off their two cents without reading what's already been posted. This is really a waste of time for everyone involved.

    For example, Post #9568 doesn't even tell us what type of car it is! How can we tell you if it's a good deal or not if we don't know what you're buying? Based on MSRP, I'd have to surmise that it's a TL w/ Navi, but it would help everyone to know all the details of a particular transaction.

    If we all take a little more time to read before we post, we can probably avoid the standard "Is this a good deal" question where no one provides any details. Also, with a little bit of legwork on our own outside of this forum, each of us should be able to come to some decent conclusions about prices.


    If anyone has made it this far in my post, I will report to that I've recently closed on a deal for a TL Type-S (black/black) for $33,500. This purchase price included delivery fees, a clear bra, wheel locks, mud (splash) guards, trunk tray, and all-weather mats. It did NOT include dealer handling fees (a disappointingly high $589) or TTL. Since taxes vary from state-to-state and city-to-city, all I'll say is that it's 3% here in NM. I did not take the 0.9% financing offer...I opted for as much of the cash back as I could get (which was awful close to the $3500). A local credit union in Colorado Springs had a 4.9% financing offer which I took them up on.

    After much research, I came to the personal conclusion that I would not come across a better deal (a) at this time, and (b) in my part of the country. Please read my Post #9549 for more information on why I came to this conclusion. My hunches were basically correct, as I essentially got the car for $32,700 + destination charges (I had predicted that I could go as low as $32,200, but I got some extras (listed previously) on top of that). If one wanted to wait a few more weeks (I'm thinking into Oct), the incentives should change, and you can probably get a better deal. Also, if you're in a densely populated area with multiple dealerships, this will probably help a bit as well.

    I will also say that I had a very good experience dealing with Justin at Pikes Peak Acura. If you're in NM, it may be worth your time to call him.
  • Louking:

    I purchased an '08 w/Navi here in St. Louis from Mungenast in West County for $31,800 about a month ago. The price included splash guards, trunk mat, 4 floor mats, and 8 free oil changes. I took the $2,500 rebate and not the financing deal, as we got 4.9% through Honda financial. Taxes were paid this week which came to $1,852 with title and license included (we had a sales tax credit from a totaled vehicle). All-in was $33,652. I checked prices with Leta in South County as well as dealers in Chicago, Kansas City, and Virginia. The prices out of St. Louis were a little lower but by the time you figured in travel costs and time, it wasn't worth it in my opinion.
  • Thanks for your help. One question was it $31,800 then minus the $2500 or does the$31800 alrady reduced by the rebate ?

    Thanks for the assist
  • OTD= out the door. I purchased the TL w/ Navi yesterday. Price of $30,000 before TTL. OTD price was 32,700. NY has 8.625% tax.
  • Louking:

    The $31,800 included the $2,500 rebate and all the dealer fees.
  • I'm thinking about having my 01' 3.2TL with Navigation system windows tinted, can someone please help me.

    1. I've read that if you use the "Metallic" type film it can interfere with the nav system accuracy. True?

    2. Will tinting the back window interfere with my radio reception?(when I tinted my 99' Galant back window the reception totally went dead)

  • Just bought base TL (no- nav) with trunk tray, net, splash guards and mats.
    $27,801 TL
    $95 Doc fees
    $881 Tax
    $20 Lic

    Live in Richmond VA, purchased in S. Maryland (2 hours away).
  • Hello All,
    Thanks for all the great info in this post. I'm finalizing a deal & picking up my new TL next week for $31,700 which includes the following:
    Blk/Blk 08 TL with Nav
    3M Clear Guard ($329 retail)
    All Season Mats ($149 Retail)
    Splash Guards ($229 Retail)
    Trunk Mat ($109 Retail)
    Doc Fee ($50)
    Destination Fee ($740)

    I will need to pay in addition to the $31,700 the Tax and Lic fees. I was told that color combo makes a difference in the flexibility of the dealer in passing on more incentives however, Blk/Blk is in high demand. I could have gotten a better deal on diff color combo but I opted not to. I am located in MN with only 3 local dealers. I got a much better price in Chicago but it's 7.5 hrs of drive or $500 to get the car shipped!! So, is my local deal a good one? I'd like to hear your comments please and thx in advance.
  • Can anyone comment on current offers for a base TL (no Nav) with destination/fees inthe Chicagoland area. Last month, I was seeing $28,200 +$150 doc. Now that the incentives have jumped up to $3,500 has this gotten any better? Thanks
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    What is the dealership in S Maryland that you dealt with? Please share. Thx.
  • Ipnc- Purchased from Rosenthal Acura in Gaithesburg MD via the internet manager. Cash deal. They still have a good inventory. Take your time and negotiate hard.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    scojay, really appreciate your tips. What's a deal you got! I sure will give it a shot? Did you test drive the TL-S?
  • I did and if I was 25 years younger- would do it. For me the base TL gave me everything I needed. Keep in mind the longer you wait on the 08's the thinner the color selection will be.
  • Hi...I think this is a decent deal. Congratulations! I am in Rochester, MN and thinking about an '08 or '09 TL (once it is on sale)...I have not contacted any of the dealers yet...from where did you get yours? Bloomington Acura seems to have a lot of '08s in their inventory, but wasn't sure how aggressive they were w.r.t. pricing...any inputs?
  • Finally got to pick up my 08 TL w/nav (red). Vehicle price listed for $36,940. Added pin stripe, trunk tray, matching color (red) door edge trim, and matching color (red) splash guards, and wheel locks.

    Final price BEFORE tax, tags, DOC fee, and trade in----$29,998. Traded a 2006 Accord for $18,000. Received every thing that I ask, and them some.

    It took over a month to receive my price. "Patience is a virtue."

    The only down side is that supplies are limited. It's probably that way all over.

    TL was purchase at Boardwalk Acura Pleasantville, NJ
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Anyone purchased an 08 TL in the Denver / Boulder / Colorado Springs area recently? I had intended to replace my 08 Accord with an 09 TL - but I really don't like the look of the 09 TLs. Plus, I think perhaps I can get a smok'n deal on the 08's and have a better car than my Accord. I love the size and look of my 08 Accord, but I hate the automatic transmission and the car is just too big for the thrifty 4-cyl engine I selected.

    I'd appreciate any advise on dealerships and/or prices . . . .
  • i've gotten the same pricing from all the acura dealerships here in the baltimore/DC area.

    they all want $27500 for the TL and $29999 for the TL w/Nav

    you would think they'd want those cars off their lots with the '09s coming in this week.
  • they all want $27500 for the TL and $29999 for the TL w/Nav

    For real ? A 2008 ? My best quote is $28900 for the base TL no Nav

    How are they doing that ? Why did you not buy
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