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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    where did u buy the acura type-s at,what dealership?
    i live in MA, and im looking for a type s also..

  • I got an e-mail today from the internet dept. from my local dealer offering $5250 off MSRP any 2008 TL and offering the 2.9% financing. I'm wondering if Acura is now allowing both the dealer cash and the financing to be used, or if this is a mistake. Any heard anything? I'll ask the dealer if I can't find out here, but thought someone may know. If so, I might be able to get even more off MSRP.
  • I have not heard of that. All of the dealers I have talked to have said it is either the rebate or the financing, but not both. My initial quote from the costco buying service quoted it this way.

    Please let me know what you find out.
  • Yes, this is true - I also got an email from one of the dealers saying that till 30th Sept, one can get BOTH $3500 rebate & 0.9% or 2.9% APR. I repeat, $3500, not $5250. Could you please forward (private message) me the email you received/dealer name which said $5250 & 0.9 or 2.9% APR? I am in the process of negotiating a deal, and if I could get another ~$2000 off, that'd be cool! :shades:
  • As per my post, they are offering $5250 off MSRP, not off invoice. Thanks for the confirmation that both incentives are available together.
  • just picked up my TL base from woodfield acura TL base + mat + splash guard + wheel lock for $32750 OTD with 0.9% loan. After seeing your post I feel that I just got ripped off. For the past month or so, every dealer I called says I can only pick either 1000 rebate + 0.9% financing or 3500 for cash purchase. When acura started to allow 3500 + 0.9 financing?
  • Don't feel ripped off - all Dealers in CT that I spoke with were and are as of yesterday only offering the deal you mentioned. $3500 rebate OR 0.9% / 2.9% Financing or a $1,000 rebate plus one of the Financing Deals, but NOT BOTH together...if people are getting the $3500 rebate and financing deal together that it would appear to be a YMMV situation and a very sweet deal.
  • I just got an email today with the offer of both cash incentive and financing. Wonder if they will extend it into October?
  • snmsnm Posts: 3
    I picked up my base 2008 TL two weeks ago for $27,500 (plus TTL) without the special financing (was told could not be combined). I got an email yesterday from Arlington Acura in IL that the $3500 can now be combined with the special financing. I replied asking for a price quote if I intend to take advantage of the special financing and got ~$27,400 for a base TL and ~29,500 for one with Navi. I regret not waiting a little onger before purchasing as I could have saved about $2000 over the entire term of the loan. Hope helps someone get a better deal. I do know that the color combination I got (and wanted - Carbon Bronze with Taupe interior) is no longer available at any local dealer - trying to make myself feel better here :)
  • Would you be able to forward me that email? I was planning on going around to the chicagoland acura dealers soon.
  • OK, Here is the second half of the TL purchasing story:

    After picking up the car on Friday night and read you guys' messages afterwards about the new specials, I felt that we were not being treated honestly.

    I called the dealer on Thursday after learning the price that snm got. The same was very nice over the phone so we made the deal right away. On Friday we went there to finish the paper work thinking Saturday was going to be hectic. Everything went smoothly there. By the time we finished paper work ( in about 1 hour), the car was ready in the delivery bay. The only small catch was in the final pricing sheet there is this 3500 rebate. The sales person explain to us it was a mess up. Since we already agreed on the OTD price when we made the deal, I was not paying too much attention how they do break downs in order to match the final agreed-upon price.

    After read the messages, I realized that I have over paid by 2500. I called the deal this morning. After hearing me explaining what happened, The manager there was very courteous and promise to call back once he find out what to do. Within 20 minutes, he called back, first thing he said was to apologies because it was a mistake. and he asked us to come back to redo the paper work. We were in the dealership 4 hours later. All the paper work was ready. we signed all of them and got 2500 back and out of there in 2 minutes.

    So the grant total OTD price is 30250 with splash guard, mat , wheel lock. This is the best deal I ever had in the car purchasing thanks to all of you.

    BTW, I was told the special ends on Monday.
  • For those in the Chicagoland area, how is the inventory looking on Base TLs? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger next week.
  • The best quote I got so far in the NJ/PA area are as follows:

    Year Make TL Trim Level Full MSRP Internet Price
    2008 Acura base $34,395 $28,501
    2008 Acura base w /Nav $36,895 $30,793
    2008 Acura Type S w/Nav $38,895 $32,627
    2008 Acura Type S w/Nav&HPT $39,095 $32,811

    Quote from Sussman Acura: Our price is a guaranteed REAL PRICE that includes everything but taxes & tags. There are no hidden charges or missing fees. You can drive the car home at the quoted price with a full tank of gas.

    You guys think I can manage to go lower than the quoted prices?
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    i was offered $32,200 for a 08' type-s 2day, plus TTL,dest.charge, and the dealer was trying to get me to pay for marketing prices also, i said no way, not paying advertising fee's. (ANYone ever hear of advertising or marketing fee's?)

    anyway im gonna try another dealer to see if i can get even a better deal.

    and yes you can get $3500 off and either the .09 or 2.9% financing now.. :)
  • Hi Gary,

    I bought my Type-S at Acura by Executive, but it was their last Type-S in stock. Another dealer I was working with that is closer to MA is Schaller Acura in Manchester, CT - they were straightforward and easy to work with - price was $200 more on the car, but $100 less on the conveyance fee - so a matter of $100 more, but pricing may be easier to get lower as Schaller had a much larger inventory of 08' TLs than Executive.

    Good luck and if you get a Type-S you won't be sorry, it is a great car!
  • Hi,

    I always get hit with a conveyance fee, anywhere from $299 to $399, but I steer clear of Dealers who charge for advertising and marketing fees - it just means they are charging additional money for the normal cost of doing business, ie: running adverts in newspapers, radio, etc...

    I think your price of $32,200 is great, except I noticed that it did not include destination charge which makes the true offer price $32,200 + 760 destination or $32,960 which is very close to the price I get on carsdirect dot com. I would check out Schaller Acura's website in CT as they were very straight forward and did not try to tack on advertising or marketing fees.

    Good Luck!
    Mike :)
  • whit5whit5 Posts: 59
    THANKS for the help, yes my price did not include the destination fee , so your correct at $32,960 ..

    can you email me who you dealt with over at Schaller Acura, i would like to call them

    email me at g69m2001@yahoo

    opps, i saw from your last post you got it at Executive, sorry...

    btw, what color did you buy?
  • Woodfields has lots of them. when I was there on Friday, I was told there were 37 base models.
    Mcgrath and Continental did not have as many. I went there about 2 weeks ago.
  • I paid about $27,780(before tax and TTL) for the 08' base in Chicago area. I was told that Illinois law requires all rebates be applied after tax. So my "taxable" price is at 31050 before tax and 3500 is applied. if you work backwards from there, it corresponds to the sale price of $27,780 which does not seem to be lowest here in Chicago. However, consider how few haggling I had to do in order to get this price, I am happy to take it.
  • wound up getting a black tl s-type today at $33k plus ttl. they wound up giving me both the 2.9% financing and $3500 dealer cash, the catch however was the dealer cash is taxable.
  • Deuces: Read my two postings #'s 9586 and 9604. Boardwalk Acura just off the Garden State Pky outside Atlantic City. It's an easy drive from the Phila. area. They gave me the best price plus extras, and I got what I wanted for my trade. Talked with Sussman, and they were much higher. I'm sure that inventories are low all over. I was afraid to make the purchase, but something inside kept telling me to do it, for the great price that I was offered usually doesn't happen for a great car like the 08 TL. My purchase was red in coor with parchment interior.
  • Hi Gary,

    I'm going to send you an email.

  • 2ndacura,
    What was your without TTL rpice. I am also negotiating with Woodfield acura but I am getting TL with Navi and have to pay chicago taxes.
  • I calculated it is about $27,780 which is not the cheapest according the posts here. I think you should be about to get at least 27500 from them base on on of th posts here. but be aware the rebate is after tax. so your price before tax might be higher depending upon how they calculate. but this 3500 + 0.9 financing is just too good to pass.
  • Thanks for the reply 2ndacura. As I am getting TL with Navi, my base is coming to be $29,300 which it seems is not bad as the invoice difference between navi and non navi is 2300. :-). I am assuming your base price does not include destination change.
  • Does your $29,300 for Base TL with NAV include the destination charge?
  • it does include destination charge. the only thing not there is the TTL and tax. without options
  • I was looking for 2008 Acura TL base model (without navigation system) in central florida (Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville). The best quote I received was from Fountain Acura for $28200+TTL +2.9%APR for 60 months.

    This is several hundreds more than some of you are getting. Anyone if florida getting good deals? :confuse:
  • What dealer are you talking with? I am able to get about 29,959 with destination. Are you taking financing?
  • I think that is a good deal. My best quote is $29,700 (includes the destination charge) for the TL with NAV.
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