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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • neimanneiman Posts: 6
    I was quoted $1,900 for the 100,000 mile extended warranty by David McDavid Acura in Dallas. Personally, I expect a Honda/Acura product not to require an Extended Warranty therefore I did not purchase it.
  • mpcarmpcar Posts: 3
    I am new to the forum. I have been reading about this $2000 available on 09 TLs. However, on Edmunds I am only seeing $1000 for Marketing Support. So is it really $2000?
    Also, has anyone purchased a base 09 TL in the Tampa area recently?

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    It was until the end of March, but I don't know if it still is the same. It was 1G for non tech, 2G for tech.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    I posted a few days ago about a deal i got in Louisville, KY. Not sure how prices are in Washington St.....but you could always consider making a good deal out or state and then either flying there to pick up or have it trucked in by a "driveaway" company. You can get trucked in from a few states away for around $500. OR a 1 way airline tic is usually about $200 for same distance. I flew in to pick up mine from 700 miles away in New Orleans. I got the TL w/tech about 2 weeks ago for $33800 plus tax title in Louisville, KY. Also got the 3.8% financing. If anyone wants name of dealer and salesperson... mailitomehere@yahoo.commmm
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    The incentive is still avail. i got confirmation from several fleet managers. 2G for tech.
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    do you guys think the incentive/pricing will be better at the end of the month? I'm debatin on whether I should pull the trigger now or wait another few weeks. the best quote I got so far is $36200 OTD including CA sale tax.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Is this for a TL/Tech Pkg and can you give down your break up - MSRP, Price before Tax and Dest fees. Dest Fees etc.

    36200 OTD including Tax if for the same car is surely a great deal.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    Is a 1400 mile base 09 Acura TL with tech from a used car lot reasonably priced at $34,500? It is not from an Acura dealer. This is the Minnesota / Wisconsin area.
    Thanks, Mark
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    Is it with all OTD including Taxes. If so you are good as an a new one with all taxes etc is around 36.5 based on 8% tax rate currently.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    After looking back a few pages what people paid for brand new, this isn't a very good deal. It was without tax or license. I contacted dealer with an offer of $32,500 , without tax included.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    If you are saying 32500 + Dest + Taxes. Thats hell of a price and can you tell me which dealer and if it is in WI, I am ready to drive in there for that price.

    So far I am able to get 32,800 + Dest+Taxes.
  • markcpmarkcp Posts: 11
    This is a used 09 TL Tech with 1400 miles from a non-Acura dealer. His bottom price was $34,500 then tax and license above that. I counter offered at $32,500. It doesn't hurt to start low on offers and build up.

    Your $32,800 was that brand new from dealer lot?
  • blooskiblooski Posts: 7
    Hi kimsdad,

    Is this a Tl SHAWD?

  • amalpaniamalpani Posts: 9
    I have been offered $33,500 (incl. destination) for a brand new 2009 Acura TL FWD + Tech, MSRP of $39,475 (incl. destination). Based on what people are quoting, that looks like a good offer? I'm looking for a "rip-off deal" equal to 24% discount from MSRP ($30,000 + TTL ). Does anyone think I will be able to get that price in the next 2/3 months?

    I got this from the same dealer from whom I got two Acura MDX's 6 months ago (Chicago suburbs).
  • ilu333ilu333 Posts: 18
    36,200 OTD & including tax which is a good price but still not sure if this is a trick to get me into the dealer or a real deal.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mil, I don't know if 24% is beyond what a an Acura dealer will do. I know it would not fly in my area, seems that the only manufacturers where one would have a chance to get that kind of deal would be GM and Chrysler. I wish you luck tho!
  • rockrockrockrock Posts: 6
    Just picked up a 2009 Acura TL, SH-AWD w/Tech, Grigio and Umber/Ebony. How do you guys think I did?

    Price: $37,600.00
    Doc: $151.00
    Plates: $90.00
    Plus Chicago taxes.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    That's the second best deal I have seen here on these boards for the AWD tech. Here in CT and NY, I dont see any dealers going that low.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    No Blooski.....the $33800 price is for the TL w/tech, FWD (Not SHAWD) This price of about 2 weeks ago is for everything but tax & lic. I applied the $2000 dealer incentive and some of the holdback. I gave the exact breakdown in a post about 2 weeks ago. Bought at Oxmoor in in Louisville KY. If you need name of salesman you can em me at
  • ksopherksopher Posts: 6
    Just completed my deal today:
    2009 FWD w/Tech. With no other dealer options

    $33404 sale price
    $35197 adjusted gross (inc TTL, small down)
    $22089 residual (56% on 15K miles/year)
    .00237 Money Rate (HFC Super Preferred tier)
    $499.88 / month

    Had Grigio/Ebony in stock. Took delivery today.
    Leased from Norris Acura, Ellicott City, Maryland
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    Congrats, bought mine from Norris last month also.
  • mjf70mjf70 Posts: 5
    lookingto pull the trigger this week, can you please breakdown your out of pocket money? did the $499 include tax? Im in pa so lease tax is 9%, im interested in how much you put down and what your payment is prior to tax.
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    Ksopher....I wonder if the lease terms can affect the price of the vehicle? For example as in a trade, dealers can give you an lousy deal on the trade-in, and then use that as leverage in giving you a great price on the new vehicle. All things equal, you got a great price! Good job
  • mpcarmpcar Posts: 3
    Is dealer fee required? Or is this something dealer just adds to make extra money? Can I tell the dealer to delete this fee?
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    mpcar, dealer fee?
    to paraphrase a famous movie line: "DEALER FEE?!! We don't pay no stinkin dealer fee!!"
  • kimsdadkimsdad Posts: 8
    mpcar.... When you make your offer, let the salesperson know from the start that any offer you make is TOTAL PRICE.....with exception of tax and registration. Many dealers ARE REQUIRED as part of their arrangement with other dealerships to show a 'doc fee" or some other fee on the paperwork. BUT that is ok if the doc fee shows up in the paperwork as long as you are getting the car for your TOTAL PRICE on the bottom line.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    In Chicago Area, Whats the best price for this model currently? I am thinking of finalizing week - 04/25. Any help would be appreciated. Best deal so far obtained is - 33553 (Incl. Dest Fees) + Tax and Title fees.

    Any dealer names will also be helpful
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mpcar, with all the nuisance fees that are foisted upon us I would demand to know what 'dealer fee' means. I have never seen a fee like that, that leaves itself open to all manner of 'interpretation'. In NJ we have a "tire tax' of $1.25/tire...ok, I'll get my own tires :P .
    If it's a doc fee, let them call it that. It like the tax guy in the movie Popeye with Robin Williams.
  • I am going to start my talks next week on a TL w/Tech at Rizza in Orland. Who did you get that price from, they have about 40 TLs in Orland so it looks like they are heavy on inventory. Your quoted price looks good to me if I good get same. So far my only contact is at Rizza, but have a sales name at Acura dealer in Westmont if I need to get other quotes.
  • skodukulaskodukula Posts: 13
    All delaers currently have almost more or less the same inventory. I am waiting for the month end prices as they might be willing to budge further on the price. I have been in contact with almost 4-5 dealers, each one wants to beat the others price. So holding tight to get the best price.

    Let me know how your talks go and lets be in touch in order to share the price. I will be checking on other dealers this weekend and also see if I can sell my existing car.
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