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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    Thanks for your input VCHAd. I will work of your 24.5-25k number. Wish me luck.

    Yes they are a non-Acura dealer, but it was Acura certified three months ago at thier Acura dealership, which is part of the same owner group. I beleive it sat on the Acura lot,which had low traffic due to the depressed economy in that area of Georgia. I did go over the Carfax carefully. I even asked to see the paperwork for the Acura certification that was done. Everything looked good, in addition to the car driving great.

    In any event, I am close to your number, so I will give it my best shot.

    In the end you said it best. " You want what you want ". Just temper it with good economical sense.

    Thanks Again.
  • prchohanprchohan Posts: 7
    Hi, I am buying my first new car and just came to know of this forum. I am planning to buy a 2009 TL w/ tech package in Hoffman Estates, IL area. A neighboring Acura dealership has an Internet price of $35,600 (plus TTL I'd imagine?). So first of all, how does this Internet price work? Does it mean no negotiation? Given that there is a total of $2000 manufacturer to dealer cash back incentive and $35,556 invoice, I really want to start somewhere between $32K-33K with the dealer. Does this make sense or am I being unrealistically low? Also, I assume TTL doesn't include the dealer fee and destination charge. Is that correct? When I make an offer, how do I start? Do I give out the OTD price or the price plus TTL (plus any applicable fees)? Will really appreciate if someone can guide me thru this.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 1,043
    The Internet price means jack squat, its marketing BS
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  • prchohanprchohan Posts: 7
    Thanks kingpcgeek. So what's the good price to start? Anyone?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97

    first off, the best thing really is, scroll back about 8-9 pages and read all the experiences people have had with the TL, you'll get a sense of what people think is a fair price, and have actually ended up paying.

    On that note, you should check, what kind of vehicle is being advertised, as always, who cares what they advertise, you offer what you think is fair, dont be intimated, dont let them force you into a deal. Were all here to help you, go shop around, do ur homework, make a fair offer, and if your unsure if its a good deal, ask the people on this forum, tons of helpful people here.

    Being in chicago area, I have a place out on lakeshore, and even tho i bought my acura in MI, im familiar with acura dealers, like Mcgrath, etc. etc. being your from chicago, id suggest going with Sh-awd. But fwd is just a good car, but sh-awd might be a better choice. Figure out if you want the tech, awd vs. fwd and go from there. i'm not sure of the current TL promotions(not currently active in the market, but im getting car bug to replace my TL, hence i keep an eye out for good deals)

    dont quote me, look in previous posts, i think Base fwd can be had for around 31. Probably Tech fwd maybe 33, and sh-awd tech, is about 37ish.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    hey vinodoc! yeah, i posted a ton on acurazine...themods got after me for starting so many thread comparing the TL to other cars.... :)

    I think your prices on the new TL are right. I have to say the new TL is growing on me. We took our MDX in for service today and they gave us a new 09 TL w/tech as a loander. we had it overnight and took it out tonight for a drive with the kids. We fit all three kids in the back - 7, 3, 2. the little guy is in a carseat, and the next youngest is in a booster - all fit easily across the back.

    may want to look into a lease on these things.

    what is the best deal you have all seen on these???

    the dealers selling used 08s are on crack. it almost seem like it is cheaper/smarter to just lease a newer one instead of buying a used one - especially if the dealers are trying to rape us all on the used one.

    my closest local dealer has a nice looking CPO 08 base w/nav. I took it for a quick test drive today when I dropped off hte MDX. they are asking almost $29k for it. it has 26k miles on it! these things old new for like $29 to $30k at the end of 08. now the car only depreciated a grand??? BS! I could go in and make an offer, but I'd be offering htem like 24-25k MAX and even that seems kinda high to me...but even if I offered htem 25k, I'll bet you they say NO. I'd feel okay paying 23-24k. at that price, the money I'd save would justify buying an "older" model car....

    but at 28k... forget that. i'd rather have the new car and just lease it. in the long run, if i buya CPO car and keep it long term - like 6-8 years, it's cheaper to buy/drive the it off and drive it into the ground....but you wind up becoming off the warranty, and if you findance 60-72 months, you end up still making car payments when hte warranty is up, and then you paying to repair the car and still making car payments...not good. at least on a lease, you never worry about ANY repairs. just minour routine maintenance.... no brakes, maybe a set of tires when you turn it in? you make a paymenet and rive the car..

    now if you can sell the car at the very end..but c;mon, what'sa n 08 TL gonna be worth in 8 years when you've put 100k miles on it and it's now 9-10 MY old... maybe $5k... which is probalby what you'll spend on tires, brakes, oil changes, timing belts, and the other crap that you fix along the way from when you buy it at say 15-25k miles to 100-125k miles.... so it's a wash...

    i had fun driving the new TL tonight. it's pretty fast. it doesn't have a huge VTEC kick, but it jus tpulls an dpulls and pulls. not V8 fast...but it's fast enough. it blows my MDX away and seemed about as fast as the 08 Type S I just test drove. the FWD model I had is no sports car, but honeslty, for a DD to just do errands in and to cruise on the freeway, it was plenty decent around turns and the ride is just firm enough but not bumpy and very smooth. the Type S is nice and sporty, but honeslty, on long trips you'll get sick of it... i mean if you like sports cars and the Type S is all you have, it's fun. but if you do it right, you have one car for cruising and one for the twisties. I've got an old boxster that has upgrade suspenion and low profile 18s...that car is twice as stiff as a Type S and woudl run circles around one on any track, twisty roads, etc... but it's not that comfy for a long trip. for a "one car jack of al ltrades" the Thype S is sweet. i'll be thte SH-AWD is similar in that regard. but for REALLY having fun on need a real sports car or roadster.. Boxster, Cayman, S2000, 370Z, etc etc...

    maybe there will be a new TL in my future.

    whne it first came out I hated it. i though it was the fugliest thing on the road. it's growing on me. tonight, tucked in my garage - it actuallyh looked cool.

    the one i have is WDP. really good color - at leat in my opinion... oh..tonight when I got to my destination - ther was a WDP TL-S parked like 10 spots away from me..soI couldn't see them 'side by side' b ut I did ge ta chnace to really look at them closely w/in seconds of each other... gotta say the Type S is a sharp looking car, bu tafter you see the new TL, it makes hte Type S and 07-08 TL's look dated...

    in a couple years...the 3G TL will look old OLD OLD and the new TL will turn heads and be "accepted" as a modern cutting edge wife told me the same thing when it first came out and she was right. the new TL is growing on people and in the end, it will be considered a good looking car. beak and all.
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    hey 23109vc,

    took me a while to read all that! Yeah it seems your just as frustrated how these acura dealers are pricing these 08 models, compared to what they sold for new. I mean, it actually makes me furious, and when you seriously call them out on it, they know your well informed, and they laugh at you/mock you, then tell you no way...knowing some innocent people come in, and buy it at a drastic markup.

    true story, i was at a acura dealer, last yr, getting my oil change done, and there was a young gentleman, super nice guy, and the salesman comes to him saying..."manager wants to move some cars, ill take 500 off the sticker!!" he was like oh is that the best you can do?, salesman says yes...he goes, ok ill take it! i felt horrible for this kid, I very politely pulled him aside, and said, i dont want to meddle, but there is a 3k rebate alone, you should be getting this car for atleast 5k off! he was shocked, and i told him about edmunds, acurazine, he was absolutely clueless that such sites existed.

    I realized there really are so many people out there, that just dont know about rebates/websites etc. Needless to say, he left the dealer, after he confronted the salesman about it, salesman DENIED such rebates existing, I pulled out my phone, showed edmunds website on it....salesman turned red, manager walked away........well i'm prolly not welcome at that dealer ever again!! (another couple was outside looking at the TL as i was leaving, i told them, pay 6k off sticker, they too had no clue on sale...i only wonder what happened to them!

    As for the new TL's....i honestly dont know of the best deals, but i think ive seen people mention lease rates around high 400's. I think trying to get a used TL at a bargain is tough, knowing the dealer tactics. TL is one car, id buy/lease an extended it to the ground, or sell it privately on my own once i get sick of it.

    i know what you mean about porsche, ive been a lifelong benz owner, wanted to get the SL550 last summer, but with the update they did, dealer only would take 3k off, and i Didn't want the 08 at a bargain rate, just looked age with the older face and interior. So i treated myself to a Porsche 911 carrera cabriolet....msrp 100k, i bought it for 77k. TOO good to pass up! porsche dealer was so desperate to get rid of it, brand new, with 12miles on it. i have to say, after the porsche, every car seems to drive like a boat. :)
  • Thank you! Enough already.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I actually like the beak. Most people I have shown the car tell me they love the beak so go figure. However the last body style on the TL personally I think has a pretty bland look and I dont care for it all all. I am not a car expert but I liked my 03 TL body style much better than the 08 style. I like the 09 best of all. It is a bold look definitely and it feels really good to the ride. I thought the BMW 328I was a much lesser car for a much higher cost.

  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218

    yeah, exactly. i have given some dealers and same story - I tell thema bout my car search from last year, tell them the quotes I rec'd, then ask how they can ask so much for it used. the usual statement is that there were "incentives" back then that they don't have now and that they are "too deep into" these new ones...blah they basically claim that they sold them cheap, but had to buy them back at a high price... it's all BS if you ask me.

    they just know that there are dumb buyers who will pay what they want and they can take advantage of them.

    i'm torn between just leasing or buying used. I had kind of wanted to grab a used 08. this is going to be our second household car - i'll use it to DD to work, and we will use it as backup to our MDX. i was planning on buying one with super low miles, like 10-15k and then jus thang onto it until it's paid off and then some.

    but if they are asking so much for them, it makes less and less sense to buy a used one. buying a used TL CPO for $28k seems like less of a good deal than if it was 23-24k.... when you crunch out the numbers.... leasing vs buying...the lease can actually come out bettter.

    i' taking into account that on the purchase, I'll hae the car for say 6-7 years..and I figure in what I willlikely have to spend to maintain / upkeep the car and also I have tried to calculate a reasonalbe net value once the car is paid off and I want to sell it - to take into consideration that I can recoup money by selling it.

    figure you buy a CPO 08 TL base w/nav and get them down to $27k. that might be doable. sounds like a high price to me, ,but let's say I buy that. say I put down $5000 and finance the rest for 60 months. loan calcs say that I pay $470/month for the next 60 months to buy this TL. total payments, incuding my $5k down = I'm spending roughly $33,000 total.

    but then if you figure i drive it 10-15k/ the end of my 5 year loan, I've added 50-75k on it. so if it had 15k when I buy it, ,then the car has 65k - 80k when paid off. so it should run easily another 2-3 years trouble free??

    so I get 2-3 years of no payments, but do have to do repairs. i'm guessing there will be at least one brake job in there, timing belt toward the 100k point, couple sets of tires, and othe rmisc little "problems' that will be non warranty items that will require repair visits...lets say for the sake of argument that all this upkeeep adds up to 3-4k over the life of ownershp..maybe 5k if i'm unlucky?

    at the point when ia am totally sick of the car after driiving it for 8 years and I go to sell it, the car will be rouhgly 10 MY old...with 120k miles..i am guesstimating it will e worth maybe $5000. so you wash out the costs of upkeep by selling it..and in the end it cost me jus hte monthly payments.. which would be $33k over 8 years. if i could drive it that long. assuming I got sick of it and sold it in 6 years, i might make a couple grand more off the sale...and pocket a bit more in "net" value on the car at the end..

    $33,000 / 8 yrs = $350/month. so the net overall cost of tha tcar is 350/month assuming I keep it 8 years.

    $33000 / 6 years (add $2k in resale value) = $430/month.

    to lease a new TL is going to be *roughly* 3000 down and 450month tax included.
    so total cost over 36 months is 450x 36 +3000 = $19200 for 36 months.
    to compare to the six year ownershp scenario, just double the lease and you get 6 year lease costs of 19200 x 2 = 38400. that's $533/month.

    so it's still mmore expensive to lease than to buy.. by maybe 75/month.

    then you factor in the intangibles, like would you raather have a new car every three years vs same one for 6 yrs... etc etc.

    if i could get them to budge on the pricing of the 08 and get it closer to or udner $25k it makes the buy numbers even sweeter... i could live with an 08, but as the numbers get too close, the natural urge is to say screw it and go for the newer car if the costs are not too mjch more..

    am i totally screwing my analysis up? vchad - what do you think?
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I am paying 476.00 per month. ZERO CAP COST (no $3000.00 down or any nonsense) TL 2009 with TECH. Try your numbers with that. Probably at year 6 or so you might be ahead of the game, it depends. If at the end of 4-5 years you trade in the car I think that you will be behind the game. Dealers lov tradeins as they work up all sorts of numbers and really screw you. If after 5-6 years you sell the car yourself, you may be ahead of the game. Try it with my numbers.

  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    ok Robert..using YOUR numbers and my 8.75% tax rate...

    $476/month + 8.75% tax = monthly payment of $517.65.
    Over the course of 36 months, that would cost me a total of----- $18,635.

    If I BUY a 2008 CPO TL w/nav or a Type S and get it for around $28000, and I finance over 72 months, at 5.5% - the total amount i pay over the life of the loan, will be about $35,760. asssuming ZERO down payment, the monthly is about $504. just baout the same as the cost of a lease of an 09 TL w/tech.

    If you try to equate the 3 yr lease to the cost of a 6 yr loan, I just double the cost of the 36 months lease, as if I leased TWO cars back to back - which would be 72 months. the lease costs doubled are $37,270.

    $37,270 - $35,760 = $1510.

    so basically, if you only consider the costs over the first 6 years, the lease only costs an extra $1500. spread across teh 6 years, that only $251/year, or $20/month.

    When the comparison is between an 08 and 09 - the $20/month is totally worth it.

    Here is where the buy vs lease gets tricky. When you lease - you turn the car back in and it's gone. you have nothing left. If I buy the 08, after 72 months, I own the car and it has some value. albeit, in 72 months from now, a CPO 2008 TL will not be worth a ton, but it will be worth something, and given that I will drive about 12-15k/year, and assumign I buy a car with 15k miles on the odometer - at the end of my loan the car iwll have roughly a max of 100k miles or so. that will be in year 2015. So what will a 2008 TL with 100k miles be worth in 2015??? my guess..anywhere from $5-10k.

    if you assume that in 2015, a 2008 TL will be about 8 model years old...then one big question is to assess what that car will be worth 6 years down the road, when my loan is paid off. to truly compare a lease to buy you have to factor in that at the end of the lease you won NOTHING and at the end of a purchase you OWN the car and unless you destroy the car and it implodes - that car has a net VALUE. you could then sell it and pocket tha t money, thereby reducing the cost of the purchase overall.

    to get an idea what an 08 TL might be worth in 2015, the best analysis I could come up with is to look at what a 8 model year old TL is worth now in 2009 with siilar mileage... so look at a 2002 TL w/100k miles. according to, the average asking price on a car like that is $8000-9000. that's actually a lot higher than I had expected.

    so if I BUY - at the end of my purchase, that used 2008 TL is supposedly going to be worth let's say $8500.

    another facotr you have to consider is that on a lease you typically pay for ZERO repairs. you only pay for the upkeep/maintenance. oil changes and stuff. maybe you might have to do brake pads or a set of tires..but you basically escape from the lease w/out havig to fix anything. the car is under warranty the entire time you have it, and you only pay for consumables that you would have to pay for on any or used. they all use gas, tires, oil, those costs are consistent regardless of whether you buy or lease.

    BUT, if you buy a CPO used car with 15k on it, and then you drive it up to 100k, you are probably going to have to fix something. the CPO warranty will run out on most stuff at about 62k miles. you have a powertrain up to the big big ticket stuff like motor/tranny is covered. but figure you have the same brakes, tires, and then maye you get something like a leaky radiator, or a button that breaks, or a water pump that fails, or a some computer sensor that goes out... that stuff might not be under warranty, and from 62k - 100k you foot the bill for that stuff. those are costs the guy who is leasing never pays.

    so another big question, factor to estimate is what will it cost for THAT stuff on teh purchase? hard to say. in general, i would expect those coss to be fairly low as the TL is a pretty reliable car, and since the big big ticket stuff is covered under a CPO warranty, i wouldn't get hit with a tranny rebuilt or blown motor...only the smaller stuff. assumign you don't have a might have say... $1000-3000 max in these costs over the life of the loan. this is not including oil changes, tires, brakes..i'm thiking of actual repair visits where you have ot fix something that isn't a warranty item..a water pump, an alternator...crap like that. i honestly think the 3000 figure is kind of high...lets say $2000 as a guesstimate.

    So leasing has total costs of $37270. (TWO 36 month leases back to back)

    purchase a CPO 2008. total finance costs over 72mo = $37,270. assume an extra $2500 in long term upkeep, but a "residual value" at the end of myloan of about $8500. So $37,270 + $2500 - $8500 = $31,270.

    so assumig you paid the car off and once it wqs paid off you sold it, and pocketed the money, and assumig my figures are right, your net monthly car costs average out to :

    lease - $517
    purchase - $434.

    difference of $82/month. the million dollar question si whether it is worth an extra $82 a month, to always have a car that is never mor ethan a few years old, under warranty, and new. you'd pay more, but you'd get to go through TWO newer cars, instead of driving one "old" car the whole time. depends on how much you like cars.

    so you can see that really, buying a clean CPO car, and even with normal maintenance, should overall cost less in the long run, as the car has a net value at the end that actually reduces your effective "cost".

    BUT, that $8500 "equity" isn't's tied up in the if you never sell it you don't see that money. i gues the alternative is that you DON'T sell it, and then for the next THREE years you DRIVe it for free, and only incur another $2500-3000 in costs to repair it. so if you go out to 9 years...then you have a whopping $1000/year in costs. while the guy leasing has to incur yet another huge set of costs to lease yet another car..

    so over 9 years.. the leasing guy pays $55,905 over 9 years.
    the guy who buys pays $42,770.... the savings start to accelerate the longer you keep/drive the old paid off car.

    now here is the real questio - do you REALLY want to drive that 2008 CPO TL for the next NINE years. hell no. there are other intantigl efactors you cant' put a dollar value on. how about the peace of mind of havin ga brand new car that will not break down and leave you stranded? how about the fun of havin ga new car? newer technology? new/updated safety items? these factors all could be reduced to some dollar figure...but it's very subjective.

    some people who are NTO car people, honestly could care less about how they get from point A to B and the buy it an dkeep it 10 years works for them b/c it's the cheapest possible way to do it. in fact, they dont drive a TL, they drive a basic 4 cyl accord iwth cloth and no nav. :)

    if you purely look at the short term costs - over 36 months...

    Assuming ZERO d
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    i really wrote a long long it deleted some of my post!!

    sorry guys. i got carried away..

    bottom line - i think leasing a new 09 is a smarter move than buying a used CPO 08.

    unelss the dealers really reduce what they are asking for on teh 08s... right now, most dealers are asking and won't budge of asking for about $27-28k for a CPO 08 base w/nav. at that price, it makes more sense to lease a new 09.

    as the price goes down and the spread between new/used increases..the CPO might be a better move..but in the short term - 36-60 months out, leasing is the way to go.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    I think it is interesting to anayze. I think the CPO stuff is purely marketing BS. Now if you found a private party with a sharp price on the car used that might be a different story. I never in my life bought a used car from a dealer. I feel that on used cars the deals are in the private sale market. The dealers fleece many customers in trade ins and then want to sell those used cars at the highest profits. Right now they might make more on some of the used cars over th new cars.

    good luck
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218

    I think you're right in that the CPO cars are not necessarily any better than a private party terms of quality. I'm sure some CPO cars are trashed and some are pristine. I've seen some that looked and drove as if they were actually new, and others that were clean...but n ot *that* clean... if you know what I mean.

    the one thing you do get from CPO is the extension of the warranty. you get another year and 12k on top of the existing factory warranty, and they extend the powertrain warranty from 6 yr / 70k to 7yr, 100k.

    so you get a little bit more in terms of warranty. if you found a used 08 with low miles, you'd have as much or more warranty coverage as the new car...

    you are right about the dealers trying to jack up the used car prices. i almost wonder if b/c the market is so depressed,they are trying to make bigger profits on teh used cars...the new cars pricing is harder to manipulate wiht so many people hitting the web and verifying the cash back incentives, invoice pricing, etc... butg on a used car, you never know how cheap they really got it they could be really j acking up the price and you'll never know...

    I do know what the 08s sold for in the end of 08. the base w/nav sold for about $29-30k and the TL-S sold for $31,500-32000. i see used 08s with 10-20k miles and the asking price is $34k....nuts. they always give me the same 2008 there were incentivs, now we don't have those... i try to counter with "yeah, but once the cars start selling NEW for $32k, incentives or NOT, the price has come down. whenever a dealer puts cash on the car, it lowers the price/value b/c someoen else bought it for less". they just repear the incentives thing... one guy actually told me they have become liek collectors items and have gone UP in value...yeah...SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE.... the TL-S is a collector car!!! ha!

    tough decision on what to do. buy used or go lease new. each has it's pros/cons.

    thansk for all the feedback Robert. how you likin' that new TL??? :) did you ever consider going for the AWD model?
  • cman7cman7 Posts: 18
    The issue with private parties, is that they are asking $28K also (check out Auto trader) for 08 non-nav TL's.
  • 23109vc23109vc Posts: 218
    yeah it's nuts. the ask prices on used 08 TLs is high.

    i wonder if with the economy going down, people are buying used cars instead of buying/leasing new ones? so the dealers and private parties can ask more?

    or is it that th eTL just holds it's value too well???
  • seifseif Posts: 38
    went in with intention of going CPO TL but i decided to check out the lease on '09 TL.
    non nav model price of $32,895.

    10k miles per year
    $428/month (NJ taxes rolled in)
    $2100 out of pocket.

    i told them i had to check with a leasing company i have used and they said to let them have another shot if he can beat that so they can probably do a little better. what do you guys think of that deal?
  • prchohanprchohan Posts: 7
    Hi forum members, I am planning on getting an Acura TL 2009 (Grigio Metallic) with Parchment interior. I am a little concerned after the test drive about the interior color. It looks a little lighter than I thought. The test drive model had a few spots (maybe from rough use) but since I absolutely want mine to be clean, can someone share their experience? How does it look? Is it easy to get dirt spots and scratches on (more than let's say Ebony interior)? How easy or difficult is it to clean the spots?

    Finally what about the Ebony interior? I may get that one if Parchment experience is not great but it's not my first preference (have an Accord with black interior). How does it look with Grigio Metallic?

    Will appreciate any feedback I can get.

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    If you are getting the AWD, the black interior is kinda neat with contrasting stitching. I was almost going to get the parchment, but the fact that the lower half and carpeting is that color put me off. I've never seen an interior in the beige/tan family that did not get dirty. I have no idea why, but that's been my observation over 40 years of car ownership. Our white TL has the taupe interior, but because the bottom half is black, there are no scuff marks, etc.
  • dreddietdreddiet Posts: 4
    msrp 39500
    selling price 33500
    Cash due at signing 1039 (1st month, reg, fees)
    436 + tax month = 470 in so cal
    10k year
    shopped around for about 1 week. all the dealers in so cal were pretty much willing to do the deal.
  • joe767joe767 Posts: 10
    I got my TL SH-AWD w/ Tech on July 2, 2009. I got the red pearl/Ebony interior. I'm loving this car way too much. I dream about it when I'm not in the car. I usually do about 75% highway and the rest in town. I'm finally learning and adjusting my driving and getting 19/26mpg's highway. The ebony interior for me is great, nice white stitching and it doesn't show too much dirt. Tech stuff was overwhelming in the beginning but I'm finally getting use to all the nice stuff.
    MSRP 43008
    purchase 37880
    After extended warranty to 100K, prepaid maintenance plan and tire/wheel warranty I put down 10K and financed 34K at 3.9% for 4 yrs. Lehigh Valley Acura.

    Good Luck
  • prchohanprchohan Posts: 7
    Thanks guys. I am going to the dealership again today. Hopefully Parchment should be good. I really don't want to get Ebony unless everyone tells me Parchment really gets dirty quick.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    The AWD does not come in Parchment only Ebony, Umber and Taupe. Personally, I think the Taupe is way too light and that could spell disaster for someone with small children.
  • robertw477robertw477 Posts: 188
    How did you adjust your driving? You mean to get better mileage?

  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    The taupe is not as dirt prone as parchment. I've had a variety of interior colors and parchment/tan gets dirty the fastest and the worst. Taupe/grey, for whatever reason does not show dirt as easily as tan. Even the ES350 demo we drove in tan was already scuffed.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    I have had the Parchment in my 1999 Mazda Millennia and my 2003 TLS with zero problems.I am not knocking the Taupe but there is a Demo on the Dealers Lot for sale right now and it looks pretty beat up.I have two small children and I let them know that there is no eating in Daddy's car.
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    TTAC article on TL inventory (this is a very bad seller for Acura, with an equally bad review from TTAC):

    Docherty’s comparison to the Acura TL is, shall we say, invidious. The TL is a dog, with a 100-day supply on the ground.

    Review of TL (one out of five stars):
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    I agree that the taupe is easier to keep clean. Am also comparing the TL to the ES 350, to replace an old RL. Want to consider the TSX for mileage purposes but lease prices went up substantially in the past two weeks and the ride is very stiff. Sound like your leaning toward the TL?
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    This means nothing to me more than some bald headed writer sipping his coffee(caffenated) trying to make a name for himself.
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