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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I paid $35999 without tech but before TTL here in NJ. Out the door was $38995. Seems like a good deal.
  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    Care to tell me what dealership? I'm in Indiana and am having a difficult time finding any dealership willing to negotiate at all!
  • Acurafan11,
    Please let me know what dealer offered you this deal.
    I would drive for that kind of pricing.

  • I am in the market for a 2009 base TL. A dealer has offered the TL, including dealer fees for $32,800 plus TTL. He is including the protection package and a lifetime powertrain warranty (engine, transmission & drive axles) for as long as I own the vehicle (he says a $1,900 value).

    He also said that the 2009 TL's are not being produced anymore (10 weeks ago) and that this is the last 2009 TL he has. He says the 2010's won't be out until December. He implies he won't negotiate because of this. Is this a good price? Or should I keep shopping around?
  • jr1976jr1976 Posts: 3
    I got one out the door (tax, title, fees, etc.) for $32,000. I don't think you really need a powertrain warranty for an Acura.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Did you get the $32k price recently, or was it during the $2k dealer incentive time period?
  • omnimaxomnimax Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for a 09 TL tech and I got an offer for $33,800 + TTL in houston so you might be able to do better on a base if you are willing to forgo the warranty. Also, dealers in texas that I've spoken to are saying the 2010 TLs are coming in sept.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Last of the 09's??? OMG!! What a shame!! :P
    It's not like you all of a sudden have a deal on the last Duesenberg made for 25 bucks!!!!!
    This guy is a typical car salesman crybaby doom and gloomer. Ignore all of his crap and get a better deal somewhere else.
  • What dealership did you get this? I would drive for that.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    $32,000, plus TTL is the lowest price I received in the Chicago area. If you will keep the car beyond the original new car warranty period the extended warranty if it's Acura Care and protection package is not a bad price for the $800.00. Search the dealership website for his actual inventory. If you need to move on it , offer him $400.00 in lieu of $600.00 and wait. Rember Acura sales are down 34% YTD through July.
  • The extended warranty is not provided by Honda. It is provided by a company called JM&A Group. Does anyone know anything about them?
  • The dealership is Thomas Acura in west covina in LA area. Go to fleet sales directly.

    BTW, another dealership is ready to beat this price as well. I will post the details if I can make that deal.
  • abramaabrama Posts: 6
    Acurafan11, please let me know the dealer and I am willing to buy also a SH-AWD with Tech.
  • Looking to get pre-approved this morning on and there were no offers available on TL's, only on TSX's. Am I missing something? A dealer told me yesterday that 2.9% was good until September. Anyone know where to get pre-approved? Links? Thanks
  • Never mind. I found it through the build and price link. 2.9% good until 9-8-2009
  • lars1281lars1281 Posts: 23
    Fyi.. SUburban Philadelphia.. Montgomeryville Acura...

    vehicle price 30450
    less trade-in value 8700 2004 honda accord ex-v6 63,100 miles
    Total Taxable Amt 21750
    Sales Tax (PA) 1305
    PA Tire Tax 5
    Doc Fee 100
    Reg Fee 47.65
    Total 23207.65
    Deposit 1500
    Amt. Financed 21707.65
    Rate 4.99%
    Term 60 months
    Monthly Payment 410.39
  • claweaveclaweave Posts: 25
    Couldn't you have gotten a 2009 that looks better, is 1 year newer, and probably better options/functions, close to 0 miles for like $60 more a month?
  • tgk111tgk111 Posts: 3
    Thoughts on on 09 FWD with Technology:

    34,600, plus tax and tags. The dealer was 'nice enough' to throw in that rip off protection package. Seems like it is relatively fair, or at least within a couple hundred of bucks of where it should be.

    Philadelphia Market...
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    I had good success at Montgomeryville Acura for about $600 less than that price (same exact car with the protection package). Send me an email to my profile address. I can hook you up w the sales rep...he REALLY did a nice job.
  • ak528ak528 Posts: 3

    Could I get the salespersons name from Montgomeryville? I guess you got it for $34K which included destination?? He also threw in the protection package at that price or was it additional?
  • tgk111tgk111 Posts: 3
    Yes, that would be great for me as well. I could not pull your email from the profile page.
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    34K including destination & wonderful protection package. I think I was able to get my e-mail address to show up in my profile.
  • satfornsatforn Posts: 9
    e-mail addy should be in my profile now...I had to go change a few security issues.
  • Muller's Woodfield Acura in Hoffman estates. Enjoy

    TL Tech 09 --> $32,600 + $760 destination + $1200 for 7 yr 100,000 miles warranty by ACURA :-)

    Total price before tax --> $33,360 + $1200 for extended warranty
  • Wow, what a great price. From tracking the posts, it looks as if folks have been able to get $6000-6,200 off of MSRP. Has anyone had any luck with dealers close to western Pennsylvania? If not, I may be calling the dealers in Illinois!
  • joe767joe767 Posts: 10
    Call Lehigh Valley Acura I got my TL w/ Tech on July 2nd with 5600 off MSRP. Talk to Bill Cosman he was my salesman. Best experience I've had buying a car.
  • drewsbudrewsbu Posts: 2
    This dealership has a 2005 tl basic no nav and they want $20,795. Its black and has 34,700 miles. It seems a bit high for a 5yr old car. I called the dealer and asked if this was neg. and she said it is but they will not come down thousands of dollars. I was thinking about $17,500 seemed like a good offer, but I know they won't take it.

    What do you guys think?
  • tempo68tempo68 Posts: 2
    I'm thinking I can do better but I here it is.

    TL Tech 09 --> $35,710 + tax + title

    Sounds high to me. What do you guys think? I'm on Long Island, NY.
  • gsat1gsat1 Posts: 1
    Can you update on the price you paid ? , i am looking for good deal on 2009 TL with tech in LA/socal OR SF/Bayarea.
  • Finally pulled the plug and brought home the TL Tech AWD Monday night.
    White Diamond Pearl (Ebony Interior)- Gorgeaous Car, lots of space, nice tech features (have to read the manual to get a full understanding of some of these features).

    Purchase Price-$38,072
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