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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The buying experience was nice at Thomas. I did not negotiate much as I knew it was agood deal. They threw in the wheel locks as freebie. We discussed the price on internet and the whole process was complete in half hour.

    The finance deptt wanted to "inform" us about all the goodies, but once we said that we are not interested , they behaved professionally as well. Overall we liked our dealing with them.

    They have two more 09's left. if anybody is interested give them a call.
  • I have look at several dealership for the best price on 2009. I am not having the success that some posts I have read. What should I expect to reasonable pay for a 2009 TL Tech? Quotes range from 34,800 to 36,100 with pro pkg. Your input is appreciated as well as dealer reccomemdations in the states within 500 miles of North Carolina.
  • Where is Thomas? Phone number? Full dealership name. Thanks. :)
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Mel, there have been so many posts of all manner of deals, I don't know where to steer you other than if the prices whomever is quoting you on an 09 are not good, try some other dealers by email. The 2010's are out, so any dealer with an 09 ought to wake up. :confuse:
  • Hi Newbie here. Nice forum.

    I am in the market for a used TL. I am getting a quote of $28k for a creamy white 2008 Acura TL with 11k miles in really good condition ( i did notice the engine is a bit loud). The seller boast the MSRP is 38k. It looks really nice with heated seats, two zone A/C, memory, XM satellite radio, bluetooth, Navi, Xenon lights.

    Is it a fair deal? I read the thread in this forum and seems 2008 is the year when TL were heavily discounted. But everywhere I go look, it is still around 29-32k in the market.

    Also I noticed under the hood, there is piece of cast iron below the engine with cables running into the engine. it is rusty, not sure if it is thermo housing. Is the rust normal? I guess it might have been rained on . Other than that and the loud engine, it is really nice car.

    Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • skelemskelem Posts: 2
    Is this a decent price

    Base 2009 TL SH-AWD $35,500
    + 449 dealer fees
    + TTL
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I paid $38995 out the door. that includes all the fees you mention, in March. I think the price before the TTL was $35999.
  • what is the difference in 2010 models? Anything interesting?
  • New Accessories- GRILL and Trim piece for the back (smokey granite color)
  • Just bought a 2010 TL Tech with 18" wheels and mud guards for $35,600 in South Florida yesterday. MSRP was $39,835. I didn't care for the options, but they were already on the car and its Cyrstal Black/Parchment was the only color combination on the lot that I liked. I went there looking to spend $34,000 on a 2009 TL w/ Tech. Any opinions?
  • smith83smith83 Posts: 46
    Hi CarMan.

    I am looking to possibly purchase a 2009 TL Tech with 7,000 miles on it. Any idea what I should offer for this vehicle? The sticker is showing $34,900.00.
  • I had a dealer give me a $33,600 quote on an executive demo 2009 TL. I don't know the mileage on the car, but the price of a car with 7,000 miles should be priced 10-15% less than a new 2009/2010. Don't know if you saw my post, but I paid $35,600 for a 2010 TL Tech with 18" wheels. Discounting my price 10-15% gives you a value range of $30,260 - $32,040. The higher end of the range is close to the executive model quote I received. I would start my negotiation at $30,500.
  • I would like to know if the quote price I'm getting from the dealer is high. I got a quote for a 2009 Base TL with 30 miles on it for $31.5K. Is this reasonable? If not, how much is a reasonalbe price? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • I know the 6speed is rare. What are others seeing for a 6speed awd with tech including destination...
  • I'm hoping that somebody could give me advice about what to choose. I got a quote for 2009 base Acura TL for $31.5K and 2010 HOnda Acord V6 with Nav for $29.5. Is this difference of $2K worth going from Accord to TL? Is it worth taking the Accord and save the $2K? Thanks.
  • Many of these posts are helpful...thanks for sharing! So, after looking at every AWD car and wagon under the sun, I have finally decided I want the 2010 TL w/ Tech pkg and SH-AWD. but I am confused on what to offer for this vehicle. I live in the San Jose, CA area and will buy from any dealer in N. or Southern CA.

    I have seen the posts on what many Edumunds buyers got their 2009 TL / Tech / AWD for in the $36k's range in July - Oct. The dealer in Santa Clara (Steven's Creek) told me that there is 1.9% financing on the 10's now, but not the extra dealer cash that was available on the 09's. He has said there is definitely room to negotiate from MSRP and has told me to make an offer that he can present to the sales manager.

    Given that I don't know, and the sales guy isn't told by mngmnt, what the holdback is, and other volume $$$ incentive that is available to this dealer, How do I know what I should offer? I did the yahoo auto quote offers and got 3 quotes in the $39k -$40k range ($3k-$4k off MSRP) I know we are new in the 2010 model year, so can't expect to get quite as low as the 2009 / $36k pricing, but I am hoping I can get in the $37k-$38k + TTL range. does the host for this forum or anyone else have any idea if this is reasonable, and how i can position my argument and offer with the dealer for best price? I'm a little confused on the various back-end $$$ that flow to an Acura dealer.

    Thanks for any and all advice. I want to buy in next 14 days, and I will post the price I paid and who i bought from when transaction completed! ">
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    The 2010s just came out, it is a year newer car with no dealer incentives and you only expect to pay $1000-$2000 more for it than others that made great deals on 2009 models. IMO that is wishful thinking. The reason you are confused on the "backend" dollars is because that is info that dealers keep very close to the vest and can change monthly. As you said even the sales guy didn't even know(may or may not be true).

    If you can't wait til the winter doldrums(not sure they have that in California) or at least until the car maybe gets some dealer incentives or something, I would offer around $38 and try to be firm about holding on that price.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I agree with m6user. Remember you can always pay MORE for anything! :) Look at what others paid in this forum for the same model and add $1000 and see what happens.
    You can find out holdback on the Consumer Reports Auto site.
  • Thanks for both replies. you are probably right - I know I am a little optimistic and it may be wishful thinking :-) I don't want to leave any money on the table, but at the same time I need to be realistic with my offer and negotiation.

    Do you have any idea what month of the year Acura tends to start offering factory to dealer incentive money? I can wait until Dec or Jan if necessary. I know some manufacturers have already begun offering factory $$$ on 2010's. And I learned from talking to 3 different Acura dealerships that sales have been slow for the TL with the exception of August (no surpirse there) 2 dealers told me that the new design is putting a lot of people off. I'm not thrilled with the exterior design either, but the performance and technolgy in the AWD/ Tech TL is AWESOME!

    I will wait until Nov 1st to see if any incentives appear beyond the 1.9% financing. thanks again for your imput.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    cyclist, you have an Acura bicycle? :)

    I guess because of my age, I take a historical(some think hysterical) view of car purchase. Unless I have true knowledge of some kind of great incentive coming down the road, I buy when I buy. I think that driving a hard bargain will result in pretty good deals all the time, and having the car at the time you want it has the bonus of enjoyment over that length of time.
  • I was about to get 2010 TSX but find out that the 2010 TL has a special finance of 1.9%. Therefore I decided to get the TL instead. A dealer from Philly, PA area gave me a quote for $34,500 (destination charge included). I'm not sure is that a good price or not??? :confuse: Need some help please.
  • tcar2tcar2 Posts: 2
    Time to contribute back to this forum.
    I just picked up my 2009 TL with Tech this weekend. $33800 before TTL. Grab the last few while you still can.
  • just picked mine up in Virginia for 2k off msrp. The manual transmission TLs are very rare so I am lucky to get something off of the price. When the car got off the truck there were already 2 others interested in the car and it would have been sold by the weekend. I went in friday and got it. The 6speed is sooooo much more refined then the 07 TL-S 6speed. The clutch is very smooth. My wife had trouble driving my 07. She actually took mine out today to hit the grocery store and said it was so much more easier then the old car. So I have some justification :)
  • That's a good deal. Where did you get the car from? I live around Philly, PA area and plan to get either 2009 or 2010 TL because of the 1.9% finance rate. Thanks.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    Hilder: The TL is one heck o a car even though the b/style is different then past TL's. However, your price of $29,500, for the Accord, I feel can be lower more. This past March, I bought a Accord Sdn 09 EX-L V-6 W/Nav for $26,200 from a dealer in Ocean County NJ (Honda Universe). I didn't care for the new style TL when it was first introduced in 09. I saw pictures, but never sat in one. My mind completely changed when I went to a show room, and sat in a TL W/Tech Pkg. The more I looked at the style of the TL the better I liked it. However, for me, it comes down to $$$. The color picked on any vehicle makes a difference. I purchase the green color Accord, for I thought it was the best color, and made the Accord look great. The Accord V-6 is a great car. You want Navigation, and the TL you looked at didn't have one. If you can get the TL for the same price w/Nav then go for it. Other wise, bargain for a lower price on the Accord, and if you feel you did a good job, buy it.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    Hilde: A follow up from last post. I paid $27,300, for the 09 Accord Sdn EX-L V-6 W/Nav, and not the $26,200. The sales person still works for Honda Universe, and he lives in Stafford.

    Good luck.
  • the 1.9% sold me don't think we will see lower %'s then that especially on 2010's. Radley Acura in falls church,va
  • Thanks achadha1. The dealer I went to only have 1 2009 TL left and it was a demo Base w/ Tech package that has 5k miles. I got a quote for $33,800 +TTL and I offered them $33,500+TTL but they said they won't go any lower. I got another quote for 2010 Base for $33,600+TTL. I'm not sure which one has a better deal. I want to buy the TL before the 1.9% rate is over. Thanks for any opinion.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    33.6 for an 09 w/tech is not a bad price. If they will certify it so you get an extra full year of warranty it would be a pretty good deal. There are several base w/techs in the Chicago area with 3k or less miles and they are asking $34995 and they are certified.
  • tgk111tgk111 Posts: 3
    Tough call there. I paid 34.5 back in August for the 09 Base with Tech and it was brand new. That price might not be bad if they throw in the warranty. Just alone though, I think you can do better. With 5k on it, you've already taken a fair chunk of initial value off the car.
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