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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • not bad price...although If you can haggle upto 38K then it can be sweet deal...notmuch discount on 2010 model (someone posted 1k dealer cash/rebate few few posts ago...not sure if it's valid)...what dealership in NJ? park acura?
  • Is over at Springfield Acura, and it includes the 1k cash rebate. Don't know if I can take it down to 38K, but will try.
    Thanks for the input.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    At this price, with 1.9% Acura financing, plus the sales tax deduction (worth at least $1,000 for Californians), buying the 2010 TL with Tech before end of 2009 seems to be the most sensible choice in term of price/value.
    Now, if I can go pass the front grille and the super-sized body....
  • Exactly. I was originally looking to get a pre-owned certified, which would cost about 4-5k less and would have an interest rate between 3.75-4.99%. Once I calculated the payment, it just made sense for me to buy a new 2010 where I can choose everything I like.
  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    Bought a 2010 TL/Tech Grigio Metallic/Ebony on New Years Eve day.
    Included splash guards and all weather matts.
    $35,091.00 with rebate applied.
    Continental Acura - Naperville, Illinois.
    With the 1.9% finance rate and the tax break (which will be worth about $675)seemed like a great time to buy.
    Happy New Year!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,141
    Nice deal....pretty color, too.

    I don't see many new gen TLs around. But, I did see one yesterday....crystal black with umber interior. It was a Tech, no AWD, but did have the 18" wheel/tire upgrade. Very sharp.

    I get my '08 Accord serviced at my local Acura dealer since I've bought a previous gen TL from them before. They let me drive one of their TL loaners every time.

    I've driven both the AWD and the regular FWD TLs. They're both about the same as far as acceleration is concerned. I think Acura really tamed the torque steer in the FWD version of this gen. Really like the combination of refined ride and handling of the FWD version, to the point where I don't beliee AWD would be on my radar, especially at added cost.

    If I could find another crystal black with umber TL tech, who knows, I might be quite tempted (which is what I'm sure my local Acura dealer is hoping for by letting me use their loaners).
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • gitnbygitnby Posts: 10
    Just bought a 2010 TL Tech for $35,751 which includes all-season mats,splash guards, door edgeguards, wheel locks, cargo net and 1.9% financing.

    Dealer also gives us 9 coupons, each for $40 off service, which basically pays for oil changes for the first 45,000 miles.

    This dealer, St Louis Acura, gives you an Acura loaner while your car is serviced and hand-washes and vacuums car on every service trip!

    Great people!
  • gitnbygitnby Posts: 10
    Nice !

    We don't have the $1000 dealer rebate in our zone?

    The sales tax thing is a non-event for us in Missouri, since the deduction is less savings than the personal property tax.
    If I take delivery in 2009, I have to pay PP tax of about $850 for 2010.
    I'm waiting until tomorrow to pick it up, so I won't have to pay PP tax until 2011.
  • acura7acura7 Posts: 9
    On December 31, 2009 bought white 2010 TL SH-AWD at South Florida dealer for $34,534 + TTL . Hope this info helps prospective buyers. This forum certainly helped me negotiate what I thought to be the best price.
  • slbibleslbible Posts: 14
    Congrats!!! ;) You did well and you'll love the car. I just spent the day detailing mine and I'm enjoying it more and more everyday.
  • Does your new 2010 SH-AWD also have Tech Package
  • acura7acura7 Posts: 9
    No, the SH-AWD does not have the tech package... to me the features of the SH-AWD such as the traction on all four wheeles, the upgraded brakes, the more powerful engine are so much more important that a navegation system or voice commands that I currently seldom or never use on mt 2007 TL Type S...
  • Bought my 2009 TL FWD Tech on Dec. 12. Options: Pin stripe, mud guards,3M Clear Bra, Wh Locks, Pnt Spl Gds, win FL Mats.... Exec Demo w/5K. Traded 05 Avalon..Pd about 34,500, 21500 w/ trade. Thought it was a decent not sure, but car was just what I was looking for and could afford...What do some of you guys think. Also got an additional 9K/9Months on warranty. CB
  • I ended paying $38000 with wheel locks at Pohanca Acura, the experience went pretty smooth, Omar was extremely nice and helpful. I would highly recommend to shop around for the best price, I am from Denver and the dealers in my area did not want to come down in price, the cheapest I found was $40.900 Going this way I saved almost $3000 and I did not have to deal with hours at the dealer because everything was done over the phone.
  • Bought my 2009 TL FWD Tech on Dec. 12. Options: Pin stripe, mud guards,3M Clear Bra, Wh Locks, Pnt Spl Gds, win FL Mats.... Exec Demo w/5K. Traded 05 Avalon..Pd about 34,500, 21500 w/ trade. Thought it was a decent not sure, but car was just what I was looking for and could afford...What do some of you guys think. Also got an additional 9K/9Months on warranty. CB
  • Hello everyone - I'm new to the forum. I'm in the following situation and I'm looking for advice:

    - My wife and I have 2 cars and both leases are up in the next 2 months. I don't want to lease anymore, so we're getting an old car (98 Sentra) that will get us around the neighborhood and another used car that will be more reliable (possibly an Acura).

    - I'm currently looking at a 2000 Acura TL with 120k miles for $4200 being sold by a private seller. I haven't checked the car out yet, but I have had conversations with the owner and I have good reason to believe the car was well taken care of. I asked the owner about the transmission due to the issues I've heard about. She says she's had the car for 6 years and has not had any problems (any way I can verify that?). She also had a routine transmisison flush done at the end of 2007.

    I have never owned an Acura, but I'm pretty loyal to Honda and my sister is a loyal Acura owner. My gut tells me that the car will be reliable and that I'll be able to get a few years out of it. I've been told not to buy an older European car as repairs will be costly.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's a good deal? Assuming my mechanic says it's in good shape, do you think I'll be able to get it close to 200k miles?

    Thanks! Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • slbibleslbible Posts: 14
    I have owned 5 hondas and now an Acura. The two earlier models had well over 200K before I sold them privately. The three I currenly have are all under 100K but I do expect to get the same type of mileage before even thinking about selling them.
    I would check the service history and ensure that the maintenance was kept up. For example timing belt changed, transmission serviced regularly with Honda / Acura ATF, oil changed regularly, antifreeze changed with Honda / Acura antifreeze just to name a few. If you didn't already know Hondas are very sensitive toward their fluids for the AT, power steering, and antifreeze. Just my thoughts...Good luck!!!

    By the way, you might try asking this questions in the real world forum here:

    Good luck!!!
  • Seems like Acura pulled off 1.9/2.9% APR & 1K cashback for Jan...Can anyone confirm? Ready to make purchase and this happend :)
  • jokerjoker Posts: 9
    Those incentives expired January 4th.
    Not sure how much leeway the dealer has on that.
    Maybe if you go in today, ready to buy, they can find a way.
    If not probably best to wait for the next round of incentives.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    It usually takes a few days for the new incentives to get posted...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • OK- Found incentives for JAN
    1.9% upto 36mo
    2.9% upto 60mo
    2000$ dealer cash- For TL TECH model only. It could be regional too (I checked for NE region). Seems good deal to me...Now if I can find mayan bronze color in this region then I'm all up for buying this machine :shades:

    p.s: dealer cash & APR "can" be combined
  • kevdkevd Posts: 19
    My question is, is the "TL Tech" incentive for $2K good on the AWD TL Tech? Probably wishful thinking........
  • I am pretty sure it applies to the AWD-I got the 2K last August on my Tech AWD.
    It does not matter if its AWD or FWD, as long as the Tech package is included.
  • I am now seriously looking at a Base TL with the Tech package. The TMV price is listed as $35,850 and there is also $2000 cash to the dealer. Can I expect the cost of my car to be $35,850 less some part of the cash to dealer?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,141
    Edmund's TMV already takes into account rebates. However, that doesn't stop you from trying to negotiate for the dealer's incentives.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • slbibleslbible Posts: 14
    If I were buying today I would be looking at around $34.5K to $35K for this model. I paid $35.7K last month with only a $1K factory to dealer cash. Others are even lower than that during this same time period but the TL's are becoming more popular as time goes on especially the SHAWD w/tech. Either way you look at it it's an exceptional deal for an outstanding car. Just my thoughts. Good luck!!!
  • I'm getting mixed review from various sources about TL-AWD on snow.....couple owner I spoke to personally said that awd feature is zero to none in skids as a fwd grip whatsoever..would it be because of tire or tl AWD feature is not good enough? Any insight from owners in north east or mid west folks (who drives in snow)?
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I live in NW NJ. We have had no mishaps or slippage of any kind so far.
  • Any AWD drive car is going to slip on ice, so far my TL AWD has not let me down- not to say it cannot slip on ice.The car is a plow in the snow, took it to my GYM'S parking lot and played around (doing donuts and flooring it from a standstill) the car holds its footing easily.
  • thks -
    I bought one tonight, CBP w/Umber 2010 AWD TECH. I'll post deal details tomorrow once I close the deal.
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