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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The 2250 can used for purchase or lease as can the additional 1500. The 1500 has one restriction according to Acura Finance. It must be used to purchase or lease a TL only.
  • majikufmajikuf Posts: 13
    This is interesting, so you can get up to 3750 off on the purchase of a TL with the tech package... If I can snag 3750 off and get the 2.9%, I might go down there today....
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Hi all. I know that most here are looking for new cars, but I thought I would throw in my two cents.

    I just purchased a 2005 TL to replace a disastrous Nissan Murano SE and I have to say I am driving a fabulous machine. :shades:

    I usually don't buy new cars because of the miles I have to drive. I looked at a lot of cars before I bought a 6 spd. manual TL in great shape. This car drives like it just came off the lot. It had 100k miles so I had to replace the timing belt but I bought the car for $11k. It always ran on synthetic so the engine is solid.

    I really think this next year I may get another one for my wife - this time new. HMC is definitely on top of the game in this market.

    Anyway, for those who maybe cannot afford new the market is flush with a lot of good TL's coming off of leases from '05 - '08. There are some great deals here.

    Never another Nissan for me!
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    When you are saying "TL", that includes includes the tech with awd or
    just the base model?
  • The base and AWD TL's have 1750 dealer cash. All tech TL's have 2250. The 1500 from Acura Finance must be used towards the lease or purchase of any model TL if you qualify.
  • djkimdjkim Posts: 7
    Hi all,

    I just got an offer from dealer. $36500 OTD, MSRP is $39645 TL w Tech. I am not sure it has other options but they offer this and 1.9% 5 year financing.
    Is this good to go for? I saw $33800+TTL.
    My price is very close to that.
    I am in Houston TX.
    I am considering ES350 too. Any comparison or opinion between two cars?

  • When you say OTD, that included TTL, correct?
    What was your price before TTL?
  • cubanasocubanaso Posts: 3
    Any opinions on a 2010 TL SH-AWD with Tech, splash guards for 37.7K + tax in northern NJ. Is this a competitive price?
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    You are correct. 2010 TL, AWD with Technology and NW package ( trunk tray, wheel locks, all season mats, splash guards)

    $38700.00 was my last price quote a couple of weeks ago.

    Invoice per the edmunds is $40,159. Should I be going for $1750 plus the dealer cash of $1500? Equals 36,909? (Guess this would not include accessories).

    Has anyone bought since last incentives came out? Looking in Pacific Northwest Region.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,130 I'm confused. So, there's $2,250 in dealer cash in effect. Are you saying there's another $1,500 incentive on top of that, for a total of $3,750 in incentives?

    Or, is the "extra" $1,500 only good if you use Honda/Acura financing?

    If so, then a cash buyer "only" gets the $2,250 incentive (if the dealership decides to give it all to the buyer)?
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • The 2250 applies to anyone buying or leasing a 2010 TL w/tech (if the dealer wants give you any or all of it). The other 1500 applies to people coming off an Acura Finance lease between specific dates (you really have to check with Acura to see if you qualify, although I just received my letter.). It applies to a purchase or lease of a TL only.
  • cubanasocubanaso Posts: 3
    Any last minute advise before I take the plunge this AM
  • jrcarguyjrcarguy Posts: 4
    Here is the quote I received from Morande Acura in Berlin CT.

    Hi Jamie

    Thank you you for the E-Mail The two quotes you requested are

    TL AWD $34,989.00

    TL AWD Tech $37,909.00
  • cubanasocubanaso Posts: 3
    Thanks.....! I'am leaning towards making a final offer for $37.5 + Tax
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    The invoice price on the TL's have gone up since your first inquiry and the
    quoted TL has a NW protection package on it (adds $549) - I could take it
    off if that is an issue. The only other incentive is directly from Acura - 1500. Does anyone know if this is a true statement, my first inquiry was February.

    $39,558.00 + State Fees was the price quote last one was 38,759

    1.9% financing available O.A.C.

    The AWD with the HPT factory option runs $1000 more.

    If you currently have a TL that you're replacing you also might have an
    incentive directly from Acura of $1500 (You should have received a mailer
    from Acura).
  • jie08jie08 Posts: 19
    We are considering buying a Acura TL 2010 car with base package (no Tech). We are in Raleigh NC, and do not mind to go as far as DC to buy the car if price is worth it. Can anybody share their price and the dealer info with us? Thanks.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Make sure the quote for the awd tech includes destination- when I was shopping around in CT, Morande was one of the more expensive dealers to buy from.
  • a4s2000a4s2000 Posts: 8
    Got in-person quote today of $34,695 for new TL Tech with no negotiation at all; good on any Tech model in stock (non-AWD). Realize now I don't know if this includes destination or not; does not include TTL. Will hammer out those details tomorrow. Wil also try to leverage the $1000 coupon I got in the mail from them (Bridgewater Acura). Will post details after I do the deal.
  • As an Acura dealer in the new york market i can tell you a bottom of the barrel number for a 2010 acura TL FWD with tech package would be $34200.00 +TTL aND THAT INCLUDES DESTINATION or atleast thats what i can sell the car for if i needed to to make a deal where i am in long island ny
  • laker7laker7 Posts: 4
    What did Goodson Acura give you? In the market for a base TL FWD in a few months.
  • a4s2000a4s2000 Posts: 8
    I guess I did OK then, as I got an additional $500 off with their $1000 coupon (I broke the rules by presenting it after their offer, not before). So "car price" was $34,195 including dest. TTL extra of course. Got a decent price on the trade, and got 2.9 for 5 years. So overall I'm very happy.
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    Where do you get the coupons? Looking for awd with tech in pacific northwest.
  • a4s2000a4s2000 Posts: 8
    It came in the mail directly from the dealership not Acura. The salesman took me to the warehouse where they keep new inventory to view the various colors. There were over 100 cars there, on top of the 50 or so in the lot. So I guess they did this special promotion to move inventory.
  • I have not had a chance to read all of the most recent posts but I am in the market for the above noted TL and was offered $38,800 + TTL with 1.9% for 60 months today. There was no mention of the $2250 dealer cash and I am not currently driving an Acura so I assume the $1000 does not apply. I simply walked in for a quick test drive. Left 20 minutes later without discussing price. An hour later the above offer was emailed to me. I have to assume that if that is the first offer then I could do better or maybe not? Your input is appreciated.
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    Last offer I had was 39,000 AWD/Tech with Pacific Northwest Package (549.00) without HPT.
  • feisarfeisar Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    Excited to drive home in a new Grigio Metallic/Taupe - 2010 TL SH-AWD w/Tech:

    MSRP: $43,195
    Negotiated Price: $37,000 + TTL (Approx $2200)

    Terms: 3yrs, 10K/yr - $481/month
    Residual: 56%
    Money Factor (Northern VA): 0.00205

    Deal included $2250 incentive and lease promotion:
    $0 first month's payment, $0 down payment, $0 due at lease signing
    35 total payments, Acura paid first month's payment.
    $2200 total out of pocket for TTL.

    Overall very happy with the deal and the car.
  • larrys8larrys8 Posts: 33
    Wow, that sounds like a pretty good deal. I am considering leasing the same car. except 36 mo/ 15 k a year. With 5K (all included) at signing (its actually the equity I have in my current car), and paying 450 a month (tax included).

    I think you made out pretty darn good. I like that color combo and am considering that or the Mayan Bronze with umber interior.

  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Are you sure about that monthly payment on a Negotiated price of 37K with only 2,200 out of pocket? That seems real low with all the factors involve- that interest rate is almost 5%.
  • feisarfeisar Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    I inquired on the March lease rates for Northern Virginia in the Acura TL Lease Questions thread and Car_Man provided the following information:

    "Acura's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD Tech with 12,000 miles per year in Virginia are .00205 and 55%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier. This factor drops slightly to .00195 if you choose to go with Acura's Sign & Drive offer."

    I do agree that money factor for Virginia is pretty high. But total out of pocket was $2229 and change.

    I did a rough evaluation of the lease figures with Lease Kit and the monthly payment figures were inline with the deal negotiated.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    You are absolutely right- The fact that you are only using 10k miles makes a difference in the calculation.
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