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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sarayalesarayale Posts: 15
    This sounds very cheap. Was a trade in involved? Are you sure this included taxes? I find it hard to believe.
  • 96accord96accord Posts: 20
    That number in my opinion is too high and no matter what the dealer says thats way too high for 3 year old car 48 k miles. If you go to KBB that probably the value on online but in my opinion used TL's have inflated value due to low numbers that were sold or the dealers trying to control the market for used cars. Pricing on used TL's don't make sense.
  • I couldn't agree w/you more! I, too, think that the price is quite inflated but every single S I find seems to be in the same price range (most are priced higher). The KBB price showed $26k as being dealer retail. If you go by that, I guess I'd be getting a slight discount! I am aware that Acura/Honda vehicles are praised for holding their values but this seems a bit too much! I would like to get my hands on one but, at the same time, I don't want to overpay. I guess I was hoping that car dealers would be sensitive to the economy & be willing/able to negotiate on these vehicles. Only one of the dealers I've spoken with will budge on the price (even they were reluctant to negotiate). I wonder if dealers are just not discounting used cars like they had in the past because they want to move more new inventory & therefore put more cash into trades, etc. I am at a loss but will continue to search for the right deal on that Type S.
  • Used values are still up, mostly due to the relationship of less new sales resulting in fewer trades/less supply of used vehicles.

    The time to buy used is not now. You may see a change here shortly though. The March retail sales numbers were released today. It's the first month in years that new car sales boosted the number intead of dragging it down.
  • rob85rob85 Posts: 8
    I have a acura TL with gps 2007 and 15,000 miles. What is this car worth - I am looking to either buy a new or lease a new TL.
  • krnblixxkrnblixx Posts: 2
    yes, they were very willing for i was paying by cash and i would pick it up the same day. I believe I got a really good price:)
  • I can't seem to get dealers here in Southern Ca to do a 0 down deal. Does Acura have a rule or something? They say they have to have first month and registration...I know other brands are letting me roll all of it into the monthly.

    Any insight?

  • Hi Jac,

    Congrats on your new car. Can you share the names of both the dealerships that agreed to the extended warranty for $1020?

    Thanks and happy riding!
  • jac1304jac1304 Posts: 33
    Saccucci Honda is the internet way to go.
  • emerxgtremerxgtr Posts: 6
    Just got mine. 6MT with 19" wheels. $38,850 before tax + tag. In FL so don't know how the Midwest differs. Drove both the 18's and 19's and didn't notice much of a difference and the 19's look SO much better! Hope this helps. Good luck!
  • Just bought a new 2010 Acura TL with technology package and 18 inch wheels for $34,399. That included destination, wheel locks, and vin etching. Tax, title, etc.. was extra. I also received 1.9% financing as well. The car was purchased from the Chicagoland area. There was a trade involved and I got a fair price according to Kelly Blue Book. I've had the TL for a week and it is one fine ride. It's like you are in the cockpit of a jet. The dealer I went to was terrific unlike some others I visited. Just do your homework before you go in and you'll walk away with a pretty good deal.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    What dealership in Chicagoland?
  • McGrath Acura in Morton Grove. They were outstanding. No pressure to buy and were top notch to deal with. It was a great buying experience...
  • mcossimcossi Posts: 12
    Great job, Iowahawk! I was there two weeks ago for a test drive. Gonna call them and see what deal I can get.
  • mcossimcossi Posts: 12
    One question - is the $34,399 price of the TL inclusive of the trade-in value or was the number you ended up paying actually even lower after the trade-in value is taken into consideration?
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    Does $34399 include your trade-in value? Did you pay any additional documentation fee on top of this?
    Any other fees?
  • pghkiddpghkidd Posts: 1
    I just leased my second TL from Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, Maryland. My salesman is Steve Shager. He, and the dealership have been amazing. I was in a few weeks ago with my 2008 TL. They were correcting an issue, (at no cost), with the body side molding. I was also having issues with my blu-tooth hook up with my cell phone. Steve was more than helpful with helping me fix the issue. In talking with him, I found out Acura had a number of deals going on the TL's. Told him thanks, but my lease is over in November. He planted the seed though, because I came out the next weekend to see what kind of damage I could do leasing a new TL and getting out of my current TL lease. 2 hours later, I was driving out with my new TL with Tech package. I paid $1500 up front, (didn't even cover taxes), and drove out with a 36 month/36,000 lease for $484 a month. Don't know if that is good, but I am very happy. It is the best car I have ever owned. The shovel front grill is actually growing on me, even though I explored the dealer's chrome mesh grill also.

    Rosenthal Acura and Steve Shager have given me the best auto shopping experience I have ever gone through.
  • $34,399 included destination, but I paid tax, title, etc... I did have a trade in... I went to three dealers and McGrath offered me the highest amount for my trade in which actually was a good price according to Kelly Blue Book. They offered much more then CarMax. I could have haggled at a few other dealers, to save another hundred, but I was very happy with the no non sense attitude that McGrath had. If you factor in what the other dealers offered then I am ahead in my book.

    My 18 inch wheels look sharp and I couldn't be happier with the car. The audio from the car is incredible. The tech package has hundreds of commands. It's just a fun car to drive. The only down side is that with any new car it's probably more expensive to insure then what you traded in.
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    Still not clear. Is trade-in included in $34,399? Was actual value paid by you lower than $34,399?
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,134
    iowa....I think what everyone's asking for are the details of your deal.

    -what did you trade in, miles, condition etc? What number did the dealer give you for it?
    -what did the dealer sell you the TL for? What were the doc fees? Any other add-ons?

    Those facts will give everyone a bit of insight as to the deal.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • kru15kru15 Posts: 3
    I just got a price quote for 2010 Acura TL Tech 18inch Black in stock for 34830$ before Tax, Title & Licensing, they will try to through in all weather floor mats, splash gaurds and other stuff, i think also free car washes when ever you like it.
    also 1.9% for 36 months and 2.9% for 48 to 60 months which is usual with all acura deals now.

    Is it a good price? :)
  • mcossimcossi Posts: 12
    Why won't they extend the 1.9% to 60 months? That deal is good until Monday. I'm being offered a similar deal in Chicago but with 1.9% for 60 months.
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    Is it TL tech FWD-with Tech?
  • kru15kru15 Posts: 3
    This is TL with Technology Package and 18-inch wheels
  • rwheilerrwheiler Posts: 15
    Thats about invoice minus the $ 2250 dealer cash.($37,000 - $2250 = 34750)..looks pretty good unless you think they'll sell lower than invoice...let us know
  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    Who is the sales person at carland? I can also go there and ask for same deal
  • rcoketguyrcoketguy Posts: 13
    Financing incentives are regional. 1.9% for 60 months in only in selected markets. Here in Central Florida it's only 2.9% for 60 months. Which I hope to take advantage of tomorrow.
  • wolfpack07wolfpack07 Posts: 6
    edited April 2010
    Hi All,

    Bought New 2010 Acura TL Tech FWD for $33,200 in Southern California. Didn't get any accessories (interior or exterior) for free... neither did I bargain.... So had to pay extra for splash guards, all weather mats and trunk tray.

    Price: $33,200
    Taxes: $2900 (8.75%)
    Registration & License: ~ $475
    Extended Warranty (7yr/100K mi): $1550

    OTD Price: ~ $38200

    Got 1.9% for 60 months. No trade-in, just some down-payment.

    Thanks a lot to the guys in this forum. You have been awesome.

    PS: I got below accessories at sale price:

    Splash Guards - $129 including labor
    All weather mats - $85
    Trunk tray - $90
  • chlomaddadchlomaddad Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Been lurking for a while and wanted to give deal:

    $37707 cap cost, $595 acq fee, 53% residual, .00177 MF, 36 mo, 15K per, .20 overage fee = $536 per month (not including taxes). $589 per month (inc 10% per month PA lease tax).

    Drive off was first month payment plus $150 dealer doc fee.

    Trade not factored into above...I took a check.

    Love the car so far but bluetooth audio not working when i try streaming pandora from bberry...i'll try again tomorrow.
  • billyperks2billyperks2 Posts: 378
    Let me know if you figured it- Blackberry radio and bluetooth hook up.
    I tried once and it did not work.
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