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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • First of all,,,,,not near the traffic that I saw on this forum when I bought my first TL in 06 but,,,,wondering if anyone could give me feedback into what I could expect to pay for a basic 2012 in the midwest?
  • jbaldwin7jbaldwin7 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased a new 2012 TL with technology package, white exterior black interior. I purchased the car in the evening, and took the car last last night after doing all the paperwork. Today, I've noticed a color variance between the chasis (metal) and the front and back bumper, rear spoiler, and the piece underneat the doors. I am very upset and don't know what to do. I've called the dealer today (it's Sunday) and they say I can't return the car for a different color but say I should bring it in first thing tomorrow for them to look at. They repeatedly say that detecting a color variance is normal since the chasis is metal and the bumpers, etc. are plastic, but given that I've spent so much on the car I expect more (the color difference is clearly noticeable).

    Can anybody give me advice on what I should do tomorrow when I go to the dealer? So far the dealership has been pleasant to work with and they claim to have high dediction to amazing customer service. What should I ask for/demand to solve my issue?

    Any feedback is much appreciated, thank you!
  • After having two Tls, 2009 being the latest and both in white, their is nothing you can do about the color variance. Also my previous TL was hit in the back and after getting it repaired the color difference was even greater. That is the biggest negative in white, but still my favorite car color.
    Enjoy the car! :shades:
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    but given that I've spent so much on the car I expect more (the color difference is clearly noticeable).

    If it is "clearly noticeable" why didn't you say something before you bought it? There is always going to be a difference in look when you have plastic and metal next to each other even though they are painted the same color. Some manufacturers do a little better job than others but it always there.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
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    I live in Cincinnati and bought in Columbus (about 100 minutes between the two cities.)

    I went with a 2012 TL SH-AWD Advance + back up sensors.

    I got 13% off MSRP +$715 additional for the sensors -- which they said was "cost."

    Best I could do in Cincinnati was about 7% off MSRP.

    I assume the discounts on a fully loaded car can be greater since there is more margin in the first place for the dealer to work with.

    I did everything over the Internet, up until I had to sign on the dotted line.

    I don't know if this helps, but that's my experience.

    The car is delightful, and compares well with an Audi A4 Prestige w/sport (and the price compares well too) except for the crappy tires.
  • One thing color variance on a brand new car and the other on a repaired one. Body shops (honest ones at least) are straight forward that there is no guarantee on the color match. The only color successfully matched is black. I have a white TSX and there is no color variance of any kind. I suggest taking a look at another white TL and comparing the colors. It seems to me that the car was in an accident or there was a significant ding or a scratch, and the dealership tried to cover it up. Also, the answer they gave sounds like a BS one, that metal and plastic will end up with different color. It has a base coat underneath, and the white should look exactly the same.

    How about some pics?
  • djltldjltl Posts: 1
    WARNING!! - I own a 5 year old Acura TL and would NEVER BUY Acura again.

    All of the 04-06 TLs have huge cracks down the middle of the dashboard in the exact same spot. It's so bad there is a Facebook Group just for the issue and local news stories. It is a safety issue since the cracks all go right over the passenger airbag. Yet, Acura refuses to fix the problem. They have offered to fix it for the "discounted" price of ONLY $1,050!

    Acura does not care about their customers or stand by their product.

    Facebook Group:
  • rekcalsa and XxHaimBonxX, thanks for your inputs and time. I am currently looking at a 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD (Automatic) + Tech package that has 14000 miles on it. The dealer is asking 33000 and I quoted 28100. The dealer is saying that 28100 is too low and he may probably agree around the 30000 range. The dealer has still not quoted the price.

    The TMV for such a vehicle in "clean" condition is 31375, which I find to be high, considering that I have seen messages from people buying new cars (same model) around the 37000-38000 range...doesn't this model depreciate close to $12000 in two years?

    I am in North NJ and would appreciate any inputs from members with recent car buying experiences.

  • There is and extra $500 "Flex Cash" and 0.9% for 60 right now for the holiday.
    Not sure when it expires. We bought 11-27.
  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    edited November 2011
    Edmunds quotes this car at $32,500 for certified pre-owned. If you get it for a round $30K, I'd say you did good. Other than that crazy grill, it's an awesome car. This car new costs $40K invoice.

    BTW, I'm not sure if you plan on financing it or not. If you are, I don't think there are very low finance options, like the ones for new cars, see the post above. Perhaps buying it new with such a low APR would be not much difference in the end.
  • Thought I would ask one more time about pricing on a base TL. Looking for a 2012 base model in either the Southern Louisiana area or the tri state area of Southern Ohio, Sothern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky as spend considerable time at both locations....Any help or insight would be appreciated.
  • Hi - can someone tell me what is the fair price to pay in the Midwest for a new 2012 Acura TL w/ Tech package? The dealership is asking for $40,220. I just know it should be lower but not sure how much lower. Thanks
  • Hi. I just bought a 2012 TL Tech Package (non SH-AWD) yesterday at a dealership here in Florida. MSRP was the same as the car you are looking at. They added a few "dealer extras" on and tried to call it a $44,000 car, but we all know that is a bunch of rubbish. ;D

    Anyway, we ended up purchasing the car for a little over $32K with discounts and such. We also traded in a 2010 TL that we bought at the end of last year from the same dealership if that matters. I love the new one, such an improvement over the 09-11 as far as looks go.
  • Wow, how did you do that? From $44k to $32k+. Amazing.

    I finally gave in & bought one. Was going to buy a 2012 TL w/Tech for $38,600 but the car wasn't up to my standard (41 miles, some very small paint chips & something weird with the back bumper). Ended up buying a 2012 TL Advance with only 9 miles, in perfect condition for $40,660 (prices do not include tax & fees). They also threw in $900+ of extras. Also get lifetime free car washes (@ dealership or my house or office), free lifetime road side assistant, free lifetime airport drop off & pickup anytime). no trade in.

    Now I wonder if we got a good deal.
  • dougsilverdougsilver Posts: 62
    edited December 2011
    Those who buy a car and then spend time afterwards wondering whether or not they got a good deal are wasting their time. Upon making any deal, presumably both parties are happy at the time and that is what counts. Sure if you wait more maybe the price goes down but at the instant you and the dealer came to some agreement, you were both satisfied so just drive and enjoy and don't look back.

  • I was just wondering. Not like I sit here & regret buying it. Just a thought, not like no one has ever done that before. Same thing when I bought my Corvette.
  • I had to play the hard line with the dealer a bit, but I enjoy negotiation. This one was fun because I didn't really need a new car. I already had a newer TL, so I was just there for the fun of it. It makes it easier when you don't care if they accept your offer or not; and are perfectly willing to walk out the door.

    It wasn't really 44K, they just put that on the sticker to make some folks feel good about their "deal". The actual MSRP was 40K and some change. The extra 4K was just the stupid dealer stuff they add (pin stripes, rubber mats, "permanent tire shine" and so on).

    The price came out to around 35K. Then they threw in 1200 "dealer cash incentive" and an extra thousand (or so) added to the value of the trade in which took it somewhere into the 32K range.
  • I wish I was better at negotiating. I suck at it. LOL I actually was there to buy a new Lexus ISC 350. They didn't have one so I wanted to order one. Not sure why but the manger told me to go next door to check out the Mercedes SLK. I told him no, I didn't want the SLK. He kept pushing so I left. Went next door & bought the TL. I love Acura. Have always had Acura but wanted to give Lexus a try...well it didn't work. :D

    Congrats on your new car & a great deal. I love mine. It has so much technology, I'm not sure if I'll ever get to try them all.
  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    paying back to the forum.

    I just bought (put a deposit down) a 2012 CBP/Taupe Base TL+Tech for $37,674 OTD price. I am in DC/MD area.

    I used carwoo and emailed various dealers directly to get quotes.
  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    Actually I got a better deal with the same dealer after further negotiation and the car will be about $37,000 OTD.
  • By OTD price do you mean that included all applicable taxes and registration fees? Here in southern Kalifornia those added up to another $3,000+ over the basic negotiated price with the dealer.

  • mihinkmihink Posts: 29
    I was looking for the same car. I live in MD. Could you please tell us the name of the dealership. Congrats on the new car! :)
  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    edited December 2011
    Are you using carwoo? Right now they have a free sign up if you are only looking for one car.

    The Gaithersburg dealer is offering it for $34,275 + PF, Tax, Title, etc. You have to finance it with Acura though (should you qualify.) They have a $1,000 flex cash thing going and I assume that $1,250 dealer incentive as well. It is cheaper than most what other dealers are quoting over the phone, etc.

    If you are looking for one go sign up for carwoo and let the fun begin. It seems like all the internet sale managers returned to work yesterday and my offer list just queue up suddenly while it was kind of low last week when I started looking. You do get get all kinds of offer with a wide range of prices. However, I usually pick a dealer that started with the best "good faith" offer and go from there.
  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    yes, all taxes, etc are included. So it is the Out the Door price.
  • That price is really quite extraordinary. When I started looking in September and into October, the very best quote I was able to get for a 2012 TL Tech in California was about $37,000 plus taxes, license, registration. I had not heard of carwoo at that time but was essentially working directly with dealers. Two things though. The obvious is that it is year-end and deals may just be better now but, more importantly, I wanted a specific rare color (Mayan Bronze) and there were only a couple of these in the entire state.

  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    I agree, being in the last week of the year really add a lot of purchasing power to the buyer. That is as you said if you are open to the available stock on the lot. If there is a special request then thins might not skew to your side. Luckily, we are not too picky about color.
  • I have to say that most of the second and third glances and compliments that my wife and I get about the car are almost entirely due to the color--basically the first thing strangers and friends say is "great color". It is so striking and also very rare versus the myriad of cars you see around in grey, black, white, silver. Similarly our previous 2000 TL received many looks and compliments mainly due to the Monterey Blue Metallic that was also pretty rare.

  • tuxcattuxcat Posts: 11
    It was $34,445 (I added some accessories) before, plus processing fee, plus TTL.

    Well, it was $35,445 befor PF and TTL, but then there is $1,000 that Honda gives Acura Financial Service as incentive for financing. So the effective selling price is around $34,445.
  • I expect to see you over at AcuraZine along with some pics ;)
  • Bought a 2010 Certified TL on Thursday for $27,750 in Naperville, IL with 11k miles on it. Previously had a 2003 Accord that I got 160,000 miles off of. So far love most everything about the car.
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