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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • areyes1010areyes1010 Posts: 19
    I would have to put on my leasing hat to render an informed opinion. Your dealer dividing by 1000 does not seem correct. I believe it is 24 or 2400 depending on whether it is percentages or decimals. Check Edmunds for how to calculate a lease with the monet factor etc.

    I just purchased a 2012 TL w/ Tech no Advance and not AWD, on May 31st. I paid $34,495. That was after a $1K loyalty reduction and $3K that was given to he dealer from the manufacturer.
    The invoice for your car is $42,301. The manufacturer is now offering $2,500 incentive to dealer. If you are a prior Acura owner, you should be able to get the $1K loyalty also. Obviously, this impacts what you are paying for the vehicle which is what your lease is calculated against.

    I hope this helps. I would be happy to share my salesman and delay who are both honest. Let me know.
  • alank2012alank2012 Posts: 5
    So we closed the deal 4 weeks ago at $32,000 for the base TL with 3 options included: the wooden steering wheel and wooden shift knob and remote start fobs(2) in addition to the standard Acura fobs. This includes the $1,000 Acura loyalty credit but we had to finance part of the cash purchase to get the $1,000 credit (we financed 36 months on $8500 of the $32,000 the minimum allowed at .9%. We can pay off the 8500.00 balance after 6 months if we choose.) The wooden steering wheel is very sweet to hold and with the knob adds a little pizazz to the interior decor. My wife's idea.
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    2012 TL AWD without navigation, sales price $35,000 plus title and fees, destination charge included. 36 mo lease with 12k per year is $469 per month with 1,000 down (which can be conquest money if you qualify as I do). Does anyone know of a better deal? With additional 2,000 cash due at signing I would be at $409 per month. Does anyone know of a better deal on this vehicle?

    As a side note, I can't decided between TL AWD and MDX. MDX gas mileage scares me. What's your experience with TL AWD gas (not EPA but YOUR experience if you own one?)> Thanks and your opinion is much appreciated.
  • Just bought a new 2012 Acura TL-SH AWD base,sticker $40,015.

    Got it for $34,015 including the $1,000 conquest cash,plus got free all weather mats,trunk mats and wheel locks.On top of that,I got nearly $2,000 over book for my trade.

    Also got 1.9% financing for 60 months.

    I think this was an absolute steal,they were totally desperate for a sale that day.
  • dsm918dsm918 Posts: 3
    If that price is OTD, then it was indeed a steal.
  • Still had to pay tax on the difference from the trade.Plus doc fee.....

    Still a great deal,because they stepped up HUGE on my trade.They originally offered me $19k for my murano,it books out at $20k...but they gave me $22k.

    So I got hooked up on both ends of the transaction,very happy with it.And the new car is way better than I thought it would be,very impressed so far.
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    Congrats on your purchase, that is a good deal and the best I could find as well. Can you please tell me how much gas does it eat? I know it says 18-26 EPA or something like that but what does it really take in your real-life experience? Thank you!
  • Only got it a few days ago,I will see how it is on gas in the next few weeks.

    I was looking at Audi,Mercedes and BMW's for quite awhile and stumbled onto this deal.I am now very glad I did it,any other comparable luxury car seems to be 8-15k more for the name.The quality of this car is insane and the AWD system is probably the best of any company.

    I am expecting to average 21 MPG or so gere on the streets of Las Vegas,I guess I will find out soon......
  • Car is impressive,my valet loves it and keep giving me compliments on it every day (says it's his dream car).Off the line power is lacking compared to my BMW,but once it revs up it is an amazing machine.I could easily afford any car I choose,but for the money this is just a perfect choice.

    I don't drive very aggressively,but if you push it into the turns the AWD is the best of any car I ever owned (and I have owned at least 80 cars).At sticker price I might have chosen another car,but with the discounts available and the great standard options this is a MUST BUY.

    The only thing I miss is fold down rear seats and a bit of low end grunt off the line.I would take this car any day over an A4 quattro,C300 AWD or a 335XI.You don't get any value on those once you add the options the TL already has.None of those even come with real leather unless you cough up alot of extra bucks.And you can't get the huge discounts on those anyway,so this is just right.

    Lots of other great cars out there if money is no option,but there is just amazing value here,especially with the AWD.
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    Awesome, thank you for sharing your experience. How much gas does it eat and does it require premium? I'm about to buy mine in next few days. Just got to decide between MDX and AWD TL. Same engine but I like the higher feel.
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited July 2012
    Still on my first tank,I live in the city so I expect to average between 20 and 22....more would be great.

    I was originally looking at the 2013 RDX because I liked the feeling of an SUV.RDX handling and power was not really any better than my 2010 Murano so I opted to get something more sporty.Never drove the MDX......

    Coming out of 3 years of owning SUV's,it only took me 2 days to get used to being "down low" again.I was very concerned I would have an issue going back to a car,but it feels way more stable and sure footed with the AWD that it drives like a tank...that can corner like a race car.

    It does require premium,but I have run every car I have ever owned on regular without any problems,but I don't keep them long so it's hard to say if it is bad long term.
  • danimal77danimal77 Posts: 17
    Well let me know about the gas mileage or at least what it gets now. I agree that TL AWD is a good purchase and offers a lot for the money when compared to German cars. BMW 328ix coupe V6 AWD is 40k but its pretty small compared to TL and doesn't have the special leasing money factor that Acura does do payment is about 100 dollars more. So does it feel weird being low again compared to Murano?
  • My first tank was 19.5 MPG,but this was 95% city driving in temps between 103 and 114 degrees in Las Vegas.Where I live is nothing but traffic lights too.

    Plus I had a bit of a heavy foot getting a feel for the powerband at most of the lights.

    BMW leases stink,and stink even more on their SUV's,I would rather buy a 2 year old Audi,Mercedes or BMW than lease a new one IMO.

    Still happy with my purchase,it's finally fun to drive again.Sitting lower now is not much of an issue,it only took a few days to adjust.My few brief times on the highway were AMAZINGLY smooth.

    I gotta say the TL SH-AWD is the the perfect blend of price,performance,luxury,reliability,safety,all weather driving capability and technology.If anyone out there is unsure,a few days behind the wheel will get rid of any doubts.
  • cytwomblycytwombly Posts: 5
    Late last month, I purchased a 2012 base TL in the DC area for $30,850 OTD (discounts, loyalty cash, taxes, stupid fees, etc already included), 0% financing for 60 months (yes, zero!), oh and one free oil change. oot oot!
  • It's good deal! What is your sale price (before tax and other fees)? What kind of discounts did you get? Thanks.
  • citymomcitymom Posts: 8
    Could you be so kind to give your out of pocket info? If this was a lease:
    How many miles
    Out of pocket
    monthly payment incld tax

    Looking to get a TL with Tech, willin to go to Athens, not a big deal in distancefor me..

    Thanks in advance!
  • The only discount was the loyalty $1000. I don't remember what the sale price was (upper $20k). Just negotiate the OTD price and they'll figure out what the taxes and fees are.
  • Does anyone have current figures for an AWD TL with Tech?

    I stopped by a dealer today and they offered $36,500 @ 1.9% for 60 Months

    I didn't try and negotiate at all since I had to be somewhere. I figure I can get them down a bit more.
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    Anyone have any advice on purchasing a 2012 TL FWD with Tech. Not sure if i should buy now or wait til 2013's come out. The best price I got was $37,400 OTD, incl ttl and the $1k loyalty discount. Is that a good price?
  • dsm918dsm918 Posts: 3
    No. You can do better. I got 36,437 OTD including everything. There are people who have done better.
  • sirkobsirkob Posts: 7
    Just walked out on a deal because i thought they could do better. Here are the Specifics. Located in NYC.
    Getting out of my Toyota Camry 2010 SE V6 Miles on vehicle 21,000 from a 36 month 12,000 per year lease. 3 months left of payments at $329=$987.

    This is what i was offered. Base Acura TL at $429 including tax 36 months 10k miles per year, no money down only first month payment and they pay the last 3 months on my lease. I think they can do better then that, any feedback, suggestions?

    I was looking for a Acura TL Tech Package, but they are quoting me $480 including tax for that model.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
  • Other than the 10k miles why do you think it is a bad.
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    I got a price over the weekend via email for the 2012 acura tl fwd tech for $35,125, before ttl and the $1000 loyalty bonus. The 60 months finance rate is now 1.9. Is this a good deal?
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 11,067're negotiating payments. Not a good way to do that. What are they offering for your car and what do they want to sell their car for? I know this is a lease, but tough to tell if you're getting a good deal or not since there are all sorts of other parameters at play......(i.e. residuals, money buy rate, acquisition/disposition fees, etc).
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I drove yesterday 2012 Acura TL with Tech package (Tint, Mud guards, Wheel Locks) at 36,115$ (Drive out).It includes 1000$ rebate for loyalty customer with 1.9% on 60 months. Doing all the reserach I could not get a better deal. What do you guys suggest??
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    If that price is out the door $36,115, inc tax, title , tags, the purchase price looks like ~$34k, which looks really good. You should revsit with dealer, becuase I believe acura reinstated 0.9 financing on TL's for 60 months.
  • Thanks Gabby,

    My dealer worked to get my financing to 0.9% yesterday. Thanks for your advice.
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    I was just going to look acura right now. What should I aim for the tl fwd with tech? What was your breakdown?
  • jrod13jrod13 Posts: 36
    edited August 2012
    With the new bonus cash and promotions what should I be targeting for the price of the tl tech not including loyalty or conquest cash or tax, fees, etc.
  • krao1krao1 Posts: 6
    I am in Chicago NW Suburbs area and I am getting $32,500 for Acura TL FWD Base OTD price with everything like Loyalty program etc. Is this a good deal or anybody got a better deal than this ?
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