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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If this is the Base TL,no awd or electronic package I paid 30,750 in NY on a list of 36,490 back in Feb.36 month 0.9% financing
  • krao1krao1 Posts: 6
    Is your price all inclusive out the door ?
  • hrstl1hrstl1 Posts: 5
    I was offered 31,750 on a base 2012 TL in St Louis in April. This was the price of the car before 200$ doc fee, tax, title etc.
    I passed on it to buy a 2012 pre-owned certified TL, figured I was getting better than new car warranty on that car for a cheaper price.
  • Sorry for the late reply (gone for work for a week). My base price was 33,600$ with the accessories I listed earlier and driving out with TTL it came out to be 36,115$ and with ur recommendation it came with 0.9% APR. Thanks again
  • gabby202gabby202 Posts: 11
    how funny! picked up my new tl fwd with tech, otd $36,109 with all fees and loyalty bonus. but no accessories except wheel locks.
  • I bought a new 2012 Acura TL FWD Base, OTD at $30,850, Zero % financing for 60 months.
  • That is amazing deal, may I ask where you get it?
  • Back in feb I got the basic 2012 TL for $30,750( MSRP $36,490) ,36 month 0.9% financing at Curry Acura in Scarsdale NY. This late in the model year you should be able to do better.
  • Paid $33,000 for 2012 TL Tech after $1000 loyalty rebate but before TTL in south NJ. Dealer included trunk tray, cargo net, wheel locks and splash guards. Also got 0.9% for 60 months.
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    Please share the name and location of the DC dealership. Thanks a bunch!
  • Got an offer for 2012 TL FWD with tech for 35,800 OTD here in MI. This equates to a base price of ~ 33,750 (+TTL 6% tax). This does not include any other rebate like loyalty or conquest as I don't qualify for anything. I am hoping for a OTD price of 35k. What do you guys think? How long will 2012 last in dealers lot. Also is 0.9 % for 60 months still there as I can not see it on the website.

    Any suggestions? Do I take the offer or try harder?
  • Just brought home my new AWD TL Tech from Radley in VA for $37,750 OTD. It has a gorgeous graphite luster metallic exterior/taupe interior and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to all of you who posted your buying experiences here; they really helped me get a sense of what the going prices are on this model. :)
  • Could you please tell me what was the selling price before TTL.
  • Not sure if you were asking me that question, hvt60, but if so, the MSRP on my TL AWD Tech was around $43,800. Dest. fee was $895 and I'm not sure what taxes and tags would have cost, except I know it would have been a significant sum. My OTD price included the $1,000 loyalty bonus. Hope that answers your question.
  • Did your price include the 2,500 rebate?
  • I was asking you about your deal. There is a 2,500 rebate to dealer from the manufacture , was wanting to know if you got it. There is a total of $4,500 in rebates.
  • Finally drove out with my 2012 TL Tech package here in MI last weekend. The price was $32,800 +TTL...which came out to be 35K even OTD. This did not include conquest or loyality as I did not qualify for any further discounts.

    When I started the whole negotiations...all the dealers here just refused to talk to me when I asked them for 35K OTD, but was finally able to get one at that price. Dealer also included wheel locks and splash guard.

    I may have been able to negotiate something lower towards the end of the month, but inventory for 2012 was getting thin and I didn't want to miss out on Graphite/Ebony combination.

    What do you guys think?

    I need all weather do I get it thru the dealer or is there any other shop/website with sells OEM parts at a discount?
  • I use Bernardi or handa-but I think Bernardi is the better, I ordered a car cover this moring. The dealer wants $297, I got it for $207.
  • Can you share the name of your dealer? I am looking for the same car in south/central NJ. Thanks.
  • I cant get the dealer below $35,300. Yet I see some of you are getting one with the tech package for $33,000. Is $35,300 too much and any suggestions on how to get that lower. That is at dealer in Omaha Nebraska and that is financing with the $1000 loyalty rebate. Thanks
  • lpnclpnc Posts: 9
    I think you can negotitate further to get a better deal as we approach end of month. There is totally $4500 dealer incentive for the TL FWD with NAV. FYI, about 10 days about, we were offered $29,750 OTD for the TL FWD. from a Virginia dealership.
  • Thanks for the info. So the dealer is getting $4500 back plus another $1,000 if I finance and show I own another high end car like a Cadillac or what not? I was hoping to pay around $33,500, which is not to bad of offer then? Thanks again.
  • I have shopping around the NYC area and can't get any price you guys are mentioning in this forum. The best I got is 33,200 OTD for the Base TL. I understand NY's tax is higher, but I see people get 30-31 OTD. And I've only got the 3k dealer cash back. Does anyone know a place in NY that can give a better price?
  • buyabuya Posts: 74
    Did you get the TL Sh-AWD with Tech? How much did you pay OTD? I'm thinking of getting a TL awd w/tech too. Thanks.
  • Can you please let me know the VA dealer.
  • not sure of all the lingo on this board, but will do my best to share what I think is a good purchase. Have a beautiful TL for sale price of 33.7k, total with TTL came to 35.7k. Looked hard at the advance package, but best I could find was 35.5k sale price and the color combo was not my favorite. Hope this was a great deal-- fantastic handling / smooth and tight ride. Sure, I would like to have SHAWD but am sure the FWD will be sufficient. Not many of these on the lots right now, but the dealers are ready to move them out.
  • newtlowner1newtlowner1 Posts: 1
    edited October 2012
    $36797 + TTL, including cargo net, all weather mats, splash guards.
    OTD $39609.76 (7% tax)

    invoice + destination: $41,160
    msrp + destination: $43,880
  • Rosenthal Acura, Gaithersburg MD.
  • Rosenthal Acura, Gaithersburg MD
  • wds1wds1 Posts: 23
    I am floored by the wonderful OTD prices some of you are receiving on the TL. I e-mailed Acura dealerships in my area today (AL) and received two OTD prices for the TL Base (zero extras), thus far. They are $36,956 and $35106. We only have four dealerships in the state. I feel that is practically nothing off a 2012. Am I correct in my thinking? I guess I am going 13 Accord shopping.
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