Why we purchased a Forester over the RAV4

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We just finished comparing theses two vehicles. First of all, we are just completing our third lease of a forester. This being our fourth comparison, between the two, as well as other manufacturers, we have again decided to stay with the subaru. The forester, touring model, gave us the features we wanted and to get the same in a rav, we would have had to go to the LTD, which comes with 18inch wheels. A noticeably rougher ride! The Ravens seat belt connection for the driver is next ti impossible to easily engage or disengage. Rear windows noticeably smaller, making it more claustrophobic. The transmission, when in cruise mode, causing downshifting making ,sometimes, uncomfortable engine noise and a sense of uncontrollability when it downshifted. Ground clearance is over two inches LESS than the forester....a major concern here where we have considerable snowfalls. The C V T transmission seemed to operate more efficiently and quieter. The mirrors were mounted on doors so as not to block the view in front of you, particularly at crosswalks. These may sound like minor faults, but if I am spending more than $30,000 canadian, then I'll take whichever gives me the features that work for me. Cheers


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    I think most of the car mags agree with you. It generally wins on overall versatility.
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