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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just bought a 2007 XLS with options with FE/EJ/VS and CF for $29,500. Add sales tax @ 5% plus DOC FEE @ $165 and Rwgistry Fee of $86 in MA for a total of $31,255. This figures to be well under Invoice by $550+. Any thoughts? Glenn
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    Edmunds's pricing report calculates the invoice for your model with those options at $29,663 ($29,850 if Blizzard Pearl). Regardless, your deal has encouraged me that below invoice is possible. Congrats.
  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154
    Glenn... see my previous post ( post number 1245 )for a comparison... mine is also an 07 xls.

  • Hi Zebra5- My figures using with identical equipment is MSRP $33,874 (Dealer uses this price as well); Invoice $30,108 ( has the same invoice price) assuming JBL package, vehicle stability/heated seats/ and carpetfloor/trunk mats comes to $4,374 discount(Dealer number) @ $29,500 final price. Edmonds doesn't calculate ad fee??? Thanks, Glenn
  • drqualitydrquality Posts: 7
    I physically shopped Atlanta Toyota back in 1997 or so. At that time I don't think it was yet part of United Auto Group. At THAT time, they had great deals on the CASH price. My suspicion was that if you were trading or if you were looking for good service, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you wanted the best cash price and to just drive away with it, that you were in the right place. But again, that was nearly a decade ago and things change.
  • lonnie4lonnie4 Posts: 11
    I replied to this because I didn't really know how to get into the forum. It has been awhile. I have a 2003 Avalon XLS. It is a beautiful car BUT my car payments are too high for me. $406.00 a month. I still owe 16,000 dollars on it yet and have 3-4 years to go yet on payments. I really want to sell it so I can just go and buy a cheaper car. This is a nice car, but I should of known better than to buy it. It also has 81,000 miles on it already.

    Any advice for person like me? Believe me, I truly did my homework when it came to the type of car, just not the financial part.

    Thanks. Lonnie
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,409
    There is some sort of forum for "real world trade in values" or something on those lines. However, in my opinion, it is going to be very difficult for you to get out of this vehicle. Wholesale value (what a dealer would give you) is probably around 11 - 12K with that mileage. You may get 14 - 15K if you sold it yourself, but that would still leave you "upside down" I am sure you can find a dealer willing to take it in trade and roll the difference into your other car payment, but, how much can you save? Even if you bought a 10K vehicle by the time you add 3 or 4K back in your going to be 370 - 400 a month anyway. You could always refinance this car for 5 years to lower your payment, however you'll still be paying for until its 10 years old with a lot of miles.

    2017 Buick Enclave / 2017 Hyundai Elantra

  • lonnie4lonnie4 Posts: 11
    Thank you so much for replying. I had a day to think this over and realize I am stuck with this car. But I am grateful that it is a nice car to be stuck with. I just don't like the payments. I have learned a valuable lesson here. Have some money up front before buying a car if you want lower car payments. Plain and simple. Plus I bought it with too much mileage. BUt they kept telling me how many miles this car would be good for. We'll see. Before I bought the Avalon I had a Pontiac Bonneville that was the best. I traded it in because it had 100,000 miles on it. I should have held on to it for a year while saving money up. Oh well, whats done is done. Thanks.
  • swaroopdkswaroopdk Posts: 3
    Got an offer for $36,300 OTD on 2007 Avalon with Laser Cruise and Navigation. Everything except the bluetooth(which i am told will be $700 extra) What do you feel about the price...This in CA... so includes about 10% in taxes
  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Posts: 19
    About this time last year, I purchased an identically-equipped Avalon Limited for $34,300 plus tax. So it sounds like you are buying at invoice or below after you figure in the taxes. It looks like a great deal. The MSRP is probably well over $38,000.
  • swaroopdkswaroopdk Posts: 3
    Thanks for your input palmer. Really appreciate it. How many miles have you put on your car and any problems?

  • avalon2ndavalon2nd Posts: 3
    Just priced up my 2007 Avalon Limited last Friday. Have about 600 miles on her and so far everything is good. Just went to Best Buy and had the cable installed for my nano and really enjoying the JBL with my music! Cost me just $155.00 for cable and installation. The dealer wimped out and would not install it.

    Negotiated a good deal at 34K OTTD with laser control and VSC had molding applied to the doors. Bought her at Koons of Annapolis. Pretty much hassel free. Taking her on road trip through the Midwest so I'll update after we return :)
  • swaroopdkswaroopdk Posts: 3

    Does your have the Navigation too? And how much is the taxes up in your place.

  • tpalmer1tpalmer1 Posts: 19

    I've put over 23,000 miles so far. No complaints at all. I've figured out the navigation system, laser cruise, etc. The navigation system is fine, but I'd make some improvements to the system. The car rides great, gets 22 mpg around town and 29 on the highway (I measure each time I fill it up). I think it is comparable to any luxury car costing twice as much. It looks nice and rides very well. The laser cruise is an incredible feature that will save your bacon on highway driving. When engaged, the car will actually stop before it allows you to rear-end a car going too slow. It's great for long trips. The air-conditioned and heated seats, rear window shade and spacious back seats are nice touches.

    The Limited has all pushbuttons for starting, truck, door locks, etc. I found out the hard way that there is a trunk lock switch in the glove box in an obscure location. Apparently, one of my boys was playing in the car and pressed the switch. I thought the trunk was stuck closed (no keyhole to open it), but learned of the trunk lock switch located in the glovebox after some troubleshooting. So, the only problem I thought I had with the car was really operator/child error. I've gotten so spoiled by the pushbuttons, that I don't like driving my other cars with keys.

    I understand the Avalon is marketed towards older folks (I am 41 with two small children), so it did not have a few options that I really wanted, such as a DVD system, Ipod configuration and other such things. I added all of that aftermarket, along with a backup camera integrated into the navigation system, so I have it just like I want. I had a few glitches integrating the Ipod, backup camera and DVD player (in the headrests) to the navigation system screen, but finally got it all worked out. I figure I have the a poor man's Lexus at about 1/2 of the cost of the real thing.

    I'm so happy with Toyota that I will probably buy my wife a new Toyota Sienna (minivan) similarly equipped. The Avalon is a great car; Toyota quality, value, and reliability. I have a Ford Expedition and Corvette that I enjoy, but I wish they had the quality and reliability of the Avalon.
  • avalon2ndavalon2nd Posts: 3
    My new Avalon does not have the NAV package we have a garmin that we received last Christmas as a gift. Read so much about issues with the nav package figured it wasn't worth the hassle.

    This is my second Avalon my first is a '97 that is now our FL car and has close to 100K miles. We will us the 07 as our swing car my wife drive a Honda Accord with over 100K miles. I have owned 2 Q 45s and a J#) no more Nissans. Prefer Toyota and Honda over Nissan.
  • Any ideas if it is a good time to buy 07 avalon, or is it better to wait till 08's come out...Will they offer any rebates on 07 models when the 08 models are out?

  • aedryleaedryle Posts: 1
    Am looking at 2007 Avalon XLS, 9000 miles, nav, does not have heated seats. Asking price is 27999. Does this sound about right? Thanks!
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    I think you could do better. In April I purchased a 2007 Avalon Touring Edition with no miles in Titanium Metallic with moonroof, JPL stereo, PN anti-theft, in-dash 6-disc & floor mats for $27,700 including destination (I think that's $500) but not including tax. MSRP was $32k. I used one dealership against another to get my price on the phone from home. I'm in the Atlanta area. Hope this helps.
  • jmbkljjmbklj Posts: 19
    I have a 2001 XL purchased Sept 2000 using only the internet, and I paid $500 over invoice (based on Edmund's invoice info). I live in central Ohio and I emailed most of the Toyota dealers in Ohio (Attention Internet Sales Manager) indicating exactly what color and options I wanted and that I was willing to pay $500 over invoice. I had no trade in and no financing - a simple straight forward deal. Several dealers did not respond at all but one immediately responded and did not quibble with my price based on $500 over invoice. The car was delivered 100 miles to my driveway, for no extra charge. It was a great car buying experience!

    I am ready to buy another Avalon and am thinking of doing the same but am wondering what amount over invoice is appropriate now. Is $500 or $600 over invoice reasonable now?

    Whether you bought an XL, XLS, Limited or Touring, what was your price relative to invoice? And in what state was the purchase?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    Bought my '07 Limited in metro Atlanta. We are covered in Toyota dealers here, probably 10 of them within 50 miles of my house. In February I paid about $500. over cost, maybe a little more, but they got the car I wanted (paid 34k for a Limited w/NAV, sticker was 37.5). Dealer sales dept price negotiation was awful (Marietta Toyota) but this is the best service in the area.

    You can do a little better, probably, than I did. New ones are coming so it's time to make a deal on the 2007's. Someone who has purchased recently may have better numbers. $500. over.. sounds more than reasonable. Good luck! :)
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    I'm the one who in April purchased a 2007 Avalon Touring (see my post above yours). I pd $27,700 incl. destination (@$500) but not incl. tax. MSRP was $32k. I believe this means I paid $1,252 below invoice. I test drove car then went online to see inventory & found one I would be happy w/then called that dealership to make offer then I also called dealership I test drove with to see what they could do. I went back & forth a bit but from home w/o pressure. Dealership I test drove w/were no hassle therefore they got my sale. I'm in the Atlanta area.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    In the market for a new Toyota? BEWARE of Jim Coleman Toyota in Bethesda, Maryland. Recently I had a horrendous experience there. The long and the short of it is that they jerked me around on my trade-in by outright lying about its condition. And it wasn’t a “minor” lie that they tried to propagate. All of this was done to lowball my trade, I am sure. Why they couldn’t come out and tell me they would only offer X for it, and leave it at that, I don’t know. No, they took it one step further and manufactured a lie, a lie which took me the better part of a day to resolve, and in the process greatly upsetting my wife and I.
    These people are scum for doing that. I just wanted you to know.
    Avoid Jim Coleman Toyota of Bethesda, Maryland.
  • avalon2ndavalon2nd Posts: 3
    Update on the new 07 Avalon Limited

    Just had my first oil change and 5K service. All seems to be working very well. I have noticed an excellent improvement in gas mileage. Highway miles 31+. Really pleased with the ipod connection installed by Best Buy.
  • salzbergsalzberg Posts: 1
    I am also in Atlanta looking for same. Please tell me which dealership you liked and purchased from? Also, what source did you use to know the profit margins for the car?
  • markludmarklud Posts: 41
    Does anyone know if there will be any price incentives/rebates on the 07 Avalon? What are the chances of me getting near or below "invoice" prices on an 07? I live in northeast Pa.
  • cmms1cmms1 Posts: 14
    Can anyone share their buying experience in the DFW area on the Avalon? I'm currently in the market and has just begun my research.

  • bigmike2bigmike2 Posts: 96
    Edmunds mentions that the Toyota dealer holdback may be different in Southern states, but gives no specifics and I haven't found any more info. Does that mean Southeastern, Southwestern, or what? And what is this difference?


    BTW, if anyone's got any tips on dealing in Houston, let me know. From the dealer's sites, it appears that Toyota is offering low APR financing here on the Touring and XL packages.
  • bigmike2bigmike2 Posts: 96
    I'm in the market for an Avalon/Azera/Camry, depending on where I can get the best value for the money.

    If you look at the end of the corresponding Camry discussion on prices, I did a breakdown of the Toyota figures showing a roughly 10% decrease in sales of Camry's from June 2007 to July 2007. Sales of the small Lexus's, which I think are Camry twins, also declined about 5%.

    If Avalon sales are down also, we may get some easier dealing, but I have not been able to find any breakouts of the Avalon numbers or the corresponding Lexus.

    Anyone have any?
  • jddeesjddees Posts: 2
    They can order it plain.
  • jddeesjddees Posts: 2
    I ordered one from Metroplex, Nattily or Barbe they do a cost plus deal. I got a slightly lower offer from freeman $25 less but harder to work with.. Worst dealer I found is Vandergrift. Run from them
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