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Toyota Avalon Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • edochoa1edochoa1 Posts: 1
    Well I want to know if I received a good deal for our Limited. I just purchased our new 2008 Avalon Limited with everything. VSC, Remote start, set of floor mats, Nav system, and the Dynamic Cruise control. Oh and the wheel locks. We paid $35500 +TTand L.

    MSRP on the car was $39900. What do you guys think?
  • fool1717fool1717 Posts: 8
    I just bought a new 2008 Avalon Limited with the following options:
    * Vehicle Stability Control
    * Navigation
    * XM Satellite
    * Carpet Mats
    * Park Pilot
    * Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
    * Power Passenger Seat

    MSRP = $40,037 -- Invoice = $34,983
    My Price = $35,202 + TT&L
    ($4,835 below MSRP, 88% of MSRP -- $219 over Invoice, 0.6% more)

    Buying Process: Contacted 15 Houston area Toyota dealers, initially via the Internet, describing my desired vehicle and asking for a quote. Continued email exchanges with the few dealers who gave a decent quote on a vehicle close to my specs. Talked with a few of them on the phone. For a time my best quote was about $36,500. When I talked with the Internet rep from Community Toyota in Baytown, I told her that I had received some fair quotes, but was still looking for a quote that said the dealership really wanted my business. She replied with the $35,202 quote that I accepted. I gave three other dealers the opportunity to beat that price, and none could.

    Some things I learned:
    * The Internet rep I dealt with at Community apparently does not office at the dealership. I don't know how common that is. When I visited the dealer the first time, the people there had to confer with her to confirm the price she quoted. To their credit, the dealership honored the quote.
    * The State of Texas levies an Inventory Tax to dealers of about 0.2%. On this vehicle the charge amounted to about $80. Just about all dealers pass on that charge to the buyer, but it is actually a negotiable item. I wasn't able to remove the charge or get them to reduce the $35,202 to compensate. Maybe you'll have better luck.
    * The current panic over gas prices has greatly devalued the trade-in value of larger vehicles. Don't expect to get anywhere near the trade-in value you see on Edmunds or any other publication. On the other hand, smaller fuel-efficient vehicles are in such great demand these days that (one would think) their trade-in value should exceed book values.
  • shrimpyshrimpy Posts: 5
    Sounds like a great deal. My mom bought back in April a limited like you are describing for $38,000.00 out the door. This was at Ron Carter in Alvin Tx. It windowed for $41,603.xx (I believe).

    She looked at and drove several different Avalons the month before, walked in, picked out a color, and made an offer. They countered, she said no thanks and left. This was at 3:00 pm. At 6:00 pm they called her back and said if you will take delivery tomorrow, we will let it go out the door for $38,000.00 even. She said deal!!! She was paying cash, but ended up with 1/2 cash, and 1/2 36 months 0% I believe.

    Good job.
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    A few posts ago I asked about a deal I was offered. I took it and ran. 33,100 for a fully loaded 08 LTD with 6,800 miles on it. Nav, laser cruise, 8-way passenger seat...

    We got to that price then worked the trade-in. Fully loaded 05 LTD, 60k miles with several paint chips, an 8" scratch on the L passenger door and a place on the trunk where an antenna for a HAM radio had been and caused the paint to wear to bear metal. I still owed 8,700 on it. They were firm at 16K. I took it.

    So with all this I wind up with a new car for a payment increase of 40 bucks.

    This is the 2nd Avalon I've bought from Younger Toyota in Hagerstown, Md. They treat you well.

  • mevander1mevander1 Posts: 43
    That is a HORRIBLE deal and I have never used caps before this on here. It is a used car and hence should be priced as such. If the MSRP is 34,814, I bet a a new, less than 100 miles one can be had for 31800. at most.
  • mevander1mevander1 Posts: 43
    Anyone buying Avalon over invoice is not getting a good deal. There are factory incentives plus every Avalon (every car for that matter) has something called holdback, hence the dealer makes money with a car sold at invoice. Best times to shop are end of month.
  • 35divg235divg2 Posts: 15
    I just bought a new 08 Avalon Limited...all options except Dynamic Cruise and DVD Nav. I added VIP Security, mudguards, wheel locks and 7/100K warranty. .paid $33K out the door. 0% for 36 months.

    Paid $15 for the Consumer Reports price list and negotiated from the CR listed cost. I went to Costco and tried their buying service, which was not very helpful. Costco "no haggle" price was $500 over invoice. I negotiated for a better price by pitting Toyota dealers against each other.

    I recommend Molle Toyota in Kansas City MO. They did not play the stupid salesmen games with me like some of the other dealers in the KC area.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    What kind of interest rate is Toyota offering on the Avalon's now?
  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 337
    I was offered "their best" of 4.8. I went with my CU @ 4.3%
  • 35divg235divg2 Posts: 15
    In the Kansas City area Toyota offers 0% for 36 months until 2 Sep. I guess it varies by region.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    In NY / NJ area there are no interest rate incentives and no rebates on the Avalon.
  • spt3spt3 Posts: 6
    Hi...I'm new to the site and was wondering if anybody could help with a few questions. .I am interested in buying the touring....with moonroof, VSC, heated seats and anti-theft...has anyone purchased one recently in the NY,NJ,CT or MA area? I wanted to find out what others were paying. Also do you think there will be any incentives on the 2008 before the 2009 come out or am I better off waiting until next month? (the best price I got so far is 29,451 before tax, title,tags and doc fee of 299) And to those who own a do you like it? Any issues or complaints? Thanks in advance! :)
  • The Touring model is being dropped for '09, with the XL, XLS and Limited trims remaining, so you won't likely get a better price by waiting much longer - they'll be gone.
  • 35divg235divg2 Posts: 15
    I recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Avalon Limited. I did a lot of research before stepping foot in the dealership. The following worked well fo me:

    1. Paid $15 for Consumer Reports new car price guide for the Avalon. It gave me a price from which to begin negotiating. It also listed the $700 dealer hold back which I did not see listed any where else in my research. The Edmunds TMV was helpful, too.

    2. I live in Kansas City and we have many Toyota delaerships. I shopped most of them on line to try and get a quote. It gave me an idea how much to expect to be quoted at the dealership. I shopped Toyota delaers in outlying communities (100 miles away) and that's how I got a low ball price. I shopped St Louis dealers, too and found they were on par with KC prices. This is time consuming and it's frustrating dealing with sales reps whose objective is to get you in the dealerrship.

    3. When I decided to chose a dealer, I used the Costco car buying service. I found out that I could do better on my own than the Costco $600 over invoice. I made my offer to the sales rep and it was accepted. Services like Costco are for those who do not like to negotiate. It's not that the price is that great but it makes the buyer feel good about the price w/o having to play the silly games at the dealership.

    Bottom Line: research and knowledge gives you an advantage over walking in cold

    It helps to have good credit and it helps that the Avalon is a slow seller and that Toyota sales are down, overall. These all contributed to my good deal.
  • Congratulations on your new Avalon. Can you tell us the details of your deal?

    I live in Houston and recently bought an Avalon Limited, but seriously considered making the purchase in the KC area. On checking dealer inventories on the Internet, it seemed there was lots of availability there and the negotiating process appeared to be somewhat more reasonable than in Texas. Also the cars weren't loaded with the frivolous packages (fabric guard? lusterizing sealant?) that are all too common in Houston because everything here goes through the Gulf States distributorship.

    Ultimately, I found a car in Houston with the features I wanted (and nothing extra) at a semi-reasonable price. For details see message #1376 here => link title.
  • Just closed the deal on a Blizzard Pearl2009 Avalon XLS.
    Base- 32145.00
    Power pass. seat 740.00
    Special Color 220.00
    Carpet mats & trunk mat 269.00
    Manuf. Chg. 775.00
    Dealer Fee 499.00
    Total MSRP $34648.00
    Invoice- 31033.00 incl. $925.00 admin
    Paid 31032.00

    Awaiting delivery...
  • jhk76jhk76 Posts: 12
    Looking at purchasing one through a dealership here in Raleigh NC. Has 8k miles and has Nav. They are quoting me 35,990. i know that is high. what price range should i look for? thanks and here are features:

    4 Wheel Disc Brakes,ABS,Air Conditioning,Alloy Wheels,AM/FM Stereo,Auto Climate Controls,Auto Headlight On/Off,Auto Sensing Airbag,Bucket Seats,Center Arm Rest,Child Safety Locks,Clock,Compact Disc Player,Cruise Control,Cup Holders,Curtain Air Bags,Daytime Running Lights,Driver Information System,Dual Zone Climate Control,Fog/Driving Lamps,Front Reading Lights,Fuel Door Release,Heated Seats,HomeLink System,Intermittent Wipers,Keyless Entry,Leather,Lighted Entry System,Low Tire Pressure Warning,Lumbar Support,Map Pocket,Memory Seats,Mirror Compass,Multiple Airbags,Navigation System,Outside Temperature Display,Overhead Airbag,Power Door Locks,Power Mirror,Power Outlet,Power Steering,Power Sunroof,Power Windows,Rear Defrost,Rear Fold Down Seat,Rear Side Air Bags,Reclining Seats,Remote Key Pad Entry,Remote Trunk Release,Steering Wheel Audio Controls,Tachometer,Tilt Wheel,Tinted Glass,Vanity Mirror,Window Lock,Wood Grain Trim,Wood Steering
  • Looks like the only option on your Limited is the Nav system. I ran it through the Kelley Blue Book site, and it gave a dealer asking price of $31,210, which they say "is the starting point for negotiation between a consumer and a dealer."
  • $35K is outrageous. In July I bought new 08 Limited w/o NAV and w/o Dynamic Cruise Control (but with everything else) for $33K and that's with a 7 year/100K mile extended warranty. Offer the dealer $30K and cite that you can buy the aforementioned car at Molle Toyota In Kanas City MO.
  • Just quoted $29,834 which also included wheel locks as well. With the financing or $1K cash back thru 9/30 it may be the right time to buy. 09 sounds virtually the same with VSC and better head rests.
  • jhk76jhk76 Posts: 12
    just found out they are way upside down on the one mentioned above and they said not to think about buying that one.

    they are now offering me a Limited without navigation, but with everything else for 32k plus TTL. sound like a deal?
  • Details-51k miles, clean carfax, light sage green color, looks flawless, w/ navigation for $16,500. It's amazing how many 2005 Limited models are being listed for $22k with 35k miles on them.
  • jhk76jhk76 Posts: 12
    Got out the door with the White one brand new without DVD etc but had the 8 way option added. Paid 32,999 all included but no warranty. guy may have been pulling my leg(business mgr who says yes or no), but actually showed me what little they would make off of me on his computer which was little to none. felt like i got a pretty good deal.
  • Does that amount include taxes and tags?
  • jhk76jhk76 Posts: 12
  • Wow, sounds like you got a good deal. I did some research, and used Carmax as a comparison, and today I just bought a new Avalon Limited 08, blizzard white, with Nav, dynamic cruise, stability control, 8 way adjustiable passenger seat; MSRP was $39,095.00 for $34,000, this did include freight, but not including TTL. Not sure that was a great deal, but it was the best I could find here in Maryland.
  • I bought a nearly new 2008 Toyota Avalon XLS for $26,795 that was equipped with heated front seats, sun roof, JBL stereo system at the Don Joseph dealership in Kent, Ohio. I don't know whether it was a great buy or not; I looked at several new 08s XLSs that were on the lots and their sticker price was usually in the $34,000 range. The vehicle I bought was used at the dealership as a rental and all service of the vehicle was done at the dealership; The people there were upbeat and friendly and nice to deal with. My trade which was a 12 year old chevy blazer was a bit of a laugh, and they said they could not put it on their lot but knew others who might take it. On the way home I took the turnpike and got 31.5 mpgs versus 15 mpgs in my old blazer. A good feeling.
  • I had to pay sales tax to my state and a $250.00 doc fee ; I also paid an extra $1075.00 for a 6 yr, 100,000 mile for Toyota's premium service agreement. Covers everything on the car. Since I am getting older, I thought it would be a good thing for the wife should I not be around.
  • Hi,
    I live in Cleveland and saw your message. Did you start out looking of a new 08? I am looking for an 06- 07 Avalon. More in the $$$ range I can aford. Any input on their used car selection? Did you compare the Avalon to a Camry or just look at the Avalon?


  • mano3mano3 Posts: 8
    First post here but I've been enjoying reading these fora for several months now. I never intended to buy an Avalon because I was looking for a Camry. In March my Diamante ES was dying and I told my bro-in-law, who wholesales cars, to start looking for a Camry. He told me a mutual friend of ours had an Avalon for sale at a good price.

    1. 2007 Limited with Voice activated nav, Dynamic Laser Cruise Control and traction control. I believe that's all the options available on the LTD?
    2. 1,686 miles
    3. Blue Mirage Metalic
    3. $25,000

    This is my first upscale/luxury car (Diamante is NOT a luxury car, especially the LE base model) and I love it. It's a pleasure to drive the four miles to work every day and if it weren't for the price of gas I'd look for more reasons to drive it. I plan to keep it until it dies, so I'll probably buy an extended service package.

    Thanks for letting me gloat!
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