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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • I am in Canada and it has been below 0* F 3 straight days. The Quest SE is kept outside since it doesnt fit in the garage. Past 2 times using it the doors would close once opened. Problem resolved after car was warm for a while so I am sure it is a temperature thing. That said this ia s a hazard and danger and Nissan bette rhave a fix!!!!
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    After doing some shopping this afternoon, got back in the van and notice no sound coming out of the radio or CD. Tried every button possible including turning it on and off but still not a hiss. All the display seems normal and all buttons function accordingly, so there is power to the unit. Then I stopped for dinner at a restuarant and drover home afterwards, and whithout touching a single thing in the van the radio worked again. Definitely have to keep an eye on it for the next few weeks.
  • vince14vince14 Posts: 55
    vince14 Dec 22, 2003 10:03am

    symtom: itermittently, when starting car, audio system turns on and works, but no sound! No button combination will change it. We had the radio replaced and still have the problem, they now have a new volume control assembly on order. Will keep you posted, Only cure is turning off the engine, wait a few seconds, and fire her up again.
  • I've been following this forum for a while, since we decided to buy the Quest. After we bought our SE in the last week of Oct, I started looking for rattles, hot air problem and (recently) the door closing issues.

    I hadn't seen the first two issues and was pretty confident I'd never face the third since we live in Orlando, FL.

    Well, today we went to Tampa and that was when I first noticed the hot air problem. My wife was driving and noticed the heat from the floor. Sure, it was hot as hell, after about 15 mins of driving. Our fan was off so that was strange. Then, when we engaged the Dual A/C at around 72 degrees, things cooled down.

    The temperatures today in Tampa/Orlando were in the lower 40s. And lo! The sliding doors wouldn't open and if they did, wouldn't close. Same with the rear hatch door. Initially I thought it may be a lubrication problem, perhaps the lubricant froze (???). Then I noticed something stranger. If I used the overhead buttons in the front, the doors/rear hatch would open/close without a hitch. But, using either the door handles outside or the little black buttons inside, they wouldn't work. Wouldn't work even after the car was warm. They were working in the morning when the temperatures were in the low 60s. Have to test it again tomorrow in during daytime.

    But, fortunately, we haven't faced the door rattles (yet). There was some noise today on the right side, which sounded strange. On further investigation, it turned out to be the carry out pack from our local Chillies rubbing against the seat :-). So, I still have to see the rattles, although I hope I won't.
  • "Then I noticed something stranger. If I used the overhead buttons in the front, the doors/rear hatch would open/close without a hitch. But, using either the door handles outside or the little black buttons inside, they wouldn't work."

    Do you have the "hands-on option" of opening/closing doors turned off? (second button from the left on overhead console)
  • I own an SL purchased in Oct 2003. The past 2 weeks temps have been in single digits and there has been no snow or rain. I have had to keep car in driveway. During these past weeks I've experienced three problems, one of which infuriated me. First two items - passenger window will not open and car does not 'beep' when I lock from remote (which makes me have to turn back and double check the doors only to find it has indeed locked)- are annoying and I attributed them to the temperature. The third problem occurred yesterday: Passenger side automatic sliding door would not close once opened. It would beep, slide almost closed, then open right up again. I could not force it to remain closed. This happened in a grocery store parking lot, temperature was -1 degrees, car had a couple hundred dollars worth of purchases inside, and I had my very young child with me. After checking manual and speaking with people at the Nissan dealership (neither of which were helpful, to be honest) I tried cleaning the tracks around door. There was no ice, dirt, sand, etc. and still the door would not close. I was told there was no manual override which would have allowed me to close the door. After almost 20 minutes in the freezing cold trying to fix the problem I finally had to drive home with the door open. Does anyone know if there is some way to turn off the automatic passenger door? Or is there a fuse that we could use for this purpose? I ended up parking the car at home so the sun shone directly on that door, and later in the day my husband was able to get it closed enough to grab and lock it. After reading others' comments on this site I am sorry I hadn't read them before purchasing this car. I did like the car a lot, but this door issue is unacceptable. We have three young children and purposely bought this car for it's reliability and safety. There was nothing reliable nor safe about what happened to us yesterday.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    wyman40, sorry to hear about your trouble yesterday. I had a similar issue with the beep, and my salesman showed me that if you turn the remote so that the buttons face the ground, and press both the open and close buttons at the same time with your thumbs, it will switch the beep on or off. If yours is off now, doing this should turn it back on again. If not, check your settings on the dash screen to make sure it is also set to on there.

    I have not had any problems with the sliding doors on my van, and we have been down to 18 or 19, so this may be an isolated incident for you. Anyway, you can manually close the door just by pushing it closed, so I'm not sure what kept yours from being closed that way.
  • You were right about the 'hands-on option' button turned off. That should have been the first place to check for me anyway. Thanks. My wife must have hit the button accidentally during her several trips back and forth within the van (she just gets a kick out of being able to 'walk' inside the van).

    I was following the discussion about 'style' not being executed well inside the Quest. I have some input on that. Does anyone have the problem of the interior roof light buttons getting stuck (all rows) while switching on/off? I need to press it at a certain angle and with care or the buttons get stuck.
  • I will try your suggestion for the remote to correct the 'missing beep' problem. Thanks! As for the passenger sliding door....Both my husband and I did try to manually shut the door many times, but we were unable to get it closed. Right before reaching the closed position, the door would automatically open again, no matter how hard we tried to pull it closed. It was impossible to keep from opening. Will let you know how our visit to Nissan service goes.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    After nearly four months and three attempts (last one overnight) I am happy to say that the rattles in the sliding doors have been eliminated. The tech, working with the people at Nissan, found that the bolts in the guide to the sliding doors were too short. It has been a week since the fix was made so I am pretty well convinced that replacing them with the longer bolts have eliminated the rattles.
    I am now once again enjoying my new van.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Just some more info from my weekend experience (see post above). I tried shutting my passenger sliding door 4 different ways, with the key fob, push buttons by door, push buttons overhead and manually with the doors turned OFF on the overhead. Nothing worked. the door would shut, then beep and reopen as if something was caught.

    With the auto doors turned OFF on the overhead, I could shut the door, but it would not pull in and latch, which is why I had to hold it shut from the inside while driving home.

    The next morning (Saturday) the door was fine which eliminates something caught in the track. Then the next evening it didn't work again, so I highly suspect that cold affects one of the latching components. For me the problem started at about zero degrees. It worked fine on Sunday when the temperature was 15-20 in mid-state NY.

    My dealer is unaware of this problem (surprised?) and suggested it was ice. I told them I fully checked as many variables as I could and strongly believe it to be a sticky/faulty component at cold temperatures. So they will call Nissan and get back to me, hopefully with something useful.
  • First, I am glad to hear that others have experienced the door closing problem that we had and it seems to confirm that cold weather is the culprit.
    Weird thing happened on Saturday (a day where the temperature was in the single digits). I was driving around with my kids and after stopping at the grocery store for about 20 minutes, I came out and found that my SE would not start. The engine would turn over, but shortly thereafter (basically, in the time it would take to shift from Park to Reverse), would stall. Not sure if it was bad gas, the weather, or what, but it took me about 10 minutes before I got it running again. As soon as I got it running, I basically peeled out of my spot before it stalled. To be sure, I took it to a gas station and filled up with Super. No problems the rest of the day. I am hoping it was related to my gas and not to the engine's performance in the cold weather.
  • I have received my QUEST SE on Dec 03 (August Production). I have the same problem and it was on the day I went to pickup my van in front of the sales manager. Initially they thought it is related to water freeze after the car wash since it was a cold day, But it ended up to be related to the Sliding door Lock cable getting stuck on cold days, which is not acceptable since I live in Canada with -20 C is common in the winter. I took the car back to the dealer where they ordered the inside cable lock for the door and another piece of electronic and they mentioned that I am case # 2 out of the 50 cars they sold. Now I am waiting on a back order parts that Nissan doesn't have in stock. Since this is a safety issue, I have requested a rental until the parts arrive. My advise for anyone who lives in cold city to keep a piece of robe as a stand-by in the car and make sure to turn off the power assist mode while trying to close the door if you face this problem. Another Tip if your lights stay on due to the problem you may need to disconnect the battery overnight or locate a fuse to just turn off the light (I wish they have description for fuses as part of the owner manual). FYI, the dealer couldn’t find any fuse that just control the automatic doors.
  • rickpctrickpct Posts: 71
    Deciding amongst the Quest/Odyssey/Sienna for next car purchase in March.

    Appears that Quest has 2 issues - doors sticking and the AC problem. Are these issues with all models SL and SE or just SE. I recall someone having the sticking door and spraying WD40 to fix it - are there any other door issues? AC problem bothers me - I'll have to test the heater/AC when I test drive again.
  • Has anyone else had problems inadvertently activating the overhead console buttons? I'm not sure this is a Quest problem as opposed to an Owner problem, but I couldn't find a "2004 Nissan Quest+ Owner Problems" forum.

    On at least four different occasions, I've bumped into the overhead console buttons while climbing from the passenger seat into the back to deal with the kids. Beep, beep, beep. . . both sliding doors and the rear hatch open up. Good thing we were parked each time, although once the rear hatch almost hit the top of the garage door opening (yikes!). I'm not that big a guy, but I don't seem to be able to climb in back without knocking into those buttons with my shoulder, or butt, or whatever. I'm thinking it would be nice to have some kind of retractable cover over the buttons or something. Am I the only klutz who has had this problem?
  • ronoboyronoboy Posts: 32
    We also have the radio problem in our van (S version), it has happened two or three times, as with other posters the display lights come on but there is no sound. We dropped our daughter off at school this morning and it wasn't working, when we started the van again it was working. I checked the fuse panel but didn't see anything obviously wrong with the audio fuse. If anybody discovers a reason or comes up with a solution please let us know - we probably won't bring it in until the first oil change to have this checked unless it stops working all together...
  • Spoke to my dealer ship on the phone am not sure exactly the problem witht eh doors in cold weather but he did mention something to do with the latch and we will be going in when we can to fixi it
  • gmiller_va, you are not the only one having the overhead console buttons problem. I'm not a big guy either (and nor is my wife) and we inadvertently hit the overhead buttons pretty regularly, most recently hitting the 'hands-on option' button. Like you, I fear one of these days I'm gonna activate the hatch door and hit my garage roof :-(.

    A retractable cover over the buttons would be a nice idea. Perhaps we can suggest to Nissan for enhancements in future models.
  • Hello everyone. We are about to get out of a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited and into a 2004 Quest SE. We have loved our Montero, but Mitsubishi service has been horrible. We have exhausted all dealerships within driving distance. So, the Mitsu is going! We just turned in a 48 hour test drive Quest. I did notice a thump from the rear seat area and the driver side sliding door. I will pay close attention to it on the actual vehicle we will be purchasing. As for the HOT AIR problem, it is quite cold here (MD) so I don't think I will be able to check for this one.

    Here are my questions......

    1) HOW IS NISSAN'S SERVICE? I am interested in how they handle problems. I have read all 358 posts and it seems as though they are pretty competent. I understand that it takes time to learn a new model year. I want a company to STAND behind their products and hold their dealerships accountable. Mitsu. did not do this!

    2) COULD ANYONE WITH NAV. GIVE ME FEEDBACK? We are trying to decide whether or not to kick out the $2K. For those of you who have it, IS IT WORTH IT? Would you buy it again? How accurate is it?

    3) ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE XM OR CIRRUS? How do you like it? Did you get it through Nissan or aftermarket? Would you buy it again.

    4) Has anyone figured out how to:

    a) get two different sources on the two different flip down screens

    b)get the rear speakers and the headphones to play at the same time

    Thanks for all input. We are leaving for FL 1/23 and will be making the trade by 1/20. I appreciate ALL input!
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    rickpct and Toblerone, we have had our SE since September. We've already got 10,100 miles on it (whew!). We have not experienced any door sticking or failure to open or close.

    I notice that the people who experienced this seem to be in Canada or elsewhere in extreme cold. We have been down to 19 so far, with no problems, but they have all been in even colder weather.

    It also seems to be a one time occurrence or sporadic occurrence. Toblerone I see you are in Maryland, so you may not have any problem with this. rickpct, you live where it really gets cold, so it's anyones guess. Ask you dealer what he's seen.

    With regard to the heat issue...never had it. My only issue with the doors were rattles, which were eliminated by spraying WD40 on all the door connection hardware. I posted the full details earlier on this thread.

    BTW, Toblerone, I wanted the Navigation system in the worst way, but ultimately did not get it because Nissan also requires that you get the DVD player to get it, making the cost to us $3,500. I did not want to spend the extra $1,500 for the DVD because we carry a notebook computer with a 15" screen to watch movies on. Way better and cheaper than the 7" screen they put in the van.
    Good Luck on your purchases.
  • toblerone, whether to invest $3500 for the Nav/DVD is your choice. But I can vouch for its accuracy. At least in metro Orlando area. We are new to Orlando. The day after we bought the van, we got lost in downtown - not that Orlando downtown is huge - but getting lost is getting lost and you don't want to end up in the wrong neighbourhood with a spanking new minivan and a toddler.

    We entered the destination to the safest location (Florida Mall of course!) and we were there, safely and accurately. Just told the system to use Freeways.

    Of course, like any Nav system, it won't recognize brand new roads and communities, like the one we live in (even MapQuest doesn't know), but you can buy an upgrade CD perhaps a couple of years later and be all set.

    All in all, we are satisfied with the Nav system. The only thing we'd have liked is a touch screen. Right now you have to use the little joystick thingy to program everything. But at the same time, the screen is so far back from the driver's position that touch screen may not be a good idea.
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    2) The navigation system is a wonderful toy.

    I call it a toy, because it's not really a requirement ... on the other hand, it's much more than a $2000 map.

    I really like the auto-rerouting capabilities. We'll be driving to a destination, and it automatically recalculates your route if you go off the original route. Nice for the "wonder what's down this road" kinda driving. I've driven down streets 2-3 miles from my home that i didn't even know existed, probably because the NAV system gives you the confidence that you won't ever get lost.

    When you testdrive it, make sure the salesman shows you the Birdview perspective. It's pretty cool.

    Worth the $2000 MSRP? that's a personal financial decision. Myself, you bet'cha, I'd get it again. It makes driving that much more fun!

    Rickpct, we've had our SE for about 2 months now, without either of the problems indicated in this forum (yet <g>).
  • Thanks for your input. It sounds pretty neat.

     pulisubs--- We are going to Orlando in about 10 days. We always get lost down there. Especially going to the airport to avoid tolls. Is it smart enough to do that? Can you tell it to avoid toll roads? That would be sooooo cool.
    BTW Our cost would be $1735. We are paying invoice and the DVD player is a given. Our 2 year old requires it! hehehe

    Still interested in more input. XM doesn't seem real popular!
  • toblerone, you can tell it to avoid toll roads. There's a setting right before you hit OK to start route guidance where you can set it. It is really cool. We've used it quite often.

    If you want specific locations around Orlando airport to avoid toll, I can email you some directions. I don't know many local roads around the attractions but definitely around airport because we live in the area.

    Write to me at
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    Here's the options you can choose from in calculating the route:

    Shortest Time OR Shortest Distance (Choose One)

    Minimize Toll Roads (Toggle Off/On)
    Minimize Freeway (Toggle Off/On)
    Use Time Restricted Roads (Toggle Off/On)
    Use Ferry Roads (Toggle Off/On)
  • bcfanbcfan Posts: 6
    My wife loves the 2004 Quest SE, which would be great for her main activities of hauling kids and antiques.

    However, we are concerned about its tow capacity of 3,500 pounds. Is this sufficient to pull a small pop-up camper, plus family and luggage, on camping trips in the mountains of North Carolina?

    Her (by far) second and third choices are a Sequoia and an Armada, respectively, but she has deemed them not as convenient for carpool load-up and we would have to get a basic model to stay in our price range (far fewer bells and whistles).

    Your thoughts are appreciated!
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Here in mid-state NY, it's happened for the 3rd time this morning. Only on one door and as soon as it warms up it starts working again. The door will slide shut, then immediately retract and beep, like it hit something. In "power off" mode, I can slide it shut but the door never pull-in and latches so the door remains free to slide.

    So I took videotape again and told my dealer they had to come to my house to witness the event in person since I couldn't drive it with the door open. Well, they came, saw, and took it back to the shop. I don't have much confidence that Nissan knows what's going on, the Service Manager said they'll "adjust the door". But I believe it's a slightly sticky switch or latch that tightens up at cold and makes the door behave like there's an obstruction.
  • frittobfrittob Posts: 52
    Nissan actually came out to your house in the morning to witness ... that's wonderful
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    I am still trying to decide between the Quest and the Sienna. Is the problem with the door not closing on the power or manuel door or both?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    We have hit single digits and below here in PA and I have not had a problem with my manual sliding doors. I'm assuming that the people having troubles have the power door option.

    After hearing about these problems on this board and other problems that have plagued Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Mazda dn GM power doors, I am glad I chose not to get automatic doors.
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