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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • Several posters here mentioned the problem of door won’t close in cold weather. I encountered the same occasion this morning from the driver side door. We had a snow last night and the temperature was below frozen point. The Quest started OK and I jumped in and drove to work. However, I found the door could not be closed…..

    I pulled off and checked it out. I soon realized that the handler did not bounce back to the original position after I pulled it to open the car. I slightly push the handler back and the door closed!! No problem after that. I think this could be the one of the reasons some posters complained about the door. Make sure the handler bounced back right to the original position.
  • Make sure to add enough air pressure to all of the tires to pring them up to at least 35 psi. Then drive at least about 1/2 mile- the tire pressure monitoring system will automatically reset and the low pressure light will go out. We had this happen twice when the temps got real cold and the tire pressure dropped below 28 psi. The tire pressure monitoring system warning light/alarm goes off when pressure drops 7 psi below the recommended 35 psi pressure.

    Hope this helps.
  • I was surprised when I read some of the serious Quest complaints here...

    btw: I have a SE with 6k miles on it. I had the auto-reversing door problem, but my dealer fixed it. No other major complaints (except the slight door rattle).
  • Nissan Consumer Affairs and my dealer both suggested to utilize their TSB for the door rattle. It had it in (600 miles!) for a second fix of the radio. They replaced the unit once and are now going through all the connections for the system. (two strikes already) one more and I get a new Quest. On the NHTSA site it describes one person having a ground added to the radio which corrected the cut-out problem.

    Makes sense as this could be a charge buildup that is tripping an internal radio system. Re starting the car brings the radio back.
  • We picked up our Quest in September '03. The day after pickup, we had problems with the panel falling off above the slider track and the driver seat lumbar being broken.

    Just a few weeks ago, we recieved a call that the parts are in. I can understand the slow supply channels with new car parts, but almost 4 months....

    While we patiently waited, we developed the door rattle. My patience with rattles was slim so I tried a variation on the WD40 theme and added white litium grease to the lower latch and alignment device. So far no rattles, even on frozen roads in PA.

    The van goes in for service on the other items Monday, do I tell them to look at the rattle or hope it is gone for good w/ grease? I hate the thought of them tearing something apart that could create more problems.

    Heat and other items seem fine.
  • thanks ron1027 - a couple of the tires are staying under 30 so we'll try that and see if the pressure will maintain
  • I just brought my car in for the second radio failure (they replaced the unit at 225 miles). I am told that the problem stems from a voltage issue when starting the unit.

    Two suggestions:
    1) Start the car slower; this would serve no purpose

    2) Await a TSB due in "4-6 weeks" no time frame is specified. Nissan is faulting the design of the Clariion single-cd in dash unit. I am told this TSB will recommend switching the existing unit for a newly available unit. I would say that this qualifies the problem as widespread.
  • My Quest also has the radio problem. It's definitely something to do with the amplifier circuit in the CD deck not switching on with ignition. My dealer supposedly have ordered a replacement deck and they say it takes 4 weeks!?!? They have no idea what would fix it, but taking a blind stab at this right now. I remember 2 other owners who posted on this forum and saying nothing was fixed even after the deck swap. Please let all of us know what the TSB states when it comes out.
  • After much discussion with Greg in Customer Affairs I am told this is to be a new radio unit from Clarion to replace the current unit. Truthfully I am not very impressed with the track record from Nissan on this cars replacement part. As it may be some months before it is available the answer may be some time in coming. Nissan is at least acknowledging the design flaw.

    They say that the unit should be stepping down the voltage at the ignition-start but it is not. Hence the suggestion to start the car slower.

    The only solution I have found is to stop the car. Shut the car off and turn off any lights that are on (internal / external) then restart. Possible the restart is just as effective. As a friend of mine said, "So you basically reboot the car". I guess Microsoft joined Nissan's design team!

    As a TSB is coming that requires the Manufacturer to provide a newly designed unit I would say this must be pretty endemic.
  • I know I have posted this before, but, yes, we have experienced the intermittent radio (no sound) problem and have not had it fixed. The radio was replaced, and all I got from that was a scratched up info center hood panel (replacement on order)
    Dealer has a volume control assembly on order for radio.

    There is definitely a rattle from the left side, I have not tried WD40, dealer could not duplicate the problem.
    Most annoying problem, however, is the hard shifting of the tranny at low speed (usually from a full stop, 1st to second?)
    Very audible, noticeable clunk. I know I have 45,000 miles left on the tranny warranty, but it's not a pleasant sound. On my last trip of 70 miles to work, it seemed the engine was much noisier, whiningly maintaining speed. (acceleration was still good when I needed it, lots of merging traffic situations, van handles like a Maxima)
    This is a flawed vehicle, but I still recommend it!
    One day, my dealer may actually call me to say some parts are in!
  • Persistent tire leakage was caused by a faulty tire-pressure sensor o-ring easily fixed by the dealer
  • I just got my 2004 SL back today. Had the Radio replaced with a new designed Clarion - I am told that I am one of the first to get this to deal with the volume cut out (Amp gets shutdown). They also fixed my door rattle by adjusting the door latch (there is a TSB for this).
  • I have the SL and had the Door Rattle adjusted a couple of weeks ago. It seems to be better except now but I have another rattle coming from the front area of the car (cannot pin point it yet).

    Also I mentioned about my radio cutting out twice and they found no problem but today it happened a third time (Resolved when you restart the car.)

    Still would like to get these issues resolved!
  • I've noticed in the mornings after starting the van, that water drips from the tailpipe as i'm pulling out of the driveway.

    Is this a problem or just normal condensation (it has been quite cold lately)?

  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    Very normal! You'll notice it more in the winter months when the air is colder and dryer, but it will happen in the summer months as well...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,328
    Natural chemistry of combustion. You get some water as a by product----more than you'd think from one gallon of gasoline.

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  • Your radio problem, Per Nissan, is due to the poor design of the single CD Clarion unit. They have a countermeasure radio which will be available via a TSB in about 4 weeks. If you raise enough Cain you get further up the list. I did and was moved up.

    The only way I could get my radio back on was to completely shut off the car: no key in ignition, no lights (internal/external). Basically I had to reboot my car (Quest designed by Microsoft!)
  • I have a 2000 Town & Country now. The 2004 T&C does not have all the features that I would like- the 2005 does but eliminates the AWD. I am down to deciding between the Quest (which does not have AWD) or the Sienna. My T&C handles GREAT in the snow - no slipping or sliding even on hills. Choices are very limited for AWD now. Can anyone tell me how the Quest handles in the snow? Thanks.
  • I bought '04 quest in sept,04. After two weeks i figured out that door makes noise, i took it to the dealer. They couldn't fix it & door still rattles. I waited 2 more weeks, & went again to fix it they said they talked to nissan engineer & fixed the door but it still rattles. I went there 3rd time they couldn't fix it. I called nissan consumer affair, they said take another opinion, go to another dealer. I did that. Another dealer couldn't fix it. Both rear door still rattles a lot. Can i really go for Lemon law in my case coz both dealers are now saying that they can't do anyhting. They did their best to improve the problem but they can't fix it. Really tired of door rattling & taking van to the dealer every month !!!!!!!!!!
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    What model of 2004 Quest do you have and what doors rattle? The reason I ask is that I have a 2004 SL which I purchased in Sept 2003 and both of the sliding doors had very bad rattles and it took me nearly four months and three returns for them to eliminate the rattles. The technician who solved the problem worked with the technical people at Nissan and they found that the bolts in the door guides were too short. They replaced them with longer bolts and that eliminated the rattles. I hope this helps.
  • Can anyone tell me how the Quest handles in the snow?

    I've been driving mine around SW Pennsylvania for 3 months now. I'm plesantly surprised how well it handles in the snow/ice.

    The built in TCS (Traction Control System) seems to compensate for wheel spin/slippage giving better traction when needed. Of course it could also be attributable to the overall weight of the van or the new 17" tires.
  • This feature really doesn't work for us on our 2004 Quest S - once we get down to 1/4 tank the fuel guage goes down quickly, and we've had the Distance to Empty Indicator say 90 miles in the morning and literally read * (meaning 0) by evening after 10 miles of additional driving, at which point the fuel light goes on. Then when we fill up, the automatic shutoff for the dispenser usually shuts off at 15-16 gallons so presumably there were at least 4 gallons left in the 20+ gallon tank.

    Anybody else have this problem, is this feature just basically unreliable or should I have it checked?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I wouldn't call it a problem. The fuel light comes on with 4-5 gallons left int he tank. The computer by default reads * when the fuel light goes on. It's in the manual.

    Not sure why it can't be anymore accurate, but I'm sure it has to do with the shape of the fuel tank. I imagine the tank is wide and shallo so they can have the fold flat seats. just my two cents.
  • I have a 2004 Quest SL built in Sept. (purchased in Jan). I had them fix my door problem -

    Both manual and power sliding door were missing spaces. Bought it back a second time and they showed me a TSB stating that many of the latches are misplaced and need re-alignment. They did this last week. I then drove from NJ to Vermont and back (700 miles) without any rattles. I had threatened the Lemon law due to repeated problems with the radio and the door and got Nissan's attention in a hurry.
  • bad1550bad1550 Posts: 27
    My power sliding door (Passenger side) on my 2004 Quest SL closes right after I open it. This has occurred 3 times already and Im concerned for the safety of my child trying to get into the minivan. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what the resolution is?


  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    I also have a SL since Sept. 2003. Only recently has it closed immediately after opening (first and only time). I have been waiting for it to do it again before I take it to the dealer.
  • I had to special order an SL model with leather and it has just arrived at the dealer. But reading the review on Edmunds about the 4 speed transmission I now have some concerns whether to buy the model with the 4 speed transmission. Has anyone had any problems or have any comments as to whether the 4 speed transmission is still OK?
  • green_teagreen_tea Posts: 14
    IMHO the 4-speed transmission is good enough in Quest.

    After driving the Quest S for more than 4 month, the engine speed and gear shift of my car are very stable now. I almost CAN NOT notice any gap between gears. One of the reasons is that the engineer runs at low speed (rpm) all the time, even during acceleration on highway. Quest engine has a speed @ 1800 rpm when cruising at 60 MPH, and speed is only 2200 rpm at 80 MPH. Fast acceleration is normally at 2400-2600 rpm (when merge on highway). This is the maximum engine speed I need during past 4 months. Compare with 2004 Sienna, new Quest has lower compression ratio thus you don’t need high grade gas for the same performance.

    Unlike the sporty cars or 4-cyl cars, you need to use engine speed way above 3000 rpm to get the same fast acceleration or cruising at high speed (>75 MPH). Under that case, the 5-speed transmission is handy for better performance and resulting better gas mileage. The fact that 5-speed on Quest SE does not have better gas mileage than SL (actually 1 MPG less) may indicate the 4-speed transmission performs just as good as 5-speed.

    Just my 2 cents.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Plashenick - Do you know if the TSB is out now for the radio problem? I had my dealer order a new replacement radio for me over a month ago, and today they called saying it's in. I asked them whether this new radio has been modified to rectify the problem but the dealer hasn't a slightest clue about any Nissan TSB. I don't want them to replace the radio if it has the same problem. Can you find out from your dealer if the TSB is out and the reference number for this? Thanks!
  • nicklesnickles Posts: 41
    cirruss -
    the only Quest TSBs relating to the radio are numbers are 03113 and 03113a (both dated 12/2003).
    Using the boards TSB lookup for the Quest- LINK - amp;year=2004&make=Nissan&model=Quest&style=3.5+SE+4d- r+Minivan+%283.5L+6cyl+5A%29&zip=85045&popup=current&- synpartner=edmunds&tid=edmunds...mnt.step2.9.Nissan

    the TSBs elude to a problem with the AM not working..

    AM ?? whats that ? :)

    Unsure if it has anything to do with the recent posts about the unit itself shorting out etc...
    If someone has full access to these TSBs, perhaps they can post the text.

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