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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • My wife has her new Nissan quest for 3 weeks and she feels great about it. I read about the "wind noise" in this thread and did pay attention to it. Last night about 12 pm, I drove the Quest to highway for a test. Going to highway on the city road in St. Louis, I did hear the "wind noisy" when the car surpassed 40 Mph. When I hit the high way, I still got the noisy. I decided for a long drive to suburb of the city, about 70-80 MPH. Suddenly, the "wind noisy" disappeared and I felt very quite. I noticed the highway road had changed to some "coarse surface" instead of those new cement-like road. The car was really quite on the "coarser" highway even beyond 80 MPH. Is the so called "wind noise" caused by the road?

    Today, I went to work with my Honda Civic. It is very interesting that the same thing happened again. When the Civic passed 30 MPH, I heard the "wind noise" on the "new constructed, smoothly" cement road. But the noise disappeared under the coarse highway. The noise with the Civic is almost the same as the Quest (not that much on both case).

    Why did I not notice the noise with the 2001 Civic before? I think I did never pay any attention to it and most of the time I turn my radio on. But with new Quest, I paid "too much" attention. LOL.

    I did check the air-Conditioned Vent and other rattle noise as well. Luckily, I did not find any problem on my wife's new Quest. I received a call from Nissan dealer yesterday and they wanted me to give the "survey paper from Nissan" to them in exchange of a full tank gas. Weird. They could fill the survey with all "excellent" remarks, I think. However, it seems they do care about the customer's opinion.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    A different kind of problem! The steering almost always will not lock when I remove the key from the ignition. On the rare occasion when it does lock, it is difficult to release the switch from the locked position. The manual says to turn the ignition on from a locked position, the steering should be moved slightly and at the same time turn on the ignition. I have to use quite a bit of force on the steering to get the switch released from the locked position.
      Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  • niceguyniceguy Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    The engine service light on our 2004 Quest S model came off after 1,200 miles. Does anyone here have the same problem ? Can we reset it ? or we have to take the van to the dealer for them to check ?

    Thanks in advance !
    Have a wonderful day !
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    If there is no other indication of an engine problem (e.g. running rough) this could be due to a gas cap that is not seated properly. Review the owner's manual and try reseating the gas cap per its recommendation, and see if the light goes out--it may take a day or two.
  • thedibsthedibs Posts: 13
    Well, for some of them...

    I have the SE and I noticed some rattles inside the van.

    As I started hunting them down I was able to get rid of most of them.

    First, sit on the 3rd row and notice some of the plastic covers that hide the screws for the skylights are a little loose. These vibrate when the car is moving. There are 4 of these things, one per sky-window. Also, the same thing on the column that goes up into the ceiling (a round lid/cover). If you open these up you will be able to stuff some "filler" inside that will push against the cover to prevent it from vibrating. ( I used paper for this but you can get more creative ... dry silicone?).

    After taking care of these, I noticed that there is only 1 rattle left. Its minor and only happens on really bad roads. It comes from the front of the ceiling console. There are some screws there and I might try to tight them up.

    I have not experienced sliding door rattles. My Van has two electric sliding doors. Could it only be happening to "non-electric" doors?
  • thedibsthedibs Posts: 13
    I had my SE treated with a under-coating for rust and noise reduction. It feels a lot quieter now. There is some wind noise but I feel it is related to the wind resistance of the rail-racks.

    The treatment that I did was for rust prevention, road noise reduction, paint protection, and interior protection (carpets, seats). The paint feels so smooth now to the touch and dirt does not seem to stick to it as much...

    I paid $895 for it in case you are wondering.
  • First the positive - Very comfortable ride and powerful engine. But our quest- the base model( Please don't make this mistake)we bought has a noisy engine (it is normal according to the sales person), and it rattles like a big truck! We took it to the dealer in Fairfax, VA and first time they said they could not reproduce the noise! Second time, they said they fixed it, and I had to take it again a third time!! This time the mechanic took a ride with us, and explained that a big van like this will have some noise, and there is nothing they can do about it! The rattling is coming from the passenger side of the sliding door. We went for a long drive this week-end and it was such an irritation. Wish we bought the new Sienna for the big price we paid.

    And we also noticed the big noise the rear wiper makes! To add to our vow, we noticed the paint chipping from the front dash! Did I get a lemon?
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Haven't noticed any wiper noise, and our engine is so silent I've tried to start it while it was running (more than once). I've got no paint issues with the dash, but there is no question that there is a systemic rattle or squeak of some kind prevelent in these vans.

    Don't know if it's the big doors or what, but we all need to start making noise to Nissan so they will get on the stick and issue a fix.
  • I am seriously considering purchasing the quest base model, and wanted to know why you feel it is a mistake? Aren't the "guts" of the vehicle the same in all of the models essentially (other than the 4 vs. 5 speed tranny)?
  • Got a 3.5 SE in September.

    Saw a lot on the issue of unwanted driver side feet heating. Called 1-800-NISSAN1 since the dealer I bought the Quest from (Stevens Creek Nissan) was being absolutely abnoxious. The service professional, Jason, I spoke with claimed that he heard this from only one other customer. He also claimed that there was no official word on this problem. Can anyone comment on that?

    At speeds between 25-35 MPH, there's noticeable drag and the gears don't seem to downshift. Did the others with the problem get it fixed?

    A couple of instrument panels (radio controls over the driver side sliding door, bottom runners, etc.) keep popping out! Others seen this too?

    Finally, mileage does suck (have a bad commute though).

    I am looking for a better dealer to take the vehicle to and will post after I get back.

    On the plus side, haven't had any problems with cabin noise (could have decent conversations with a full load on the freeway at 80 MPH) or AC cooling.

    Vee Gee
  • boa35boa35 Posts: 21
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions (ref #60) re my fuse problem.
    The dealer inadvertently left a circuit breaker (rather than a fuse) in the slot. I decided to keep it for awhile and the thing hasn't blown in a week. Hmmm?

    We just took the van on an 830 mile road trip--an even mix of high-speed interstates and semi-rough side roads. I noticed no undue wind or road noise (never have) and no rattles. I may have lucked out on those problems but I think the undercoating probably helped to reduce the road noise. Car performed fantastically!--tons of room, smooth ride, great handling, and plenty of power when I needed it. We averaged 24 mpg.
  • Hello All,

    Well after weeks and weeks of reading these posts and doing much research, we decided on the Quest. I just picked up mine yesterday after a long search for the Smoke SE fully loaded. No one has been able to get it here in the bay area for the price I wanted. I got mine for a few hundred over invoice and am very happy with it. It drives like a dream, and everyone who sees it is totally impressed.

    My friends that own the Ody., want this one. Everyone so far thinks it is cool and we as a family of 5 are happy. This is our first mini van (if you can call it that). As I said before I did do much research and reading all of these posts have helped.

    I do have a few comments. I knew that I might encounter a few problems, but also knew that it would probably be with any of the vans I picked. I do notice the obvious rattle noise coming from the drivers side sliding door. Happens all the time, bumps or not.

    I did also notice something strange today. You know when you start the vehicle up, the nav goes on (if you have nav.) and the accept part is highlighted. You can either push the toggle button to accept it and then you see the map as you are driving or you can just ignore it, and it will go away after a few seconds and then just go to a blank screen. Well today it didn't go away. The warning message just stayed on my whole 10 minute drive. Got to where I was going, turned off the car, then started it back up 30 minutes later. This time it worked again, I ignored the message and it went away. Just something to keep an eye on.

    I have not experienced any other problems, including the air conditioning issue a lot of you have posted.

    I just got out of a Lemon with my 2001 Chevy Suburban and so I am very aware of any problem a vehicle has. Have it all documented and hopefully these are just some minor bugs.

    I really do love this van!!

    As for hear2ear post....I know what you are talking about with Stevens Creek Nissan in SJ, Ca... I delt with them in August and had a problem with one of the people there in Sept...Needless to say I went somewhere else. I called a lot of dealers in the bay area and ended up with Hayward Nissan. It was a little farther drive, but Shah is awesome there.

    He kept me posted on the inventory and never played games with the price. Infact, Falore Nissan upt the price as they said they found one somewhere else, and would have to do a dealer trade. I called Shah and told him there was one in the bay area. He said he would try to track it down, and he did. He faxed over his inventory to them and they wanted a 04 350Z for mine. He drove out to Salinas, Seaside Nissan and got me my van. He called me at 9:00 pm and said he had my van. I went down the next day and got it.

    Keep me posted with the door squeek. I will let Shah know and hopefully we can get this fixed. I just crank up the radio!!
  • spoiledleo1, I have seen the Nav issue a couple of times myself. I thought it was just one of those Software glitches - I was itching to blame Microsoft, being an Oracle guy myself :-).

    My wife drives the van 90% so the only few chances I get it, I try to spend as much time as possible. We did however notice something strange today, something that has been reported on this forum. The sliding doors don't open all the way if you manually open them. They stop after about a quarter of the length. Both of them. But, if we use the remote, they go all the way back. Also, if we use the buttons inside the van (the black buttons to open and close the sliding doors), they don't open/close. Initially I thought it might be because all doors weren't unlocked. But even after that, the buttons did not work. Didn't have too much time to research it today. Perhaps over the weekend.

    But we haven't heard any door rattles (we've had the van close to 2 weeks now). And it drives wonderfully. No major complaints!
  • Thanks for the response. Nice to hear, maybe not, that I might not be the only one with the Nav. thing. I will keep an eye on it.

    As for the doors, I guess I haven't noticed the problems you are experiencing. I do use the remote to open and then the kids love hitting the black button to shut the doors themselves. It's like when we are on vacation at the hotel and they fight over who gets to push the elevator buttons and open up the room with the key.

    Keep us updated with your door situation. My little black buttons do work. Just have a rattle in the one door.

    This van is amazing for those of you out there trying to make a decision.
  • vaxukivaxuki Posts: 5
    Way to go thedibs..
    You seem to have got to the "bottom" of the problem coming from the top ..

    Edmunds need to step up and so does Nissan.
    I am waiting for my van and should be able to get it this weekend..
  • I don't know if anyone else has seen this behavior. When I have enough gas in the tank and I try to look up the "estimated mileage" that I can drive before running out of gas: it displays the data ok. However once the low gas warning light comes on and then I try to look up the "estimated miles" left all I get is: ****

    This is retarded. Once the warning light comes on that's when you really care about the number of miles you can before running out of gas!!! Please let me know if someone has this issue or not. Thanks.
  • I noticed this as well. It might not be a glitch but rather a programed response. I imagine after the gas light comes on you probably only have 1 to 2 gallons left and if you are driving in the city it would be nearly impossible to calculate the actual distance so they would rather not give a false reading. However I have not driven on a freeway with a fixed speed (which would be easier for the computer to calculate) with the low gas light on.
  • This is one of the coolest features of the 2004 Quest 3.5 SE and we love it.

    Problem is that it came on first for one tire and then yesterday all the tires were showing a pressure of < 27 PSI @ cold. We do leave the van outside these days since the garage is sort of cluttered. When the van and tires warm up, the pressure goes up to about 32 PSI. Finally this morning, I topped all 4 tires to 35 PSI (since the gas station is less than a mile away, I am assuming it is cold).

    Anyway, does this seem unusual to anyone that all 4 tires have low air pressure? Recommended is 35 PSI @ cold. Could this have anything to do with my drag problem I talked about before in 71?

    I am taking the van in on Monday to Falore Nissan and will ask them to look at this as well. I know spoiledleo1 didn't have good things to say about Falore, but I am hoping that was the sales dept.

    Will keep you all posted when I get the van back after diagnosis or repairs.

    -- Regards,
    -- Vee Gee
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Your van does not have a "behavior" problem. It's doing exactly what Nissan designed it to do. Read your owners manual.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Isn't that 35 psi MAX, when cold?
  • Have brought the SE back to dealer yesterday and try to fix the noise problem.

    He said that there is a clip inside the door panel that was broken. He had replaced the clip.

    When I get the car back, it was better than before but there is still noise when the car is moving but it is much much less noticeable than before.

    After back home, I keep searching for the source of the remaining noise. Later, I suspect the door is not closed properly when in close position. If trying to pull the door by the handle inside, I can hear the noise. There is no noise from the passenger side slider door when pulling the handle from inside. It seems that there is a very very thin gap between the car body and the door but it is not visible either from outside or inside. So when the car is moving, the door is kinda hit the body with the noise.

    Anyone have the same situation or not i.e. the door is not close tightly when in close position?

    I probably will bring the car to the dealer again (next week or so) and see whether this theory is correct or not.
  • Does anyone try the auto relock feature?

    I have set it for 1 minute but it didn't lock the doors after 1 minute by itself.

    If I do not open any door for 1 minute, it should lock all the doors by itself. It is the expected behavior?

    Did I miss any step in order to make it work?
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    If it's the same as my 2002 maxima, I think when the display switches to ****, it's basically telling you you're pushing your luck. Certainly the automakers need to be cautious, because some consumers would get upset if they ran out of gas when the display said they have 12 miles left in the tank. Anyone who follows car racing knows that expensive race cars with computerized telemetry still run out of gas occasionally.

    Consider the gas warning a conservative estimate and don't expect more than that.
  • Quest SE with ~1000 miles.

    I have noticed the behavior that others reported, where on a warm day, with the a/c on, there is hot air blowing from the front floor vents. However, the volume of airflow is very low, and it didn't bother me. I also noticed that it only occurs when the car is fully warmed up.

    To experiment, I decided to override the auto system, and direct all of the airflow to the floor vents. The air volume increased considerably at the floor vents (as expected), and it became cooler, but not nearly as cool as when the air was coming out of the dash vents. I wonder if the floor ducts might be routed near some hot parts that heat the air as passes through.

    Last night, I also experienced a different problem. It was cool outside, ~60deg outside temp, and I had the auto temp setting at 72. Well, there was nice toasty air coming from the floor vents, but the dash vents were blowing cool air. I let this condition persist for a while, to see if it would adjust itself, but it stayed that way. The only thing I could do was again manually override the auto system to direct all of the airflow to the floor vents. Anyone else experience this?
  • Considering buying a SL with NAV, but Hilltop Nissan on Route 10 East Hannover NJ has very rude unpleasant manager called Jeff. Pretended not to know invoice price and played games with us as customers. Clearly, Nissan as an also-ran to Sienna and Ody should have max effort. They wou;d probably be as stupid and untrustworthy in service!
  • vaxukivaxuki Posts: 5
    Had the same problem.

    My Suggestions:
    Go with all the details: Let them know that you "know" what costs are. Research Invoice and
    MSRP prices..
    And if the dealer is rude next time - just tell
    him keep ur car and walk out. Call Nissan consumer affairs and give the guy ur piece ofmind. This worked for me too.
  • vaxukivaxuki Posts: 5
    well picked up my SE last morning.
    ( stephenwb and pulisubs were right about waiting)
    dealer called and gave me the vehicle i wanted.
    started talking about the review.

    One thing - I read and re-read the manual
    Is there a way to get hot air from the "console vents" Those vents get cold air blowing.
    I guess Nissan trusted the "Hot Air goes up "
    and let hot air come out of foot vents only.

    The A/c is confusing to operate and I should get used to it over time..

    Am taking it for a drive and shall let you know
    how it behaves. The small rattle came from the driver side sliding door. Since I had read about it here , I did not panic. SHall make a problem list and show it to the dealer when serviced.
  • Sorry, I did not respond to this question. The reason for my comment is because we could not add on a roof rack carrier (original make)or the automatic sliding door etc., since these are factory built options. If you are going to keep the van for a couple of years, and if your children are not grown up, adding some options like these make it a bit more enjoyable. And of course the leather seats add to the look, and it is easy to clean.

    I agree to the suggestion to make some noise about this rattler. I already called Nissan, and they suggested taking it back to the dealer. I am a bit concerned about they experimenting something if they cant fix a manufacturing defect, or applying some glue (?) to stick up the panels. I will post my experience when I take it back.
  • I have read lots of msg regarding Noise, A/c and others. I boutght SL model the first week it was released. I got my first oil change done yesterday.

    I do have door noise and warm air issue. The dealer doesn't know much and they called Nissan Hot line. They couldn't help. But said Nissan know there is concern from customers regarding Warm Air issue. They are not working on any fix.

    If more customers call and register this issue Nissan might find a fix. So Please call. I have a call open for 2.5 months now.
  • vince14vince14 Posts: 55
    the auto relock feature works only when you don't open the doors after unlocking. If you hit the remote to unlock the doors, then do not open any doors on the car, it will just relock. There are different intervals that you can set the feature at, or turn it off. I don't really understand its purpose, but it does no harm.

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