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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    noelkimmi- was your Quest towed to the dealer for the lack of power issue or another issue?

    plashenick- do you still have your Quest or did they buy it back? Was your only lemon law issue the silent radio?
  • My quest was towed to the dealership two of the three visits for a lack of power. On the third visit, the quest lost power less than a mile from the dealership and we were able to get it there without being towed. When the Quest loses power, it is still driveable. The problem is there is a "lack of power". The vehicle will move, but you are lucky if you can get up to 10mph after pushing the gas pedal to the floor completely. This is very dangerous, but Nissan advises to stop the vehicle and turn it off...wait 10 seconds and "presto" the problem solved. That sounds like magic, but their solution to the problem has not worked for me and they want me to sit and wait for their "software enhancement" to arrive and "HOPE" that it works.
  • We have had the same expeirence with our 2004 Quest it will stay in third gear and no has no power. Can you tell me who at NISSAN told you that there is a "software enhancement". When I asked about a fix for the no shift in the transmission two weeks ago (11/16/2004) I was told by Nissan Consumer Affairs (Juan)that they do not know about any problems or bullitens regarding the transmission not shifting.
  • I have a physical copy of the bulletin that I had to beg, borrow and steal from the service department to get my hands on. My initial problem started on 9/20 and the dealership informed me that it had just been posted through their hot line. The bulletin states "if a customer complains of intermittent not replace any parts...advise customer to turn engine off and wait 10 seconds and restart(this "should" eliminate the problem-not in my case) states that this type of problem may not be duplicated. After having my van lose power 3+ times, I contacted Nissan. They are worthless! They need to be educated on their customer service skills. I spoke with them today and again they informed me that they are aware of the problem and they are anticipating a "software enhancement" as early as 12/29 or the first of the year. They offer no assistance and portray a "I really don't care attitude". I have asked numerous times if they would buy me out of my vehicle and I would purchase a Murano, but they are unwilling to deal. I have an attorney working on my case and I hope that Nissan pays dearly (not just for me, but for all owners of the Quest). After dealing with Nissan and their poor customer service and lack of caring I will NEVER buy another Nissan and I urge others to do the same. It is extremely frustrating and sad that I have been a previous owner of many nissan vehicles and that Nissan would prefer a customer to lemon their vehicle rather than amend the problem!
  • I have asked for the manager...his manager...his manager and so on, but Nissan just truly does not care about their customers. They continue to "pass the buck" forcing customers to attain legal counsel.
  • Thank you so much for the info you posted last year. It's now Dec 2004 and we've got deep snow in Oregon. The standard tires on the Quest are worthless in snow. I got stuck on a mild grade going into my own neighborhood! I found your post on the list, and called the dealer to see if there were any recommendations for snow tires. He insisted that I would have no problem getting the rights size tires....WRONG AGAIN, Mr. Service man! Thanks to your post I knew what to ask for and the Les Schwab was able to get me in studded snow tires in 2 hours. (for the record you still have to use a 215/70/16 and I think I'm getting some rubbing when I turn.)

    My biggest frustration with the Quest is that I know more about it than the dealer. I get Nissan letters with the dealer letterhead and address and they don't have any idea what I'm talking about. I still have a horrible sulphur smell coming from the exhaust (people have stopped me in parking lots to tell me to go get my catalytic converter checked) but Nissan thinks its the gas I'm buying. Even though the other 2 Quests they sold have reported the same problem.

    Anyway, thank you so much for your excellent detailed information. Tire problem mostly solved, and I got in the driveway last night!
  • Anyone have problems with exhaust fumes in the car and if so.... how did you solve it. Any info would be helpful. Thanx. DS
  • Thanks for the help.
  • I had the same concern. Brought it back to the dealer for service and they told me it was common on all models and it was caused by the way the exhaust system is designed. The cataylitic converter is positioned right under the passenger seat.
  • I'm curious about why your van needed to be towed to the dealer. I just recently had it towed to the dealer because the van would start but then imdeiately shut off. When it went to the dealer it suddenly started to work OK. The dealer charged me $110 for the tow charge because they saw no problem even though the tow guy saw experienced the same problem when he tried to start it.


    Did you have the same problem???
  • i'll sign a class action law suit.
  • The reason for the tow was a lack of power. My van would start, but I couldn't gain any power. When I first encountered the problem my van started up and within seconds it lost power. It was still driveable., but I was unable to reach speeds over 10mph. I called the dealer and they directed me to the towing company. The second time I had my vehicle towed I had just left my house, I made it about two streets and the dash began to light up like christmas and was beeping like crazy...again no power and unable to reach speeds over 10mph. I made it back home and spoke with the dealer, once again they directed me to the towing company. The last time my van went crazy on me with this power problem, I was about 1/2 mile from the dealership and I drove it in there (at a snails pace). The service department didn't even want me to leave it with them because they didn't know how to fix it...they inform me each and every time that "Nissan is aware of the problem...", but I insisted on leaving the vehicle for safety reasons and because I wanted them to check for any new problems. I don't know why you were charged for the tow, as the vehicle is under warranty and the bulletin put out by Nissan states that the problem "may not be duplicated". If you need a copy of this letter, let me know and I will send it to you. I am just disgusted with Nissan! I have never heard such a poor excuse...we know there is a problem and we are trying to fix it, but the traditional way didn't work. Nissan has certainly shown that they have no care or concern for their customers as I am still driving around in a van that Nissan is unable and unwilling to repair.
  • So why don't you seek recompense under the Lemon Law of your state?
  • Could you fax me a copy of the bulletin?
  • lcomplcomp Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Quest - when it is under 35 degrees I cannot shift out of park until the van warms up for at least 5 minutes. Anyone else with this problem?
  • 04 quest is STILL in shop since 12/3. Nissan service rep is on case. At one time their service dept. said they couldn't duplicate the radio (no sound but still display)and I had to remind them that when I drove it in, that their own guy witnessed the problem personally. (The key is to bring it in while it's doing it!). They have since told me that they did figure out why my auto. psgr. sliding door opens on it's own (at strange and dangerous times). Roof still leaks - I told them that it could be the T bolts in the roof racks (as was posted earlier) instead of the skylight. A shame that I have to tell them what is the possible cause.....Radio/DvD replaced entirely again, I'm sure....sigh.....
  • How are you still having the sound system problems (no sound when unit is on) and power-sliding door re-opening and Nissan says it knows nothing. These are well documented issues; go through this site and you will find the service bulletin's and the part numbers for repairs.


    Have you thought about going to other Nissan dealers. What state do you live in? Maybe should should examine your options under the Lemon Law.


    Never be a consumer who does what the manuf. says , because it is in their interest.
  • Sure...what is your fax number?
  • My lawyer is sending the documents tomorrow...I was waiting to hear from Nissan. They called today and informed me that they were not willing to buy back the vehicle or put me in another vehicle.
  • I have a physical copy of the bulletin that I had to beg, borrow and steal from the service department to get my hands on.


    Can you post the bulletin number? My van is currently at the shop for the same complaint, and this is the 4th time it's been there for that complaint, and they're still saying they can't reproduce the problem and there's nothing they can do. Grrrr...


    If anybody's contemplating class action, I'll join.
  • noelkimmi I would appreciate it, thank you so much My Fax is (315)349-7863 please send it Attention: D.Conlan x1363
  • Hi,


    Does anybody else notice the driver's seat rocking from side-to-side, perhaps in the tracks, when going through turns? This is driving me crazy, and Nissan is telling me that it's "working as designed". I'm currently on the 3rd dealer for service.


    BTW, the Nissan DTS was out looking at the van last week for many issues, including the infamous Transmission In 3rd Gear incident (plus other transmission issues, e.g., surging). The DTS proclaimed everything "working as designed" after comparing to other Quests. Sigh.


    Please let me know about seat issues. This is an SL with leather.
  • I had the "customer satisfaction" repairs done to my SL about 3 months back; the cranks and noises were not really bad, but now the rear hatch makes a loud clank when the van is in uneven floor, such as pulling into/out of the driveway, and can be duplicated if you close the hatch while it is going half way opening.

    Just came back from the dealer to check this problem as well as some steering wheel vibration when braking; I'll have to check on the later tomorrow.

    Bad news about the rear hatch...they are recommending replacing the hatch due to hinges problems, but they have to cut the hinges and have a body shop weld the new hatch, as well as painting it; that sounds like major body work I'm not willing to have done on a 9 month new car.

    Anyone else has had the rear hatch replaced or attempted to?

    I'm happy with the van, but this in addition to the transmision shift problem....I'm not sure anymore.
  • I have had a few requests for the message and it is easier to post than to fax to each individual person.


    The message reads:


    SEPTEMBER 13, 2004















    This message was given to me by the service department and on my invoice it states that a software enhancement is expected on or about 12/29/04.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Thanks for posting this noelkimmi. Also you can go to they have all the recalls and TSB listed on this website for Nissan. You can actually view the entire document. Very helpful. I will try to have them install the foot ducts to help with the hot air issue.
  • midugmidug Posts: 2
    I have the same problem and after 4 visits to the shop, where they rebolted the seat to the floor each time, I finally found someone in service who was willing to listen. They have ordered a new seat base, so I'm hopeful that this will fix the problem.


    I think in the 2 months that I have owned this van that I have experienced all the problems listed on these pages. The highlight was when the gear stick came away in my wife's hand while the car was in drive. Luckily, she was able to get it back in and put the van in park. The latest is that all the interior lights are out so I'm back to the shop tomorrow. The insult is that the dealer offered me $21k for a vehicle I paid $30k for 2 months ago. Given all that has been written on this site, there must be enough basis for a class action suit.
  • It snowed in New York for the first time this winter and now the Quest won't start again. I just got off the phone with Nissan and they told me to have it towed to Nissan dealer closer to my home. I told them that I bought from you guys because of the great reputation of the service deptartment.(Ha!)


    Nissan gave me a 60,000 mile extended warranty for all the other issues I had with the car.


    I am disgusted with these people. Can you send me a copy of the letter either by fax or email? Thanks.

  or fax 516-294-3365
  • I tried to change the air filter on the 2004 Quest by unclipping the two clips but still was not able to take the cover off. Is there something else that needs to done before the cover comes off?
  • Hello:

    I also had the front seat armrest problem. Dealer replaced them but that did not improve a thing. Thr only thing they can do is replace the seats I was told. I haven't taken it any further yet but who knows.

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