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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I think you are right. This is why, as you said, they issue TSB's instead of recalls. They know there is a problem or that a problem has developed, but they wait for the customer to complain rather than offer to fix it. They even go one step further in the wording of each TSB. Every one begins with the phrase," IF YOU CONFIRM." If the warranty period expires and they can't confirm it, then they don't have to fix it/pay for it. They certainly are covered, legally, because the have issued a TSB on the problem. I have two examples.
    I had the silent radio problem. They would not fix it unless they could duplicate the problem. Well you never knew when the silent radio problem would happen, so they obviously couldn't simply duplicate the problem on the spot. It wasn't until I had it happen to me and I was in a situation were I had time to drive it to the dealer for them to witness it that I was able to get the replacement
    In a similar situation I have the transmission issue, that happens sporadically without warning. Even though there is a TSB for the exact problem they can't confirm it, so they won't fix it. Of course they say " we're not saying that you're lying, but if we can't confirm it, we can't fix it." So, I 'm going to have to wait till it happens and I can drive it over to the dealer so they can verify it before I can get it fixed. It hasn't happened for months. I could go the whole warranty period and not get it fixed because they can't confirm it and I can't prove it, in their eyes, till I do. Fortunately they have extended the 04 warranty to 5 years.
    Now I know they can say " if we can't confirm it, beyond your word, we could be taken advantage of." I am not going to go out of my way, waste my time and energy to get a new A/T CONTROL MODULE for my transmission and I hardly believe many people would.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    I want to get a hitch and bike holder to haul our bikes. Where did you get the hitch? Did you put yours on yourself?

  • vonbill3vonbill3 Posts: 20
    Check my posting #114. The hitch brand was Hiddenhitch.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    I too had an intermittent issue with the sliding door not latching in the cold last winter. So I started videotaping the problem and took the video to my service manager. After about 2 minutes she agreed it was a problem and fixed it. This was about 2 months before they issued the recall on the latches so it was not yet a well known issue. Now with another issue I said "would you like to see a video" and they said no, they believe me.

    So, I know it's a pain but carry your video camera with you and hopefully you can get some evidence on tape.

    I got my hitch from U-Haul, they did a good job.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Very good idea gg2k2se!!!! This should be posted on every vehicle forum.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    I'm new in this forum but since we plan to look at the Quest, I have one concern. What's the weight limit for the front passenger airbag to deploy in an accident? My wife is rather petite, and weights about 105-107 lbs. I can live with the lights on (or off, it doesn't matter to me), but I must know that if she sits in front with me, she's safe. Do you or anybody knows about the weight matter?
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I'm pretty sure it's 80 lbs.

    But the whole point of the sensor is that if she's not heavy enough to trigger it, she's safer without it.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I'm new in this forum but since we plan to look at the Quest, I have one concern. What's the weight limit for the front passenger airbag to deploy in an accident? My wife is rather petite, and weights about 105-107 lbs. I can live with the lights on (or off, it doesn't matter to me), but I must know that if she sits in front with me, she's safe. Do you or anybody knows about the weight matter?

    Do you mean, will it deploy, or not? It will, but if she has her seat belt tight it won't matter becaue it won't touch her anyway.

    From racing I got in the habit of pulling my seatbelt tight across my pelvis, moving clothing layers out of the way as necessary.

    In 1995 I was hit head on by a drunk driver (at 12:30 on a Monday afternoon - so beware), both cars travelling around 30 mph. Both airbags deployed, but the one in the steering wheel never touched me because the belt held me in place.

    Of course, because those wonderful safety devices called airbags deployed, and ripped the dashboard in the process, his insurance company had to pay an extra $2,300, with absolutely no benefit to me.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    thank you. So when my wife and I go to test drive the Quest, we'd better make sure to have her sit in the passenger seat, and see that the light go off, right? Now on another slightly different matter, has anyone in the Rockville, MD area recently bought a Quest 05 SE? I'd like to know your paid price and what options you got. We plan to buy a minivan within 3 weeks. I posted a similar message in the "Paid prices and buying experience" but got no answer. Maybe some new Quest owner having problems on their vans are reading this board and can share their info with me? Edmunds TMV price indicates ~32K for a SE with DVD system, running boards and floor mats (these are the options we chose), is it reasonable to think I may get it for about 31.5K or less?
  • army4usarmy4us Posts: 7
    :lemon: I am currious is the only reason that you were awarded a replacement was because of the tire?? Did you have any other problems? I have had more problems with it then I can even count on my fingers and toes..... No joking. I went to BBB and was declined of an award of replacement or lemon. Now I am still fighting Nissan. As we speak it is back in the garage again and has been there for a week for a noise that they have no idea what it is. :cry:
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I just purchased 2005 Quest SL. When the front passenger seat is not occupied, I see the airbag-off sign comes on and stays on. When my wife is sitting on it, (she weighs 102-105 lbs), the sign disappears. I suppose that means the airbag will deploy...
  • farmer3farmer3 Posts: 21
    Yes, it will deploy. The airbag has a weight sensor. Your wife is safe (that is, depending on your driving :) )
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    How much did you pay for your Quest 05 SL? As you may have noticed, I've had trouble getting this info although I posted it in this board as well as in "Price paid and buying experience". Should I take it as a sign that new owners of Quest 05 are very happy with their vans, don't have any problems and therefore stop reading these discussion boards :P ?
  • this is the same problem that I am having on my Quest 2005. Both sliding doors give a squeaking sound when I drive. It doesnt happen all the time though. Did you do anything else apart from spraying wd40? Any other ideas?
  • Is you door noise problem fixed. I have started to experience this in my nissan 2005 quest. both sliding doors give a clicking sort of noise when I drive. Did you get yours fixed? any ideas?

  • keibiekeibie Posts: 1
    Hi Sam,
    I have the exact same problem that you are referring to. This problem, as well as a braking vibration, surfaced two days after purchasing this vehicle new in June of 2004. Nissan has performed Rack Adjustments, Radial Force & Hunter Balances, Tire Rotations, Rotor Replacement (Aug 2004) and Cutting the Replacement Rotors due to Warp (April 2005). I am currently at 14,000 miles and ten months of ownership, and this driveline front end vibration problem has improved by 50% at best. My additional braking vibration has never improved for longer than a few days.
    I am considering, due to the results of an independent inspection performed on the Goodyear LS2 tires on my Quest, purchasing a comparably sized tire from a different manufacturer with the hope of acheiving some improvement.
    I viewed my tires on a Hunter Balancing Machine, and all four tires were slightly out of round. Insufficiently out of round to fail a Radial Force Balance and warrant replacemnt by Nissan, but sufficient to create a moderate high speed vibration.
    It will not be an easy task to replace these tires because this tire size is unique to the Nissan Quest 3.5S and 3.5SL Models (225/65R 16).
    This is the only tire on the market at this size, that I have been able to locate.
    The 215/70R 16 (an option with the use of the OEM wheels) or the 235/60R 16 (an option with upgrading from a 6.5" depth rim to a 7.5" depth rim).
    Just a few thoughts and ideas. Hopefully some of it is helpful to you.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    Basically, I paid about $600 better than what came up with.
    Then again, the dealership charged me that much more for the paint/cloth protection claiming the treatment was already applied to all their vans (does anybody know if this is true for all southeast Nissans or just another **)... I have the receipt for the protection package so I suppose something was applied. The same thing happened last time when I purchased my pickup when the Toyota dealership charged me for Toyoguard or something... Maybe I should have just walked out, but I was exhausted at the time (4 hour long deal) and wanted to get it over with. There was another mishap while signing all the paperworks, but I don't even want to think about it now.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    this is the same problem that I am having on my Quest 2005. Both sliding doors give a squeaking sound when I drive. It doesnt happen all the time though. Did you do anything else apart from spraying wd40? Any other ideas?

    The Quest has a rubber seal between the slider and front door to seal it tight. I don't like power doors partly because you can't "motivate" them to close tightly. But I noticed that if you open the front door, close the slide, then close the front door, almost all the nois goes away.

    If you then spray the rubber seal with spray silicone lubricant, they won't make any noise at all. We regularly drive down a horribly bumpy road so all our cars get some sort of treatment like this....
  • jim6517jim6517 Posts: 1
    After 3300 miles the oil maintenance light comes on in Nav Display. I could back out of the warning and did change the oil. Not only did the "Pit" flag linger, it stayed. Navigation will not function-gets a disc error on the screen. Other functions not relating to Navigation work fine. Is there a default function that I could perform, or am I stuck going to the dealer, Kerry Nissan in Florence,KY, whose staff(the great majority) give car dealers a bad name. Other dealership is too great a distance.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Just my two cents: $600 for 'paint" / cloth protection is a lot:

    I am not sure what "Paint" protection is; Clearcoat? or Undercoating Rustproofing?

    As for cloth protection; you can get the same level of protection with a $5 an of Scotchgaurd. As for Rustproofing cars have not needed extra proofing since the 70's. This looks like a dealer looking to make extra money; hence, "We have this done for all our cars" response
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    The paint protection seems to be clearcoat only. It's supposed to keep the shine longer... I can't even tell whether it was actually applied or not :(
    It's made by Permaplate (
  • I bought new in December 2004. Currently have about 9,000 miles. I have experienced about 16 mpg city and 19 mpg hwy. Gas mileage is not anywhere close to what was advertised ( 19 - 26). This has been very disappointing. Van is at dealer today for "creaking" sliding doors, Traction Control System that does not prevent wheels from slipping when accelerating in rain, two dry starts (metal grinding for about three seconds when starting cold) at 2000 miles and 7000 miles, consistent pulling to right after alignment at 5000 miles, popping noise on front right when accelerating normally, and four burned out light bulbs in headliner. The mileage is puzzling. Some in this forum state they are getting 25 mpg or better. The majority seem to be getting worse than advertised. I have been relying on fuel economy computer. I will calculate manually and compare. Has anyone pursued the poor mileage with Nissan? What was the outcome? It may be time to band together and press the issue. Also, be careful with quick lube places. Engine only takes four quarts of oil. Most are in the habit of automatically putting in five quarts.
  • farmer3farmer3 Posts: 21
    To get rid of the "Pit" notice, you need to reset the maitenance reminder - just changing the oil doesn't automatically reset it. The disc error probably needs a trip to the dealer, unfortunately.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Pardon my ignornance, but Clearcoat, over a clearcoat finish from the factory? I believe the car comes with clearcoat. I hate to say this but it looks like a bit of over-doing it by the dealer.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Had my 2004 SL in for the second round of Customer Service initiaitive

    1) Ball joint for rear hatch
    2) 2nd row seat shifters
    3) Anti-rattle work: looks like they repeated the work done last year, but it did seem quieter
    4) Some other little itmes I cannot think of

    1) Had the front brake rotors re-surfaced (17,000 miles)
    2) Backup sensor is on the fritz. They have to replace it, not sure how long this will take

    Hopeflly I will not have the working of a nother lemon-law case. I won the first, and hate to repeat. :sick:
  • Did you ever get the creaking sliding doors sound fixed? My 2005 Quest is having the same problem.
  • chuck0731chuck0731 Posts: 12
    Hi. I just found this board, and it's a relief to see I'm not alone in having these problems (high speed vibrations and no radio sound). My dealer was really quick to replace the radio since they admitted they had received many reports on this problem, but I'm getting the "we can't fix it if we can't confirm it" response on the vibration. They claim to have test drove it several times, and I took them on a test drive once (of course the problem didn't arise). I think they believe me, but with this many people reporting the problem you'd think Nissan would be on top of this.

    Sorry, I don't have the patience to go back through all 60+ pages of postings to see if anyone has ever gotten this problem fixed, but if somebody has any solutions, or at least something specific I can go to my dealer with, I'd appreciate it. They've done the balancing and rotor repairs twice, with little if any improvement.

    Has anyone noticed any factors that set the problem off? It seems to happen inconsistantly and unpredictably (as evidenced by my "unsuccessful" test drive), but based on the descriptions I've read here from others, I'm sure it's the same problem, especially the part where the vibration significantly increases when I apply the brakes. I really think I need to get this taken care of, because it's getting to the point the car feels like it's going to fall apart.

    Sorry about the incoherent rambling. It's late and I need to get to bed. Thanks.
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I also just bought new Quest 3.5S and i notice a noice from power sliding door, I went to dealer and service guy fixed it. It does not make noice now. He told me that they had this problem with 2004 and it suppose to be fixed in 2005.
  • beanzdbeanzd Posts: 2
    We are currently getting about 19 mpg in the city, and we do a lot of starting and stopping, so the mileage sounds off. We were also told by a friend mechanic that Nissans need to have a Nissan filter installed with oil change when filter change is necessary. He stated that he recommends Nissans oil only be changed by Nissan dealers for that reason.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    Creak/rattle: My van just passed 200 miles. During the running board installation a couple of days ago, I reported creaking noise coming from the driver side manual sliding door. The dealer adjusted striker plate and door bracket. The creaking actually is more pronounced now. It seems that the door is either flexing or moving slightly causing the metal contacts in the striker plate to create creak. I think so because when I put some grease around the metal contacts in the striker plate, the creak is mostly gone. There is also rattle from the passenger side rear but it's intermittent and I have no guess. Overall ambient noise inside the van is actually very low. The underside of the van, however, seems to have little insulation as I can hear the road debris hitting beneath sometimes. I'm going to wait out for a while until the van breaks in before I bring it in for service.

    TPMS: Another issue I had immediately after purchase was that the tire#4 (driver side rear?) TPMS reading was not showing up. It was never programmed and easily fixed.

    Mileage: I can only say about purely highway driving at this point. The computer MPG showed 20.5 MPG as I was driving at 70 mph over the weekend. The van right now has regular grade gas in the tank. (BTW, the dealer filled it up with the regular. According to the dealer, I was encouraged to use the regular grade as the use of higher octane, albeit recommended in the manual, is complete waste. My experience from the past says otherwise. I'm going to use only premium grade from now on.) Since the van is so new, I believe this figure will go up.

    Overall: I'm satisfied with the engine (contrary to those who complained about low end torque, it's actually pretty good to me and I haven't gone over 4k RPM yet as I'm still breaking it in), 5 speed automatic transmission is crisp, and considering the size of the van (huge) it handles quite nicely. Aside from some audible nuisances, I'm happy with my Quest. It was the only minivan I was considering to buy as I was seriously looking at sports sedans. Oh, well, this was a big compromise I had to make but in the end it made my wife and and myself happy.
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