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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • nipperbgnipperbg Posts: 5
    If you have a 5 speed you need to check your RPM at highway speed. At 100 Klicks you should get 1800 RPM if it's at 2100 the tranny is not going into lockup and it won't unless you make it. There's a difference of between 4 to 5 MPG. Nissan says this is normal so if we want if fixed we better all get together and complain about the problem.
  • ord62ord62 Posts: 26
    Look at my previous postings and it will describe at least 8 problems. What a person should watch for is whether there is a danger to the occupant or/and to the public. All I cared for is to have a safe and reliable vehicle.

    I've looked at the 2005 Odyssey and I've seen problems in workmanship and reading the forum has convince me and my wife not to buy one. I found it to have more problems than the Quest.

    We are currently considering a Sienna but we will put it to deep scrutiny before buying one. I am already uncomfortable with the 2nd row seats but my wife likes the drive.

    I am still a Quest lover even after the problems I've had and wished I never encountered those problems. I still would like to buy the 2005 Quest hoping they have fixed most of the problems but my wife owns half of the decision. I have to provide her really good reasons why not to buy the other minivans.

    I am not seeing a lot of 2005 problems out there. Am I correct to assume that most of the problems are fixed????
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    The mileage is puzzling. Some in this forum state they are getting 25 mpg or better. The majority seem to be getting worse than advertised. I have been relying on fuel economy computer. I will calculate manually and compare.You can drive down the highway a few miles and the mpg reading will change. I'm not sure what the "gate" is to measure the mileage but it's not the full tank or the last reset. I've called the manufacturer and asked the dealer of every car I've owned with this feature since 1994, and not once have I gotten a real answer. I have a similar electronic problem with my Garmin GPS, which has recorded a maximum vehicle speed of 122 mph on a trip where I didn't exceed 80......

    I have kept a log detailing every gallon of gasoline that's gone into our 05 Quest because we use it as a company delivery vehicle as well. The average for the first 6,000 miles, including breakin and a lot of Winter driving, and it was 22.3 mpg - actual. I recently took a day long trip and averaged 25.5, with the A/C running. Sorry some of the folks with 2004's have had problems, but this vehicle has been flawless and has exceeded our expectations for handling, performance, mpg, and comfort. I wish the front cupholders were higher up, though.....
  • army4usarmy4us Posts: 7
    I had re-word this just because I wrote exactly what kind of vehicle the Quest is and they took it off, but I am sure anyone else who has had problems with their 04 Quests feels the same way as I do about these vehicles.
    Can someone please tell me how a few of you are all getting these hunk of junk
    Quests to be considered Lemon's?
    In the past 6 months I have had a rental car (due to my 04 quest being
    in the shop) for 40 days as of today and I still do not have my van
    back as I speak. I have had the following problems with it:
    Drive Axle Replaced
    3 Radios
    A transmission
    A noise they can not figure out what it is, sounds as if a chain is
    dragging on the ground!!!
    All the recalls, the Squeaky doors, the front drivers seat was shifting
    each turn I made, told me it was normal till the realized how bad it
    Tire pressure goes off saying I have a flat tire, every time it gets a
    little bit cold, I am in GA.
    Service Engine soon light has came on, and they had to reset the whole
    My door handle fell off the rear sliding door.
    Problems with steering wheel shaking at 45MPH +
    My list probably could go on and on.......
    I have been through BBB and that got me know where I am military so of
    course the dealership that I bought the vehicle at is in a different
    state so the dealership that is stuck working on the piece of junk will not help me
    out as far as taking it back.
  • ord62ord62 Posts: 26
    I am sorry to find out that you have had lots of problems. But every state has a different Lemon Law program. Go to and read on your state specific requirement.

    I believe the most important requirements to follow are: 1. Georgia specifies that the first conformity should have occurred within the 12 month/12,000 miles period; 2. It will need to really satisfy the non-conformity requirement (SAFETY would be the biggest concern) and not intentionally abused 3. You will need to write a registered formal letter to the manufacturer indicating your problems and what has been done and not fixed properly; 4. Read on the additional one time repair rule which may be the fastest basis of your repurchase or replacement.

    In Maryland, it is a 15 months/ 15,000 miles duration. Any SINGLE failure on steering/braking related problem and wasn't corrected the first time around entitles Lemon Law. There is also a 30 days out of service rule within the timeframe. There is also a 4 times repair limit on the same item. There is a 3 years period to file in Maryland even if the 15 month has been exceeded.

    In Gergia, I suspect that you may satisfy the 15 days out of service requirement for the 12months/12,000 mile, or 30 days out of service requirement for the 24month/24,000 miles. Another would be if the braking or steering has not been corrected after the first try. Another would be the tire safety (danger of bursting if overinflated). But again ... you will need to convince them that these problems are not intentionally produced.

    Try approaching it on your own and not involve any lawyer yet. I represented myself and BBB was a lot of help during the arbitration. Use a lawyer only as a last resort and only if you think you have a basis.

    Also... check the competing minivans to see if you would want just a replacement or a repurchase. So far I have not found any minivan yet that can exceed the Quest's qualities except on the reliability and safety issues I experienced on the specific van I had. Maybe the 2005 is better!
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    My 2 cents:

    1) try I found it had good limks to lemon law info. ( Alawys know your rights

    2) I beleive that Magnuson Act (Federal Warranty laws) also comes into play. Reps of a manuf. must fix the car otherwise the Manuf, is in default of its' warranty.

    3) I have not heard positive things from BBB arbitration. Lemon Law disputes are handled differntly in all states. We have three choices in NJ, I chose getting a lawyer (cost me nothing) who I found from NJ Law provides for compensationto lawyer if / when they win case.

    My case took 4-5 monhts to resolve and was in my favor, was not for a re-purchase but was in my favor. Lawyer was paid by Nissan.

    here are the ground rules.
    1) Keep ALL your records
    2) Know your rights
    3) Don't short-change yourself, it is not a simple, little problem its' a problem with a very expensive purchase
    4) If a lawyer will take your case then it probably means you would win. They hate wasting their time.The lawyer, in this case, is not the enemy so do not treat them as such (lawyer is not a four letter word).

    An, no, I am not a lawyer just was frustrated. Ihave had a Quest for 15 months and now am very happy
  • kmastejkmastej Posts: 6
    I just got my 04 Quest back after having threatening to call the Lemon Law in on it. Nissan provided me with a rental free of charge and ordered new parts, dove tails and a couple of other parts. At first the parts were not available, I had to wait almost 30 days for the parts. My usual experience is that the fix will last about two weeks, I will have to see how long this one last.

    Anybody notice that the power sliding door slides so hard if anybody is in the way while it is closing you could get hurt. I had accidently bumped the button while loading items in the side, the door started coming, I thought I would give it a hip bump back and it kept on coming closing me in. I ended up with a large bruise, Nissan said that the door was ok, I think a child would definitely be seriously injured if they were caught in the door. :cry:
  • garycoxgarycox Posts: 59
    I have a 2004 Quest 3.5 SL with 5700 miles on it. Is there any way to disable the passenger air bag? I know it automatically disables if someone sits in the seat under a certain weight. However, it's a huge safety issue if the passenger is using something like a laptop (which is often) or working on something else and the airbag where to deploy on a minor accident it would most likely severly injur the occupant of the passenger side.

    My Ford truck had a switch to turn it off but I can't find anything on my Nissan either in the manual or otherwise... Gary
  • kmacleankmaclean Posts: 1
    I just saw a service bulletin on the leaky tire issue at

    To their credit, it does look as if Nissan is truly documenting and working on all these problems - I think every problem we've had with our Quest is covered there.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    I have a 2004 with 8900 miles. I have been having a problem with the p/s slider. At times when I push the button, the door will open completely and will not stay open but will start closing immediately. When it starts shut, it takes a great deal of strength to reverse the closing, so much so, that if it happened to a child or an elderly person with very little strength, I believe it could cause some serious injury.
    I have had it to the shop two times and both times they were unable to find anything out of order, the last time was March 16, 2005. Since that time, it has occurred four times. I am scheduled to take it back on May 4, 2005.
    Just wondering, has anyone or anyone who know of anyone that has had this problem?
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    Does any one else notice following problems from 2005 Quest 3.5 S.

    Yesterday I notice that “passenger air bag off” light was on even though my wife was at passenger seat. (she weight around 120 lb), then I pull a car on side and I moved to passenger seat but still light did not go off. I drove for around five miles like but when we were coming back on that time light was off, I checked few times to make sure if it still having any problem but luckily as soon either me or my wife take a sit light went off. That was a first time happened so far.

    Today when I turn on heat I was hearing “tic tic” type of clicking noise from passenger side ventilation, it was not continues noise but one or two clicks after every couple of minutes.

    When I change ventilation position I hear noise that it is switching to other mode now. (Probably from motor, not loud but noticeable)
  • zaragozazaragoza Posts: 4
    I have the base model for the '05 quest. I have also noticed a noise as well. Does it sound like the door is bumping when you are driving. Like it is loose?

    Please email me at

  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    I also had that noise from passenger side sliding door, specially when i drive on rough road, I went to dealer and they fix it.

    Today I also notice that when car is on Park and if I push break paddle I hear click (loud) from the shift knob, sound like its unlocking the gear. Do you have that problem??
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    From where I can buy low cost security+ plus Gold plan for 2005 Quest 3.5 S ?
    How much it usually cost?

  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    Yes, when you push the brake pedal, the shifter unlocks. That's the safety feature that prevents you from lurching forward if you did not have the brake depressed. You can hear it but it usually isn't very loud.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    Anybody notice that the power sliding door slides so hard if anybody is in the way while it is closing you could get hurt. I had accidently bumped the button while loading items in the side, the door started coming, I thought I would give it a hip bump back and it kept on coming closing me in. I ended up with a large bruise, Nissan said that the door was ok, I think a child would definitely be seriously injured if they were caught in the door.

    We have an 05 and my wife stopped it with her forearm. It was nothing more than a squeeze, so find a more responsive dealer, perhaps?
  • moxmox Posts: 4
    I'm thinking of doing the same thing as you, could you tell me which aux. light kit you used? Also where did you mount the switch? And what is the pigtail socket for? Is it because the fog lights that you got from Nissan don't include the actual sockets/bulbs in them? Thanks for the great ideas and info!
  • moxmox Posts: 4
    Has anybody added a Sirius radio to their Quest? I'd like to install one that interfaces to the center console & radio controls. I want to know if it's a standard Sirius radio or specialy made for Nissan. If it's possible, what is the model #, where is it mounted and is any of it pre-wired for easy addition? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • valintvalint Posts: 1
    Hello, army4us
    I am just starting with the shaking at 45+ and the chain noise. I wonder if you hear like the front end of the car is falling off. I 'm going back to the shop tomorrow so I will let you know.
  • farmer3farmer3 Posts: 21
    I have XM satellite radio on my '05 SE. It was installed after I got the vehicle by the dealer. It's totally integrated with the center console and radio controls.
  • chuck0731chuck0731 Posts: 12
    Well, the vibrations have been getting worse on my 04 Quest (see post #1193), and now they sometimes occur at less than highway speed, so I'm heading back to the dealer on Monday for another test drive to see if they can "confirm" the problem. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I can ask the dealer to look for, I'd love to hear them. Someone at work who had a similar problem with their car (not a Nissan) said their problem ended up being a cracked engine mount. Since I know nothing about cars, does that sound like something that could cause the problems I'm experiencing?
  • quest4mequest4me Posts: 9
    To Max re Satellite Radio

    It's not very self-installer friendly!! In fact they have made it so
    difficult that it probably would be better to have the dealer
    install it and the wiring. Many dealers send the vans to electronic
    specialists for installation.

    Good luck!!!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Most high speed vibrations have been associated with the tires and not the vehicle itself. Have you had the tires balanced?
  • chuck0731chuck0731 Posts: 12
    Yes, the dealer balanced them a month ago, with virtually no improvement. They've also adjusted the brake rotors several times. My understanding is that if it was just the tires, the vibration would happen all the time, and not sporadically as it does. Is that true?
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    This is my first Mini Van and I am not sure if this is normal but for me it seems like that Quest's had glare problem in the windshield, sometime it’s really distractive while driving.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I can't speak for any other van, but it is a Quest attribute. It was noted in some reviews I read. I test drove and purchased mine at night, didn't realize how distracting it could be until the next day. All I can say is that you get used to it eventually, and polarized sunglasses seem to help.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    This is my first Mini Van and I am not sure if this is normal but for me it seems like that Quest's had glare problem in the windshield, sometime it’s really distractive while driving.

    All the new vans have immense windshields. I don't find the Quest worse than the Caravan we also own, or others I've ridden in lately. I also wear polarized sunglasses most of the time.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Re-read some of the earlier posts. There have been a few members who have experienced this problem. No it is not true that the vehicle would be vibrating all the time if it were the tires. There is a method of balancing that is produces better results than spin balancing. (I'm sure someone will chime in with this method). I had a 89 Buick Century that used to vibrate at 75 mph. I replaced the tires and it ran smooth to 80.
  • njdude101njdude101 Posts: 22
    When I was driving today I started noticing that Noise (from power sliding door) again, it seems like dealer probably did not fix it well enough. I am going to wait for few days if it gets worse then I will go back to dealer. It runs smooth on high ways, only on rough road I hear this noise. Pls let me how dealer fixed your noise problem?
  • park3850park3850 Posts: 10
    I bought a small, black towel. I put it on the dash on long drives. You can leave it there all the time if it bothers you too much to ignore.
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