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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Had the TCM replaced on my 04 Quest SL back in June. Have
    not had a problem since then. My family and I love our Quest.
  • Thanks and I agree, a positive dealership experience makes all the difference in the world. Today, the parts arrived late and they weren't able to finish my van. As a result, they set me up with a free loaner vehicle. They said they will try to get Nissan to pick up the tab on the loaner, and if refused, they will pick up the tab themselves. I was quite pleased. I think this dealer has the right attitude; it's justifiable warranty work and they will be reimbursed for it, plus I will spread positive reports about them. I feel sorry for the people who posted above us having bad experiences and basically being ignored by their dealer.
  • 73887388 Posts: 1
    Yes, I've the same problem but only after 7k and 14k miles.
    The servise did it for free...
  • Has anyone had a problem with their power sliders making a loud popping noise? The passenger side is worse but they both pop when opened. Also the trunk when closed doesn't lie flush any suggestions?
  • Brian- Our '04 Quest SE also just started making a knocking noise on cold start-up in the morning. The noise doesn't seem to be present after initial start-up, but the noise is disconcerting to say the least. The engine hasn't done this in the 22 months that we have owned our Quest, and it seems to be functioning normally other than the knocking noise.
    I'm glad you and I are not alone with this Brian, as it seems to me to be a warantee issue. I wish us both luck!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    To continue with my dissatisfaction, now at disgust level, with Nissan service.

    Just before Thanksgiving (post #1900) I brought my Quest in for service. Recap: I needed an oil change, had a couple rattles, and wanted them to check my MPG comp.

    They kept the vehicle for 2 days and only did the oil change. I paid 135ish which is idiotic on my part since I didn’t read the service manual on what it covered (I should have only done the oil change). They had to order parts such as felt tape and something else to get rid of the rattles.

    I specifically asked if I should call back to see if the parts are in. He said “No, I’ll call you myself”.

    Time went by and we were busy with the holidays. I thought a few times I should get a status on the “parts” but kept thinking about “No, I’ll call you myself”. I called the other day and they said the parts were “returned” since 30 days had passed so I would need to bring the vehicle in AGAIN for them to assess what needs to be done and then re-order the parts.


    I decided I would never go back to that place even if it was the last dealer in the city.

    BTW, I had both wireless headphones foam covers ripped (all ripped up). The dealer said there is no replacement foam and I would have to buy new headphones…I went to radio shack and bought round foam headphone replacements (they fit the oval fine…better than OEM) for $4 ea.

    I scheduled another appointment, for today, at another Nissan dealer. I placed my service order online listing the items that needed attention-another item was the passenger side power door. The door required extra effort to open by hand (really have to pull hard) and did not close fully a couple times when using any of the power buttons (remote).

    When I got there I had to re-list everything that needed to be looked at (I guess their online portion is just for looks?).

    I waited there from 8ish to almost noon when they called me to the service area. BTW this dealer had a terrible customer “lounge”…it was more reminiscent of the basement in Silence of the Lambs than a lounge…so I mostly walked around tempting myself with 350Z’s.

    When I got to the service area the “girl” just asked me to sign the sheet and said if I had questions “Bob” (don’t even remember the name) would answer them. I had questions…since the sheet showed that the only thing that was “fixed” was the power sliding door…it was adjusted. All the other rattling items only showed “could not reproduce”.

    Well she left and I was the only one in the area…I walked outside and nobody…walked back inside and waited a bit…just standing in the middle of the service drop off area. A guy quickly walked by and said “hey” but was too busy to stop. Finally somebody asked if they could help me.

    I said the DVD rattling is loud and the previous dealership diagnosed the problem and had a solution…they just messed up on actually completing it. I said it sounds like someone beating on a drum beside your ear, that there shouldn’t be a problem reproducing it. He asked if that was with the screen up or down (is this guy kidding me?)…I said down. He said they could not detect anything broken or misaligned with it, that they all make rattling noises when down. He said he’s not sure what they could do to fix it.

    I said fine, and went out to my vehicle…I checked out the sliding door that they “fixed”…it was EXACTLY as it was before. NOTHING was done. I went back inside and said that my door was not fixed. I went out with another person and showed him. We compared driver side to passenger side. The driver side power door would open if you just pulled back on the handle. The passenger side power door would pop open slightly, but would just sit there.

    He said they could “adjust” the door some more but it may cause it to rattle. I told him to make it like the driver side door. He went away with my vehicle and came back 20 minutes latter. He said the tech said it was really tight and he adjusted it. It seemed to work fine with the remote but still acted the same when pulling on the handle (would just pop open a bit and sit there). I said it seems to work ok with the remote…he was already opening the door heading inside and was saying goodbye.

    This was at NELSON NISSAN

    Well, I guess I could try ANOTHER dealer.

    My wife said I should have made them fix it…I was tired of waiting and didn’t want to give incompetent people another attempt to fix my 35K+ vehicle.

    Honda used to be at the top of my worst service list…Nissan is the new champ. BY FAR THE WORST service I’ve ever had. Not overtly rude, but a definite indifference in their attitude, speech, and resolution to my factory warranty covered items.

    Audi and Infiniti were the best.

    This experience, and continuing experience, has definitely caused me to re-evaluate any future purchases.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Well I believe I found out what the noise was. I happen to check the engine oil level the other day and to my amazement I could not see any oil on the dipstick. So I added a qt of oil and the noise has gone away. I immediately then drove to the dealer and asked for a oil change and questioned the svc mgr about the noise. He stated that if I was low on oil then this noise can be expected as it takes time, especially on really cold mornings (8f) for the oil to make its way completely around the entire engine upto the head of the engine. Anyway, since the oil change all is well. Im just wtg for another really cold morning to test this theory. I'll keep you updated. I live in NJ and its quite mild th epast 2 weeks. Just wtg for it to dip down to 8-12f to see if it happens again.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Does anyone know how to replace (or have detailed instructions) the in cabin filter behind the glove box? I did it once on my 01 Altima, they actually provided instructions with the filter. But they do not provide instructions for the Quest filters. I refuse to pay $100.00 to have a dealer do it, thats ridicilous. I guess thats why they do not include instructions anymore. I love how the manufactures look for ways to screw over the customers with there engineered catch 22's.
  • On the second day that the Quest made that start-up rattle I checked the oil. It was up to the full mark so in our case, the oil level didn't seem to be a factor.
    The strange thing is that today the Quest started fine; no rattle.
    The car is always garaged and the temperatures here in the NYC area (Long Island) have been fairly constant all week.
    I just hope the problem isn't demonic possession; it's so hard to ask the service writer to write that on the work order ;o)
  • My 2004 Quest currently has 33,280 miles on it. Most recent annual state inspection revealed that I need brakes all the way around. Taking it to the local dealer on Monday. I have noticed a vibration in the front end that occurs at low speeds and not necessarily when braking. Most likely the rotors are warped.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Hi all, well the inevitable happened again. After getting the van back Tuesday 27th for some routine maintenance, and the 2nd pair of new rotors that had to be cut with 10K on them the steering wheel was shaking violently last night when braking. So, I was up bright and early this A.M 12/31/05 to go back to the dealer and have the brakes checked again. I explained my frustration with this issue and the svc mgr (who is a real nice guy, and has gone out of his way to help me) replaced the rotors again. This is the 3rd set of rotors with less than 38K on the van!!! This is NUTS...How can you make such an inferior product and do nothing to address it. It should be a recall item with a new vendor making the superior rotors. These rotors are $120.00 a piece + labor, thank god until now the extended 5yr 60K warranty is handling this. Im seriously considering selling this van before the extended warranty expires and getting a Chrysler!!!. I will provide updates over the months ahead.
  • Just called my dealer for an appointment next week. When I asked then to readdress the sliding door rattles and the sliding doors not closing/not opening, he said that there is no fix, but the Nissan rep said it is coming next year. I thought the Nissan fixes on the web site are official Nissan fixes. Any comments. Hey Setright....I am not bitching....just inquiring. ;)
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    There is a fix, he is mistaken. It was included in their customer satisfaction program. There was a line item in there called a sliding door anti rattle kit. They applied the kit to my van and it worked great. Im looking at the work order right now (I keep every work order in a folder), and its was actually listed as a recall internally but not published as a nationwide recall. Hope this helps. If you want more info let me know. I will be glad to help. BTW, I am writing a letter to Nissan to ask them what are they going to do about the terrible rotors on the vans. I'll let you all know if I get a response. The letter is addressed to Marc McNabb, Vice President of Nissan Division in California. His name is on the extended warranty notice they sent out to the 04 owners.
  • Hey Nissan is hurting and they are going to be hurting more. I've had terrible problems with my 04 Quest and I'm going to state lemon law arbitration. But just dreaming today I went by the Toyota dealership to look. They were overwhelmed with customers. I had trouble finding a parking place there were so many customers. Said it was there busiest day of the year. Just checking I was talking to the salesman and he asked about my payoff. I called Nissan to check and Nissan finance was closed. He was dumbfounded. How can they be closed on a Saturday on the 31st. Never did get anyone at Nissan. Left Toyota and went by the Nissan dealer to check on another broken part on my Nissan and the place in comparision was empty.

    So apparently word is getting out of Nissan's poor quality. It's going to eventually hit them hard in the pocket book.
    Of course pulling into the dealership with the line for service backed up ten cars deep and my "My Nissan is a Lemon" bumper sticker was fun too.

    Q :lemon: U :lemon: E :lemon: S :lemon: T
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    So much for writing a letter to Marc McNabb...
    He resigned from Nissan.
    He probably saw the writing on the wall and saw Nissan is in big trouble with its products. 6473

    I'll need to find an alternative contact to write to.
  • Hi bperk,

    Yes to change the cabin filter is a real pain, Nissan did not make this an easy task. On the passenger side of the instrument pod all the way down on the bottom there is a plate with two screws, you have to remove that plate and the filters are stacked one on top of the other. Pull them out and replace them. Now the tricky part, when you put the new bottom filter in it gets caught on something in the box. You have to keep pulling it out and putting it in until it eventually will fall into place. Then the second one should slide in easier. I will tell you that the original filters that I pulled out were filthy. So it is worth going through the trouble to replace them.
  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update about the vibration issue that I experienced with my 04 Quest SL and that I believe many others are having. After taking my van to the dealer that I purchased it from about 4 times and taking it to goodyear 2 times, I finally called Nissan and got a hold of the District manager. I was referred to another dealer about 15 miles away, rented a car and told them to fix it. One day later they called me and said it was ready,I went to pick it up and asked what was done, the service manager told me that they did an adjustment on the rack and pinion. He didn't go into much detail, but when I went back to the original dealer, the lead tech explained to me that there is preload tension that can be adjusted on the rack. There is a tool that they use to measure the preload and make the adjustment on the rack. What ever it is it worked. I have put about 5k more miles and still no vibration in the wheel. So for all of you that keep having the tire balanced and re balanced, this is something that should be mentioned. I also haven't had brake pedal pulsation either, although it may be too early for that to re occur.
  • UPDATE: Well, the low power issue happened again -after they replaced the transmission. This time, the wife called me and did not shut the car off. I drove the car straight to the dealer. I test-drove it with a mechanic and right off the bat he knew what the problem was. He said that the transmission is starting in 2nd or 3rd gear, not 1st. He was not familiar with the Nissan SB or the issue with low power. All we did was circle the parking lot. He then took the car, again without shutting it off, to drive it with the diagnostic computer hooked up. Later, he stated that the computer had the hard fault for the low power SB in it (printed off copy of SB and showed it to me) and that the transmission thought it was already going 22 MPH while standing still!!! That was the reason the van had very little power/acceleration from a dead stop, it was starting in 2nd or 3rd gear. They are now going to change the AT control module. I also asked them about the condition of the transmission. Evidently, operating the car with this condition for 15K miles caused them to replace the transmission, so I asked them what has the last 4K done to the transmission? They said that they would drop the pan again and have a look. Van has been at the dealer since Friday, 29 Dec.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Thx for your reply, but now Im confused. The svc manager i spoke to this weekend about my other issue with the rotors said (as i was asking in passing about the filter) you gain access to change the filter via the engine compartment. He said you have to pop the hood, remove the wipers and the black piece of plastic that travels the entire length of the windshield, and then gain access via this area!!. Seems weird to change a filter. I question all this because I did remove the glove box to take a look behind there but it is not behind the glove box. Can you be more specific on the location you are refereing too?
    Is it near the floor? Thx again.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I am sincerely sorry about the problems you are having with your Quest. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I also hope that your state :lemon: law arbitration goes in your favor, I really do. That being said, ENOUGH ALREADY! We know your Q :lemon: U :lemon: E :lemon: S :lemon: T is a lemon. You have stated this over and over again. We haven't forgotten. Anyone who comes to this forum with with problems and are looking for solutions can see from your past post how you feel about your car. Not all Quests are lemons, most aren't. Mine isn't. I think it is a great car. Toyota and hondas have lemons too, but most aren't.

    Nissan has treated you very poorly. I cannot believe a company would treat a customer, with such severe and obvious problems, the way they have treated you. I wouldn't be a repeat customer if I was treated that way. I hope you have a satisfactory resolution to your State Lemon law arbitration. I'm sure you will let us know and it will be helpful for those who might have the misfortune of going through what you have gone through. I also hope that the new year brings you a car that makes you happy.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I, like many others have had this problem, in the past, with my Quest. Since they've replaced the A/T control module(TCM) back in June 05 I have not had it happen once.
    As far as the condition of your transmission after 4K since you had to have one replaced I think they should check the second one to be sure. i would guess it would probably be ok. I was at 9K before they replaced mine. I am now at 19K. and all is still well. Good luck.
  • Hi again bperk,

    No you don't access the filters from outside. You don't even have to take out the glove box. If you get on the passengers side of the van toward the floor in the center of the pod,I think you have to remove the floor vent bezel, the one that wraps around the pod on the bottom, use a flash light the panel is black, it is down there. You have to look good and hard. One tech told me to get it from the top of the pod inside. I took his word and took the whole gauge cluster and the top panel where the ac ctrls and radio and that when I noticed how to access the filters. Oh yeah by the way if you warmed up the van, there is a small coolant pipe that is hot and in the way of where the filters are, so you can get burned. Hope this helps, write back if you need more help.
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Thank you for clarifying this, I really appreciate it.
    As soon as the weather warms up I will try it. I will take photos and document the entire procedure and share with all here. This way we can all save the $100.00 the dealer charges. Thanks again.
  • We received our 'formal' notice of the seat recall for the Quest. I was expecting the 'reported' problems with the potential for pinching a finger in the seat folding mechanisms, but, I wasn't expecting the recall for the rear bench seat.

    The letter states that there is a "possibility that the third row seat striker brackets, which hold the seat in the upright position, may detach due to a broken weld. Striker separation could affect the risk of injury in certain types of collisions." Is it just me, or is this much more disturbing that the pinched finger scenario? ;) Would be terrible for the rear seat to collapse backwards in an accident! :sick:

    Anyone here had this bracket break?

    BTW, anyone 'pinched' their fingers in the folding seat mechanism? I don't really see 'how' that would happen.

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    this is how I have to change the air filter in my Olds Intrigue. It really isn't that bad. You ahve to be careful with removing screws. But it appears we have at least three methods to change the air filter. Does anyone have a definitive way of doing it???????
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    thank you for that detailed response fmunoz1069. This should help a lot of people.
  • Leave him alone. He has a right to speak his mind. Other people go on about their problems too. Who cares about breaks and rotors on a two year old car. If a car is only two years old there should be nothing broken on it. If your two year old car has had to have the breaks replaced then it to is a lemon. What, you usually need breaks like every 100,000 miles? Unless you're doing a huge amount of driving then get off of the breaks already. The Nissan Quest is a lemon yours too.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I also apologize. I am not in your shoes so I cannot truely understand the frustration you must be feeling.
    I hope you have a positive outcome to your state lemon
    law case.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    On the NHTSA website, if you look up 04 Quest you can find complaints about second row seat mechanism pinching fingers. One even claimed that the forward and back motion of the second row seat folding mechanism caught their ring finger and nearly severed it at the fingernail. It goes on to state that a bone was broken in the finger and required 3 stitches. :sick: I just got my recall notice too.
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