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Nissan Quest 2004+: Problems & Solutions



  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    I just had my brakes replaced, but it was at 30,000. We did have the rotors re-surfaced at about 15,000 (no cost)
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    When did you buy the 2004 Quest? Nissan sent a letter and sticker to 2004 owners in September/october 2004. The owner should have put the sticker in the owner's manual (it could also be inthe maintence manual) as instructed in the letter. If it isn't there, then call Nissan customer service to confirm the extended warranty and ask that they send you the sticker. The dealership knows about this so it should not be an issue for warranty work.
  • What was going on with your car that you were able to settle with Nissan? Has anyone had trouble trading their car? I was told my 04 quest was only worth 12,500. A car that cost 38k new. What is the deal with Nissan?
  • Why does is cost over 2.00 a mile to drive a nissan quest? That is what the dealer told me on my 04 quest. It lost $26,000. in less than two years!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am with you on a suit!!!!!!!! My car lost value of $26,000. in less than two years.... Not a quality vehicle..........
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Maybe you should try other dealers
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    Go to kelley blue book and find out the real value of your car. $12,500 seems a bit absurd for an 04 Quest. My 04 Quest SL with options had MSRP of $30,800. With 21,000 miles Kellys blue book has the Trade in value at $19,475, the private party value- $22,305, and the retail Value( a dealers typical asking price ) was $26,340.
  • All the usual issues. Door rattles and others. But the main issue was that at 10,000 the transmission would not shift and was replaced. A few weeks later the same thing happened again. They checked and the transmission was fine and could not recreate the problem. Then the new A/T started smoking. The seals were leaking. Finally the trans. started not changing gears again. This time they replaced the TCM. Then another seal leak. This lemon has been in the shop of one thing or another for over 45 days.
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    If you have had so many problems, why don't you seek restitution under you state's lemon laws? Why would you just sell it back to the dealer without exploring your options?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    love the "cannot re-create the problem" response. Like i have so much time in my schedule and love dealing with dealerships so much that I fake an issue with my car so I cna vist them???

    Sounds like the transmission and the computer were not jiving.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    love the "cannot re-create the problem" response

    Heh…agreed. Also gotta love the “that’s normal”, “within specifications”. Really…my DVD screen should sound like a Wal-Mart cart?
  • I bought it pre-owned in October of 2005 and have had it back to the dealer several times for body integrity type issues ( e.g. sunroof broken, fuel door lid not opening, rear windshield washer fluid hose clogged causing fluid to leak into the van, clips were broken in the back of driver and passenger seats causing plastic piece on back to be loose). Now at 36000 miles we have begun noticing the rotors rattling badly when braking at Interstate speeds. I have seen several messages regarding rotor issues. I checked my manuals and there is no sticker for the extended warranty you mentioned. Do you think I can still get it sent to me from the national Nissan service number or should I talk to my local dealer?
  • plashenickplashenick Posts: 165
    Just call nissan
  • basinbasin Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced any issues with the '04 Quest backfiring? I know that sounds crazy and shouldn't be happening on newer vehicles, but we think it has happened to us twice now. Both times we had been driving for about 40 minutes. We pulled over to make sure the sound we heard wasn't a blown tire, which it wasn't.
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    For the "cannot re-create the problem" response, I have video taped my issues and played it back for the Service managers. It convinces them.

    Just got back from a good dealer visit. I take it in for oil change and get a loaner car while they fix my problems. My dealer ahs been very understanding of the Quest issues. They turned my rotors a 2nd time (22,000 miles) and said next time I'll get new rotors under warranty. They say this Altima/Max/Quest platform has many rotor issues. They thought the new rotors looked like a different material so maybe Nissan is trying to fix the problem.

    They also offered new rear seat latches to eliminate a "creaking" sound. They said the new latches had a coating on them.

    I still have one door that auto-reverses frequently when closing and they are ordering a new hinge and motor to fix that hopefully.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I've said it before, a good service department makes all the difference.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I had this recall work done today. Now, I'm hearing serious squeak/rattle coming from the 3rd row bench seat area constantly. It goes away when I stow it in the cargo bay.
    I wish I hadn't got it done since my 05Quest has been so rattle free for about a year and 15 K miles.
    Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Has anyone had a problem with critters(mice, etc.) getting inside the heater blower cavity - After first winter ('04 SE) I noticed that when we turned on heater it sounded like blower motor was going bad - it vibrated at higher speeds. Took to dealer & ($300+ labor bill later) he showed me debris from a nest made in blower cavity. Not covered under warranty! Happened again last winter - After dozens of phone calls (Nissan is not good about returning calls) - the verdict from as high as I know how to go to in resolutions dept. is there is no way to prevent access into the vehicle. It is my responsibility to prevent their ability to access the vehicle - since its garaged all the time - he said maybe leave it outside (brilliant) - He had absolutely no way to help except go to dealer (at my expense) to clean out whenever it happens (requires removing center console incl Nav System). I asked how to screen off an area - he said if he told how to do that it would void the warranty. I've tried mothballs in a bag in engine compartment but didn't help. Has anyone had the problem? Any one have ideas? Nissan sure doesn't care!!
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    Hi, back from a busy few weeks. Anyway, here are the latest trials and tribulations of the Quest.
    BRAKES: I replaced all 4 rotors with performance rotors from, plus new HAWK pads all around. Total cost $700.00 installed. Lets see how these bad boys hold up over the next few months.
    BELTS: I had the 2 belts replaced last week at the dealership as they were squealing. Car sounds like new again. Cost, $190.00.
    TIRES: We have 40K miles on the van and soon will need new tires. I am going to get TOYOS 235/60/16. I have TOYOS on my Altima and luv TOYOS tires, great quality. Not the OEM crap as they suck as we all know. (Cant believe they still have them on the 06).
    BTW, Trans, I had it flushed at 30K.
    Other that the above all is well so far. I still enjoy the van, so does the wife and kids. Just wish it did not have this many caveats, OH well I guess that what happens when you are first inline. So far my dealer has been great and worked with me all all issues and resolved them (except the brakes which i hope I resolved myself). Good luck all, be back soon.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    bperk: What size rotors does the Quest use? I had my Quest in the shop to address a few items and they mentioned the rotors and pads were close to needing replacing. I don't want to use the same OEm rotors.

    Also what is the rear brake setup for the 2004 Quest S? The service manager told my wife, it was drums in the rear.
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    2004 Quest S should have rear disc brakes standard. Had the tires off mine yesterday to rotate, and noticed that the pads look about half life already. Dealer had replaced the rears at 49,000 miles when we bought the van used, and we've put only 7000 miles on since that.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    our 2005 Quest S is going to shop on Thursday because of Vibration on Steering while braking = Warped rotors... i noticed the vibration when it hit 2000 miles and now it has almost 2400 miles on the odo. Does anyone know why it warped so early? :confuse: sigh... i hope they will give us brand new rotors instead of resurface them....
  • bperkbperk Posts: 38
    As some of you may know (or just look at my posts) my Q has been plagued with rotor issues. Finally I said screw it, Im installing these performance rotors. All the quests have Disc's BTW. Up until this point my dealer has performed all work on my brakes for FREE (BTW, Lynnes Nissan West,NJ Great Svc Dept) which included ROTOR replacement twice. Alas, I dont see any point continuing with the OEM crap, so I went with the frozenrotors which essentially are warpless. For me its worth the $, as opposed to the agrivation of going to the dealer constantly. At some point after the 50K extended warranty im on my own anyway.

    dtownfb - I dont know the actual size of the rotors for the rear, but they are different to the front ones. You can look them up at
    Interesting I did notice that the rear rotors said "Made in Italy" that they sent me. I did not take notice on the front ones.

    carzzz - They probably will cut them, which will essentially speed up the warping again because you have less metal now to dissipate the heat. Expect them to be warped within less miles than the first time.

    Take care. Be back soon.
  • We did. Nissan forces you to use the BBB autoline. There decision was to give Nissan one more chance to repair the Q. If the problem did not occure within 30 days they would close the case with no recourse. Sometimes it will go 2 or 3 months w/o a problem. If the problem did occure within the 30 days they would re-arbitrait. (Re- Arbitrait! that should be an automatic you won the case and get a new car) A very unfair and one sided decision. Our next step was to go to the state arbitration. I found an atty that would take the case at no cost to me and sued for breach of warrenty. We settled out of court. Nissan Admits no guilt though. But I know they're guilty. :lemon:
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    Thanks for the brake update. Our '04 does have an ever so slight steering wheel shake during high speed braking, but nothing pronounced or bothersome. I'll be watching the brake issue closely, and will go with the Frozen Rotors with pads when brake time comes. The wife does like this van ;) , so I'm willing to go the extra mile to keep it going by using the right parts. Keep us updated on the FrozenRotor performance.
  • Hi Folks, I have a 2005 Quest. Rotors felt like they warped @ 3000 miles. I say felt like because the symptoms were almost the same as warped rotors but not quite. I thought how could Nissan put such cheap crap on these vehicles. But then how could Nissan even design a rotor that warped even if they wanted it to warp @ 3000 miles. I did some research on this problem. I don't think its the rotors, its the installation of the rotors thats at fault. Lateral Runout. See my post #1427 and #1435 in this discussion. The rotors must be machined on the vehicle using a PRO CUT hub mounted rotor lathe. Not all dealers have this lathe. Go to the PRO CUT web site, look under AWARDS, Its the only fix Nissan and many other car makers will pay for on warranty service. If your dealer doesn't have this lathe you will bring the vehicle back in agaun and again. I hope this helps, check it out.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    did the "cut" fix the problem or make it warpped again earlier?
  • Yes, the brakes have been fine for 10000 miles. I asked my dealer, Mories Nissan of Brooklyn Park, MN if they had the PRO CUT lathe. They said yes, it's all they use.It's a hub mounted lathe, much more accurate than caliper mounted. You MUST make sure this lathe is used on your Quest for the problems to be resolved. Note, I work as a parts guy for heavy equipment and have no $ interest in PRO CUT. As for $700.00 on frozenrotors, I think thats expensive overkill and they may feel like they warped if not installed correctly. You can get top of the line Napa rotors and pads for half the price of frozenrotors. The Quest is a minivan after all not a street racer or drifter. My last vehicle was a Windstar that I fried the rotors on several times coming down the Rocky Mountains. Smoked the rotors! They never warped. After they cooled down they were fine. They were midgrade Napa rotors, $55.00 per rotor.The problem lies in the installation of the rotors, it's a hit or miss issue, everthing has to line up perfectly or you will develop lateral runout.
  • exploder750exploder750 Posts: 159
    Thanks for the info, spoonieboy1, this gives us one more option to look at. While ProCut surely gives a superior lathing job, I'd be inclined to question design & fabrication of the rotor & hub if ProCut was the only option to true-ing up rotors. If the rotors were fine at the point of new and warped out on you in a few thousand miles, I'd be watching very close for the warpage to return no matter what method turning is used. From personal experience with other cars, I've never been a fan of turning rotors. At pad replacement time, if the pedal's not hopping, a set of new pads and no rotor turning is fine. If the pedal's hopping, then it's new rotors. At any rate, thanks again for the info and keep us posted on your turned rotor performance. By the way- Nice to hear from another Twin Citian. I bought our 04 Quest used from Feldman Imports in Bloomington, and have gotten warranty work done at Kline Nissan in Maplewood. So far, very happy with them.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    here is the update...

    Dealers: "Front rotors out of round disassemle and inspect brakes. Brakes slightly blue due to hard braking or riding brakes req's machining"

    they said the resurfacing is not covered under warantee in my case... what a shame...

    Also, just wondering how much you can turn on the steering wheel on the Quest? I could turn over 540 degree(more than 1.5 circle) to left from center position and but i could only turn exactly 540 degree to the right from center position(exactly 1.5 circle) this normal?
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