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Infiniti QX56



  • Well Ibinh mine is a late build 04 Qx, numerous problems such as messed up driver and rear passenger windows, the driver one hesitates gets stuck and after several tries goes up rear window knocks when coming up and left scratches in the window they finished both wondow. then i had tons and tons of sqeaks and rattles in the headliner took it in they fixed that, then in the liftgate they insulated the liftgate (hasnt made a single noise) then i developed a really bad annoying rattle in the two front doors took it in they tried fixing it with lube and grease didnt work took it back they replaced both front doors and everything was ok. Well to answer the brake question i've only taken my car in once for brakes and i didnt have any problems after. my Qx has been holding up really well not a single noise yet everything is running nice and smooth (like it should be).
  • linkybolinkybo Posts: 10
    "I feel that the people posting them are out to get Infiniti for some odd reason"

    You figured us out, Snowbound. I paid $55k so I could drive a $35k FX35 for a few days every other month while my QX is being serviced. I just love the challenge of squishing my kids three car seats across the back seat of that no-frills, little FX. And oh, how I love that hour and a half round trip to the dealer.

    But you know, hmm... maybe there are a few problems with the QX? Maybe the brakes really are wearing down every few months for some owners. Just because you got lucky doesn't mean everyone with problems is "out to get Infiniti."

    I just got every brake related part replaced for the fifth time. Maybe the fifth time is the charm?? Let's hope!
  • dream84dream84 Posts: 3
    Same here! We paid about $55K also, and we just are out to get Infiniti like everyone else. Like we have nothing better to do with our time: 1)get married in September 2)close on a house in 2 weeks 3)enjoy our lives by not being in service every other week. Snowbound, did you ever think that they are replacing your brakes because they see something wrong with them before you notice it?????? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out! Well, then again, we can all see who we are dealing with by your lack of spelling ability...sorry! I just take offense to someone saying that I am "out to get Infiniti" when I am wasting time, energy, and money on a vehicle that is faulty built!!! Especially when I am getting married in less than 3 months! I truly hope that no one in your family gets seriously hurt by this vehicle. Find out what happened in PA if you really care about your family.
    P.S. In PA, Nissan just did a buy back on all their full size vehicles (Titan, Armada, QX). New Jersey should be soon to follow suit!
    Holla for a Dolla!!!!
  • misheemishee Posts: 4
    Dream 84, What do you mean about PA Nissan just did a buy back on all of their full size vehicles?

    I had my brake's replaced over a week ago, and I still feel like something is holding the car back, my mpg has gone down to about 12.1 mpg, (used to be 14.9), and it feels like my car is all over the road with some pulling to the left. The techs checked it out last week right after the brake kit was installed because I told them something was wrong and of course they are telling me nothing is wrong. Anybody else having these issues?
  • I know this question is kind of irrelevant but has anyone taken this car offroading onto like sand mud and steep inclines water fording etc. im thinking of taking my family camping and the place im thinking of you need a 4x4 vehicle to get there.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I had mine down to the 4wd portion of Corolla, NC. I followed a hurricane in (forget which one) but the roads leading to the house were very soft sand and flooded in spots. I didn't know how deep it was in spots but I kept it in 4 wheel low and plowed though. At one point the water was splashing over the hood and it never lost a stroke. I did have it nailed a couple of times with visions running through my head of a very big wrecker having to pull me out, but it cruised through several times with no problem. I also scared the hell out of my son and his uncle who were scouting the house from a steep 25' tall sand dune when I thought they said it was THIS way, so I climbed the very steep inclined and when I traversed at the top they were pretty much standing in the way (for a very short time).
    Anyway, we had a blast with the thing in the sand and water. I came home after the week and pressure wash the hell out of it. That was a year ago and no problems since (outside some sand under the plastic cover on the running boards. I say go for it and have a blast!
  • ndared1ndared1 Posts: 21
    I have a ranch in New Mexico and I travel from Phoenix Arizona every other weekend even in the winter time. My Q has performed most satisfactory, especially in required 4x4 mode. I haul water tanks on a trailer to my house even through snow and the electronic gizmos in this vehicle make the best 4x4 capable car I have ever owned (including two hummers a 93 and a 95).
    I have only had problems with those damn brakes. Hopefully someone at Infiniti will get it fixed. Everything else in this vehicle is perfect. It rides (obviously) much better than the Hummers I used to own and is a lot cheaper to operate (reasons not to own Hummers).
    Anyway mud and snow are no problem, I have found through experience this last winter to use the Auto mode of four wheel drive, it is without a doubt smarter than me regarding lost wheel traction. I experimented in manual and auto 4x4 modes and when not needing low range I just put it into auto 4x4 and drive. It is cool hearing and feeling the drive line do its thing when the going gets rough.
  • qx bluesqx blues Posts: 10
    I, too, must agree that you have been lucky with your selection. I got rid of my QX after 8 months. Numerous brake and rotor problems (those were the only problems I had experienced at the time), and while I am aware you have had your brakes replaced for fear of complaining, I find that a little hard to comprehend. Service departments don't replace parts for the "fear of complaining".
    I am glad to hear of your adventures, and your family's satisfaction with your QX56, but I'm also glad to hear that I no longer have to deal with the Infiniti models! I also know 4 other locals that have gotten rid of their QX's due to the same brake problems.
    I hope you don't end up eating your words in the long run, and I hope your family continues to stay safe. You are one of the few without hard feelings through experience!
  • misheemishee Posts: 4
    Well, after about 6 visits to the dealer I can now say my brakes are completely fixed. After the initial fix about 2 weeks ago, my Qx didn't seem like it was ever going to stop when I applied the brakes, however they adjusted the brakes from underneath the vehicle and they now work. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I once again love my QX.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Glad to hear it! I think my last service got the same treatment because I too was standing on the pedal a little harder. I chose to let them "break in" and after a couple hundred miles they are perfect now. As a bonus I noticed almost no brake dust on the front wheels!
  • ndared1ndared1 Posts: 21
    I am happy to report that my dealer answered the call with my QX56 brakes as well. I was in for a normal service (LOF and such) and advised the service writer that my brakes were again pulsing. He immediately looked on their inventory listing and notified me that they had the latest corrective action parts sets in. I advised him to go ahead witht he installation.
    Well long story short I just completed a 1400 mile trip and my brakes are the greatest. I have never been so pleased. The first 200 miles or so were a lot of extra effort (as someone had reported too) but after that they really do stop forward motion with the slightest of pressure. They put all new pads on all four wheels and larger and thicker rotors on the front. I inquired as to the root cause and they stated something about poor heat disipation on the originals and the newer rotor design and pad media will disipate heat much better. Well for now I am completely satisfied with the fix. I will report back in 5000 miles with a longer term experience.
  • robertrobert Posts: 14
    I have 05 purchased in Nov 04 and originally posted that salesman told me that upgraded brakes were already on the vehicle. Though he was wrong, I don't think he did it maliciously as he had a brand new Armada that he had just purchased (who really knows, but I choose the high road). Around 5000 miles I noticed brake judder but only when towing my boat (which I do once per week minimum) and only 1 or 2 times during normal driving. It was minor, but given the history I took it into Infiniti and they diagnosed with "hotspots" in the rotor. they didn't turn or anything, but said it was minor, not a danger and preferred to fix with the new parts (I did question what it entailed and got the right answers, new pads (4) and rotors in the front and specifically these were the redesigned rotors). I was told a few days but took 3 weeks to obtain parts (this was in May). They fixed and I haven't had a problem since and I have about 1000 miles on the new fix. I have to say, that I do think Nissan stepped up and took care of the Infiniti customers first, as many on the Armada board were still waiting with no date given for new parts. Brakes do feel better, but not hugely different and we'll have to see about the fix itself. Dealer has been really great to deal with, as it's not their fault and the few rattles and such they've taken care of with a smile and rental each time. Service guy told me they'd done about 15 of these, and none had returned. I'm posting because this boards been of much help to me in my decision and hopefully someone else finds this helpful. My dealer is in Elk Grove, CA
  • audiowneraudiowner Posts: 3
    Maizenblue - I have had my QX56 in twice now b/c hte XM radio is not working very well at all. I have an Audi and it works great, while the Inifiniti cuts in and out. What did they end up doing to fix yours??? Or is it still not working?
  • fparker1fparker1 Posts: 6
    had my second go at the brake repair. This qualifies the car for the lemon law in california if it happens again. Hopefully this will take care of theproblem.
  • murphdogmurphdog Posts: 15
    I bought an 04 in February. My wife has put 3K miles on it, and during the last two weeks noticed the brake problems that have been well documented on the board.

    Took the car to Kelly Infiniti in Danvers, Ma. this morning, met with my service advisor. He said they would shave the rotors to fix the problem short term, because of a lack of parts available to the dealers. They are coming in sporadically, and they never know when or how many are coming.

    Took off in my I35 loaner, they called me back 4 hours later, said they rec'd enough parts in the delivery this a.m. to fix mine, and I drove off.

    Bottom line: GREAT TRUCK, GREAT SERVICE!! Even Lexus has issues with their cars (I had an ES and 3 GS's in 6 years). But it's how they deal with it that matters. These guys couldn't have been any more accomodating, almost Lexus like. I drive off thinking "that was easy", and will forget in a couple of days that there was even a problem.

    People comment on how beautiful the truck is. Took 2 other couples out Sat. night, and they each remarked how comfortable and smooth it was for a big truck. That coming from a Landcruiser and M500 owner.

    No complaints here...just praise...
  • sti4qxsti4qx Posts: 1
    Audiowner- I have had the same issue with my XM receiver as well. Service department keeps telling me that there is no problem. Well, in a wide open area such as a parking lot they are correct, but get anything larger than a small branch over the roof line and it cuts out. If they fix yours, let me know what they found and I will do the same.
  • :) Brakes are fixed in my opinion. I have gone the next 5K miles after the new stuff was installed and have had no problems. I also received from Nissan (Infiniti) the letter with the 48K no mileage limit for brake judder. In that letter was another notification regarding factory schedule maintenance for the car through 36 months and/or 37.5K miles whatever the car reaches first. That is cool I mean all maintenance, LOF, air filters, etcetera. I like Infiniti and especially my car. :blush:
  • Way to many poor user reviews. I've been reading and studying for three day now and I just am blown away by what a lemon this model seems to be.

    I've read all the reviews both here and yahoo on the QX, Escalade and the Lexus LX 470. Almost every reviewer loves their Escalades and some of them are on their third one. Very very few bad reports.

    The QX has many many absolute horror stories. I'm not only warned off the QX ... I'm now very negative on Infinity and Nissan in general. This is too bad as I was very excited about the QX at first. I was truly thinking it was the newest and best of the three.

    The Lexus may be dated but at least it works. The Escalade may be just an American behemoth but their owners rave about them and they look pretty good.

    It sure pays to dig deep when researching vehicle purchases. Thank goodness for Edmonds and Yahoo people who report on their vehicles. I would never have known the truth by reading the professional reviews. Obviously they are not interested in the real dope. Evidently they are beholden to the manufacturers. :(
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Maybe there is a difference between Infiniti and Nissan?

    Lexus, Nissan Are Big Winners in New Vehicle Satisfaction Study (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • Just was wondering, Im getting ready to make a purchase and am on the fense with all the brake issues im reading about. How is your brake job holding up?
    any other issues to report? and would you purchase again if you had to ?

    thanks much for any input*
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    I am also thinking about purchasing/leasing but still have concerns. Will you share your pricing info?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I have had no problem since it was in for the "fix". I have pushed them pretty hard at times, and not a trace of "jutter". Incidentally, the wheel jutter was nothing more that a warped rotor caused by overheating. Even when it was at it's worst with my QX, I never felt as if I could not stop, even with a 6000# load trailing behind. Best of luck with your decision. I've had mine for a year and a half now and haven't found a substitute for it yet (in this price range).
  • Simply put..."steer clear" of QX 56! ">link title
  • I just left the dealership today,, drove a Q around for about an hour... the final numbers were straight invoice... The manager advised he would sell at invoice price of 50K which was with Sunroof and Rear DVD system. I think that is a fair deal. Hows that compare with everyone else?
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    For 05', I was quoted $50,500. No quote on 06' as yet. How was your test drive?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I paid the same for mine back in April '04. Bargained a few oil changes into the deal and in fact had to pay for the first time at the 15k service. Good luck with yours.
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    I was just reading the forum discussions on the Armada. They make this site look tame. Everyone there seems to have sued under various state lemon laws. Nissan was very unresponsive prior to that. Some dealers claimed not to be aware of the brake issues, on and on...
  • I bought a 2004 QX56 in 12/04. As I have owned the vehicle, I have grown more and more to disliking it. Initially, I liked the room and actually the looks of the SUV, but the owning experience has been a royal pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. First, there was the CD player that wouldn't accept CD's. The the DVD player that skipped all the time. These were fixed the day that I brought it into the dealer. However, that still meant I had to take the time to go to the dealer, either wait at the dealer for hours. Or have it give me a loaner vehicle and then drive the loaner back. Either way, it was a waste of my time.

    Then it was the brake judder problem caused by the defective rotors. That took 2 days to fix. Now, there is another problem with my brakes. The SUV has been at the dealer for over a week now as dealer tries to find a replacement part for my SUV. I bought the vehicle to carry my family in. They aren't willing to give me a loaner QX56. So I am stuck with a I35. Nice car, but too small for my family.

    This is the quality that one is supposed to get with a $50K + car? I am not going to ever again buy another Infiniti product or endorse one to anyone who asks.
  • dedomandedoman Posts: 24
    Im back... Well... I took it out again today!!!! just to get in and out, look around, hit the breaks a little... It rides fine...and I have to admit, I think the ergonomics are very nice, especially for passengers, but Im just so hesitant about all the bad fortune had by previous buyers...I want to like the SUV ! but dont know if im going to be able to pull the trigger.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
  • Dedoman,

    Unless they have significantly improved the quality, I would not recommend buying the QX56. Maybe they have improved quality for the 2005 model year. I bought mine in December 2004 (built 9/2004).

    The current problem I am having is not related to the rotors. That was fixed (hopefully). It is a brake cylinder issue. The SUV has been at the dealer for over a week now. The reason they give me is that Nissan doesn't have parts.... What ever that means.
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