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Infiniti QX56



  • kjoekjoe Posts: 1
    I have owned my 2004 QX56 since May '04. It is a beautiful car, plenty of room, nice amenities, etc. Our first problem was the heated seats a few days after we got it, which needed 4 times to get it right. The backup sensor still isn't right but they finally figured out the problem this month (from a factory memo finally) and ordered a part (here it is October 2005) which should fix it. Our Navigation system has gone out twice (parts on order). This shouldn't be happening with a $58,000 vehicle, should it? As they say, stuff happens.

    But worst of all has been the BRAKE problem, which started at 3,300 miles, and now at 22,000 is going in for the 5th time for brakes. The "judder" is a bit unsettling. Infiniti has told me they will take care of the brakes as long as I have the car, but the security and scariness drives my wife crazy (she is the main driver of the QX). I have had enough and am going to contact the Bureau of Automotive repair and find out about the Lemon Law in my state (CA). I spoke to an anonymous source at my dealer who told me Infiniti has had to buy back at least 5 or 6 QX's from this dealership alone, some with less, and some with more problems as we've had, so you can only imagine how many have been bought back nationwide. The dealer service has been great, and hopefully the 2006 model QX lives up to supposedly having cured the brake problem. I've looked around and the closest I've come to finding something is the Navigator Special Edition, but it doesn't have the ride or pep that our QX has, so I will probably gamble and get a 2006 QX56...or will I? I know this is a heck of a way to solve a brake problem.

    My suggestion to anyone interested in buying a used QX 56 is STAY AWAY from the 2004 model as they have not been able to solve this problem. Check the repair record on the 2005 model and be warned if it has had brake problems. It would seem like it should be easy enough to retrofit these vehicles with the right stuff, but Nissan/Infiniti is dragging their feet, even though they know there is a problem, which will probably cost them more money in the long run, and loss of repeat business.

    Does anyone out there have advice for the Lemon Law so I can get this over with?
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    Go to the Armada forum. Lot's of discussion there about lemon laws and recommended lawyers.
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    where does the factory installed antennae get mounted? the dealer installed version is a small disk that gets mounted on upper front passengerside windshield. any thoughts? appreciate any input.
  • Hello,

    I have had my truck since 3/05. In general I like the car. However:

    The frame on the front widow is very thick or wide. (thicker at the bottom and gets thinner towards the top of the windshield)

    At my height -5 feet I also have to deal with the mirrors which are really wide. So if you add the frame + mirrors that is about 8 inches possibly more where things (people, cars, etc.) disappear from my line of view.

    I drove the GMC Yukon for years and I never had this trouble in that truck.

    Other points: The QX56 is supposed to be lux - however:

    Loud or "throaty" when I give it gas.
    I feel the steering wheel could have a better power steering feel.
    Steering wheel vibrations at high speeds (had tires balanced work for a little while).
    Feels top heavy going over highway bumps at highway speeds especially while in a turn.

  • bigobigo Posts: 22
    First Off The Navigotor may share its platform with the Expedition, but is differs in interior and some exterior things.. n the navigator deserves its "luxury status" 1. because its a Lincoln
    2. Navigotor is a better performer that Expedtion.
    3. and the is a LINCOLN hahaha.

    The QX56 is the same as the Armada, except that it gets that ulgy [non-permissible content removed] front end.. and some wood n leather as standard.. thats basically it.
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    If anyone is trying to determine the difference b/n 2006 Armada and QX (as opposed to debating the luxury status of Ford/Lincoln) consider: when you fully equip an armada, the list price moves to about $49k compared to about $57k for qx, but qx would include intel cruise ($800), bluetooth phone ($500?), extra year/12k mile warranty ($1200?), heated rear seat ($500?), premium leather, carpeting, and paint ($2,500?),and 315hp vs 305hp for armada ($?).
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    I should have also added: xenon vs halogen headlights,wood/aluminum dash vs plastics, add'l frontseat power adjustments and larger taillights. Bottomline is that there is some premium for the infinity badge but it is not the full sticker price difference.
  • hi iam trying to decide which one do i want qx 56 or armada. did u see the new 2007 caddy iam saving up for 1 of them,can u help me. i really cant decide.
  • jikamjikam Posts: 13
    I don't think that I can add much more to the qx56/armada issue beyond what I've already noted. Do you want the extra features? Are you willing to pay for them? Are you okay with the Armada interior? I did mistate the
    qx56 warranty..its 4 yrs/60,000 miles so its actually one year and 24,000 (not 12,000) better than the Armada.I haven't seen the 07' escalade, only the 06'. The regular 06' escalade (not the esv)had too small of a third row. I considered the esv which clearly has the most room of anything short of a bus but the qx56 satisfied me on room and I liked it more.qx and armada are the only ones that have air curtains in all three rows. On luxury, I was fine with the caddy, preferred the qx but was not okay with the armada...sitting in it felt like being in a black and white movie, everything was monotone gray, and the paint,carpeting and other plastic finishes were just not that nice. The Armada, though, is not intended to be, and is not marketed as, a luxury truck.Its a big, powerful, roomy hauler.If the luxury aspect of this is not important than Armada makes more sense than qx.
  • deankdeank Posts: 1
    I bought my QX56 in April 2005. I have had it in service three times already; twice for the braking issue as well as problems with the key fobs (unresponsive) and the backup camera (fuzzy, grainy picture at night). I was told the camera was replaced two weeks ago but still have the problem. A new issue is the gear shift not going into 'Park' all the way thus not allowing me to get the key out of the ignition switch. The Infiniti service department where I bought my vehicle is pathetic and unreliable. It always seems to take an extra two days to get my vehicle back. They are also very poor at updating the status of repairs. I am very dissatified with this vehicle and the Infiniti service department.
  • ?partner=rss

    "According to Consumer Reports, Infiniti's QX SUV is the least-reliable car on the market. It is 300% less reliable than the average car.

    We really enjoy the $50,000 QX. It is extremely opulent and sophisticated, but remember a basic rule: The more complicated something is, the greater the number of things is that can go wrong. This is especially true for such an expensive guinea pig as the QX: It was not only an entirely new car when it went on sale in early 2004, but it was also the first Infiniti built in North America.

    Ironing out the kinks in the QX's manufacture has not gone well for Infiniti, as the model is the least-reliable new car on the market."
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    That may be, but you couldn't prove it by me. I won't be trading mine just yet. (Besides, it holds a lot of Christmas gifts.)
  • I was not surprised but depressed knowing that my 2004 QX56 made Forbes list of worst cars.

    My backup camera has been very grainy at night. I thought that was just dirt. I guess it's actually another defect.....
  • Now that Christmas is over, ready to trade :-P
  • yoda1yoda1 Posts: 1
    Regarding the back up camera issue. Same situation with those small hand held video cameras. Some are great in daylight, but grainy in lowlight. The sensor does not have the best range at night, but the grain is due to noise, like on a digital camera. Sure a much higher cost camera will do the trick, but I have yet to see a better retrofit.

    Hey, Chevy is just getting on the bandwagon with it. If any of you are in southern ca., I have had great luck and support from Tustin Infiniti, they listen. Just be calm when you go in, that person you talk with is not your enemy.

    They have made some of the problems you all have experienced a lot easier to accept. Because of they'r willingness to get things right, I will buy another Infinit from them. They treated me better than Laguna Hills & Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz with our S Class.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I agree with you yoda. I have had any repair work done at the same time the regular service was done. It was in there and I was going to get a loaner anyway. Ray Catena is the best in the North East as far as I'm concerned. They expect nothing less then complete customer satisfaction.
  • I hope you didn't go for the QX56 or Armada. Wait for the '07 Cadillad, those other 2 would never be able to compete! :D
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    The new '07+ GM ute's are terrific except for one thing--the short models like the Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade are still a little too short, and because they kept the solid axle rear suspension, the 3rd seat is still the worst around. That's a HUGE mistake in my view (we have an '04 Suburban), especially since every other competitor has a 3rd row that both folds flat and is comfortable for humans.

    They no doubt have higher levels of build quality and refinement than the Armada/QX56, but the Nissans still hold their own when it comes to power, styling, and room.
  • lcllcl Posts: 2
    Help Please,
    I was considering buying out the lease of my neighbors 2004 QX56, 23K miles with a buy out of $39,000. He had the warranty work done on the brakes, after being notified he didn't notice any problem. He says there have not been any other problems and has no complaints. They bought the vehicle in Missouri for moving to Florida it was fabulous, but now they want to get out of the lease because the vehicle is too big, a waste, and is used only 1-2 times a week. Maybe this one is not a lemon. My neighbor says he has not had any problems and his experience with the numerous infinities he previously owned has been great. He loves the QX56 compared to the Expedition he replaced and says there is no comparison, the QX is in a whole different league.

    I am looking for a reliable & comfortable luxury SUV that can accomodate 7-8 passengers, when they visit us in Florida, and can pull my 2 horse trailer. After having lived in Detroit for a number of years, I prefer to stay away from vehicles manufactured by "The Big 3". I want a vehicle that will last for 300,000 miles not fall apart at 100,000 miles and nickel and dime me to death.

    My original interest was the Toyota Land Cruiser. But after test driving my neighbors QX56,reading the owners manual, and some internet reviews I was convinced on purchasing the QX. Then I came across this forum. Now I am scared to death! Any advice? Do you think the price is fair? What about reliability?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I'm afraid to stick up for this vehicle anymore. I have a 2004, and if you read my post by clicking on my name you will see what I think.
    Good Luck with your decision!
    ">link title
  • lcllcl Posts: 2
    It is really great to hear some good stuff about the QX. I posted as message asking for advice on purchasing my neighbors which has 23K miles and he wants the lease buyout which is $39K. he has had absolutely no problems. he said he had the brake warranty work done with a regular service and it was not a big deal. He is really pleased with his 2004 QX56. However, they just don't need such a big vehicle anymore, which is why they want to sell. I would love a big vehicle that is luxurious, will carry 7-8 passengers, and pull a horse trailer loaded with 2 1200lb horses, plus be reliable for 200k-300k miles. Seems to me, especially after reading your post, the only vehicle on the market really fitting the description is the QX56. Many of my friends use Tahoes but we all know any vehicle manufactured by any one of the "big 3" (GM, Ford, Chrysler) will be falling apart at 100k miles and nickel and dime the owner to death.

    Thank you for your post in this forum. It gave me hope. :)

  • I had the same problem with my vehicle on being stuck in neutral/park. After several visits to the dealership, the problem was blamed on me. It had a screw in the wiring in the roof. Since I had had hail damage and the roof was repaired the dealership said that they were not responsible. I don't know but since it happened to your QX too maybe it was done at the factory. I also have problems with my rear hatch. It doesn't open automactically like before. Have you found out the cause yet? Thanks.
  • kenrkenr Posts: 9
    We have had the QX for 16 months, around 16,000 miles. We had brake shudder after 7,000 miles. Infiniti did the temporary repair. The shudder returned last month and they did the permanent repair. We had a problem with the fuel gauge. It was fixed, but the fix caused the gas to leak out the engine when it was turned on and they had to tow the car to get it fixed. The fuel gauge acted funny after a fill up last month, but has been working fine since. Yesterday we noticed oil leaking and they say we have a ?cracked gasket? I'm not sure, but they are fixing it as we speak. So on one hand it is very frustrating seeing all these problems pop up. On the other hand, we love the vehicle and Infiniti has always bent over backwards to take good care of us (Park Ave Infiniti in Englewood, NJ). We get great loaner cars and we tend not to have to wait around. We bought the SUV, so we're going to be driving it for a long time. We're going to inquire today about the extended warranty.
  • vagavaga Posts: 3
    Thank goodness for this site! I almost bought one of these lemons and aborted at the last minute. I had been to the dealership to test drive one and both my wife and I loved the QX56 (me more than her). I was ready to buy it and the dealership prepared all of the paperwork. At that time, our two year-old son's patience had run out (it was past his bedtime), and we had to bolt out of the dealership. The sales guy was disappointed, to say the least, but still upbeat because we had left it that I'd be returning in the morning to finish the purchase and pick up the vehicle.

    That evening, I did what I should have done before visiting the dealership in the first place: I read up and down through this message board. I followed up on various leads mentioned throughout many of these posts and came away convinced that the QX56 simply offers too many headaches. I ended up feeling that if I were to purchase the QX56 and end up with a lemon, after all I had read, I wouldn't be able to get upset at anybody else more than I'd be upset at myself for having walked into it with eyes wide-open.

    Forget it. Infiniti certainly lost me as a customer due to all I've read about this vehicle.
  • Maybe I have been lucky but I have not had any major issues with my QX. I purchased a 2005 and I've had it over a year now. The only thing I have taken it in for, other than routine maintenance, is the brake shudder. The folks at Charles Barker Infiniti were great and they fixed the brake shudder problem, no questions asked.
    I researched this post and a few others before I purchased my QX but my wife and I loved the truck and decided to go for it.
    I am happy to say we are glad we did.
  • vagavaga Posts: 3
    Glad it worked out for you, mack12. I enjoyed test-driving the QX56, and had I purchased one and not had any problems with it, then I'd be as happy as you are. Assuming no quality issues, I'm sure this would be a very enjoyable car to own.

    The way I see it, deciding to purchase the QX56 is a bit too much like rolling the dice and betting that you'll be one of the lucky ones. Sure, one can get a lemon off of any assembly line from any make of vehicle...but statistics speak, and statistics talked me out of rolling the dice on the QX56.
  • Just purchased a 2005 QX 56. Infiniti is offering $3000 cash to dealer (not sure how long this is running or if this is specific to QX56). Some dealers are advertising $7500 off MSRP using this cash to dealer to pass on to buyers. I was able to get $8000 off on a non demo 2005 on their last 2005. I would negotiate more for demos. Good luck.
  • sah765sah765 Posts: 1
    Hi. I am deciding between a 2006 QX56 and a 2006 Lincoln Navigator. My question is regarding the 2nd row bench seat. The dealer only had captains chairs on the lot so I couldn't see the bench seat in person. Is it a 40/20/40 seat or a 60/40 seat? The sales person couldn't understand what I was talking about! I need to put 2 car seats next to each other, one behind the driver and one in the middle, so my daughter can sit on the end and my son can get out of the 3rd row. In the Navigator, the middle seat pulls forward so the baby can be closer to me. Can anyone explain the configuration of the bench seat and if 2 wide carseats would fit next to each other. (I must have 8 seats, so captains chairs are not an option)

    Thank you

  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    Sharon, check out this website and hopefully it will answer your question.,,cid-75034_sctid-32005,00.html?sfnum=1

    Good luck,
  • After reading all the reliability issues with QX56 on this board, I still decided to trade my 2002 Sequoia in and purchase a 2005 QX56 for $8,000 off MSRP. I learned that any 2005 QX56 built after May 2005 would have the break problems fixed, which seems to be the primary reason why the reliability ratings are so poor. I understand there have been other complaints with the SUV, but the brakes are absolutely the main reason for the QX56 being labeled as one of the worst reliable vehicles for the past two years.

    I have owned two Sequoias since 2001 and love them. However, the engine is weak and the interior design is dated. The QX56, on the other hand, has a VERY powerful engine and an exceptional interior. The QX56 blew away the Sequoia on interior space. I will periodically update my experience with the QX56. Right now I have 150 miles and no problems. Wish me luck!
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