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Infiniti QX56



  • 6infs6infs Posts: 6
    Your right the 2004 has big brake problems, insist on the upgrade and don't back down. Other than that, it was a great car it got 15 mpg for all 4 years (regular unleaded). the 2008 is amazing! The electronic upgrades are wonderful, the larger tires really make a difference. I'm getting 12 ish mpg and today it hurts
  • vanbentonvanbenton Posts: 2
    I traded my 2005 QX56 in on a 2008. I have not had any challenges with it. I now have 9500 miles and it is running good. I am getting about 14 MPG in the city/highway and 16.5 MPG highway only. I like the new electronics and the changes with the rims/tires and the chrome on the roof racks makes it look better also.
  • rebulrebul Posts: 1
    I purchased the 2008 QX56 in early December for $52,000 bottom line. The only extra I got was the dvd entertainment package. I forgot I also got the cargo mats and all the rubber mats for the car too. I thought it was a good deal and 2.9% financing.
  • 6infs6infs Posts: 6
    I just picked up my 2nd Q, I had a 2004. I spent a lot of time thinking about the warranty because of the number of miles that I put on in a year.
    A couple things to consider.
    1) My 2004 never cost me a dime more than normal scheduled maint. Tires, oil, fluids and other things. Nothing else. It was the best
    2) Consumer reports just did a write up on them, and they really don't like them. Take a minute go to the library and read the article, the talked about things I never considered.

    Also, this Q is our 6th Infiniti, and I have never really had a large out of pocket expense. Quality is really far above what I would expect.
  • itunisitunis Posts: 2
    Recently, I decided to sell my 2002 Yukon XL and upgrade to a more luxurious full size SUV. My wife and I tried out pretty much every competitor, and we were shocked at how great a difference there was between them and the QX. I set out thinking I'd get the Escalade, and that I only would try the others to be a responsible buyer.
    As it turns out, the Navigator was woefully underpowered and had a "retro" interior that wasn't too great, the Q7 and G-Class were a bit small, and the Escalade, along with a disappointing interior, had pricey extras that came standard on the QX.
    When we got around to buying the QX56, we planned to buy a used 2008 with a few thousand miles. With gas prices sky high, we were able to find a 4WD QX with the DVD player and front sonar/adaptive cruise control-fully loaded- for just 40,000 dollars. That's about the same as we paid for our Yukon- I consider it one of the bargains of the century. :D
  • keg97keg97 Posts: 189
    Congrats! I'm assuming that you got a used '08 for 40K.

    We had much the same assessment about the QX's competitors. I wanted (and still do) to love the Escalade but the lack of some features, the terribly designed 3rd row (not folding into the floor), and the high price told us otherwise. Interestingly, I thought going into the process that we would end up with the QX and I ended up being correct. I was super stoked to see the new '08 (the first one that arrived in Raleigh) had significantly improved most of the problem areas on the QX. The only reason that I don't absolutely love the QX is the "unique...only a mother could love" front end/headlights.

    5K and we love our QX though...very functional and well thought out.
  • Have you heard of their new self healing paint? For real! Check it out! (The heat from the sun, takes the gel of the paint and fills in the scratches! )
  • I have a 2005 QX56 83k miles on it. Has anyone else had the following problem:
    While driving along at around 50-60 mph the car will suddenly lose power or turn off. The 4wd drive indicator the check engine soon and brake indicator all blink rapidly.
    I then glide to the side of the road put car in park and restart the car as if nothing happened.

    It has happened 3x, after the first time I brought it in, but nothing showed on the diagnostic. It happened again 2x yesterday along with a hiccup at speed. I want to say it has something to do with the transmission, but that's a guess. all indicators and gauges are normal except when it loses power.

    Has this happened to anybody else and what is wrong. Thanks.
  • has anyone experience annoying rattles of the dvd screen when driving? I have a 2008 QX and the rattling is very distracting...I literally have to wedge a rag behind the screen to soften the sound.
  • my 2008 QX 56 has paint peeling off the hood. is this covered by warranty?
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    I had paint peeling from the rear bumper of my '04 and they replaced the bumper when I scheduled routine service.
  • can any one tell my why my 4x4 on my 2004 qx56 is not working i turn it on the light comes on to show it is on but that is all it is not engaging the front tires please help.
  • qx56qx56 Posts: 69
    4 wheel drive high or low?
    When engaging or disengaging 4 wheel drive low, remember to have the transmission in the neutral position or it will indicate it is engaged, but it won't be.
  • Thank you i just got my truck back from the dealer it turned out that the front axles had poped out they fixed it lucky for me it was taken care of by my extended warranty
  • Ive had the same problem as cspring, except with a 2004 QX56 with 100k miles on it. The dealer is perplexed, thought initially it was problems with the sensors, which were replaced. The car ran great for a week but then shut down again. Any ideas on what this may be?
  • I have a 2005 QX56, about 105000 miles. This same problem started on my vehicle last week - 3 days at the dealer, not fixed. It happened again this week, another 3 days in the shop.
    I know that brake systems and fuel systems are quite different functionally, however I have had a similar problem with my brakes for about 3 years - brakes make nose when pushed, brake and ABS lights come on. I go to the side of the road, turn off the car, turn it on again, and the problem disappears. I had always felt that it was some controller in the car that was having a glitch of some sort. This fuel problem is very reminiscent of the same kind of activity - seems like an electrical/control problem, and turning the car off and then on again makes it go away. Both problems happen only occasionally, and the dealer has never been able to reproduce the problem and consequently never able to fix it.

    However, I called Infiniti Consumer Affairs - 1-800-662-6200 option 7 and told them of the issues. The dealer called yesterday and said that Infiniti had instructed them to check out a control module as well as the fuel pump. I received a call this morning indicating that they are going to replace the fuel pump and the IPPM ( a control module). The IPPM is evidently involved with both the fuel system and the brake system. Infiniti is going to cover the cost of replacement.

    If you don't hear from me, the problems have not reoccurred. I'll reply again if I continue to have problems.

    Good luck - hope you can solve the problems on your vehicles.
  • sgw1sgw1 Posts: 2
    I am having the same issue with my 2007. Dealer says paint chips and not covered. I've taken to inspecting everyQX56 I see and 75% of them have the same issue.
  • moecmoec Posts: 2
    I had a 2007 Infiniti Qx56 and this will be a general answer to many issues I see in this forum, I had paint peeling , I had Dvd ratteling The dealer also claimed this was all normal and I did not buy that answer, We had argued and then they finally offered to repaint my bumpers and inner door panels, I did buy this brand new and did not want a repaint on even 1 inch of my SUV, I chose to take this to arbitration and my case was heard by CAMVAP which is free service and protects the consumer if the consumer feels they are getting jacked by the manufacture, The arbitrator had forced them to do all repairs and clearly said paint peeling is not normal if there is no stone chip or scratch and the DVD raddle is infact not normal , They did paint and try to repair the vehicle and they claimed it was perfect , I disagreed and asked the arbitrator to re-examine the truck priot to making a final decision, He had looked at the truck and ordered a buy back and granted me a full refund less my driven milage. These are the steps in Canada as for people in the U.S you are lucky the lemon law is in place and should be easier. This is my second battle with Nissan Canada 1st on my 2004 Armada a lemon with the same issues and they lost that also, So if you have a used one or a new one the paint issue is a factory defect and the dvd rattle is also a factory defect so do not take this " it is normal , this is far from normal and they have to fix it.
  • There is a lot of talk about the problems people are having with their QX56s. Bottom lone; should I buy one? I am in the market for a larger SUV as our family has grown. I was looking at the GM larger SUVs when I came across the QX56. I have found a few 2005s and 2006s for sale.

    Aside of all the problems (paint, brakes, rattles, etc.) should I buy one or stay away? I can check to see if the brakes have been replaced and hear for rattles, but what is the bottom line?

    Thanks for your input.
  • linkybolinkybo Posts: 10
    Stay away. Especially from the 2004's. Look at all the big, black dots it got from Consumer Reports.
  • sjt708sjt708 Posts: 2
    I had a 2005 and had a ton of problems with it. I have a 2008 now and have not had any problems with it.
  • moecmoec Posts: 2
    Well I had a 2004 and Junk it was , we went to court and it was declared lemon by the judge and by back was order, I then waited and purchased a 2007 thinking they would have fixed the issues and again landed in court and judge ordered it a lemon and a Buy Back, Now I am looking for a larger SUV and I must say they are the biggest and nicest , I looked at the GL550 and they are small, So I am looking at the 2010 Infiniti but My test drive will be on a real bumpy road and I will put it through some tests and I hope they have finally changed. So Be carefully look at all seams , bumper and door seams check paint pealing there.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    The early model years (2004 and 2005) were horrible as Nissan had major quality control issues in their new Mississippi plant. The more recent model years have been much better, but they still are far away from having the best frequency of repair records. Just look at Consumer Reports. Have you considered a Sequoia? Not as upscale a name plate as an Infiniti, but if you look at the Platinum model you might be surprised at how well equipped it is...and how high the price is :-) If it's not out of your price range, look at the LX470...quite a vehicle, but the Sequoia has more room in the back.
  • Thanks so much to all of you for your input! This would never have been possible years ago and I would have been stuck. I am going to test drive with eyes open. The guy is now at $30 for 34K miles for his 2005. I will also try the Sequoia. Prestige is not necessary, just looking for a nice ride.
  • OK, I looked at the Platinum Sequoia, but it only comes in 2008 or newer which is out of my budget range of $30-35K.

    My needs are third row, heated second row, 4WD, sunroof, DVD, and Nav. I know, "gee that all??" So like I said I was originally looking at Denalis, Tahoe LTZs, Yukons.

    Anyone have a good suggestion?

    Thanks, you guys are the best!
  • Always good to hear a happy ending. How are things going now? Any problems? What type of extended warranty did you buy?
  • Has anyone had a good experience with a 2005 QX56? I drove one today at a private party and the guy says he has not had any problems. He said that he brought in it in early 2006 for a recall, but other than that has not had any problems. Of course the guy could be lying, but he seemed to be telling the truth. The truck has less than 30K miles and the paint looked new. I checked for overspray, but it didn't seem like it was repainted.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Sorry, I didn't realize you are looking to buy used versus new. You are right, the pre-2008 Sequoias are a much smaller truck. I think the QX drives much nicer than any of the GM products (drive them all and see what you think), but in the end I would be afraid to buy one,especially a used one. IMO the GM products are "good enough", and there are LOTS of used ones out should be able to make a great deal.
  • tdkeatortdkeator Posts: 16

    I thought I would chime here re. a used QX56. Take a look at my other posts in the "problems" thread re. A/C in the QX56. To make a long story short, I recently bought a 2009 QX56. On days above 95 degrees in TX, the air at the front vents would not get below 60 degrees, whether moving or idle. In the rear, it was about 70 degrees. Those temperatures sound low, but in a car, it was like an oven in that thing. Normal, industry-standard A/C temp range at the vent should be between 38-48 degrees using recirculation mode after about 10 minuites. Later I test drove a brand new 2010 to double check A/C performance in the QX56 and got the exact same readings with my A/C vent thermometer - about 60 at the front vents, 70 in the back. Thus, the QX56 is a very hot vehicle with a poor A/C. I took my 09 to the dealer for repair, and after 2 days of tests they said it was running as well as possible, and the problem was the outside temperature. [However, one of the techs revealed to me that they have had a lot of customer complainte that the QXs "just don't blow cold enough."] To me, this was unacceptable since my 2003 Yukon (also a big vehicle), my wife's Volvo XC90, and my father's 1998 Lexus 470 each got down to about 40 degrees at the vent under the same conditions. Thus, I ended up returning the QX56 and purchasing a new Yukon instead (from the same family of dealers - I really appreciated this). It was a hard decision because I preferred the bells and whistles of the QX56, but in the end I couldn't sacrifice A/C performance. My new Yukon hits 40 degrees at the vent even on 100+ degree days.

    The lack of A/C in the QX56 appears to be a major design flaw that Infiniti should address. My advice is before purchasing a QX56 (or any vehicle for that matter), test drive it for 10 minutes on a hot day and stick an A/C thermometer in the front center vent (they sell them at Autozone for about $5). If the air gets down to 38-48 degrees, the A/C is fine. But if it is 60 like the QX56 I had, I would stay away. That thing was like an oven. GMC's may not be as pretty, but they sure have a great A/C, which in the end is worth a lot more than the other bells and whistles.
  • gpsk8usgpsk8us Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 2005 QX56 with 72k miles on it. It's been well maintained and I will do the same. Can I get 200k miles on it or more like 150k???
    Thanks for your help!
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