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2013 and earlier-Subaru Forester Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • @n10forester - You got a great deal. I'm shopping for a Forester in the Chicago area. Which dealership did you buy from?
  • Just purchased a 2010 Forester 2.5 Limited at $300 under invoice in Ohio. Another dealer that was an hour away was willing to go $375. A third dealer balked hard at $400. This was without much hard negotiation over the phone.
  • Thought I did good negotiating, now see maybe not. Forester 2.5x Premium with AWP for $23,436. Got $1337 for my'94 Honda Civic, which runs great, but body a mess from hail damage, rust, etc, and engine light that won't go off. So, before taxes, am paying $22,000. Had no idea other options re rear fender, cargo mat, etc. even existed!!

    I signed contract. They didn't take a down payment. Am I stuck? Should I feel awful?

    Picking the vehicle up tomorrow. Am I right not to buy dealer warranties, paint coating?
  • Re previous message: typo'd the price I paid. It was $23,346 less trade-in. Sorry.
  • Matt, try contact Grand Subaru via internet. pm me if you need more help dealing.
  • I'm in upstate new york. MSRP on this vehicle is $25 706, plus I want door protectors (side moldings). Dealer will add those on for $256, so total is $25,962. Salesman gave me a price of $24,254 plus tax, etc. Through Edmunds, sounds like price is at about invoice. Sounds like a lot of people on this forum did much better. Also, interest rate is offered at 3.74% for up to five years. What do you think?
  • Just purchased a 2010 Forester Premium 5MT from Riverside Subaru in Little Rock and wanted to give them a plug: got a bit of a discount being the end of the year and all but more importantly the sales process was almost entirely BS free.

    There was no pressure: by way of example they didn't even try to sell me an extended warranty...

    good folks to buy from.
  • Bought a Forester PZEV X Premium with Automatic, All Weather Pkg and rear bumper cover.
    Sticker: $25,268
    Note: PZEVs are $300 more than non-PZEVs
    Cash Price: $23,216
    Includes all dealer prep/doc fees but before my state Title and Tags (no sales tax in NH, Live Free or Die).

    I paid cash so did not take advantage of the factory APR offer and there was no rebate in effect. I got the sense that a year-end deal was important to them. There may have been another $200 to be had, but I didn't want to take the last dollar from a community-minded local dealer who is very supportive of civic and school groups.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You did fine.

    Not only is the price of the new car OK, but also they gave you WAAAAAAAAY too much for your beater Civic.

    No offense, but $1337 for a 15+ year old beater with hail damage that won't pass emissions? I'd say the value was more like $500, and only to the right buyer.

    You should teach a class on negotiating skills, that's how well you did. :shades:
  • Just got a 2010 Forester PZEV X Premium MT, All Weather Pkg, Popular Equipment 1A and auto dimming mirror compass for $23,448. I think I could have done better but I just couldn't find any other premiums with MT around Portland. Did I get ripped off? I know subaru's seem to command a premium here in the NW and I ended up about $200 over invoice.

  • is this the OTD price including all?
  • It was $23,448 + $200 for fees so $23,648 OTD.
  • OMG, no tax in Oregon, a pretty good deal, enjoy your new Forester!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That same car would have been 6% more here in MD. ;)
  • My wife and I decided on a 2.5x limited. Most people on this forum are finding deals between 6-10% below MSRP.

    I live on Long Island and can't do better than 4.5%. I visited 2 dealers and rec'd 2 internet quotes. My best offer was

    MSRP - $27,305
    Purchase price -$26,090

    The dealer claims this is $200 over invoice. Includes all except for tax and DMV.
    Extras include rear bumper cover, luggage compartment cover, and rear cargo net.

    What do you think of this deal? Any preferred dealers on Long Island?

    My offers based on invoice pricing provided by Edmunds are quickly dismissed. I'm not looking for every penny, but want a fair deal.

    Please help.
  • Not sure if this will help or if it's kosher to post on Edmunds, but as a former Bethpage girl let me try: there's a site called TrueCar that culls actual sales to let you know what others in your area have paid. It also makes it very easy to determine what the car dealer paid for the vehicle (which is below the invoice price, when you take into account holdbacks and other things). Since you really can't compare LI to, say, Portland, it might help to know if your neighbors are paying the same price as you've been offered. I think most of us are not opposed to paying a fair price for our cars; we just don't want to feel we're being played for saps.

    Also, have you tried the Internet route--contacting the internet sales people at each dealership via email and asking for their best price? I found an internet saleswoman who said she would go at least $100 below any other price I was quoted. This was very helpful when negotiating with my dealer.
  • Hey Sacco, I purchased a 2010 2.5X Limited or (XL) in September. I got the cold weather package, leather interior, rear bumper guard, side guard and cargo net. That custom order and after Taxes, dealer fee and all that mess, drove out the door for around your lowest quote there, almost exactly that actually. After many, many web sites and researching everything, I think that was a fair deal.

    Subaru's are in BIG demand, and we all know the old economics of that. There aren't any good colored, good package Forester's lying around on lots for long.

    just my $.02
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,865
    I was not charged a documentation fee. It was never mentioned in any way by the dealer or me. The only thing I paid to the dealer directly was the price of the car, which was $300 under invoice.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • I checked out TrueCar and found it helpful. According to the site my deal is ok. I have a few hundred that I can take off the table.

    I'll keep trying..a new car would be nice, but the old one still works!!

    Thanks rubykats!
  • Hey Carolina...after seeing your post, I realize I have some more work ahead. I found a dealer who will order a car for me with the exact options that I want. Buying a car off the lot doesn't get me a discount.

    I'm sure the tax rate is lower in Carolina, but the savings on your deal is substantial.

    Thanks for the response.
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    They just want to get you car up on the rack so they can tell you all the other work they find for you to have done. Bet the small print says you have to keep your standard upkeep done or you don't get your free oil change. Standard maintenance work (as per owners manual) usually cost thousands of dollars over the first 100K and you probably need none of that done.

    I knew a person who bought a new 80k Mercedes every 10 years. He usually put about 250K on in 10 years.

    Once he bought the car he NEVER went back to the dealership, not for recommended maintenance or anything unless he had a problem. ie: needed break pad replaced (when they were worn out.).

    He said his first car he followed the rec. schedule for preventive maintenance
    and spent over 15K just on preventive maintenance! in 200k miles.

    His second car he did nothing until there was a problems and he spend k less that 5K TOTAL on the car in 200K

    Standard (preventive maintenance is just a way to get a lot of money from the driving public. (It's ok if your an old lady who knows nothing about cars)

    But it is a way for dealers to keep billing your forever.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Better yet, do the preventative stuff yourself, as much as you can (and learn in the process).
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    My wife and I just bought a 2010 2.5 Ltd for 26300 from MSRP 27311 in the bronx. I work on LI and called two dealers Donaldsons and Port subaru. At Port subaru the AAA contact Howard gave me the AAA price of 26290 so what you were quoted was pretty good. my local bronx dealer matched the price so i got it there, but if not i would hasve gopne with Howard at Port subaru. he was nioce, no pressure.

    Main thing to watch out for is Ext warranty. My dealer started at 2000. at port the Finance guy george quoted me 1695 as his "best" price. Howard cut that to 1395. I got my dealer to give it to me for1200. Alarm with remote start 595 could not get any lower( they started at 795). bumper guards my dealer 'best price 400. Howard said no more than 200. got my dealer down to 250.

    I would recommend Howard at Port subaru, which if my local dealer did not match Ext Warr price, I would have purchased from him.

    Hope this helps.
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    We just bought a 2010 forester ltd for 26300 in the bronx. i called port subaru and donaldsons, Port gave best price 26200, so your price is good.

    main thing to watch out for is Ext Warr. My dealer quoted me a "special' credit Union price of 2000. I negotiated down to 1700, but still felt it was too high. Port gave me same 7yr/70k for 1395.I negotited with my dealer for 1200. Alarm with remote start 595 9 could not get it lower). Bumper guards, my dealer 400 Port 200, my final price 250.

    Hope this helps.
  • thanks jaybee. I have contacted six dealers and nobody can get below $26k. Most cars have the same basic options. I'm trying to max out on my trade now and will probably close a deal in the next week.
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    No problem, sacco. Happy hunting, and dont forget your only edge...get up and start walking out if the Finance guy doesnt work with you..

    I also checked the online Ext Warr prices, and they are all about $500 more than i negotiated.
  • smovvasmovva Posts: 2
    I had an offer from a local dealership for a New 09 2.5XT Lmtd for $25,300 + taxes + doc fee. Do you guys think this is a good price? Can someone tell me the major differences between 09 and 10.
  • sgloonsgloon Posts: 323
    These are a couple of things that come to mind off hand...

    There is a different heater box in the 2010, per Subaru employees. IF it was a very late run 09, it 'may' have the newer heater box.

    A few of the parts in the 2010 appear to be even cheaper/looser/etc.

    Some of the '09s didn't have the AWP [all weather package].

    2010s have slightly larger piece of plastic to protect rear panels from road debris which flies up & hits it from tires. If you are on dirt roads at all, the paint will chip dramatically. The new piece isn't big enough either.

    There's probably more, but that's all I recall tonight. Good luck.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Nothing major, no.

    The Navi models got Bluetooth. The very early 2009s were LL Bean models, instead of Limiteds, but you're looking at a Limited anyway.

    Subaru also just announced the 2010 Limited will get a HID option, packaged with Navi for $2300. Not sure when those will arrive, though.

    If the 09 is a significantly better deal, go for it.
  • seems kinda high for the ext warranty. Next time check out ebay. dont have to buy the ext warranty when and where u buy the car
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