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Motor mount issues on HR-V

rdeglerrdegler Member Posts: 1
edited January 2016 in Honda
I purchased an EX-L Navi AWD HR-V. Three weeks in I am pulling away from a traffic light and the engine emits a loud rumbling and shaking. It stops once I am moving but each time I pull away from a stop (slow or fast) the engine rumbles and shakes. I immediately head to the dealer.

The service manager and I drive the car once around the dealer lot. He confirms there is a problem, first guess is a motor mount. I leave the car and they call later saying it was a front motor mount. They have to order the part.

One week later the part comes in and they replace the motor mount. I pick up the car and after about a mile, the noise and rumbling reoccur. Back to the dealer and leave the HRV again!

The dealer has been as helpful as possible, and otherwise I like the HRV. But two failed motor mounts has me very nervous that my HRV might be a lemon. I have owned the car for 5 weeks and now the car has been in the shop 13 days.

The service dept is not sure what is wrong. They are in contact with honda corp. tech. I contacted honda customer service, the case manager will call back on Monday.

Is anybody else have a similar problem with their hrv?


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    tudiutudiu Member Posts: 27
    Did Honda fix the problem? I am in market for a HRV.......I will your input.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well be sure to keep good records of all your visits, and make copies of the invoices. You might need all this if the dealer cannot repair the problem after a certain number of attempts. Then you may have to take advantage of your state's Lemon Laws.
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