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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX STI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sorry about that - had included the information in the title.

    This is for 2009 2.5i 5dr Auto Premium (Impreza). MSRP was $21,903.

  • Doesn't sound that great.

    I read an article about Subaru saying that they are the sole car manufacturer not to post a loss for 08', this was bad news for me as I thought like every other car company they might start offering discounts.

    Sounds like they are not budging with the 09 Premiuim 2.5i 5 dr but I have seen a significanct number of 08 Imprezas in dealer inventory.

    Anyone purchase an 08 for a great price this month?
  • I agree, not that great. It's less than $20 under invoice. I've been getting email quotes for '09 Impreza 5 dr Premium and Base both at $400 under invoice plus $500 lease cash. $900 total under invoice. One of my local dealers has 60 Imprezas. I decided to go with the Legacy for about the same money though.
  • niwinniwin Posts: 1
    I've been getting e-mail quotes for 2009 2.5i 5dr Auto Premium's for $19,699. MSRP $22,047. That appears to be pretty good to me already, but what do I know... how does this quote sound to you guys?
  • It's a pretty good price. About $900 under invoice including the $500 rebate.

    My only complaint on the Impreza is you can get a bigger/better Legacy Special Edition for almost the exact same price. I do REALLY like the looks of the Impreza 5 door but the Legacy is just way more car for the same money. The Special Edition Legacy's have an automatic sticker adjustment that subtracts $1750 off MSRP. I got a quote on a Legacy SE, original MSRP was $24,540, adjusted to $22,790, sale price is $19,625. You can't beat those standard features on a car that sells for well under $20K.
  • Sorry for the late reply.

    It's a World Rally Blue Mica. I was happy to get that since Edmund's true market value had WRB as +$100 while the red was -$67. Seems like the other colors were around +/- $0-$10.

    I babied it during break-in, and now that's over... and wow... I'm impressed. As a guy with autocross and track experience, I enjoy having the goodies like SI-drive and DCCD that the 265hp 2009 WRX doesn't have. I used the higher hp WRX to my advantage in my negotiations saying "you're going to have a hard time selling 08 STI's sitting next to that 09 WRX"; however, the dealer in MA came out with a great price out the door and I didn't negotiate any.
  • I flogged it hard - at the behest of the salesman - and he took me on some great roads. Wow. Impressed on this drive. I still think a 3 has a bit more smoothness but for fun and utility that 09 WRX seems like a great deal.

    Anyone know the residuals/money factor on 09 WRX leases?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    car man will chime in soon.

    How do you think it compares to a 1 series? Even the 1 is in a higher price class (or two).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I would definitely expect more controversy on the harder-edged car, no surprise there.

    I'm sure I'd like the way the 1 series drove but I just think it looks awkward, dorky even. It's too short and stubby.

    The convertible looks a bit better but doesn't have a real back seat, so I'd pick a roadster over one of those anyway.
  • Different tasks. If I didn't have an infant son the 1 would be my choice. As long as the little man can't buckle himself in, I'm stuck with a 4/5 door. The WRX can certainly get the job done - good power, AWD pulls through nicely and overall it was a pretty good car for 24k. Great space, good backseat, nice hatch space.

    Still I wouldn't want to pay more than about $350 a month for it on a lease ($0 down). My wife actually told me last night that she'd prefer no on the WRX as it lacks dark leather or leatherette. But she said I can get it if I want, she just thinks the cloth is gonna get torn/stained/abused in ways leather will survive.

    My one big gripe with the WRX would be the archaic 5 speed and lack of a freeway cruising gear. Otherwise, it seemed like a fine car for day to day use. Nothing fancy but certainly fun enough to get me by until the little one is in a booster seat.

    Her vote is still firmly in the 3 series camp. The new BMW incentives will probably appear tomorrow or Friday, so I may decide this weekend.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    You can always have aftermarket leather put in if it's a big deal- some aftermarket leather companies are much nicer than the OEM at about the same cost.

    I haven't driven the 5 spd on the new WRX but I'm sure it's fine. If you don't like the feel you could always get a short shifter which improves the 'crispness' of the shifter. BMWs in my experience have had kinda rubbery shifters so I would say it's a wash between the 2 cars.

    I have the 6spd in my STi and it's just extra work as a daily driver because there are more gears! ;)

    It's an interesting comparison you have- they're totally different cars, in totally different price ranges as well. The BMW can be double if you buy an optioned 335i. If you stick with the 328i it's less, but then again, it's a lot less performance.

    Good luck, 2 great cars.

  • tsy,

    I already figured out the wrx with the short shifter. lol As soon as I drove it I thought - "need that short shifter kit".
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    My Impreza 2.5i has the STi short shift kit.. port installed option.. It's the first thing I noticed on the test drive... Nice!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Yeah, the new Mazda 3s makes a 6 speed standard, so should Subaru on that sporty model.

    Keep in mind 6 ratios does not necessarily mean you get taller gearing - the 6 speed Miata actually revs higher at highway speeds than the 5 speed.

    For 2009 they made it taller but it is *still* shorter overall than 5th on the 5MT.
  • Yeah, Mazda is - in my eyes - the worst when it comes to gearing cars. The MS6 needed a shift to 3rd to reach 60 but you couldn't get a freeway cruising gear in 6th. I think the last MS3 I drove was just like that. Miatas have had bad gear ratios for years...

    VW does something similar with their manuals. I don't get why they refuse to give us exceptionally tall 6th (or 5th gears). We're manual drivers...we want to shift for more power. I used to love going from 6th to 4th in my 330i. Need to pass at 80, well downshift and blip the throttle...boom all the torque is ready.
  • From a dealer in Evanston, IL (I'm in Madison, WI):

    MSRP: $18,190

    Sales Price: $16,329

    Auto Show Discount: ($250)

    Doc Fees: $151

    I'm not going to include taxes as YMMV depending upon state, etc. So, the before tax/fee price is $16,079 and the before tax price is $16,230 which I feel is incredibly fair and I made a deposit and commitment to purchase. They were going to give me 5DR for $500 more but I'm not sure...others have thoughts on that?
  • Consider the utility of the 5 door. We love our A3 hatch and part of the Impreza's appeal is that hatch with even more space!
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I agree, the hatchback is quite useful- that being said, if all this is is a daily commuter it might not be worth the extra $500. But if you have kids or carry large boxes than it's definitely worth it.

    That's a good deal- recently priced one out for a friend here and it was $16600.

    Hope you like your new Subie!

  • I got my desired car for what I think is a great price. I was looking at the Honda Fit (base model) and it was less than $1K off of this price and the Sport model was higher, both in MT, so this feels just like a fantastic deal for a much better, bigger, safer, versatile and nicer car, comparatively.

    2009 Subaru Impreza 2.5i 5-Door Hatchback

    MSRP $18,690
    Invoice $17,893

    Selling Price $17,195
    Rebate $1,000
    Grand Total $16,195
    Document Fee $151.65
    Temp License $40
    Grand Total $16,386.65
  • Oh yeah, this was Grand Subaru in Bentsenville (Chicago O'hare area).
  • Glad to hear your deal was what you wanted. I'm currently dealing with this dealer on a new Forester and they seem to be no-nonsense.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    $16k for a more substantial car. Congrats.
  • this is manual or AUTO Transmission?
    And where you get this price? in IL or ?
  • Manual (MT) and Grand Subaru in Bentsenville.
  • ryn1ryn1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 09 Forester from grand.
    Got a crazy deal on it, other dealers told me they couldn't even buy the car from Subaru for what they were offering.
  • subysubsubysub Posts: 6
    How much did you pay for the 09 Forester? What trim? What tranny? Thanks!
  • subysubsubysub Posts: 6
    $14,900 before tax and title!

    There are a few 08 Subaru models left out there.

    I searched extensively for an Impreza after realizing I would be paying close to the same amount for a Honda Fit Sport MT or a Corolla S, and be getting half the car. After utilizing Subaru's dealer search and the inventory on each site I realized that purchasing an 08' model would get me the lowest price, it being 3 months into 2009.

    Almost considered a 09' Base Forester MT, but couldn't get a dealer to get to $18,000-19,000 OTD. I did find willing dealers who wanted to move Base Forester MT models for $20,000 OTD.

    That being said, it was a lot of work but has left me satisfied with a car that provides me with the most value for my dollar.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Great deal. CR had a lot to say about base Imprezas being a good value.

    I bought a left over 2008 Miata and got a similarly good deal. About $4 grand less than 09s.
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10
    What is the going price on a 09 WRX? I have been reading a lot of reviews (mostly positive) and this one is suppose to bring the WRX back to what it should be. Not being mushy and soft like the 08 WRX. I am debating between this or a Honda Civic SI, though leaning towards this if I can get it in price range. Much thanks in advance for the help.
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