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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX STI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm wondering the same thing. If anyone has deals out there, post them for the 09 WRX, please!
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    When I was --><-- close to buying one they said invoice without blinking. The 09 WRX is far more car than the Civic Si. that's like comparing a bobcat to a mountain lion.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    The question is too general. Are you talking about the base WRX? The WRX with the Premium Package? The WRX with the Premium Package and navigation?

  • I'm on Subaru's site and can't seem to figure out what the $3000 gives you other than a 10 speaker system and heated seats. What else is added for the premium package? If that's it, I personally would not need the premium package. I wouldn't need the Nav for sure.
  • The premium will also add the sunroof. Evidently, after market sunroofs in the WRX are tough because of the roll cage or something like that. I'm with you though, the $3k for the premium doesn't really do it for me.

    And in St. Louis, you can get easily get a WRX for invoice (if you can find one), possibly a few hundred under. I've seen dealers in Colorado doing the base WRX for over $1k under invoice. I haven't yet bought one, this information is without any negotiating, just what they're telling me.
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10
    FWIW, I went out today to test drive one. They only had a WRX Premium version on the lot so made due with that. The drive was all I expected, responsive, crisp, etc. I did read some reviews from C&D and found what they said to be true.

    The sales guy told me that he expects sales on this car to take off because it will be featured in the upcoming Fast and Furious movie. IMHO, this was just sales garbage coming out of his mouth. To me most people who buy a WRX, do it because they know what it is and is capable of; not because it was featured in a movie.

    Hopefully I'll start negotiating on this car in the next few weeks and will post what I can come up with it.
  • Personally I would really appreciate it if you did keep us informed on your negotiations for the WRX. I've been following this car since the '09 came out and have been expecting prices to drop as the year goes on. $1K under invoice is good but it would be real sweet if prices go to $22-23K eventually. With the new federal tax break for new car taxes that's even better. What part of the country are you in?
  • joeshanjoeshan Posts: 70
    Greetings, all.
    My mother was quoted $19,200 for an '09 Impreza Base Sedan with Auto, Premium, and dealer installed options -Auto dimming rear-view mirror& compass, body-side molding, and center console armrest extender (that one they can keep, and give her back $163.00)
    Fair price?
    Smith-Cairns in Yonkers, NY.
  • Seems like there's a lot of interest here for the 09 WRX!?!? I am interested also and have been watching it's prices over the year. Is everyone looking to buy or lease the WRX (jj987, frostbyte3964, & stevehecht)? I'm looking to lease personally and live in Denver. I have been hoping for a pretty sweet reduction in price also as we get closer to the roll-out of the '10s in ~November. I asked on the lease question forum if anyone had any historical information on the trends for leasing Impreza's with no response. So I've been doing some archive research on my own (from the other forum) to figure how the trends have been with the Impreza's based off of MF and residuals that Car_Man has quoted over the years. I'd be happy to share that information with anyone, if interested. (Just not quite sure how I can tabulate the data yet). How has the negotiating been going jj987? I'm curious to see how low we can go. I'm within 6 mo. of my lease return (07 Impreza) and am anxious :D for a WRX. Hopefully, I will start negotiating within the next few weeks.

    Keep us update! ;)
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    skaswing, follow the link and go about 1/3 of the way down, they list the residual values for all subaru leases, 24mo and 36mo. 9J* are wagons, 9L* are sedans.
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10

    For me at least I believe the big interest in the 09 WRX is that this model is suppose to come back to the roots of what made the WRX famous to begin with. From the car magazines I have read, the 08 WRX had gone soft, losing it's edginess, lost what made it a driver's car. Also for 09 it doesn't hurt that Subaru took the turbo off the STI and put it into the base WRX (a tuner's dream). The current 09 WRX can outpace the 09 STI in 0-60 (something I am sure Subaru will rectify for the 2010 STI).

    As for negotiations go, I found a dealer that quoted me ~24500 right off for a base WRX, no options thrown in yet. According to the TMV in my area (Fort Worth, TX) it is 24546, and invoice on this care is 24312. However, this dealer is ~50 miles away from me so he said he'll see what he can do to "sweeten" the deal for me to drive out that far. He had talked about throwing in 2 years of free maintenance service, but I am weary of taking that because it would mean driving a total of ~100 miles for every oil change, or any other service for that matter. I am somewhat of a gearhead so I do oil changes and such myself. I'll talk to the sales guy tomorrow and see what he can do the "sweeten" the deal as he put it.

    hope this was somewhat helpful
  • Thanks for the link tinycadon. Do you happen to know if those residuals and MFs apply to other regions or just the northwest area? I'll definitely keep checking out this website.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Not sure? I would think they are national figures, but not sure, I know that site lists rebates/incentives that are regional however. is a great Subaru site run by a Subaru dealer in Seattle, that guy really sets the bar high as far as I'm concerned, puts the website to shame!
  • robm2robm2 Posts: 53
    Before you buy an '09 WRX, you may want to have a look at this thread,

    Ensure that you're getting a build date out of the affected range of bad engine builds.
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10

    Thanks for the link. I'm running through the first few pages and see this being a reoccurring issue with the engine. I wonder if anyone here has experienced this as well? I expect there to be a few problems with some of the cars as my friend bought a brand new 06 Civic SI and there is a clutch/syncro-mesh issue with reverse after 10k miles. I expect there to be a few bad ones in the batch as not every car is perfect off the line. Just a luck of the draw.

    Update on negotiations - I have gone on to other dealers, and the lowest price so far I have quoted was 23900. This is the base WRX with zero options. I am looking at putting on the SPT exhaust. That add-on was quoted to me at $879.99 plus labor.( should be under 150.oo). Anyone else have any prices?
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10
    For those wanting to know about the engine failure issue, check this link

    It seems that those built before 09/2008 and on average the failure hits about 3-4k miles.

    I would like to know if anyone on here has a built date after this, if you have had any issues with your engine or car in general. The link above shows you how to get your built date along with VIN #. Also please post your miles before the issue occurred.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I doubt the movie will help (or hurt) sales.

    Didn't Mitsu sponsor an earlier one? Eclipse and Lancer sales aren't exactly on fire.
  • jj987jj987 Posts: 10
    Agree ateixeria. The movie should not somehow just cause a huge influx of people just to get this car.

    I wanted to tell everyone I am throwing in the towel for this car. After reading about the engines failures on the North America Subaru Impreza Owners Club, I am going back to my original plan of getting a Civic SI. There have been way to many engine failures for my liking and reading about the stop-sale of the 08 STI for this same engine failure issue is the nail in the coffin for me. I wish you all luck those that do buy the WRX and hopefully you do not have an engine failure.
  • karpediemkarpediem Posts: 46
    Quoted for a Base 09 Hatch WRX $23,300 from Subaru of Schaumburg, options. Wish I could pull the trigger but having a hard time convincing the wife to get rid of our 08 Altima.

    Anyone with a family care to comment on how the wrx/impreza works out for you..size wise? We have a suv, so it wouldn't be the main hauler for trips.
  • I've been playing the dealers in Texas and Colorado off of each other and it seems that you can get a base WRX without (m)any options for under $24K. Heuberger in Colorado Springs is selling them for $23,800 on eBay and both Dallas and San Antonio dealers have stated that they'll beat that. Austin Subaru, however, flat-out said no to me. That's a good sign that we're very near the absolute bottom that a dealer will take.

    What about the 2010 models? There should be a face-lift for the 2010s which might be worth waiting for (I love the 2009 WRX even with its butterface). Any idea when the 2010s will be out?
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    For what it's worth, at least the engine failures are early and Subaru is replacing the blocks. It's certainly not a widespread issue, and if you're buying a performance car reliability is not your top concern anyway. For what it's worth, AFAIK Civic Si's haven't been perfectly reliable either. Good little cars but not the same league as the WRX.

    I've been very happy with my STi and hopefully the engine failure thing will not be an issue, but if it happens, I'll deal with it.

  • Wow, it sounds like the best deals are in Illinois and Colorado. But what about in the Los Angeles area? I've been calling around and everyone seems to be willing to do a few hundred off invoice, but I'd like to hear from people who have recently purchased. I am looking at the 5-door base model '09 WRX.
  • Sorry I haven't been online lately. Been busy with school stuff. I've gotten half way through the nasioc engine thread. I agree, no model of car will be perfectly built and there will be issues with all of them, to different degrees. I'm looking to lease for 3 years, which is the length of the warranty, so I feel comfortable with still getting one anyway. I love my current Impreza and want to stay with Subaru. I've finally moved up to talking to dealerships in the Denver metro area. Heuberger in CO Springs keeps bragging they are the #1 dealer in the nation and so far they are quoting me $26,415 for an 09 WRX premium manual sedan. Not sure if I'm going for the premium or not, but figured I'll start with the worst case scenario and work my way down. I'm hoping within the next few weeks to talk to more dealers and see what's possible.
  • oceana143oceana143 Posts: 38
    Anyone know which one is the better seller and why? Also, I would be perfectly happy with the 2.5 but as my night vision is starting to go, really want foglights, which the Premium has. Can the dealer readily put these on the standard model? Any other considerations I should look at in regards to standard vs. Premium model? Finally, live in the Michigan but might be moving to the Southeast if this area gets even worse. Does it make sense to even look at a Subaru if I will not be in a plce that gets a lot of snow? Thank you for any insight you can provide.
  • bikepoetbikepoet Posts: 4
    In my experience with the Impreza WRX STi, the HID low beams are so good they make the foglights imperceptible. In fact, the standard halogen high beams are so good, the HID low beams don't really assist that much. So if the high beams are the same on both cars, I think the foglights are purely an aesthetical option.

    As for buying a Subaru in a place that doesn't get lots of snow... I think AWD is awesome and I would want to have it no matter where I live. The problem lies in that there aren't as many Subaru dealers down South. I'm from Mississippi, and there is only one Subaru dealer in the whole state. So, keep that in mind if you get a lot of work done or warranty work done at a dealer instead of a local Joe's fix-it-up shack.

    When I moved to Virginia, I was thrilled to find there was a Subie dealer just down the road and 2 more within 60 minutes away.
  • zeebrockzeebrock Posts: 4

    They have a very very bad name in the Subaru community, there are many people out there that have been burned by them. Common things they will do are:
    Take months to pay off your trade - in. This leads to late payments showing on your credit report.
    Bait and switch, on the day you go to sign and pickup your new car "something" will have changed and you will not get that great price you wanted.
    Strong arm you into buying extra's like "Paint sealant" and other crap.
    NEVER EVER sign ANYTHING, until you go to buy the car, they have been known to get people to sign a "pre purchase" agreement and then force you into buying the car even if you try to back out.

    Now I know a lot of this can be fixed but you will have to fight it and it will cost you time and money. Just search for SOS on and read.

  • I am looking to get a Impreza 2.5i Auto with base package. I want to add a roof rack, cargo tray & armrest extension.

    The best offer I have received is $17499 plus $309 in fees and tax including the add ons.

    Is this a good deal? It seems to be the same advertised price as most places. What would be a reasonable offer to counter with?
  • jethrotljethrotl Posts: 3
    That's a reasonable price, but you could probably do better. I'll summarize earlier posts regarding a good strategy for Subaru shopping:

    Go to and find out what price they have on your car. These prices are very competitive, and give you a good target. If you are talking about a 2009 2.5i impreza sedan, the fitzmall price right now is $16650-16970 + tax/ttl.

    Also check out and look at the incentives. Right now, the 2.5i (sedan) has a "hidden" (dealer cash) incentive of $1000 that some dealers won't tell you about (and some will even deny that it exists).

    Invoice on the 2.5i sedan with your options is $18,650, so anything below $17,650 + tax/ttl is a decent price. However, do not let them add any dealer fees, and make them sweat it out for a week to try to get closer to the fitzmall price.
  • I am shopping for a new Subaru, and I ran across the following deal.

    This particular dealer has two new 2008 Impreza base models with no optional equipment. The sedan is offered for $14,495 (MSRP $18,640) and the 5 door is $500 more at $14,995 (MSRP $19,140). They have one of each and they are both the color I like. Last weekend they had another identical hatchback, but it sold earlier in the week. The sedan has about 400 miles from test drives and the hatchback has just over 600 miles.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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