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2013 and earlier-Subaru Impreza and Impreza WRX STI Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • harishtagharishtag Posts: 2
    Apr 29, 2012 (8:34 am)

    Just wanted to share my buying experience with the group. I ordered an obsidian black two toned sport limited on March 5th. Not much options just the popular package 2 here in the NW which included homelink, all weather mats, cargo tray, seat back protectors and rear bumper applique. The price i paid was 22100 for the vehicle and out of the door was 24511 including 9.8% seattle tax, license doc fees etc. I was told that this would be about 8 to 10 weeks for car to arrive.

    Was given a delivery date of May 2nd for 2 weeks ago, and a VIN number about a week ago. Got a call on Friday that the car just arrived on the lot, and I picked it up last night. Pretty decent buying experience, Finance did sell me on the CLIA protection (interior and exterior) and considering I will be transporting 2 toddlers quite a bit, we got it for $512. Looks like the wait times in the Seattle is spot on at 8 weeks. Been happy with the 30 mile drive so far, very impressed with the handling and the room for a car of this size. We went out to dinner last night with 3 adults, a 4month old and a 22month old, and we managed to all fit pretty comfortably. Our 15 mile commute is something we are going to look forward least for a while
  • birddog03birddog03 Posts: 2
    I'm interested in purchasing a 2012 Subaru Impreza Hatchback. I've seen several sedans on the lots, but when I call around, I can't seem to find anyone in the Denver Metro area that has a hatchback.

    I see some folks across the country are getting prices below invoice on the impreza sedans, but if the hatchbacks are in low supply, that could be difficult.

    Is this unique to the Denver area, or are other markets seeing something similar with the hatchback?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I went to test drive one and they only had one sedan and I had to wait an hour in line. That was a few weeks ago, though.
  • suweisuwei Posts: 2
    can you share which dealer you were going to? and the OTD price?
    Thanks a lot.
  • mtbe2mtbe2 Posts: 8
    edited June 2012
    To Suwei:
    Picked up car on the 18th of June....took 8 weeks to get.
    Dealer in Chicago area was Gerald Subaru in Naperville....But I recommend email 3-4 of the dealers in this area for quotes. They matched the lowest and has free lifetime powertrain warranty too...
    20,186 for Pearl White Sport Premium (CVT only option)
    163 for fees (BS, but the other dealers quoted very similar)
    215 for title/license (new, not transferred)
    7.25% taxes

    Note from several dealers is that the 2012s are no longer available...2013s are being ordered....don't know if there is a cost increase or not....
  • moopsmoops Posts: 1
    I have been wondering when the 2013 model year will start for Subaru, thanks for that ifo mtbe2. Around here (Upstate NY)the dealers claim to still be taking orders for 2012s as of last week.
    The dealers in my area have been pretty lame about giving me a decent price on a Sport Premium, mostly due to the fact that the Imprezas are selling so well. With the end of the model year coming soon maybe they will losen up. I had a good offer from a dealer 2.5 hours away using consumer reports car buying system, but no local dealer would consider matching it. That deal was 6.44% of MSRP for any Sport Premium in stock, which local dealers claim is unrealistic.
    Does anyone know if Subaru will be extending the promtoional interest rates after July 2nd?
  • suweisuwei Posts: 2
    Thanks mtbe2. Trying hard to match the price. So far the best offer is 500 below invoice, but it will be an 2013 order...keep trying
  • pcrockettpcrockett Posts: 1
    Looks like it will be tough to get much under MSRP since the 2012 impreza has well exceeded Subaru's sales expectations (expected 50% incr but getting over 150% incr). Just finding someone with more than 2-3 in stock is tough. My closest dealers are Roto (Mt Prospect) and Napleton (Schaumburg) and I expect to be ordering a 2013 soon, but have my doubts I'll get a great deal. Anyone with buying experience from either of these dealerships?
  • mtbe2mtbe2 Posts: 8
    I recommend emailing several dealers within 50-70 mile radius. In the Chicago area, hit the Autobarn in Countryside and International Subaru in Tinley Park. Do it through their internet sales, and the internet sales through the dealers close to you. Let them know you are bidding this car out and you will get good pricing. It is worth the savings to drive 70 miles.
    I never even went to our selected dealership until I picked up the car. Their internet sales matched the best internet price I had and they have free unlimited drive-train warranty too...Gerald Subaru in Aurora
  • I bought for $2600 under MSRP or about $1000 under invoice. This was from Grand Subaru. Did everything by email and talked to almost every dealer in Chicago land. Several dealers were willing to go to about $500 below invoice. But nobody would come close to Grand.

    Of course this was late January. You would think prices should be down since then but maybe not.
  • Premium 4 door sedan Msrp 21,445 total including options listed below
    Auto Dim mirror with compass
    side moldings
    Splash gaurds
    Center tray

    I purchased this car in Dec last year out the door price of $21,050.00 took from dealer stock here in North Carolina this included all fees TTL. I think this was fair price. I also negotiated dealer include , oil pan bolt washer, oil, oil filter(needed for first change), air filter, and in cabin air filter to sweeten the deal.
  • Doesn't seem like many come here looking for prices or WRX's but I will post my deal which is $900 under invoice:

    2013 WRX 5 door WRB Base model
    Short Throw
    Body Side Moldings
    Bumper Cover
    Homelink Mirror
    Arm Rest Extension
    $24,957 + tax
  • edmunds604edmunds604 Posts: 8
    edited September 2012
    This is what the dealership offered me for the 2013 impreza 2.0i 5-doors hatchback automatic.

    MSRP is .... i forgot 17,XXX
    Auto CVT = $1000
    PZEV = $300
    license plate cover = $49 (already had it, can i request them to remove it?)
    Negotiated Price down to $18,495
    Tax = $1440 (8.725%)
    Document Prep = $299
    Registration/License = $325
    Destination fee = $750
    Total Contract Price = $20,770
    Deposit = 0
    Finance = 1.9% apr for 48 months or 2.9% apr for 60 months.

    Didn't get to buy it in the end because the sales manager thought it was too low and made up some bulls**t excuse claiming I didn't get approved for the apr and it will be 5.9% instead. I walked out. Got another email saying they some how got the 2.9% for 60 months approved but the price will be $19,507. Full of [non-permissible content removed].

    Should I still buy it at 19,507 for 2.9% for 60 months?
  • auto or manual? does that price include everything or is it before tax, fee, etc?
  • Understanding the Crosstrek is built off the impreza -- does anyone know any of the lease rates or residual numbers Chase is offering on a 12k / 36 month lease ?

    I'm new to subuie and am interesting in pulling the trigger this month, but wanted to find out if maintenance is expensive? Should that be something that i should strongly negotiate for?

    Is there a lease end disposition fee? How is the lease end "allowance" for wear and tear handled ?


  • I'm currently looking to order a 2013 hatchback, and I want the best possible price. It looks like I can probably talk a dealer down to the Edmunds TMV, but I saw a bunch of posts on this thread from a few months back talking about people getting this car for between $500 and $1000 under dealer invoice. I've talked to a few people who have told me that this simply can't be possible. What's the truth here? What sort of price should I realistically be okay paying?
  • bought mine for $19000 + $189 doc fee + 295 title & registration + tax

    you probably CAN get the 2012 for 500-1000 under invoice but hard to find 2012 models since it's one of the top cars of 2012 cause of AWD and 36 mpg highway and under $20k. Let me know how much you paid for yours so I know if I overpaid.
  • Hey karpediem,

    The best I've gotten so far is $500 over invoice base with no options. Very interested in the car with similar options, what dealership did you get it from?
  • Has anyone ordered a crosstrek xv or gotten one off the lot yet? I'm curious what people paid.

  • How much are you folks getting a 2013 Impreza Hatchback Sport on a 42 month lease ?
  • jmol50jmol50 Posts: 1
    We paid 500 under invoice including all weather mats, aero cross bars, side sills, auto dim mirror w compass, cargo tray, cargo net, and rear bumper thing... $20,518 plus tax title and doc fee. We shopped around the DC metro area looking for Sport w MT - didn't want to do factory order so we took whatever color / options were around. Got lucky with white. Just bought it Friday and we love it!
  • elcoyoteloselcoyotelos Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    Anybody else got a good deal for 2013 wrx's?
    Wonderin :confuse: g where did you get yours for $900 under invoice karpediem. Or if anyone else got a good deal under invoice would really like to know. Im looking to purchase and buy not lease. Thank you
  • Msrp $26416
    Price $23345 + ttl

    I decided to purchase a 2012 so I could get the green/silver exterior color that was discontinued for 2013.

    I will pick it up tomorrow after work.

    There seem to be plenty of Imprezas in Texas, both 2013 and leftover 2012 models. Last month dealer websites were advertising 10% off msrp. Up to 12% this month.

    I am worried about the mpg reports :surprise: , but I hope that driving gently will return good fuel economy and maybe fewer speeding tickets. :) :)
  • elg77elg77 Posts: 5
    I got my 2013 sedan Limited for 21,500 with a sticker price of over $24,000. my $21,500 was the FINAL amout that i paid and it included taxes, fees, auto car starter and simonize. HOWEVER, they only gave me $500 under sticker and had to seriously inflate the value of my trade-in to get it at a total price i was ok with. in the end they gave me more than 2X what other dealers were saying my trade-in was worth! :)

    p.s. go at the end of the month.
  • edmunds604edmunds604 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    Can you break down what you paid?

    This is what I paid...

    $19000 for 2013 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Base with CVT Automatic
    $189 - Doc fee
    $292 - Title & Reg fee
    $1695.84 - NY Tax
    $108 - Cargo Cover
    $21284.84 out the door
  • I don't get how is your sticker price $24,000 but you said they only gave you $500 under sticker...but your total is $21500....your math does not add up at all.
  • elg77elg77 Posts: 5
    sorry, the $21,500 was with my trade-in.

    for a 2013 sedan Limited (leather seats, all weather package, blue tooth, moonroof, etc.)

    sticker: 24,396
    simonize: 399
    auto car starter: 399
    taxes, fees, etc.: 1869
    total: 27, 063

    i told them what i wanted my final price to be and after nearly 2 hours of negotiating they gave me $500 off sticker and $5,100 for my trade-in. other dealers were offering me b/w $2,000 and $2,500 for my trade-in.

    does that make sense?
  • Does anyone have any experience going through an auto broker? Looking to get my first Impreza soon. Either a 2012 or a 2013. Is there a disadvantage to using a broker?
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