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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's an extraordinary deal. The national lease deal is 239/mo with 10000/mi and with a 6% tax that would be about 253/mo. That would be on a car with an msrp of about 23K (SE automatic). You're talking msrp of 24600 with 12000/mi and a selling price of $21200. That's $3400 off msrp on a car with about a $1200 markup.
    The only incentive that I know of is a $500 factory to dealer payment which the dealer passes along. If that price is for real I'd grab it.

    BTW what options push the price to $24600? I'm getting after market leather and XM radio and 15000/mi which push the price to that level. But no way will I be able to get your price. I expect to pay a little over 300/mo which for all of the above I think is pretty good. Still don't see how you can get what appears to be more than $2000 under invoice. But like I said if this deal is real, grab it.
  • The car is a regular SE ie with moonroof, HK sound system, and power drivers seat.

    However, although the actual MSRP is $24695, the SE package of approx $1700 has a discount $1400 so its 'cost' is only $300.

    BTW, the dealer told me that there's a $1000 dealer rebate/incentive so knocking the cap price down to $20665 after all discounts. 75% residual and 12 k miles per year with 0 down.

    So I guess i'll go with this....
  • Thanks for all your help guys....
    I'm going to sign up tomorrow
  • I was told a week or two back that the incentive had not changed from August ($500).

    What area are you in? I'm wondering whether the $1000 incentive might be regional to your area. I'm in Michigan.
  • Just curious if anybody has any lease pricing experience with a 2008 or 2009 Legacy GT Limited...preferably with Nav, but without would be helpful too. My lease on my 2006 Forester is ending in a couple of months and I want to get an idea of what the LGT Limited will run me. Thanks in advance!
  • This is what I paid for when I got my car back in December 2007

    All the standard option plus
    Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass w/Homelink
    Center arm rest extension
    $21980.00 before TTL.

    Interest way kinda high when I got my car 5.9 for 5 years. I think I got a pretty good deal when 2008 was fairly new around December.. My friend wanted to get same exact one as mine but they wouldnt give it to him for the same price so he just walked out.
  • jdljrjdljr Posts: 11
    Just bought my first Subaru last night, an '09 2.5i SE, quartz silver metallic. On the lot equipped with auto trans/sportshift, armrest extender, fog lights, splash guards and spoiler. Actually, it was exactly what I was looking for (specifically wanted the fog lights, moonroof, spoiler, cloth interior and auto trans). Rides great, quiet, responsive, Extremely happy with the purchase and quality, safety and value. Honestly, I would have expected a higher price tag considering how generously it's equipped. Definitely a tight ride. I originally wanted the GT trim, but was dissuaded when I found out it takes premium fuel. Further, I did not desire leather and the other items that bring a higher price tag with the Limited trim. So for me, the base SE model with the added dealer options that I desired was a perfect fit.

    My trade-in was a 2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe. It had 195,200 miles on it and was going to need some work/attention in the coming year. Although it had always had every recommended service at the required interval, some things had never been replaced and who knows when they would have suddenly caused a problem (hoses, starter, alternator, oil pump, fuel pump, clutch, thermostat, various sensors/modules). I was extremely happy with the Civic quality, as the only thing I ever had to replace besides preventive maintenance was the immobilizer (item that reads the ignition key code). I will miss the fuel economy (I was getting 41 mpg driving back and forth to work every day on a mountainous, curvy road, and 46-49 mpg on extended road trips). No, it was not a hybrid. But yes, my numbers are accurate. The dealer didn't give me much for my trade (do they ever?), but with the condition, upcoming work needed and miles (it also needed a little body work for a small dent on the passenger rear quarter panel caused by someone who backed into me) and to avoid the hassles of selling it privately, I am alright with what the dealer and I agreed on.

    For my new Subaru I paid $22,462.00, minus my trade, plus fees of 3% tax, $56 tag transfer fee and $199 dealer fee. I got a finance rate of 4.9% thru Subaru (JP Morgan Chase). My dealer also filled the tank when I picked it up, the first service is free and they provide a loaner car for any service visit. Subaru's are VERY common in the mountains where I live and I think I got a good deal.

    Definitely think Subaru offers a great value for the money. I primarily went with Subaru because of the AWD and safety rating. I hope that having the AWD will make a difference on snowy/icy days this winter.

    Happy to now be among those that own a Subie!
  • I just picked up my first Subaru last week at Stohlman Subaru in Herndon, VA for $27070. The MSRP was a shade under 32K. I also got financing for 3.9% via JP Morgan/Chase. I'm not sure if this was a fantastic deal or not, but it was a very painless transaction. I used to find dealer stock that matched what I was after then pointed out to the dealer that another dealer had a nearly identical car for $700 less. They ended giving me the dealer holdback as well as the rebate.
  • I saw that bronze color online and thought it looked pretty nice, but is the beige interior very light? Are you worried about it showing dirt easily?
  • Have you actually bought at or have you used listings on that site to negotiate a price?
  • Whats the interest rate on 2008 Legacys right now? I went to Subarus website and it said 0% but didnt say if it was for 60 months or not.

    Tell me what you guys think if you think its stupid or not. I have 2008 i limited right now that I bought in December with 60 months 5.9% APR. I have around $15,500 right now to pay off. I want to get 2008 2.5 GT model. When I was in dealership getting a oil change I asked the sales person if I can get a rough estimate how much the GT will go for. He just gave me rough estimate and told me I can get the GT for $28,000 before TTL. My trade in was around $17,000. Im sure I can lower the price of the car and try to get more for my trade in. Do you think its possible to get around $350 monthly payment for 60 months If I traded my car with GT with 0% financing? 5.9% interest is way to high but I had no choice and thats whats bugging me. I can get 0% and save that 5.9% and get better car. What do you guys think?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,223
    $15,500 current loan
    $11,000 New car minus trade-in value
    $1,000 Sales tax (estimate)

    $27,500 Amount financed

    60 payments at ZERO% = $458.33 per month

    Thats' assuming 0% is available for 60 months.. I have no idea.

    5.9% is not a bad deal on a car loan.. maybe not the lowest, but not bad.


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  • Hello everyone, has anyone happened to ask for price of the 08 Legacy 2.5i SE AT cars? A dealer quoted $19700 before tax, doc and registration fees. Note sure it is good. And one of the fees is called ETCH. It costs about $149. I never heard of it. Thanks.
  • No. I did speak to a sales rep there who verified that the pricing is legitimate. They also offered to handle the transfer of the NY plates and registration for me. I searched and could not find any customer complaints on them (unlike the multiple complaints I found about another out-of-area, high-volume dealership). They seemed very well-organized and businesslike over the phone. I tried to use their pricing to do better with the Long Island dealers and found that it got me another another $200 or so. When I narrowed it down to two LI dealers, I couldn't get either of them to go below $22,900. Part of that might come from the fact that both offered me about $500 more on my trade than (as I later found out) prevailing auction prices. Another factor is the higher cost of doing business and lower volume for LI dealers vs. Fitzmall. In the end, I chose to go with a dealer very close to my home. For me, it was better to sacrifice the lower Fitzmall price for the convenience. I bought two '08s at the local dealership and they've treated me very well with the service. However, if I lived closer to Fitzmall, I'd probably try to take advantage of their lower pricing. Hope this is helpful.
  • I'm pretty sure people were getting those prices on the SE a number of months ago when the car business wasn't in the tank, the model year was younger and people didn't know that the '09 SE would have upgrades like the Harman Kardon stereo and VDC. Remember, the '09s are out now and the Legacy is due for a major overhaul in 2010, so what you're considering is essentially a "leftover." (I read something to the effect that the 2010 model is going to be larger to compete better with Accord, Camry, etc.) With the economy the way it is, I think that any serious buyer walking into a car dealership today should be treated like gold. You should bargain very hard. On the other hand, if you need financing, the dealer will be holding some of the chips.

    ETCH might refer to some number (VIN?) that's etched onto the car's glass as a tracking mechanism if it's stolen. To me, it's another gimmick primarily to boost the dealer profit, like rustproofing, etc. I'd be leery of any dealer that tacks this stuff on without an explanation. If you want the car, you should make like this isn't even there when you negotiate. The dealer should eat it because it probably costs him little or nothing. Good luck with your purchase.
  • Thanks very much, longislander1.

    It's very helpful.

    Like what you said, I should and shall bargin very hard.
  • jdljrjdljr Posts: 11
    When I was purchasing my Legacy a couple of weeks ago, I inquired as to how far out the 0% financing goes on the 2008. I was told it goes out only 24 months. Beyond that, it was 3.9% up to 60 or 72 months. I ended up buying a 2009 Legacy and financed through Subaru (JP Morgan Chase) for 4.9% for 72 months.
  • Congrats on the new Subie. Just a word of caution though, if you had snow tires on the Civic I'd still recommend them on the Subaru.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. Sweet car.
  • I bought mine (08 SE AT) at the end of July for $18999 before TTL. I thought it was a decent deal then. Just FYI. Not sure about the market as of now.
  • By the way, I got 0% for 36 mons.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    That car at $19k and 0% interest is such an amazing value. Legacy sales have been up, by the way, bucking the overall national trends.
  • jdljrjdljr Posts: 11
    Thank you for the info. I did not have snow tires on my Civic; if it snows too much on the route I normally take for work, I usually take a different route, which is more heavily traveled and the roads cleared more, and less elevation change. Granted, it takes me longer, but it's a safer route if it snows more than about 3-4".
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Legacy and Forester are both up. Pretty amazing, even in a tanking market.
  • So I just got back from the dealership(first round) and was quoted 21,076 for a White '09 Legacy 2.5i SE

    The whole time the salesman was telling me somethign about AOR. If they lost a local customer to a different subaru dealership it would look bad for them. I told them I was also going check out another dealership. They came back and pretty much said if you go to another dealership and get a lower quote. we will beat it. So i can probably wiggle it down a little more. What you guys think? Is that a decent price?

    Note: this was at patrick subaru in shrewsbury ma. I was planning on checking out metrowest subaru also.
  • Well, Fitzmall in Maryland is offering '09 SEs at around $20,700 (Limiteds about $1K more), so your price sounds pretty good. You always have to factor in some extra bucks for local convenience. I wanted a local dealer with whom I could establish a good relationship so, including the extra money above auction price that I got for my trade, I probably paid about $400 more than the Fitzmall price at the time. I take my car in for service at 8 and am out by 9. They take good care of me, so the extra money was worth it. Maybe you can shave off another $100, but it sounds to me like you're getting a decent deal. Good luck with the purchase.
  • So my final offer from the dealer.

    '09 White Subaru Legacy 2.5i SE
    $21,000, includes Doc fees, Sales tax, Destination fee.does not include registration/title/inspection ($115.00 for new plates).

    asking for a down payment to hold it..since i wouldn't be able to make it until saturday. yea?
  • that's a great price if it includes sales tax which is about $1000. The price before TTL is about $19,7**.
    by the way, I bought my 08 at Patrick north in Wilmington back in July, but sadly it's closed now.
  • Hi -

    Looking for a Legacy 3.0R LTD, with spoiler, remote start, no nav.

    Curious to know what others are paying in New England, my initial quotes have been just over 29K cap cost, which still seems high.

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