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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    Sounds high to me...when we were shopping, they had several 08 GTs at $27-28k OTD....but it does all depend on your local market.
  • that was my feeling too, but i wasn't sure.
    really appreciate your input.

    i'm looking in ny metro area by the way...
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    Well, I'm in Flagstaff, AZ and Subies are at a premium here due to the AWD; however, the GTs with their requirement of premium fuel are a little down as our fuel prices here are pretty high.....and that price you were quoted just seemed waaaay out of line, expecially considering that there are still 08's around at all...

    Good luck in your quest.....(BTW, the HK stereo and the dark carpet are great reasons to get an 09!)
  • again thank you.

    and since you brought up the point about the '09's...
    have you heard anything about prices on those? the GT specifically.

    yes, i have newbie car buyer written all over me...
  • As the owner of two '08s (Outback LLBean Limited with NAV and a 2.5i Limited), I'll throw in my two cents (or three).

    First, if you've been satisfied with the power and handling of a Protege, go test drive a new Legacy 2.5i Limited. It should give you enough power, it has the same interior and exterior as the 3.0 (except, maybe, for wheels and the nav) and you can get a new one for the same or less than you'd pay for the used 3.0. The '09 Limited has the upgraded Harmon Kardon sound system, while your '08 does not. Plus, with that kind of mileage on the 3.0, you may very well be looking at a car that was used as a dealer demo. Also, the factory NAV is just OK. If I had my druthers, I'd skip the NAV and just buy a nice Garmin (which you could also use in your BMW). The 3.0 uses premium gas and delivers lower mpg than the regular-gas Limited. And, finally, you -- like me -- have a sportier car for weekends, so you're shopping primarily for practicality. Still, as a guy who likes all his cars to handle well, I've been pleasantly surprised with the Limited as a daily driver.

    Second is the safety issue, especially since you're starting a family. I don't think you'll find a safer car than Subaru in this price range. There's a well-known article by some fire chief stating that fire departments hate Subarus because the B-pillar is too thick and reinforced to be cut through with the Jaws of Life. Yes, you can find safety in Volvo, Audi, BMW, etc., but you'll pay more for the car and for service. Plus, my area is filled with older Subarus. If you keep a car a long time, you can be assured that Subarus last.

    Third and finally, there's AWD. I live in a more rural part of the Northeast, so AWD was a no-brainer for me. Without AWD, your choices are wide open -- Mazda6, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry or one of the hybrids. They're all very good cars. Also, AWD robs some gas mileage. But, again, if safety is a consideration, I'd take Subaru over all the others in this price range.

    As far as looks go, you and your wife should know that the Legacy is being redesigned for 2010. (This also means that you may be able to get a better deal on an '09.) You can probably see the concept photos if you do a Google search. There are mixed feelings about the new design. I like it. Plus, I hear that the 2010 is expected to have more rear legroom.

    Good luck with your purchase. Let us know if you have any additional questions. If you want the minute details on Subaru, go to for some great information.
  • dascuddascud Posts: 2
    Tks for your detailed and thought out response.

    The protege was the car I purchased as a poor grad student and it has served me well. It definitely feels underpowered but I have some sentimental attachment to it and held on to it for the past 8 years. As far as HP is concerned one can never have enough HP :-). The 245 HP of the Legacy should be just fine.
    You mentioned that given the miles the legacy may have been a dealer demo. Is there something wrong with dealer demos ? as opposed to off leases.

    I have looked at the 2010 legacy styling and its seems evolutionary and not something that I would wait for if I can find a good deal now.
  • Happy to help. There are multiple schools of thought on dealer demos. Before I bought the Subie, I was thinking of purchasing an Audi A4 and many dealers around me were offering demos in the 5,000-8,000 mile range. I went for the new Subie after enough people convinced me that I shouldn't buy a demo. To me, it's like buying a rental car. Demos can be seriously abused because the driver is out to test the car's limits. Off lease cars, IMHO, are different because they become a daily driver for the person. Plus, there are penalties at the end of the lease if the car is abused or damaged. With all of this said, there's no way to tell how a used car was driven unless you can see the signs of actual wear. If you haven't done so already, ask the sales person about the history of the 3.0 and see if his/her response matches what you find on CarFax. Several years ago, I was searching for a CPO Lincoln town car for my dad. The sales person had several and he told me that all had been leased by private individuals. I was suspicious because I saw scratches at the bottom of the trunk opening and top of the bumper (signifying that luggage had been moved in and out of the trunk frequently). Sure enough, I was able to verify on my own that they had been rental cars. Having worked for a rental car company, I would avoid those like the plague.
  • liz15liz15 Posts: 24
    My current Subaru lease is up at the end of the month. I am new to leasing and two years ago I know I did not get a fair price. I have been looking at the Acura TSX and like the car but they don't have AWD. So until I decide I asked the Subaru dealer to give me their offer should I lease another Subaru.

    It's a Legacy 2.5i limited. Offer is 12,000 miles a year 36 month $299 a month before tax with $2,000 down. No lease loyalty offered.
  • thmyauo22thmyauo22 Posts: 1
    I just got an OTD offer of $28,898 on a '09 2.5GT Limited w/ this a good deal?

  • ben81ben81 Posts: 2
    I've never had a Subaru, and i'm looking to buy a new Legacy. Do you find that the 2.5i has enough pick-up, or should I go with the 3.0 Limited? I'll just it use for day to day driving, but am coming from an A4 that is a V6.

    The car I am looking at is a 2.5i Limited with auto-dimming mirror & spoiler. Is $21,890 a good deal?

  • longislander1longislander1 Posts: 112
    My benchmark for pricing has always been for the best advertised online prices. Based on their offerings, your price is excellent if you're talking about a brand new '09. I own two '08s -- a Legacy 2.5i Limited and an Outback LLBean. I came from higher horsepower cars and drive a Porsche on weekends, so I have certain standards for performance. The Legacy is fine for daily driving and offers somewhat better mileage than the 3.0. Also, you need to check, but I believe the '09 3.0 needs premium gas, while the 2.5i uses regular.

    I'm hooked on the Legacy as a daily driver. It's comfortable, handles well and has enough pep for expressway driving. However, if you don't care so much about rising gas prices and have a need to consistently carry three other people or a trunkload of stuff, you might consider the 3.0 instead. The 2.5i Legacy can be a little sluggish with a full load of people or stuff. What's odd is that I don't get the same feeling with our loaded Outback, even though it has the same engine.

    As you've probably seen, the fit and finish of the Audi interior is better than the '09 Subaru's. If you need something better inside, you might consider waiting for the 2010 which, I believe, will be available starting in June. You won't get the same deals, but the interior has been upgraded and is closer to (although still does not match) Audi luxury. Also, the 2010 is expected to offer a higher output 3.0 with regular gas.

    You will certainly save money with the Legacy over the Audi. I owned an A6, and while I loved the capuccino machine in the service waiting area, I paid through the nose for maintenance. By contrast, an oil change and a package of inspections at our Subaru dealer is $32.

    Get your dealer to let you take the Limited for a reasonably long test drive on varying roads. That's what convinced me. Also be aware that, as you drive the Limited over a prolonged period, the car's computer will "learn" your driving style and perform shifts accordingly. I saw a noticeable positive difference in performance in the first few months. Either that, or I just got used to living with and enjoying the Legacy.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We have a Forester 2.5X Limited auto and ours is actually fairly responsive, especially around town. If you haul heavy loads (or tow) or drive up hills at significant altitude you may want more power, but for our purposes it's been fine.
  • ben81ben81 Posts: 2
    Thank you both so much. This has been very helpful!
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    Wife and I test drove the 3.0 R. I was surprised by the power it had.

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased the car in the philly area? If so, what price did you get( if you do not mind me asking)??

  • red927red927 Posts: 118
    Back in November we leased a 3.0 Limited. The price of the car was $100 over invoice less $500 dealer incentive. There is a $1500 rebate available now so you should be able to do quite well. I got the car in NJ at Nitti Subaru in Hamilton Square. That particular car is not stocked by every dealer so the availability will be very limited. We had to factory order ours.
  • jcabrera4jcabrera4 Posts: 34
    I'm looking to buy a standard Legacy with auto trans for my daughter. She's a Nursing student and needs to travel between the hospital and the college starting in Sept.

    I went to my local dealer and was quote 18988 but they would not give me the low financing. They said its either the 2.9 financing or the incentives.

    Is this correct?

    Also, according to the incentives end June 1st. Beings that the redesign is coming out in a few months; does anyone know if they are going to extend the low financing?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's usually been the case for Subaru, i.e. the incentives either lower the interest rate or lower the price of the car, but not both.

    And very likely yes, the incentives ought to be extended until the 2010s become abundant.
  • abchin486abchin486 Posts: 78
    It;s usually one or othe other, but on the website for the New England area, it says you can have both.
  • misterteemistertee Posts: 1
    From Don Miller Subaru in Madison WI, I just purchased a 09 Legacy Special Edition Automatic for:

    19,000 (sale price)
    99 (service fee)
    1,051 (tax 5.5%)
    163 (DMV)
    $ 20,313 out the door

    I also received the 2.9% financing. Good luck with your purchase.
  • picachupicachu Posts: 7
    I've been viewing this site for a while and have picked up some good information. Now that I have started my active search for a new car I actually have an offer I can post and hopefully can get some feed back on whether or not it's a good deal.

    Specifics are as follows:

    2009 Legacy 2.5 SE Auto (9AD) (Typical options only - floor mats, wheel locks, auto dimming mirror).

    MSRP - $23,344 (approx.)
    Sale Price - $21,238
    Tax (6%) - $1,274.28
    Title/License - $213.95

    OTD Price - $22,726.23

    Now that I look at the sale price & tax amount they must be charging tax on the delivery fee. Any information would be much appreciated. I'm looking to purchase by the end of the month.

    One other question - Has anyone used the "fax attack" technique in negotiating a purchase price?

    Thanks again.
  • Unless I'm missing something, it appears you could do much better. Dealerships are on the verge of introducing the 2010 Legacys so they should be eager to ditch the '09s. Here are some thoughts:

    1. Go to the site and see what special offers are available on the Legacy in your zip code. On my '08, they were doing $1,000 cash back and I negotiated down from there. In my zip code right now, there's $2,000 cash back on virtually all Outbacks, but they are only giving financing and lease deals on the Legacys.
    2. says there's a 2% dealer holdback on Subarus (with differences in some Northeast locations), meaning that the manufacturer is paying your dealer about $467 in profit on your Legacy. Dealers rarely like to dip into the holdback to sell a car, but it may provide you with some ammunition when the sales person says they're not making much of a profit on the deal they've offered you.
    3. I've used as the basis for negotiations with local dealers and they're currently advertising SEs for as low as $18,790 (with a few of them labeled "clearance"), excluding tax, title and license. No matter where you live, you could buy the car there (I believe they're in Maryland) have the car shipped to you for about $1,000 and save almost $1,500 from the deal you currently have. I'm not affiliated with fitzmall, but I did call them when I was looking and they sounded very professional and helpful in terms of doing the transaction and any issues with tax/title/license. By mentioning them to my local sales person, I was able to get more money off my car.
    4. If you're handy with cars and are really tight on the dollars, you can buy all of the Subaru accessories cheaper online and install most of them yourself. Alternatively, you can ask the dealer to throw in all of the accessories on your car for free to reduce the price.

    Bottom line: I think you could do much better than the deal you're describing. Your sales person isn't trying very hard. You could almost get a Limited for what they're offering on the SE.

    You can always try the fax attack, but in my experience, you're usually better off showing up at the dealer to negotiate. Sales people like to see a warm body with a checkbook in hand.

    Good luck with your deal.
  • picachupicachu Posts: 7

    Thanks very much for the reply and information. I figured I could do better given the fact the 2010 models are due in a few weeks. The Legacy was actually the third car I test drove over the weekend ( others were Mazda 6 & Fusion) so I went into the dealership just looking to test drive and the salesman started talking numbers, etc.

    I e-mailed several dealers this morning through Edmunds quote and have received the following offers:
    1. MSRP - $23,153
    Sale Price - $19,913
    Tax - $1,194.78 (6%)
    Doc - $120
    Gov't Fee - $88.95 (No idea what this fee is)

    OTD cost - $21,316.73

    2. MSRP - $23,306
    Internet Price - $ 20,300 not including TTL.

    I read on that Subaru is offering $1,500 customer instant rebate with 2.9% financing if qualified.

    I have to sort through the other e-mails and see what happens. I will also mention the price.

    Thanks again for the information, much appreciated.
  • picachupicachu Posts: 7
    What was the MSRP on your Legacy? 19K works out to $1,000 under invoice with the typical options. Just trying to get an idea of how far below invoice dealers are willing to go.

    Any information would be much appreciated. I am planning to purchase by the end of the month.

  • picachupicachu Posts: 7
    09 Legacy SE - Auto. Dealer provided the following info:

    $21,058 (Dealer Cost)
    +106 (Center armrest extension - Dealer Cost)
    +695 (Destination)

    $21,859 (Total Dealer Cost)
    -446 (2% holdback)
    -1,500(Manufacturer stair/step program dealer incentive)

    $19,913 selling price not including TTL. I'm just wondering if the dealer can go any lower or is this the absolute lowest price.

    Any information would be appreciated.

  • I know I've given out a lot of pricing advice. Now I need some. There's a new '09 Spec B with navigation at my dealer with an MSRP of about $35,400. What should I expect to pay for one of these? Some say they're getting scarce (especially among those critical of the 2010 design and the cancellation of the Spec B). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Invoice minus incentives would probably be a good price.

    On one hand, it's an old model, so it should be discounted.

    On the other hand, it's rare, and if you hesitate someone else will snap it up. I doubt a dealer will give up their holdback on that last of a special model.
  • Completed my transaction today at Fitzgerald ( for a new 09 Legacy Limited Edition, including GTP (Subaru's guaranteed trade-in) program.

    20995.00 selling price (09 limited with autodimming mirror/compass/homelink, armrest extension, splash guards, and alarm shock sensor - satin white pearl and taupe leather, sticker MSRP shows 26,131. The car is new, 88 miles on odo.)
    LESS 12575 GTP program price for 06 Legacy SE wagon (could not get any better trade in price, old car was well maintained and had exactly 45,000 miles on it. Without GTP, dealer was offering substantially less).

    516 Tax
    50 Title
    99 Dealer fee
    74 Tag transfer (estimate)
    4 MD recycling fee
    12.50 Titling fee

    OTD 9175.50

    This price was too hard to resist for a brand new Subie..;))) Figured I'd buy one since these are the last of the 09s at great closeout pricing....and I hate the look of the '10s....

    Also got $500 in additional Subie reward dollars as part of the GTP price.

    They still have an 09 deep bronze metallic Limited on the lot, with spoiler. Deal took approx 2 hours to complete. Very good salesman, very professional service. :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, that was a $25k car a while ago. Wow.
  • That is extraordinary value for a great car. When I bought in Jan. '08, I got my PZEV Limited for $22,900, which was about 9.5% off MSRP. Fitzmall had a similar car for $22,400, or about 11.5% off. This latest deal is almost 20% off MSRP, and there are more options plus the Harmon Kardon.
  • Thanks. The best internet price I found is $29,745 in North Carolina, if I remember right. My local dealer will probably expect more, although this is a car that could sit for some time waiting for the right person to come along. I'm wondering if they've upgraded the 2010 GT Limited so that performance is closer to the old Spec B. Maybe that's why the Spec is gone for the new model year. It might be better to hold out for a new GT.
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