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2013 and earlier-Subaru Legacy Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kps3kps3 Posts: 3
    I just purchased my 2012 Legacy at $366 BELOW dealer cost as listed on Truecar. The internet sales guy at Grand Subaru in Bensenville, IL, Dan D'Andrea, was great to work with. I think I was in and out in 35 minutes with my car. I got a Satin Pearl White with 6 spd. manual. Nice ride. This was the first price offered to me after e-mailing in my interest. If you are anywhere in the surrounding states(or fly in to O'hare??), I'd try them out. Best price I found by far, and better than the lowest number for that car on Truecar. He said that is how they do internet sales--one price, no haggle, and done. I got an email invoice with the exact price to be paid, including doc fee, licenseplates/sticker/registration, and sales tax. That is what I paid when I got there. Happy with my car, and happy with the purchase process!
  • flatsflats Posts: 44

    Are you familiar with the Subaru VIP Program? You should be able to get a great no haggle price that way.
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Can you tell me more about the VIP? might have saved me (or others) some time and effort
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    I have had ZERO issues in the snow with my OEM tires on my 2010 model, but I do mainly highway driving and even at 36,000 I have lots of tread left. I am hopeful for the same tires as my previous 2010 model but I am not sure as I bought a LIMITED with 17" tires in 2010 and I am now purchasing a 2012 Premium with only 16" tires. We will see. Thanks for something to consider.
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    Short version of Subaru VIP Program:

    If you belong to an approved program, you can get the car at 2% below invoice, no haggling. The catch, most organizations require a small fee to join, and you need to be a member for a minimum 6 months before you can purchase.

    A list of organizations can be found at (I think most of the following participate)

    I joined Leave No Trace, which is a great cause, but also one of the least expensive to join (A one time fee of $20 or $30, I can't remember).

    And the long version:


    The VIP Partners Program is a Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) corporate program offering eligible SOA marketing affiliate members the opportunity to purchase or lease new Subaru vehicles at 2% below dealer invoice cost.


    Any VIP Partners customer must be an active member of the SOA marketing affiliate for a minimum of 6 consecutive months. The VIP dealer visit authorization forms are issued only to eligible affiliate members and their spouse or domestic partner residing in the same household (address verification required).

    The VIP Partners Program offer is non-transferable and does not extend to the member's relatives such as parents, siblings, children, etc.

    VIP Partners customers are limited to two (2) new vehicles within a 12-month time period.

    The Dealer Visit Authorization form does not obligate the member to purchase or lease a new Subaru; it does, however, inform the dealership that the member is entitled to VIP pricing.


    To participate in the VIP Program:

    1. Marketing affiliate members must receive an approved VIP Dealer Visit Authorization form PRIOR to visiting a participating Subaru dealer.

    2. Members must contact their affiliate's membership office to request a dealer visit authorization form.

    3. The affiliate membership office will verify the customer's membership status.

    4. The member will be asked their name, membership ID number, address, telephone number and choice of participating dealer.

    5. The affiliate membership services office employee will log on to the VIP website at using their affiliate e-mail address. The membership services office will complete the Dealer Visit Authorization form on line and submit it to the VIP Partners Program at SOA for processing.

    Upon receipt, SOA will mail the SOA approved Dealer Visit Authorization form directly to the member. As an introduction to the dealer, SOA will also fax a copy of the Dealer Visit Authorization form directly to the dealer. The authorization form is non-transferable and will expire in 45 days from the date of the letter. The member must take the form to the participating dealer indicated on the form. We ask that the member wait until the form is received before visiting Subaru dealers. The form must be presented to the participating participating dealer contact person (Noted on the Dealer Authorization form) upon entry into the dealership.

    Dealer Selection

    VIP customers select the dealer of their choice, generally based upon customer proximity and convenient servicing. Should the customer not have a dealer preference, SOA will select the closest participating dealer based on the customer's zip code. Customers may visit the Subaru website at to locate their closest dealer.

    All VIP sales must be conducted by an authorized and participating Subaru dealer. The VIP Program is available in all states except Hawaii.


    VIP pricing for purchase transactions is based upon 2% below dealer invoice cost for the vehicle and factory installed accessories as invoiced and delivered to the dealer by SOA. This is the non-negotiable base price for all customers with proper VIP Program authorization.

    The VIP price is further reduced by all applicable regional dealer or customer incentives or dealer cash, if applicable.

    The special pricing under the VIP program cannot be combined with any other Subaru of America, Inc. promotional offers, coupons (such as auto show or internet coupons) or direct mail offers or vouchers (except Subaru MasterCard® points).

    The VIP Partners customer will be responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes and license and municipality registration fees. Any customary dealer administrative, advertising and/or trade fees are additional.
  • kps3kps3 Posts: 3
    I got a way better price than VIP pricing. Work the phone and you can save a lot more.
  • flatsflats Posts: 44
    That's great, and I'm not saying the VIP program is the end all be all. But it may be advantageous to use in certain areas of the country for brand new model years that are in high demand. :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Like Alaska, for instance.
  • I know I have seen some people posting about how they payed a "a few" grand under invoice for the new lgt's however I am wondering what the actual amount is for a good price on a brand new 2012 LGT? Are they saying invoice is MSRP or invoice is the price the dealer pays?

    Current Quote price with the following options:
    2012 Subaru LGT
    -Trunk Lip Spoiler
    -Auto Dim Mirror w/ Homelink
    -All Weather Mats
    -Interior Illumination Kit
    -Splash Guards
    -Trunk Cargo Tray

    MSRP on Quote = $33,613
    Dealer Discount = $ 2,302
    Out the door price with Sales Tax, title, etc. = $33,414

    From my discussion w/ the salesman, I might be able to get it a few hundred more off however the price is pretty fixed.

    I live in Michigan (sales tax = 6%) so I don't know if that helps w/ regional pricing differences.

    Additional Questions:
    I feel like the Subaru VIP program may be the right option considering I have to order the car from the dealer. This means I cannot just drive it off the lot and bargain accordingly(its not like the car has been sitting on their lot). I will have to wait to march w/ my 6 months... How sure is it that it is 2% off the Dealer Invoice? and not just a savings off MSRP?

    What do you think would be a reasonable out the door price for the LGT w/ the above options?? I am not interested in completely robbing the dealer b/c I see myself purchasing from them in the future however I don't want to give up a few thousand for nothing...

    I always told myself that I would never purchase a new car however with the high price and low supply of the LGT's I feel like it is easy to justify buying brand new, especially w/ dealer financing... I have tried considering other vehicles however I keep on coming back to the LGT. I need an all season car. All Wheel drive, manual, turbochargered, which fits 4 comfortably.

    Please feel free to share your opinion on the price, additional options I have opted for, or anything else. I have been driving a 93 Honda Accord since I was 16 (now 22) so this will be my 1st new car :-) Hence why I am so clueless on all of this stuff. Thank you ahead of time, I really appreciate the help!
  • kps3kps3 Posts: 3
    I can get fairly close to the exact MSRP by adding options on I'm not sure of the exact model and package combos, but I can come up with a MSRP(sticker) of $33,653. Factory invoice on that is $31,101, and dealer cost is $30,114. There are two offers from local dealerships, with no haggling. for $30,651. I just paid $400 BELOW DEALER COST for mine. If the same holds true for you, you should be able to pay in the $29,000's somewhere. Go to and email them for a quote. I bet it would be worth your drive over to IL.
  • The Legacy GT had $5,000 on the hood from Subaru 1 year ago, I guess they must be selling better now?
  • pablolopezpablolopez Posts: 6
    edited November 2011
    I just signed deal. I got 2012 Legacy LTD with starter, shock sensor and all-weather floor mats and fog lights (standartd in 2012 LTD) for 26k before TTL on a car with MSRP $28475 with options. It is without Subaru VIP program. $26300 price was common among dealers in my area (NJ, NY, CT), but only one went below (no dealer's conveyance fee made the difference)
  • 2011optimasx2011optimasx Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    Just got back from Cochran Subaru outside Pittsburgh, PA with my parents.

    We were able to purchase a new 2012 Legacy 2.5i Limited PZEV. MSRP $27,891. Automatic, Moonroof, rear-view mirror & cargo net.
    My father had printed off Guaranteed Trade in Value for his 10 Legacy 2.5i Premium for $19,100 before we went. They bought that car new 2 years ago for around $22k
    Shelly came back to the table with their first offer of $19,100 trade in (actually Subaru was purchasing their trade) and $2,000 dealer discount. (True car had showed that a good deal was about $1,000 off sticker)

    MSRP $27,891
    Dealer Disc -$ 2,000
    Trade-in -$19,100
    PA Tax 6% $ 407.46
    Document Fee $ 206
    Total $7,404.46
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    May I ask you: Did you fianance the new car purchase? If you did at what rate through the dealer or Subaru?
  • Hey, I went through the same dealership as Salomonskier and got the same deal as he did, but he hasn't updated his with what his signed at.
    2012 Legacy GT
    -Short throw shifter
    -Trunk lip spoiler
    -Homelink mirror w/ compass
    -Interior illumination kit
    -All weather mats

    Sale price $29,822 + 6% tax $190 document fee and $23 total license and fee = $31, 835 OTD.

    Salomonskier was ~ $100 more for the splash guards and trunk cargo thing.

    No other dealership would really even try to compete with it, so I feel like it's a pretty great deal. :)
  • 2.69% for 63 months thru dealership. They 'found' a better rate for us at Huntingdon Bank. Subaru was 2.90%
  • toyotacare2011toyotacare2011 Posts: 3
    edited January 2012
    Picked up my 2012 Subaru Legacy Premium with All weather package (included accessories all weather mats, mud flaps, vin etching) for 23, 060 (25,100 out of door in NJ). Documentation fee was only $189.. Lowest of all dealership in the area.

    Also included was 7yrs / 70k gold plus extended warranty with zero deductible.

    Bought the car form Multipoint Subaru @ Union NJ. Was very happy with transaction.. Smooth sailing.. Highly recommended.

    Financed it @ 1.9% for 72 months.
  • germilgermil Posts: 11
    Toyotacare2011-could you please tell me what the MSRP of your vehicle was?
    Also, who did you deal with at Multi? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 126,124
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 81
    We got a 2012 limited with moonroof for 500 below invoice and good price on our trade central NJ)

    Now looking for gold pus warranty. 7/70 or 7/100 with zero deductible.

    Anyone knows who sells them at cost and no sales tax?
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 81
    Looking to replace the auto dimming mirror to one with home link. Dealer said it would be no problem replacing it (when we finalized the deal parts was closed), but they now want us to pay full price on the part and can't take back the original one. So I'll fleabay it or keep it as spare.

    Found the manuals for both and it should be literally a 2 minute job (disconnect cable from mirror, unscrew it, screw in the new one, connect cable) and then calibrate it.

  • I bought mine for $ 810 @ Mutlipoint Subaru in NJ. 7yr/ 70K with zero deductible.. There was also 7% tax on it. The final price was $856.
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Posts: 81
    edited January 2012
    Good to know. Looking more for a bit higher mileage. We don't put too many miles, but average of 12k per year... Will follow up with them. Thanks
  • hbnyhbny Posts: 3
    looking to buy 2012 legacy limited with moonroof. Quoted $27125 for car - walk out for $27,372.50 + tax. No major negotiating yet. In Westchester County, NY. Any ideas for good price?
  • minghiminghi Posts: 24
    I've been in the market for a 2012 Legacy for the past couple of months (looking for 2.5i premium with manual transmission, options include AWP & Moonroof) and the best price I found was from delware subaru dealers at $700-$800 below invoice.

    On the other hand, my brother purchased a 2012 Honda Accord Manual LX base model for $5500 below MSRP or $3500 below invoice in Feb 2011. My question is, does Subaru offer any such discounts anytime during the year? I'm checking the Accord forums too and noticed a few people were offered similar discounts at this time of the year. Should I wait another month or two?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru has not had to rely on big incentives to sell cars - the Legacy has been very successful.

    Honda is probably chasing volume, and the Camry, and piling on the incentives. Problem is, that erodes resale values, so you pay now or pay later, basically.
  • Hey everyone,

    first time poster here looking for info on the Legacy. I am looking to buy a Legacy as close to $20K as I can (stupid teachers salaries) I love the reliablilty of Subarus as well as the safety aspect, what is the most reasonablt amount I can expect off of the MSRP? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Cheapest they have is $21,111. Includes freight, but add $199 processing fee. That's in MD.
  • pablolopezpablolopez Posts: 6
    edited February 2012
    you should get 1% below invoice, after winter will be time to buy subaru because 4x4 wont be a necessity in the summer.
    In November i bought legacy ltd almost 12% below MSRP so closer to the summer you should get your legacy relatively cheaper.
    if you have 6months you can buy 2or3% below invoice thru loyalty program (look in this forum about November 2011 or Subaru website)
  • subarunewbie14subarunewbie14 Posts: 1
    edited August 2012

    My local dealership is offering $25.7K + 400$ doc fee for a 2.5i Limited with Moonroof. My other choice is 27.4K$ + 500$ in dealer fee for a 2013 Legacy 2.5i Limited with Moonroof and Nav package. I'm tempted to go with the first offer, as I dont really care for the Nav package. Is this is a good deal?

    Thanks! This will be my first Subaru and I am pretty excited about it!
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