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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Twilight Blue Limited 2.5i PZEV with dark grey interior, moonroof package, rear seat back protector, splash guards, cargo net and rear bumper cover for $29,688, I was seeking 1.9% for 60 months and ended up getting 1.84% for 60 months.

    Added the 7/100/0 Gold warranty for 1475.

    How'd I do? The dealership is close enough I can see it out my office window, so service and coordination is pretty easy.
  • gilangilan Posts: 5
    Hi Kiltedfool:

    Is $29,688 out the door (Including tax + fees)?

  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192
    Kiltedfool, that's withing a few hundred of what we paid for the identical car, except I forgot to ask for rear seat protector so now I'll be buying it. Love the midnight blue. None of the sales force at our local dealership had seen it until ours came in from Denver. They ordered one for the lot and last week I saw it, or at least another midnite blue with their dealer plates when at the library.


  • Just purchased a 3.6 Outback with the special appearance package. It also had wheel moldings, all weather mats, cargo nets. It did not have the eyesight package, but rather package 23. It was close to 38 on the window. I traded a 2005 Chevy Cobalt with only 36k miles. I got it for 32, 6% sales tax and plates included (2k). I bought it over the internet and the salesperson was a good guy to deal with. Usually I go round and round with a salesperson and have done a ton of research. On this car I just went in cold and after rejecting their first offer after they rejected 31 (tax included) we settled on 32.
  • I live in Dallas and am looking for a 2013 Subaru Outback, Premium with All-weather package. I was quoted for $25,400, but according to many of the posts on here, you all are getting quotes for quite a bit less than that (10%-13% off MSRP). Other posts I've seen says over $25,000 for this car is too much, so I want to know some more opinions. Thanks!
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192
    Not sure how competitive the Dallas Subaru market is. Here in CO and the NE and NW the dealers know they have to get their hearts right. IIRC Sewell is one of the big Subie stores in the metroplex so that might be keeping the prices higher than in other markets. Try checking with Ed Wallace this Saturday over on KLIF, although much as I like him he does seem to think that we're doing god's work by paying more for cars.

  • pjkopppjkopp Posts: 6
    So according to these posts there was a manufacturer to dealer incentive in September that allowed below invoice pricing and I saw numbers between 10 and 13.5% below MSRP plus TTL.

    Does anyone know if this incentive still exists? Despite having several dealers to work with, I have only been able to get 9% off of MSRP and all the dealers are clumped between 7.5% and 9% for the same car. 2013 Outback limited, 2.5 with moonroof,wheel moldings, splash guards, Homelink mirror. In addition the fluff accessories were priced higher by the dealer than listed on the website

    Any recent experiences or suggestions to lower the price into these unpublished incentives is appreciated
  • are you in Michigan by any chance? If so would love to know dealer/salesperson.
  • Just picked up a 2013 2.5 limited with appearance package, all weather mats, trailer hitch, side moldings, 110v power outlet, cargo net, splash guards, seat back protector, and puddle lights. MSRP is $34891. I bought the car for $31,500 plus ttl., over $500 under invoice. 9.7% off MSRP. Pretty happy with price.
  • Yesterday I bought "2013 2.5 Limited w/moonroof pkg" + bumper cover + rear seat protector + splash guards for $30,000 drive out. $1600+ below invoice. In central texas. Several dealers offered in the same range, but chose local. 2012 one was just $500 less, so went for 2013.
    Good Luck!
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    My wife and I purchased a new 2013 2.5 Premium this past Saturday. Has the weather package and one other package. Drives nicely but I am still learning of about some of the quirks the car has. Finally use to the steering. Discovered my cellphone is not compatible with the BT system but I have a Garmin GPS so I am able to use it as my hands free device.

    Purchased this over a 2.5i as the dealer made it worth my while. The other car I seriously considered was a Honda CR-V. It was a close call but several thing pushed me to the Subaru. First, better seats. I know this can be subjective but the Subaru seats just feel better. Second, fit and finish. The Subaru has tighter tolerances than the CR-V and the materials, especially the fabric on the seats is more substantial. Third, NVH. The Subaru has a much quieter interior than the CR-V (less road noise) and the ride and handling are better too. Fourth, fuel economy. In my research, the Subaru generally got better fuel economy than the CR-V. Lastly, a comment made by a Honda dealer salesperson. He stated that the Subaru was more stoutly built than the CR-V in most every respect. I kept that statement in mind.

    I have about 300 miles on the car, mostly highway. Getting about 25 mpg on a new engine.
  • kevinohiokevinohio Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    What do you guys think about a 2013 2.5i Limited Graphite Gray (w/out moon roof package) - basically pretty basic with a few options like car mats, splash guards for $27,220. Is the 60 month 1.9% financing a good deal? This seems to be the lowest price I've been quoted in the state.

    I got a good deal from a Chicago dealer - $25,800 however the sales tax is much higher there from what I hear - 9.5% versus 5.5% here in Ohio.

    I tried to use that price as negotiating factor, however I wonder if dealers know this tax difference already, probably leading to more attractive pricing to compete.
  • I live in Duluth and contacted Troncalli based on your review. Their price is not close to the $1500 under invoice you were able to negotiate. Any suggestions?
  • Kevin, I'm looking for the exact car you purchased. Can you give any advice on dealers you contacted for best pricing?
  • Hi ksdjwd - it was difficult to find, however most dealers were willing to order or do a dealer trade for it. Best pricing I found was from Chicago dealers, however it wasn't enough difference for me to travel there from Columbus- I may have saved about a grand by going there for it. However I was hesitant something could go wrong, or there weren't destination fees or something included. Plus I heard the tax rate is higher, although I thnk you pay tax based on your actual state. Gerard Subaru in Chicago had the best price at $25,700 something, but it expired and went up. Grand Subaru in IL was another one with really good pricing - like $26 something with a few extras I was not getting with the other models.

    I ended up buying at Busam Subaru in Fairfield - near Cincinnati. They were the only ones I could find with the car in stock and gave me a fair price - not as good as the Chicago ones but a little lower than Columbus and other Ohio dealers. Plus it wasn't too far of a drive for me - like an hour and a half.

    If you go "no moon roof", you can save a few grand, if that's not important to you. I didn't even know they made them w/out, as most dealers don't advertise or promote them on their lots.
    We paid $27,220 and got the 1.9% financing promotion going on for 63 months. Not sure if this was a great deal or not, but most dealers I talked to were not budging in their price.

    Hope that helps! Keep me posted on what you find or do!
  • Kevin, thanks for your insights. I agree it's risky to drive too far from home...never sure what surprises await even when you think you have an understanding. One dealer offered a good price but turns out the car had 2000 miles on it. Glad I asked about mileage before I drove 2 hours. Was your price for a OB Limited without the moonroof? Was that an out the door price or were there dealer fees/taxes on top? I'll keep you posted on what I do.
  • I’ve driven a 1997 legacy outback for 7 years and loved it, barely no issues, but recently lost it to flood. In the market to buy a new Outback, but have gotten stuck on whether I should buy a $6000 2001 model @123,000 miles, or if it’s worth paying $12,000 for a newer 2007 model @ 104,000 miles.

    I can afford the 2007 model only if it will save me repair costs down the line, but seeing that the mileage is almost the same I wonder if I will?

    Here are some other factors to consider:
    2001 LL bean model:
    2 owners
    had a 2008 rear/side impact accident, back bumper and back/right side replaced. Some rust there.
    6 cylinder, super quiet motor. Runs really smooth. Super clean car, looks well taken care of. Dealership have put in new tires, tire rods, breaks, water pump, and anything else to make it “like new”

    2007 model:
    4 cylinder, 30 day warranty,
    only one owner, but looking over the carfax report it has had a lot of repairs such as
    Engine/powertrain computer/module replaced
    Drive belt(s) replaced
    Oil and filter changed
    Battery replaced
    Drive belts replaced
    Light bulb(s) replaced
    Front brake pads replaced and rotors resurfaced
    And failed emission inspection at 70000 miles
    Failed safety inspection at 50000 miles

    Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Tomorrow (November 10) we will be picking up our Venetian Red Pearl 2013 Outback 2.5i Premium (CVT). Pre-installed options are the All Weather Package, all-weather mats, and the rear bumper guard.

    We were going through online inventories of the different Twin Cities Subaru dealerships when we came across this car. Walser Subaru had it offered at $24,598 (not including tax/license fee. etc.), which frankly stunned us. We called the dealership to make sure that the number was not an error, which they assured was not. We drove it, and decided to buy.

    It appears that Walser Subaru is making significant markdowns for the Subarus, except for the Impreza/Crosstrek and BRZ. I wonder whether or not other area dealers are doing the same.

    Subaru HAS to be giving dealerships major incentives to do this. TrueCar shows $26,301 as the estimated cost for the identically-configured Outback.
  • It was 27220 before tax and title. I went without the moonroof package. It was a base limited with floor mats, body side molding, and something else but I am forgetting at the moment. We went with graphite gray. It was tough to find one without a moonroof. With moonroof the best price was like 28,600. Yah let me know what you do! We are loving the car so far.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Today we picked up our Outback as per stated above.

    We were pre-approved at our credit union at a super low rate (1.24% for 60 months), but the dealership (Walser Subaru in Burnsville) tried to match it. They did not succeed, as their best offer was 1.79% for 60 months.

    However, this seems to indicate that the current 1.9% financing deal is not necessarily carved in stone. In your negotiation with the dealership of your choice, after everything has been negotiated, it may be worth asking for a better interest rate than 1.9% that is advertised. Subaru of America's offer may not get lower than 1.9%, but the dealership's own financial arm might be able to shave another 10 basis points or so, as our experience indicates. The worst that can happen is that they will say no.
  • I'm trying to understand the pricing of accessories used in calculating the Edmund's TMV. Does the invoice price/MSRP on the accessories include labor or just parts? A dealer gave me a price sheet on accessories and the retail is significantly higher than the MSRP shown on Edmunds.

    I'm trying to find out the true invoice price on a 2013 OB with a number of accessories/options and I'm unclear if the Edmunds numbers accurately portray both parts/labor for those options.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,925
    edited November 2012
    These are tough ones on which to offer reasonable advice!

    I'm actually surprised that some of that stuff on the '07 even popped up on a Carfax (bulb replacements... really?). Drive belts, battery, light bulbs, brake pads.... that's all good stuff to have replaced. Really, though, the only "repair" is the computer replacement. That might be a concern, as well as failed emissions inspections... but both of those depend on what the issue actually was. In some areas, worn drive belts (or bulbs out) can cause a failed inspection. In others, those things aren't even checked. For the computer, when was it replaced and why?

    Again depending on the area, the price on the '07 might be high. If you decide to go that route, make good use of your thirty days... they go quick! Also, make sure the car's timing belt was replaced, as those are due at 105K. If there is no paperwork to back up whether the belt was replaced, assume it wasn't (if the timing belt breaks, your engine is toast). If not, reduce your offer price accordingly.

    For the '01, the H6 is a reliable engine. You shouldn't have to worry about the head gaskets, at the very least! You'll need to feed it premium fuel, plus it will return lower fuel economy, but you should be able to more than make up for that in purchase price and (possibly) insurance rates.

    Also, I'm sure there are more fish in the sea if neither of these look like the best bet. Good luck with your decision!
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  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    My understanding is that those part prices are virtually always parts only, exclusive of labor. In addition, each dealership can and does set its own pricing for the parts and accessories.
  • The prices listed on Edmunds and other websites are for accessories installed at the Subaru factory or port. Websites don't reflect prices a dealer will charge for accessories installation at the dealership and the prices will almost always be higher. The dealer charges for the part and shop labor to install. Depending on the accessory, the labor component can be significant. Accessories are always cheaper to have install at the factory. The downside is one has to do a factory order and wait for the vehicle.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    The Limited has a few more things/items over the Premium and I did look at one. I did not want much of what the Limited offered and tghe Premium fit the bill.

    The 1.9% financing is a good deal and my wife and I took that. That rate beat most banks and credit unions.

    If you are an Ohio resident, then you should pay Ohio tax only. I lib=ve in Maryland and have purchased cars in Virginia. I paid Maryland sales tax only. Not every state works the same way so may want to investigate.
  • Actually, the MSRP and Invoice pricing were $300 higher since I got the PZEV version. Liberty Auto Subaru in the Chicago burbs.
  • superduesuperdue Posts: 5
    edited November 2012
    Posting my purchase experience as I am in the process of buying from Wentworth Subaru in the Great Northwest-where there must be the highest concentration of Suburus on the planet. We don't call them dealerships up here; we call them breeders.

    Vehicle: White, Limited, SAP with pud lights, seatback protectors, splashguards, 110 outlet, rear bumper protector, all weather mats: MSRP 34,701, Invoice 31,983, Price 31,483. - about 1.5 under invoice. They offered 1.9%, 60 month financing with this quote

    Deposit, appraisal and dealer trade to secure the vehicle was all done online and via phone. They also offered $500 more for my 2010 outback trade than the other breeders. I secured the trade-in value prior to getting new vehicle quote. Tomorrow I travel to Portland from Sequim, Wa to trade cars. Will post again after transaction is complete. Hope all goes as it should . . .
  • tripeltripel Posts: 12
    and I love it.
    Got the 3.6 with all the goodies -- moonroof, nav, side molding, bumper, special dark brown interior leather, which is really sharp. The only things I didnt get were the entertainment system and the camera vision thingy. Paid a bit more than I should've I think at a bit more than $36K out-the-door (got $2K off sticker), but still consider this a great deal. It's loaded with great accessories: touch-button start and keyless entry, heated power seats w memory, dual temp, bluetooth, killer stereo with ipod connectivity. Really love the dark brown - wasn't sold at first, but it has really grown on me. Mostly it's very unique, you just dont see that color out there, and also the interior brown leather has the feel of a much higher-end car (much moreso I think than the white leather, certainly.) I've put over 1500 miles on it so far and all good -- it has lots of power and it averages around 24.5 mpg on the highway, which is pretty good, I think. With the bad weather approaching we'll see how the awd is, but I'm expecting great things. Bought it at Curry Subaru in Courtland Manor, NY (and hour north of NYC.) The salesman Peter was excellent -- no hassles and no slick selling, I tested it on Sunday then bought it Thurs, took the train up and he picked me up at the station; drove it away an hour later. Highly reccomended experience all-around. The only annoying thing is that the dealership keeps sending me a barrage of surveys and promotional junk I don't want ... but a minor issue. In all, big thumbs up!
  • carteachcarteach Posts: 179
    I'd like more information about how you secured the trade-in value without having the dealership see the vehicle. I'm trying to sell my '06 Acura privately and have never done a trade-in. But would love to avoid the hassle, waiting etc. So looking for tips.

  • I purchased a 2013 Outback last Friday from a dealer in Rockford IL. for $3600 below MSRP. I used to get quotes from other dealers and used those as negotiating info. I had 3 other dealers all in this range. I bought from the one closest to home.

    I now have 760 miles on the car and I am entirely happy with this decision. My first Subaru. I considered the Escape, CRV, Rav4 and Mazda CX5.
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