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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    You might be surprised about that new car spread - it really depends on the area. I purchased my '10 Forester in Seattle for $2,300 less than it was being sold locally (Fairbanks, Alaska). The local dealer just has a "you buy from us, we don't sell to you" attitude. I spent less than $400 to get it home, plus three days of time.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    For example. If you look at the and look at
    Subaru Outback Premium 2.5 CVT (MSRP 25990)
    We can break this down to the following numbers (as noted on their site)

    Base Vehicle $23,829
    Options $0
    Regional Ad Fees $222
    Destination Fee $695

    Then deductions are as follow:

    Customer Incentives $0 (currently none)
    Holdbacks/CSI $759 (Subaru pays dealers this once vehicle sold)
    Dealer Incentives ??? (This is where most dealers profit, especially large volume dealers.)

    TOTAL $23,987 (or less is the price anybody should pay)

    Dealer Incentives are based on how many cars dealer sells. Bigger volume dealers will get bigger incentives.
    This is the reason why dealers at the end of the month try to push sales on many cars as possible. Even if they sell you truly sell under the cost of vehicle, they will profit at the end because sold enough vehicles that month to make large dealer incentives.
    They can range from few hundred dollars to even high as thousand dollars.

    I personally was able to negotiate this car for $23 750 (plus title and registration). This tells you they were able to knock off few hundred dollars from the lowest price and still make some money.

    As a shopper you have to be smart, and shop around. In this economy you should be able to dictate the negotiation. Do not let dealers to manipulate you and sell you based on scare tactics.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    nicely done, xwesx !!
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    "The Window sticker price on this one is $27111. Invoice is $25324. We own this car for $24284. I could let you own it for $24784."

    This is from an email my local dealer sent me. He is very up front with me on how they do business. They are making $500 over ACTUAL cost plus dealer holdback. (in this case $1042.22)
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    This totally make sense. Thank you.
    This is about 8.5% less than MSRP. This is what I have been told by many, a good deal on Subaru would be 8% or more off of the MSRP.
    Keep this in mind and you will know if you got a good or bad deal.
    And watch out for fees that some dealers are making up.
  • Here is an example of the crap we get in NJ, this is from a supposed Internet Sales Manager.........

    Due to the competitive environment and lack of inventory that the entire region is suffering from, we are giving out price's only to people coming to the dealership. Although it may be a minor inconvenience to our customers, from our recent and past experience, it's a complete waste of time to talk about something that could feasibly be 12 weeks ago. Due to Subaru's ever changing factory programs, and the high demand for these vehicle's, to be honest, the price today to 12 weeks from now, could very well differ by THOUSANDS of dollars. We will be as competitive as any other dealer, but we need to put pen to paper and get everything in order first. There are certain criteria that need to be justified and unfortunately communicating via e-mail doesn't always cover all the bases. Rather than mislead you, we would rather deal face to face to show our honesty and our sincerity in these matters.

    Would you bother with these guys, I was there they had their chance.
  • Sorry but which state are you or where is this dealer?, I have no problem to travel and get a good deal.

  • Just picked up my new OB tonight. I ordered it 3 weeks ago and it came in well ahead of the original 6-8 week lead time thanks to my dealer. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience at my dealer, Rafferty Subaru in Newtown Square, PA. :) It seriously has been the best car buying experience to date. Here are the details:

    2010 OB 2.5i Limited in Azurite Blue w/
    Auto-dimming mirror w/compass
    Sirius satellite radio
    Media hub (for ipod)
    Wheel arch moldings
    Rear bumper cover
    Splash guards
    Interior illumination kit
    PZEV Zero Emissions

    Total MSRP: $30,638 (includes $695 destination charge)
    Paid Invoice (VIP Pricing): $28,659
    Added 6 year, 100k mile Gold Plus Warranty: $1500
    Trade-In 2005 Xterra (high miles): $8100
    PA Sales Tax: $1323.54
    Registration: $48.50
    Doc Fee: $100
    Total Sale Price: $23,532.04 (trade already factored in this amount)

    Paid cash for part of it, financed $12,500 @ 3.9% for 60 months = $230/mo. I was literally in the dealer for maybe 40 minutes total tonight to complete the paperwork, etc. It was a smooth transaction, no gimmicks, no games...the way car buying should be! If you are in the NJ, NY, MD, DE, PA or even farther out... I highly recommend this dealer. Ask for "Skip" or Kevin - tell them Noelle sent you.

    I'll post more in a week or so to let you know how much I am loving my new OB :blush: . I already got the bluetooth set up (super easy) and love the media hub, just so nice to listen to my ipod through the fabulous stereo! The ride home was great even in the cold rain :D
  • Thanks for the information, I may contact them - Don't forget your tax deduction. :shades:
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If sweetsouls deal looks ok to you, make a copy and take it to the dealer and ask for the same deal. Yes or no. Easy peasy. Good luck.
  • Feel free to call them first... talk to Skip (our salesman) or Kevin Rafferty (mgr/owner). They really are a great group. Low pressure and laid back, but very responsive and thoughtful. They have been there for over 25 years, have a TON of Outbacks in inventory (even more than their website lists), were able to make me completely comfortable and stress free through the whole process. I was beyond thrilled with the pricing and service they gave me. If you are looking for an honest-to-goodness decent dealership with massive inventory, years of experience, salespeople who have been there more than 6 months, and an "A" rating with the BBB - then this is the right dealer for you. I swear they are not paying me for this endorsement :) It's just that having been through the entire experience with them I feel confident in the recommendation. Good Luck!
  • bob_b1bob_b1 Posts: 29
    This dealer has some inflated prices. They are charging at least a few hundred dollars more than what the should.
    Take a look at this car
    Outback Premium CVT 01b4b415cd6679f6.htm
    They have added a few things:
    Convenience & Protection Group 1A (PIO) - $572
    Includes: [P0E] Splash Guards (PIO) And [Q0I] Wheel Arch Moldings (PIO)
    Auto-Dimming Mirror-Compass (PIO) - $186
    Automatic operation rear view mirror; Compass

    If you take the base price for OB with CVT of $25 990 (destination included) and add the extra options the total should be $26 748. They are charging extra $300.

    I have called and questioned they refused to comment. This is a tricky way to make some money. Be careful.
  • curvecurve Posts: 20
    Here is my internet sales manager experience in MA:

    The challenge we have been facing is Subaru has more demand than supply.

    Since Cash for Clunkers our active inventory went from an average of 150 active cars a month to about 30 and that is the case with every New England dealer.

    On top of it Subaru came out with a whole new Outback and Legacy for 2010 and it has been explosive in the demand for the vehicle especially since it was named vehicle of the year by Motor Trend.

    Right now in New England there is a total of about 10 - 2010 Outbacks with the 3.6R engine and everything else is in shipment. We have recieved a few into stock since it came out and we sold them for msrp.

    The advantage of an order is we can show some flexability because we will never have to stock it into inventory and have it on the lot.

    As far as Internet pricing offered by consumer sites there information comes third party so it does not always if ever reflect regional prices and the built in destinaton charge in the invoice.

    So as simple as it can be I can get the vehicle you want it will just require alittle flexability based on time. If the vehicle is already made and getting ready for transit we can have it allocated to us we just won't know until we put in the official sold request.

    I can probably get you close to Invoice on the car doing it this way and we do have a Dealer Documantery charge of $296 that is additional.

    A little confusing as he states that people are paying MSRP but in the end I'll be lucky to pay (a little over) their fees.

    Not sure how to proceed!
  • Gees relax a little bit. They are not inflating the pricing... The extra $300 is the charge for the PZEV Zero Emissions engine which is REQUIRED in the state of PA. They are not inflating their prices, it's just a glitch that they are unable to show it in the options (just like you can't select it when building a model on Subaru's website). Subaru doesn't make it easy to find out about the charge, but you'll see it on Edmunds. Seriously can we all not over react and let the accusations fly?!?!? :confuse:

    Rafferty is a great, legitimate dealer! I stand by them 100%.
  • Also I am not sure who you talked to there, but I know Skip (my salesperson) is off call back tomorrow and speak with him. Or ask for Kevin Rafferty - either one of them, I have no doubt, will set the record straight. ;)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    $300 over invoice doesn't seem terrible. You could wait for inventory to accumulate a bit. If you really-really want one then do the deal. You could try the new years eve 3:00 pm route and see if you can squeeze more. Sometimes you gotta have what you want and you don't want to wait. You have to decide if you want to grind out a better deal. Demand is high now - especially with winter here and awd.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    sweetsoul - Thanks for all that information. Sounds like you had a fantastic experience and hopefully that continues.

    Edmunds requests that you not post the names of salespeople or contact information. ;)
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    Sounds like they just want to get you down there in person so they can try to use their sales tactics on you and pressure you into buying. They will probably do the old bait and switch on you. (Tell you they are selling it at invoice and then add $1500 in ridiculous fees to get it back to nearly sticker price.) I wouldn't bother.
  • Seriously - again? Rafferty Subaru, PA is not one of those dealers. I literally just picked up my new OB from them lastnight. The $300 MSRP difference is just the PZEV engine charge directly from Subaru, you'll find it in any other PA Subaru as well as several other states. All of you wanted the details of the transaction and I gave it you. It couldn't have been a better experience. All of you are looking for a good reputable dealer who won't play games, I gave that to you as well. I paid invoice, there were no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no tactics - I got exactly what I asked for from the extended warranty to my trade-in value. So I actually have the first-hand buying experience from start-to-finish at this dealer. I have given you my recommendation, that doesn't come lightly as if you read in previous posts I was burned by the first dealer I went to.

    So take my experience, my information, or not. I am just trying to support a good dealer with the props they deserve. Instead of all the negative buying experiences you typically see... I am actually posting a great one. Take it or leave it - it's up to you.
  • While in theory this sounds like a great idea, I contacted three dealers for internet quotes. I never heard from them! I even emailed again to follow up. Still no bites.
  • stoopystoopy Posts: 105
    What dealers did you try to contact?
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    To all:

    What is the possible price one can get now for 2010 4dr Wgn H6 Auto 3.6R Ltd with NAV and moon roof before TTL?

  • The lowest price you can get is the lowest price you can negotiate from all the dealers you contact. What they are willing to offer is something you'll eventually determine.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Msrp 34658 may get 2-2400 off. But you will have to work or hire a broker and see what they can do.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Well, below is the example of price off MSRP 24,990 if you order one from dealer 23,285 ... you may use this as you base to negotiate with. Worst to worst you can simply order with the color you want ...

  • From my discussions with Dealer in NJ, unless you want Cypress Green - (I know where at least one of those is) 3.6R limited with MR +Nav is in tight supply. I was told the Nav supplier is behind with deliveries.

    So if you find it in stock, they a likely to want full MSRP.

    If you are prepared to wait you should be able to get about $2K off but delivery with Nav is unpredictable.
  • I made contact Rafferty as you recommended (in fact via email) and would agree the response was competitive, quick and low pressure. I'll be making my decision on where to order my OB soon and this dealership is a candidate.
  • Yes and Yes to both questions. I like it so far. The one thing that is kind of unusual is that the car shuts off when the door is opened. Subaru says it is to prevent a double start. I gueess its a good satety feature so you dont kill the starter. Im just not 100% used to it.
    Hope this helps.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    If you order one, the discount saving is between 1,500 - 2,000 off MSRP
  • 2.5i Limited w/ Power Moonroof. Sky Blue with the Black/Grey Leather. All weather floor mats, rear cargo net, rear bubper cover and Auto Dim Mirror w/ Homelink. $27,800 + TTL. They even gave me $2000 for a 7 year old Focus with over 133,000 miles on it. I've had it for 48 hours and can't stop smiling every time I see it or drive it!

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. It helped me prepare quite a bit.
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