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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rdyrdy Posts: 36
    edited August 2010
    He didn't say Subaru Extended warranty....who issued it and what are the terms.
    If its a third party extended warranty, we all know what some of those are worth.
    CPO? He didn't say. Has it been titled and registered?

    Its a 1.5 year old vehicle, not new.
    Treat it like any used car purchase. Get it checked by someone else, drive it thoroughly. Does it shake? Has it had any work performed on it? Ask for the service record.
    New 2010 Premiums w/allweather pkg are selling now for 24.5k
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    edited August 2010
    Powertrain warranty does not equal to extended warranty glod plus ...
    Subaru standard powertain warranty is 5yr/60,000 anyway

    Is this loaner in dealer plate and never registered?
    It will be sell and register as NEW car if it is never registered, like demo with mileage. You may also qualified for new car loan specials.

    You didn't say the trim (limited, base, Prem., 2.5L or 3.6L) so it is hard to guage the offer price.

    deduct $0.07 to $0.09 per mile driven.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a bargain if you don't mind the non-folding side mirrors.
  • ldl20ldl20 Posts: 10
    Greetings, all. Finally gave in and sold my '04 Odyssey private party, in order to get a new Outback. I'm in northern NJ (Bergen County), and here's my deal:

    2011 2.5i Premium w/CVT / Moonroof / All-Weather Package
    Satin White Pearl
    all-weather floor mats
    media hub
    wheel locks
    side, behind seat, and rear cargo nets
    rear bumper cover
    splash guards
    front bumper underguard
    puddle lights

    I optioned the car through, printed out the order sheet, and went in to the dealership (Liberty Subaru in Emerson, NJ). After a test drive, I told them I was interested, but I was still in the process of selling my van. The sale wouldn't be finalized until the end of the week, and they wanted me to leave a $500.00, non-refundable deposit, which I thought was strange. Of course, I said I would wait until the sale was completed, and the cash was in my account before doing anything, so I left. Less than 1 hour later, my salesperson called me to say that his manager cleared him to place a hold on it (it was in Boston, at the port) without any deposit, but I had to call him on Friday, the day the van was being sold. I said I would, and long story short, the sale worked out well, and I was able to get to the dealership before it closed that Friday, July 30th. We had yet to discuss a firm price, other than a first offer from him at 26,900, before I mentioned any options, for a 2010. When I showed him the Truecar report, and told him that I wanted a 2011 for the rear view camera and folding mirrors, here's what happened: he wrote everything down on the sales form, checked with his manager briefly, and told me we had a deal. No haggling, no trying to sell me a 2010 on the lot, it was pain free and easy.

    Price: 27,409.00
    Doc fee: 195.00
    Tire Fee: 7.50
    Sales tax: 1,977.43 (NJ is 7%)
    Extended Warranty for 7/70,000 (It didn't pay to go for the 100K, as we will surely reach the years before the miles): 840.00

    And I got the 2.9% financing for 63 months, and all the options were at cost. I'm happy with the deal, as it was well under what TMV was for a 2011 equipped like mine, and it was a breeze. Who knows if it's really $300 under invoice, but all I know is the sticker says 29,720, and I purchased it for 27,409 (before taxes, warranty, tags, etc., of course). I highly recommend these guys in Emerson, NJ.
  • Well, the dealer did call me back today (monday), to see if I had any questions. I told him no and my offer of $23,000 still stands. He told me that would be an incredible deal, but he asked his sales super. and was told no. He gave me no counter offer. I just told him thanks, and to call me if he changes his mind.
  • This is a CPO outback, with the Factory 100K / 6 year warranty. This vehicle was never titled, only about 2,300 miles on it. Dealer wanted $24,900 , I told him I would pay $23,000 with all the fees and taxes included.
  • The trim is the 2.5 i premium with the all weather package. for this 2010 model.
  • ths258ths258 Posts: 10
    "Extended Warranty for 7/70,000 (It didn't pay to go for the 100K, as we will surely reach the years before the miles): 840.00 "

    Is this the Gold warranty? What is the deductible?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    Which transmission does it have? You mentioned 6-speed auto, but the 2.5i only comes with 6-speed manual or CVT....
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • 6 SPEED AUTO / CVT....
  • ldl20ldl20 Posts: 10
    Not sure if it's considered the Gold Warranty (probably not), but the deductible is $100.00
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Don't hold your breath! missed a good deal...... ;)
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    @ldl20: Thanks for your details. This helped me negotiate today on a very similar deal with a local dealer. I optioned the following at Edmunds (TMV),, and Van Bortel:

    2011 2.5i Premium w/CVT / Moonroof / All-Weather Package
    Satin White Pearl
    all-weather floor mats
    rear bumper cover
    splash guards
    MSRP: $28,443, Invoice: $26,754

    The TMV price seemed high ($27,776) compared to your price paid. Van Bortels was very low at $26,490. TrueCar "GreatPrice" was $27,290. Best offer (about 5 hrs away) was $26,480.

    I offered my local dealer $26,950, plus will get the 2.9% (for 3 years) and free oil changes at the dealership for life. :) No negotiation, we were both fine with the deal on the table.

    Very happy with that deal. The dealer makes a fair price and I feel good about what we paid. And I prefer workign with the local dealer. Will close tomorrow.

    Thanks again, as always to everyone who posts their experience here - it really does help everyone to get a better deal than they would without all this info.
  • Hi
    I am shopping for a 2011 Outback 2.5 Premium with the CVT and AWP, plus wheel arch moldings, rear bumper cover, splash guards, and PZEV (I am in NJ)

    Here is what I have so far:

    Edmunds TMV $27,057
    Edmunds Invoice $25,932

    Dealer 1: $26,324 in person.
    Dealer 2: $25,900 via phone.
    Dealer 3: $26,553 via internet (this did not include the moldings, so I added in $400, which Edmunds has as the TMV for the option).

    Dealer 1 and Dealer 3 have the car on their lot (I test drove it at #1). Dealer 2 says he has to get it from Pennsylvania. All are within reasonable distance from home/work.

    Any thoughts, comments? #2 seems the obvious choice but it just seems too good to be true.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    I think the bottom line is to go with who you feel comfortable with.

    I had no problem giving my local dealer a few hundred more than the "cheapest" price I found - which was not local - because I'd like to keep my local dealer in business since that's who I need to service my car in the future.

    So, #1 might be my initial choice - but I'd go back to them with another offer first, say $26,200. Don't forget that they're making about $800 in holdback from the manufacturer on the Premium, so even at $26,200 they are making around $1100 on the deal (based on the invoice price you quoted) - a fair profit for most dealers.

    But if #2 felt like a reputable dealer to you, go for it. Again, they're making $800 on it through holdback (and maybe more through other incentives we don't know about), so that may be enough for them to be happy.

    Good luck.
  • There are numerous dealers in the area who can service the vehicle, so I am not concerned about keeping one in business. Plus, I highly doubt my few hundred dollars is the difference between Chapter 11 and solvency.

    Where did you get the information on holdback?
  • fendertweedfendertweed Posts: 98
    edited August 2010
    this is a short-sighted approach IMO ... your couple of hundred multiplied by many sales can make the difference, so if a local dealer has a good service dept., then IMO it certainly is worth buying there, particularly if you ever have a serious warranty issue or a post-warranty goodwill issue.

    That is when you want the dealer on your side advocating w/ SOA or whoever the mfr. is --- I have seen this firsthand more than once and it has gotten me thousands of $$ in post-warranty goodwill coverage when it would be very easy for the dealer & mfr. to blow me off and be completely justified legally.

    There is such a thing as being penny wise and pound foolish... IF a local dealer has a good service department, then it is IMO worth buying there if they can get close, if not necessarily the rock bottom lowest price. If they don't have a good service dept. then it doesn't really matter IMO. I generally don't rely on the dealer for service other than required services while under warranty (even though you don't have to do so), but it is good to establish a relationship with their service dept. for the reasons laid out above.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    Well, familyguy9 beat me to the punch, but I agree with him whole-heartedly in his response.

    Dealers don't stay in business by simply giving the test-drives and then having everyone buy somewhere else. If it's not a dealer you care about, or where you would get it serviced, then it doesn't matter - which is why I also said Dealer #2 might be an option for you.

    Bottom line, again: buy from who you feel most comfortable with, not *just* the lowest quoted price. I've had it work out both ways - where I felt best with a local dealer and where I felt best with a remote dealer. No one can answer that for you.

    You asked for advice on which to take, and we provided our reasons why. If you just wanted best price, you didn't really need any advice - that one's straightforward: Dealer #2.

    As for holdback, the infromation's all over the place, but I got my quoted number from

    Got a call that the car should be in tomorrow. :)
  • In my experience, dealers have good service departments that go the extra mile (e.g., post-warranty goodwill coverage) not because I paid a few hundred more in the showroom, but because they want me back as a future customer in that showroom, and also want me to refer customers to their showroom.

    I have gotten the best service in terms of covering warranty items from those dealers that I purchased from repeatedly -- and those have been the ones that have the lowest prices.
  • I think you have the reasoning I was outlining exactly backwards... the service is not because you paid more ... the point is that it can be worth paying a bit more to get the service.

    I can also show you high priced dealers with lousy service dept. and they get neither my sales nor my service business.... and low priced dealers with lousy service depts. -- there is no inherent correlation IMO/IME ...

    but whatever ... it's your money and time
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    I agree with the comments about good service departments being the ones that do more than the "average" service. I have also always found that it helps to establish a relationship with the service manager - and one in particular if it's a large dealer that has several managers.

    However in my experience (albeit mainly with Honda) the service dept really just wants you to buy another "Honda", because they are an entirely separate cost center from the sales dept. and they simply want the service business - doesn't matter as much about exactly where the car was purchased. But again, that's just my personal experience with Honda. My experience with my local Nissan dealer on the other hand was that their service dept couldn't care less about anything... :) AND that did in fact stop me from getting another Nissan.

    Hopefully my local Subaru dealer will be a good service experience.
  • I don't get your reasoning, but I don't need to. I think the most important thing is that we have this forum where we can exchange ideas and information about the quality of dealers so that we can make more informed decisions.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    OK, so I'm confused now as to what exactly was the point? No one said a higher priced sale means better service.

    If you're looking for the best Sales deal - go with Dealer #2. Where's the question?
  • What I was really looking for was whether the Dealer #2 price seemed so low to folks out there that it was a likely bait and switch. Any information on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    Very possible it is a straight-up deal, they're still making money. Only way to find out for sure is to proceed down that path and see what happens. No one can answer that question here. Good luck. :)
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    I agree with nedlyi's argument. Familyguy, I think you should move forward (cautiously) with the second dealer. Keep in mind that the quote was given over the phone, so you may well run into the problem of "I/we never said that." If so, either move on to the next dealer or politely threaten to do so and see if that changes their mind.

    Service and sales are two separate issues altogether. My local dealer, 350 miles from the next nearest, is absolutely pathetic in terms of sales. Their service department is good. I have tried several times to negotiate a price on a car there and never get anything close to a reasonable deal. As such, I typically save $2500 (after the cost of bringing it home) by buying 2200 miles away in Seattle. It is not personal; it is business.
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • Well, more news. Reached out to another dealer who came back on the phone and was able to quote me $25,600, which is $300 less than the quote I was concerned was part of a bait and switch. He just faxed over the contract so I know it is the real deal.

    Out the door, $28,000.

    Thanks for all the advice and banter.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Now that's a good deal :) Congratulations!
  • fasttexfasttex Posts: 24
    That is one of the most intelligent comments that I have seen on this forum in a while. Local small town dealers can't compete with the big city dealers on price. Sometimes they may have only 20 Subarus for sale and rely on their service departments to live. Generally 80% of the income is generated by parts and service. Even though it's only business, when it comes down to only a few hundred dollars, I will buy close to home because it is more about relationships. To have a dealer on your side dealing with SOA is a real plus and could save thousands over the life of a vehicle. Thanks from a small town dealer!!! :) :) :)
  • Picked up the car today. The deal was as advertised. Out the door for 28,000 at Pine Belt Subaru in Lakewood NJ.
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