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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Maybe this is an issue in small towns. In central NJ where I am, I have at least 7 Subaru dealers within 45 minutes of my home. I expect each of them has an incentive to be on my side dealing with SOA for referrals and for repeat business.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Picked up the car last night. $29,000 out the door (7% tax sucks). Good buying experience from this dealer (Kings Subaru, Mason, OH) - very Low pressure (they used to be a Saturn dealer).

    Car really is beautiful and well thought-out.

    Two minor interior cosmetics dealer needs to fix, but other than that nothing of note. It really is a nice vehicle for the $. Hopefully it will hold up to its reputation - wife wants to keep it at least 10 years :)
  • Ordered 2011 Outback 2.5i Premium + Graphite Gray + Auto CVT + Power Moonroof + HK Audio + Media hub + Rear bumper cover for $26,474.... a wait of about 4 weeks... pretty excited!!
    Most of the dealers would not do it for less than $27,100...
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    Not to question, but... really? And you're sure they're quoting you the right model and package?

    I'm only asking because that's $900 under dealer cost - $1800 under invoice, and $2500 under sticker (sticker price on that is $29,909). I've never heard of anyone discounting anywhere near that much. Even Von Bortels (the chepest quotes around) are quoting $27,737 for that setup. If you're getting that price on that package, you have scored a truly fantastic deal.
  • oops just realized I didn't include the destination fee of $745, which others include while posting the quote... guess its a fair deal! Total before taxes and lic comes to $27,220 for 2011 OB 2.5i Premium + Auto + PM+HK+MediaHub+Rear bumper cover...
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    edited August 2010
    Still an impressive deal at that cost too. That's only $300 more than I paid for mine and I didn't have the HK upgrade - an additional $1100 upgrade. So, yeah, I'm about $800 jealous. Congrats. :)
  • fasttexfasttex Posts: 24
    edited October 2003
    Also, not to question but that is less than an employee, any VIP deal or any other deal that I have seen EVER, EVER, EVER !!!!! Dealer invoice is $28950 on that exact vehicle?????????????????????????????????? :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    One other note - you never mention the AWP but as far as I know you have to get that with the HK and/or PM packages. That's another $500+. Does your quote include that?
  • skyiceskyice Posts: 21
    how about this deal?

    2011 outback 2.5i limited, silver/hblack leather interior, moonroof package, media hub, splash guard for $29,657 including destination fee. This is the best I can get.
  • therdrtherdr Posts: 1
    For this exact car I have got them down to $29,901 with AWP. I'm still working them but I would jump on your deal for sure.(Vermont)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Still an amazing deal, congrats!
  • skyiceskyice Posts: 21
    edited August 2010
    with the VIP program, the dealer can offer 28,705 for 2011 2.5i limited with moonroof, silver/black, splash guards and media hub.
  • I got a quote for $30,762 for the above model, which is about $2000 less than Edmunds price. (Price does not include tax, title, etc.) Seems too good to be true...any thoughts? This dealer is ~200 miles away but my local dealer has no 6 cyl. models in stock. Thanks.
  • That seems to be a nice deal. I just got a quote 29,909 for a 3.6 Limited Outback with no packages.Would you mind sharing the details of this dealership?

    Thanks and wish you luck,
  • scoot5743scoot5743 Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    Hi, I live in Michigan and ended up getting this model for $28,865. It is graphite gray metallic and comes with moonroof, harman Kardon speakers basically everything except navigation. The MSRP was $31027. I went on and also and this was the best that I could do on the price. Just wondering if anyone else purchased this same vehicle and got a better price? I checked with 2 other dealers and they both said that they couldn't touch this price so I am hoping that it was a good deal.
  • The price is from Autobarn Subaru of Countryside in Countryside, IL, a southwest Chicago suburb. I worked with the internet sales guy on the deal.
  • Hey guys, for those who have driven both, would you say the 2.5 engine is suffice? I'm coming from a '99 Corolla and I'm tired of not having any horsepower to speed up on uphill onramps or pass cars on the freeway here in Houston. I know it'll be an upgrade regardless coming from my previous car, but will it be that much of a difference? Everyone here drives really aggressively and I just want something with a good 'umph'. The 3.6 engine has it, but is just a little too much. I'm really not trying to go over $25-26k. I appreciate your guys' input. Thanks ahead of time.
  • Purchased this car brand new, with three options: puddle lights, media hub, and rear bumper cover (and also moon roof, as stated in title). Price of vehicle (excluding doc fee and sales tax) was $28,403.

    Could NOT have done this without hiring to shop around all dealerships for the best price. There was a notable variability from dealership to dealership regarding their lowest offers submitted. We bought at the very end of the month from a Bay Area, CA dealership.
  • easypareasypar ColoradoPosts: 192
    I know what you mean by Houston drivers, I spent 25 years there. But rest assured the 2.5 is enough, at least in the Legacy. I'm not a real aggressive driver but I always prepare for any "escape" and I find the 2.5 to have as much "when needed" as my 3.5 Maxima did. There doesn't seem to be any delay when you kick it.

    Also I do most of my driving in the Colorado front range, 5,000 feet or more, so that's another consideration.

    Do what the salesman recommended I do when I was concerned; throw the golf clubs in the trunk, put the wife and someone else in the car and head up into the mountains. I realize you can't head up into the mountains, but trying a standing start on the 610 east bridge will give you an approximation.
  • So, I have to pay the $200 first and then they will look for the lowest price for me. But the risk is they may end up the same price that I have already gotten plus the $200. Am I right on this?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The Legacy is priced a bit lower than the OB, so if you don't need a wagon or the clearance, you may be able to get a 3.6 Legacy for about the same price.
  • I appreciate the feedback on the engines. The Legacy is a nice car no doubt and I've test driven the 3.6 version which has plenty of power. I'm just thinking about "the family car" which is why I like the Outback so much. Plus the amount it rains in Houston, I love how much ground clearance the Outback has. Plus all that great space in the back for my bike or whatever I need to pick up is great. Maybe I'll try to get a bunch of friends to come with me and sit in the Outback as I try to get on I-10 or something.
  • Yes, you pay them $200-- but they earn that $200 when they turn around and get it back for you-- and then some-- on your deal.
  • During the Labor Day weekend, I was able to purchase the OB at a price I deemed as a great great price. I had done my homework with Costco buying and The MSRP was 31314. with rear bumper cover, shock sensors, and splash guards. The price was 27999. plus T&L. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be glad to share my information.
  • Just to update...we decided for a different 3.6R at the same dealership. It had some added features (puddle lights, towing hitch, all weather mats, something else that's escaping me right now) and the price was $31,426. The main reason we got it was the color--my wife hated the graphite; said it looked blue-ish. Went with black instead. We did have some mechanical problems at ~60 miles but the dealership has bent over backwards to rectify the issue and is having the regional Subaru rep contact us. I have been very pleased with Autobarn Subaru and would recommend them to anyone. Very easy to work with and will give you a very competitive price plus great service.
  • Very nice.My wife likes the black or the red. Have a quote of 30,600 for a 3.6R Limited with a moonroof with lifetime powertrain warranty. Will have to travel around 2 hours to get the vehicle, and they will drive the same distance.
    I am sorry to know about the mechanical problem, and hope they fix it soon for you. Will update you about my shopping. I am located in NY, so not sure how the shipping thing will work with Autobarn Subaru.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Glad to hear they're taking care of you. Congrats, too.
  • Ordered a 2011 Pearl White Outback 2.5i Limited W/Sunroof Package on August 31st from largest volume dealer in New England located in Manchester NH. There was a giant poster on the showroom wall congratulating them for breaking an all time sales record for the previous month.
    It included: pearl white body side moldings,rear chrome garnish, splash guards, moon-roof air deflector, rear bumper cover, all weather floor mats and front license plate mount.
    I'm being told it will take 12 weeks. I guess white is hard to find for some reason? According to sources on the internet the MSRP including destination was $31,792 (Incudes the $300. PZEV Emissions fee) and invoice was $29,501. documentation and title was $265 ( 6.25% taxes will be paid at RMV in Mass.) Out the door cost was $28,999. I believe the invoice will also include a $622. regional advertising cost for this area which would bring the invoice to $30,123. and would mean I am buying the car for $1,389 under invoice plus tax and title. sounds too good to be true but I have a signed agreement. This dealer must be getting incentives from SOA for volume sales in order to discount a car this much!
  • If you live in SF bay area, I highly recommend Livermore Subaru, ask for Lapon.
    The two volume dealers in this area couldn't match their quote.
  • After years of dreaming and months of research I finally purchased my Outback last night. The VIP program made the vehicle purchase price easy. Negotiating the mini-van trade in was a bit of work, but I eventually got the Edmunds trade in price. Since this is the first "brand new" car I have ever owned, the experience with the dealer was interesting. Once they realized I was serious about purchasing and serious about walking out, they met my price rather quickly.

    I love this vehicle. Its everything I wanted and there is no steering shimmy today.

    Bye bye minivan. You served us well, but time to downsize. And maybe look a bit cooler. Of course, "there are no cool dads"- Anthony Bourdain.

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