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Nissan Quest Prices Paid



  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Anybody know why there are two different splash guard options for Quests on Edmunds pricing guide, B10 and B95?

    Also, are splash guards really required in certain states as the description for the 2007 says? And if so, why?
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Posts: 7
    No, we got the $8475 off of MSRP straight up. This included the rebate though.

    MSRP 28,075K
    less 3,000K rebate
    discount 5,475K off
    Price pd 19,600K I hope I did my math right here.

    We DID have a trade. It was a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with 98K miles. It had a broken A/c and an oil leak. We got $2500 on the trade(which made the price $17,100). In looking up the trade in value on line for our Jeep in Fair condition the trade in value was $3,475. Not sure if ours was even in fair condition. So if you wanted to factor that in we ate about $1,000K on the trade - but I do not think it was even in fair condition.

    I just had a friend go to the same dealership yesterday and they like the 06 quest as well. They are not as willing to discount it with them as they were with us. I think I had it in my original post that we went on Memorial day 30 mins before close, and they said they needed a 20th sale. usually I would think this was a crock..but I think it was true this time. I had a small disagrement with some mis-information I got when asking the differecne between an Sl and an S Spec Ed and I called to complain, they said (which is RARE) that they do not want anyone unhappy and that they could NOT discount it any further and that I could return the car. I called another quest dealer and gave them the vin# and asked if they could beat the price and they said NO, they do not even know why they did that deal and that it was an $1,800 loss. Coincidentally the dealer where I purchased it said it was an $1,800 loss too. I believe the rebate is till $3k so IMO I do not think you would be getting it for $10K under. But who knows. It is true it has a lower resale than the sienna and odyssey, but if you plan to keep it LT (we do) I do not know how much that would factor in. I personally am Happy with the vehicle. the instrumentation panel is funky at first but it is totally normal to me now. It is all a matter of what you are used to I suppose. I like the styling which is a little different that the typical van. It is roomy. For me the several thousand discount from the Honda and Toyota made it a sale. We only have 800 miles, so I am hoping there is a true break in period..but our AVG MPG is at 15.6. That is probably a 70/30 split (more city). I am hoping for some improvement. a friend has the 06 SL Quest and has 17.9 avg. Another nice feature is that the S SE has the Rear sonar as a standard feature. A BIG bonus for me as this is my first van. Good Luck.
  • richibolorichibolo Posts: 1
    hi!in july 1 ,i just bought quest 2007, model 3.5S .my sticker price was $26980.after 2h of negotiation i got $25480 plus n/c splush guard,cargo cover,($480 over MSRP price).i said this price is exellent but i will give them answer in 48h.
    i checked the same model with other dealer and their price was higher + APR was 2 high.
    -get your credit report w/ score
    -print APR samples
    -if you dont like dealer deal...walk away!!!
    good luck
    richibolo NYC
  • slaterslater Posts: 3
    I just paid $31,172.50 for an MSRP $37,405 2006 Quest. That was invoice -$3000 rebate. This was from a guy who didn't know that they already hat 2007s on the lot. I think I could had haggled a couple hundred dollars more in hind sight. However, he asked me to make an offer (this one) and he accepted. Beats haggling.
  • Picked up a 2007 SE (Smoke/gray leather) with DVD, Seat Package, Roof Rack, Floor Mats, Splash Guards and Sunroof deflector for $33,419 today (including destination). That's $1,000 under invoice, and $3,100 better than the Edmunds TMV price. MSRP was $3,7875.

    I did however agree to pay a "junk fee," or processing fee of $289, so actual total was closer to $710 under invoice. Couldn't find holdback info for the 2007s yet, but it was around $1000 for the 2006 SE's, so I'm figuring the dealer still made $300+ on the sale of the vehicle (which was in stock).

    48 month lease (12k miles) was $2,500 out the door price for $587 per month, with an extra year of warranty thrown in to match lease term (first month included in the $2500). Residual on the lease was just 36 for the 48 months, would have been 51 for 36 month lease and money factor for Nissan was .00379.

    All-in-all, I think I ended up with a pretty fair deal, especially as we really didn't care for the 2006 models anywhere near as much (and there's none of the associated incentives for the '07s as yet).

    Purchased in the D.C. area from Brown's Nissan in Sterling.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Thanks for the reply.

    I am getting the idea that invoice less the $3,000 rebate is about all you can get for a 2006 Quest. I think Nissan has managed their inventory well. They knew long ago that the funky interior was not selling well. When I asked around there were not too many 2006's left, and I don't think the dealers are too worried about getting rid of them--$3,000 rebate seems to be enough.

    It is hard to tell how much, if it all, trade-in or financing affected your deal, but it sounds to me like you did get some special deal due to an unusual motivation of the dealer. A similar thing happened to me on the first new car I bought. I called late on the last day of the month, and the salemen practically begged me to come in and buy for something less than invoice without haggling. I think it might have been for getting the last one off the lot by a certain date to make way for the next model year. It also seemed like the salesmen or dealer would reach a new bonus level for that car if sold that night. Not really sure, but the salesmen seemed to have an unusual motivation. So I think it does happen, but not that often.

    BTW, as far as gas mileage, the 2006 SL would have a 5-speed automatic, whereas your S Spec Ed would have a 4-speed. I don't know for sure, but that could account for the difference.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Dealer sounds desperate. I would start way low in order to find out just how desperate.

    I think that sometimes when a dealer realizes that a buyer does not understand the real price, but is intent on haggling, he actually gives away some information in order to get the buyer into the ballpark so things can go forward.

    Also, I would definitely walk away no matter what in the first round of negotiation. If that thing has been there since 2005, it probably isn't going anywhere. There comes a point where the dealer is losing money due to financing his inventory. Since you are actually interested in something nobody else wants, you might be getting into territory where the dealer is just trying to cut his losses, and hopes you don't realize just how low he will go to get rid of it.

    Anyway, I don't know for sure. But I think that is what I would do.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Hmmm ... $710 under invoice seems like an unusually low price to me.

    Right now, there is no selection in my area. In fact, I can't even get one locally right now. If two different people wanted one, they would practically have to bid for it, and they wouldn't have much choice in what they got. I can't see why dealers would go so far below invoice right now.

    Same old question: is it possible that a trade-in or financing affected the true value of your deal?

    BTW, I am dubious of Edmunds TMV in this case, seeing as how 2007's are not even available right now in some places.
  • There was no trade to work with/worry about. I had financing covered through E-Loan check prior to cutting deal, but after negotiating price decided to go with Nissan lease program.

    I did buy in-stock vehicle and it was 4th of July, for whatever that's worth.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    Sorry I was not able to post this earlier, but we did end up finding just the right Quest for us, then took it on a 3000 mile romp.

    We live in upstate NY, near Rochester, but were unable to find any local dealers willing to deal much as inventories were very low. So while visiting family in Maryland, we began calling around and found a dealer in Preston, MD that groaned but met my price. Here is the deal.

    2006 Quest 3.5 SL with Special Edition package, floor mats, micro filter, roof cross bars, extra winter rubber mats Out the door for $23,000. No trade, no financing. I think it was a pretty good deal, he had to trade for one in the right color (red) and he even offered to deliver it to NY, but my wife was so excited she wanted to drive it home.

    The only things we are still waiting on are:

    The headphones were not in the vehicle, the dealer says the other dealer must have kept them and he is trying to recoup them... I am not sure if they came with the car if we did not get the DVD, but I am going to let him try. Anyone know for sure?

    Also, the catalog states the 3.5SL has heated seats (shown in the options matrix) but they are not on the vehicle...The dealer is supposed to be trying to contact his rep to find a solution. Does anyone out there have heated seats with the cloth interior?

    So far, 3500 miles and we are pretty happy. great room, versatility (we are coming out of a 1998 Villager/Quest), new car feel. The multitude of dash controls are tricky, especially when you are trying to get used to them at 70MPH, but that is what a co-pilot is for.

    One question for ya'all, we are at our first oil change. I have always done my own, but with a NEW car, I am not so sure it is advisable for the warranty. Any thoughts? Would a jiffy lube type of thing be OK? I shudder at the thought of a $100 dealer oil change, especially when I did not buy it there.

    If anyone has any insight into either of these option issues or the maintenece thing I would be greatfull.
  • eyeblindeyeblind Posts: 156
    I have an 04 SL with cloth seats. The heated seats was a standard feature for the SL.
  • mandanmandan Posts: 1
    Has anybody checked out the VIP offer that is available to select Quest owners?
  • baxter3baxter3 Posts: 3
    I just negotiated $34291. for an 07 SE. MSRP is $38435. 36 month lease, 12000mi/yr, residual 48% and money factor .00228. I know the price paid is a great deal but what do you think about the lease terms? We have excellent credit rating and wonder if the terms could be better. Please answer ASAP as we are going to get it tonight.
  • See above for my deal...your money factor seems better and our credit is also sterling (rating is well above 740, which is all they care about). Your residual seems low, however; I was quoted 51% for 36 month lease.

    If your lease is through Nissan, I wonder why such a discrepancy between your money factor and mine....hmmmm.

    Also, what options are you getting on the vehicle?
  • Also, on the lease, what's the out the door and monthly cost?
  • baxter3baxter3 Posts: 3
    We got it! Options: dual dvd, SE tech pkg, seat pkg, floor mats, mud flaps and moonroof deflector.

    I was quoted the 51% residual on a 24 month (not 36) lease from two separate dealerships, and also found same info at We ended up with 48% for 39 mos. and money factor of .00228. (44% for 36 mos.)

    Out the door was $1500. and $547/month. No trade and made the deal over the phone. Had contacted 4-5 other dealerships via internet/phone but this was only dealership who had color/options we wanted in stock. Plus we had already been to dealership and kind of working with a salesperson already. First lease ever and we were very pleased with how things went.

    And, I must confess that your post had VERY much to do with us making the decision this weekend to go ahead and purchase. I saw what a GREAT deal you got and decided to go for it, and whaddayaknow, they accepted the first offer we made! Thank you Thank you Thank you
  • mrmcgivmrmcgiv Posts: 7
    HI: Glad you got your Quest and that you are happy with it. It sounds like you got a good deal and had a good experience with the dealer. I did not understand, Did you get the DVD player? I would imagine the headphones SHOULD come with it if you have the DVD. I did not just check this first hand but I did not even think there was an 06 3.5SL with a Special Edition package. I thought it was just the 3.5S that came with the Special Edition package??? Also, if I remember correctly the SL did not have heated seats but it did have heated mirrors. BUT if it is a 3.5Sl with Spec Edition package then it may well have heated seats and I have no idea what I am talking about.

    I have been very happy with our 06 3.5S (Spec Ed). We are not even at 1000 miles yet. It took me a while to get used to it, esp the gas mileage. But after having to use our 02 Honda Accord SE last week b/c my husband switched the car seats back to that I know i really love driving the Quest. Good luck with your new vehicle.

  • Congrats. Glad to have been of help. Looks like we got rougly the exact same deal ($710/$711 under invoice), but your lease seems better (to the tune of $1k upfront and another $1,500 over 39 months).

    This was my first lease as well...if there are others that have greater experience and could comment on why there may be such a spread, it would be appreciated.
  • rprossilrprossil Posts: 62
    Part of the difference could be due to the tax laws in your state. Here in Illinois, you pay the tax on the entire cost of the vehicle, not just the portion applicable to your lease term. It stinks, but for the present, we have to live with it. I believe there are a few other states that work this way as well, but most only charge the lessee tax that applies during the term of the lease.
  • Yes, in Virginia I paid tax based on full purchase price of vehicle.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28

    Yep, We originally looked at the 3.5S, but we wanted power seats,(my wife was not sure she could get comfy in the manual seats) and the only way you could get them was the 3.5SL with the special edition package. The backup camera was a welcome edition as well, and has already found itself to be useful in maneuvering our tight driveway as well as parking lots. I am ashamed to say it, but it even stopped me from backing up when my errant niece ran behind the van without me seeing her. She was pretty far away and in the rear pillar blind spot, but when I saw the movement off to the side I stopped and got out to check.

    We however did NOT want the DVD, the kids watch enough TV and they do not need to be whining for it every 10 minute trip. On the long trips we set up the portable DVD. However, the window sticker said it was wireless headphones compatible, and since the headphones are not available as an option, and another dealer says he does not even know how to order them, I am assuming they come with the car.

    As for the heated seats, it may be a type-o, but if you look in the options matrix it shows the heated seats standard on the 3.5SL Spec Ed package. the list to the right of the equipment in the 3.5sl Spec ed package does not list the heated seats.

    So far I do not understand why this van gets such bad reviews, it seems better in many ways to any other van we looked at, and the pure space is just super. why would anyone drive around in one of those overstuffed Toyotas?

    Still have not heard form anyone about whether oil changes have to be done at the dealer...someone out there has to know.
  • It would be very rare that any warranty would ever require basic (or any) maintainance to be performed at the dealer. However, warranty service may require proof that you have been maintaining the vehicle properly. If you get oil change or other work elsewhere, be certain to maintain receipts/proof of work to provide if needed. I'd be surprised if your dealer doesn't have competitive rates for oil changes, however. Many typically meet/beat the quick lube prices and you have the benefit of having service records kept by the dealer.

    For instance, the dealer we just bought from has a $29.99 oil change special listed on their website. I called the local Jiffy Lube and was given a price of $34.99 and can easily find a $5 off coupon online, so services are priced the same.
  • baxter3baxter3 Posts: 3
    I don't think you get the headphones unless you have the DVD. Also, looking at the 06 SL list of options, heated front seats are only available with the SL Leather/Bose pkg. You stated you had the special edition pkg which does not list heated seats. Hope this helps.

    Sounds like you are really enjoying your purchase, and I agree, the roominess is just great!
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    > This was my first lease as well...if there are others
    > that have greater experience and could comment on why
    > there may be such a spread, it would be appreciated.

    dslunceford, you leased? In your first post (#499), it looks like your talk about a price for buying and a lease deal, and it wasn't clear what you did.

    baxter3, you also leased, I see.

    I don't think $711 under invoice is the real price for someone who is buying cash. It must be a nominal value for setting the terms of the lease, and there must be something in the lease, such as residual, money factor, or interest, that is favorable for Nissan and allows them to state the $711 under invoice in the lease. (Or maybe there is some kind of regional manufacturer-to-dealer incentive where you are.)

    The reason is, I just don't see $711 under invoice in my market. Every dealer I've talked to starts to balk just before invoice, and goes to stone at invoice. Some won't go to invoice. One guy gave me a token under invoice.

    Can anybody confirm a non-financed (at least not by F&I at the dealership), no trade, purchase (not lease) deal on a 2007 Quest for less than invoice?

    BTW, dslunceford, you say in post #499:

    > Couldn't find holdback info for the 2007s yet, but it was
    > around $1000 for the 2006 SE's, so I'm figuring the
    > dealer still made $300+ on the sale of the vehicle (which
    > was in stock).

    But the things I've read say that a dealer wants/needs $1300 or $1400 gross profit to make his net profit, and the holdback is a primary source of that gross that he won't give up. So a dealer making $300 gross is dubious to me.

    Comments welcome.

    I'm not really for screwing dealers, even though they do screw customers frequently. If they treat me okay, and give me what I want at a price that I'm agreeable to, that's a good deal for me (and probably for them).

    The only problem is "a price that I'm agreeable to" depends on the market, and is very hard to know well because the dealers and manufacturers are always playing games with prices.
  • Yes, I leased. But I didn't go into the deal telling them that. That's none of the salesperson's concern, frankly. I made my best deal and was prepared to buy with an E-Loan check (already approved)/cash or their financing, if better, or their lease program. AFTER making the deal I had the financing guy work up both buy and lease scenarios. During the sale negotiation we never discussed whether I planned to lease or buy (it was never asked) just that I had no trade to deal with.

    It shouldn't matter to the dealer whether or not you buy or lease (unless they are able to offer lease specials, which they would then push -- there are no such specials I'm aware of currently).

    Since earlier post, I found holdback info for Nissan is 2% of Invoice (, so that would mean on my vehicle holdback would have been around $688.

    I don't know why they made the deal, necessarily, except it was stock on hand, was a holiday weekend, and Nissan wants to finally find some success in the minivan space?
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Yeah, it's a head scratcher. Maybe there was some sort of test marketing area or a special manufacturer-to-dealer incentive for getting the first ones out the door, or something.

    Funny, though, since you and baxter3 got the same deal, it must have been some circumstance common to both of your dealers.

    I guess some more information would be helpful, if anyone has something to share.
  • tjshantjshan Posts: 28
    I kindof figured that on the headphones but no one can tell me how to go about getting them, and since the car is supposed to have "dual media playback" how can you do that without the headphones? Has anyone used that feature yet?

    Also, not to be argumentative, but if you look in the options matrix it shows the heated seats standard on the 3.5 SL with the Spec Ed package (the little box has SL in it denoting the Spec Ed package not the L denoting the leather package). The packages list to the right of the equipment matrix for the 3.5SL Spec ed package does not list the heated seats so one or the other must be incorrect.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Try an electronics store for the headphones. I remember seeing wireless headphones sold at Radio Shack.
  • hondakidhondakid Posts: 17
    Does anyone know what the invoice cost is for a Quest 3.5s in Toronto?

  • Central Indiana, some local dealers have 5-10 07s on the lot. I have an internet sales guy immediately going to invoice price on an 07SE with options - AND 2000$ off from the offer letter sent to previous owners.
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