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Nissan Quest Prices Paid



  • We had no processing fees
  • Where do you buy your Quest from? Can anyone explain why Midwest and Eastern states seem to have deeper discounts than Californians?
  • Three words: Local Market Conditions
  • Sterling Nissan in NoVa. Guess less demand for Quest in Eastern states (people want AWD cars). Not sure about Midwest...
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Actually the minivan market is pretty soft. In the east (at least in the northeast), the Odyssey, Sienna and Chrysler twins are the kings. Folks are opting for small SUVs and crossover vehicles instead of minivans.
  • yes you are rite I live in the North east see that everyday thanks for reading Marco
  • HI Guys, I sell cars at a NIssan Dealer for the last 5 years. And this was the first time I saw Nissan give the Dealer $5000.00 for the Months of July and August for every Trucks, SUV( no MUrano and Rogue), and Quest they sell and hit their goals. The problem is that the program end it on 9/2/08. You can still get $3500 rebate and negotiate under invoice. Specially for SUV and Trucks and Quest. So you can get total discount from 7-8k maybe more, but the $5000.00 are gone and thats why you saw discount around $12,000.00. Good luck on your next purchase.
  • I'm thinking Nissan is going to have a rough September. They had great deals in August, but now any dealer that still has Quests is going to be holding them for a while.
  • Hey Pudge, I agree with you, but Nissan has a big problem. Honda and Toyota still make a better product, but Nissan is more expensive....The 5000 price tag off of Quest in addition to 3500 actually made me willing to forgo having a Honda or Toyota. Unfortunately, I did not find out about the 500 volume discount until dealers had quite limited supply, which things I did not want.

    If NIssan wants to sell its vans, it is really going to have to attack the price. It is a nice vehicle, it just needs appropriate pricing.
  • Dandy,
    I agree with your whole post. Nissan lacks the rep of Toyota and Honda, but they match or exceed their price. What was the 500 volume discount you were referring to?

    We have dealers here still with 2007s. And I don't see when they are going to clear out the 2008s with the economic progressions. It is going to be a brutal sales month for Nissan (at least the minivans).
  • yes it is going to be real tuff will have to see what happens grate vans tho so honda and toyota thanks for reading marco.
  • basically what Nissan did, was promise dealers 5000.00 dollars for each quest they sold during a time period as long as the dealership met its quota. The dealerships that participated, sold a lot of cars. The ones that did not, did not sell many cars.

    While I noticed that cars were going considerably under the 3500 discount, I did not figure out the reason why until is was basically too late unless i wanted something that was absolutely loaded.

    Should be interesting to see what Honda is going to do, my understanding is that it has a lot of product left (relatively speaking).
  • joebertjoebert Posts: 22
    I just looked at the Nissan Quest sales numbers for September. They sold 410 minivans for the whole month, down nearly 83% from last year. I think it is pretty safe to say they will step up to move their remaining 08s. Or maybe they won't and dealers will just be holding them like some still are holding the 07s.

    link to report
  • thankyou for that link and that was intisting to read yea think nissan will do sumthing like they did last munth in oct or nov so we shall all see honda and toyota 2 times are tuff. they will all rebound in a few years maby sooner thanks for reading Marco.
  • Again, in looking at the Quest sales number for October it isn't looking real great. While I didn't think they could do worse than 410 sales, they only managed 354 for the whole month, down nearly 79% from last year. While I did think it was possible they would step up on their incentives, they really haven't, and it is possible that most dealerships are cleaned out of their 08 Quests. So maybe things aren't so bad (at least for the ones who have cleared out their inventory), and things look discouraging for others.

    Maybe those on the frontline have a different perspective.

    Edited to add link:link to sales information
  • So are Nissan likely to do another last ditch sales effort to clear off 2008's in remaining dealers lots? Or are those dealers out of luck at this point?

    I have a dealer in my area with 4 or 5 '08s on the lot and I'd be tempted if I could get similar action to what others were getting towards the end of summer. I was also checking out the Mazda5 and they are getting pretty desperate with the pricing of that too locally... Seems if it isn't a Sienna or Odyssey and has sliding doors, the prices are being slashed.
  • I would not expect Nissan to go down to their August prices for the Quest...other vehicles, yes. Many dealers were able to clear their inventory back than, while others did not, and will likely be holding onto their product for a while.
  • I have a online quote for a Nissan Quest SE 3.5 with all the extras (nav, heated leather seats, DVD, Backup Camera) for $34,793
    Do you think that we can talk them down anymore? What would you think a good deal would be. Oh and we are in WA State.

  • It looks like your a bit below invoice, even without considering the $2000 incentive. I would think that's pretty decent for a 2009, but it's been hard to follow the Quest pricing with the limited activity in this forum.
    (Sorry for the bad spacing below. The editor won't cooperate.)
    MSRP Invoice TMV
    National Base Price
    $35,650 $32,648 $34,266
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - $37
    Optional Equipment $4,500 $3,944 $4,251
    V03 DVD $2,150 $1,866 $2,023
    U01 Navigation Package $1,600 $1,388 $1,505
    S01 Seat Package $750 $690 $723
    Color Adjustment - - $21
    Radiant Silver Metallic
    Destination Charge $780 $780 $780
    Total with Options $40,930 $37,372 $39,355
    Incentives & Rebates -$2,000
  • that is a grate price I would go for it and nissan makes grate cars keep us updated on what you end up dooing have a verry grate day and thankyou so mutch for reading marco.
  • I am so bummed. According to what I've just read in the prior posts, this is NOT the time to be trying to buy a Quest. This goes against everything I have ever heard about buying a car. We have been looking at new and used '08's. I just had a clown try to sell me an S for $33,000, and then get offended when I told him the MSRP was only 27k for that vehicle. I have to say, I'm getting so frustrated. I have seen at least 10+ listings for S models, which are NOT S models, just base. It looks like three months ago I could have bought a brand new base model for 17K, that is what Used ones with 17,000+ miles are going for now. What is going on????? Did I really just miss out and why is Nissan offering LESS incentives now than they did just three months ago. It seems that they would offer more incentives now to clear out all '08 models. Sorry for the rant, frustration speaking.
  • joebertjoebert Posts: 22
    The best time to buy an 08 Quest certainly has past (although a few dealerships are definitely still holding on to them). I think that it is a unique minivan, and if you have the means, and you want one (or an 09) than go ahead and buy one. However, if you can wait, wait for their bottom line sales event at the end of the summer.

    If you need a van now, check around. Like I've written above, some of the dealerships still have 07s on their lot, and now they will have is tough to get rid of them once the manuf incentives are done.
  • JasonWJasonW Posts: 8
    Hi all,

    Out of necessity (due to growing family, large dog, and the increasing amount of accessorries/stuff we find ourselves needing to travel with), I'm looking into a minivan purchase.

    And as I really like the styling and certain features of the Quest, I'm considering the purchase of a 2004 SE model (in the 70,000 to 100,000 KM range). However, having scoured the web and reading many reviews and comparisons, I'm finding myself skeptical about the 04' model particularly.

    There seems to be some significant potential problem areas with the 2004-07 models, notably involving the transmission, water leaks, brakes, A/C (not working), and cold-starting issues. Many of which can be pricey to fix.

    Also, I've heard the instruments/controls are awkward to use. If so, is it a big deal? Or more of a minor annoyance?

    The other thing I've noticed the Quest criticized for is ride quality ...that it is compromised due to interior rattles and noises and being generally quite loud (at least in comparison to the Sienna and Odyssey).

    I'm also looking at Sienna's and Odyssey's, which seem to be rated quite a bit better than the Quest (in the 04' model year, but also in general over the years). They are a bit pricier for the same sort of mileage and features, and I'm not nearly as impressed by their styling. That said, reliability is of huge importance to me and I'm willing to sacrifice having a "cooler" minivan like the Quest if the Sienna/Odyssey is superior for reliability and longevity.

    Any insight or personal experience anyone can offer for the Quest would be much appreciated.


  • At the end of 2008, I purchased a 2009 Quest SL with almost fully option loaded was so impressed with a good price. (May be because of 2009 model is the last Quest and the dealer don't want to have many in their inventory?)

    The vehicle was MSRP $36,965, including options such as Skyview Package, DVD Entertainment, Leather Package and so almost being SE model) became $31,600 for me ($34,567.29 with Tax, Reg and other fees) after the discount negotiation. Then, Nissan Cash rebate $2,000 was applied also. (Now it's increased at $2,500 cash back, though.)

    In addition to the already-good deal, they gave a fabulous trade-in value on my Odyssey 2006 EX with $16,000 (typically $13,000 - $13,500 at several neighborhood dealers and buyers). Although I had never thought about that I could afford such a fully loaded (hereby so expensive) mini-van, I could made it eventually. Isn't it hard to come by a purchasing deal?

  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I own a 2004 Quest S. I'm not sure I would purchase a 2004 Quest used. So many problems the first model year. :sick: I escaped many of these problems except the door rattles which the dealer simply cannot fix. The main reason is mine was considered the base model. I don't have many bells and whistles. I'm not sure I would take a chance when you have the Sienna which has been more reliable available or the Grand Caravan which is surely cheaper. I don't know about the "cool" factor either. It is still a minivan.

    Your post had me thinking of a broader question: would I buy a used minivan? If you follow any threads devoted to minivans, you'll see that all minivans have some issues along the way. I would highly recommend having your own personal mechanic check over the vehicle before you purchase it.
  • JasonWJasonW Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info.

    As for the cool factor, I suppose I'm trying to keep somewhat optimistic as I begrudgingly move into this minivan phase of my life ;(
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Minivans aren't bad plus they keep you grounded. I'm not trying to scare you but do your research. Read the other forums. I haven't seen one minivan that did not have issues. Unfortunately the Quest has more issues than most. The Odyssey was the only van I found, at the time, that equaled the driving dynamics of the Quest. The Honda dealerships acted like they had the only minivan on the market and would not deal. The Sienna was new and very limited availability. Thank goodness I didn't buy a Freestar (read their forum).

    it's the one time i would recommend buying a extended warranty.
  • I bought a Nissan Quest SL last August 2008 after finding out that besides from the regular customer cash back for $3,500, some dealerships are giving away additional rebate of around $7,000. I asked around (I from Michigan), and at that time, no dealerships here in MI were giving away that extra rebate. I called Nissan dealerships in Chicago, and found some, but not the trim level I was looking for. Then I found one in Ohio (around 180 miles from home), they exactly have the trim level I want (base SL, and nothing else - I was just after the rear view camera). The MSRP was just above $31,000, and I told them that I was willing to buy it for $22K. After few minutes, they called me and told me they would give it to me for that price - overall OTD pricing was ~ $22,750. They actually gave me the $7000 rebate plus the $3,500 cust cash back. Not bad, eh.
  • JJamiJJami Posts: 8
    Hey guys.. I am in CT and was looking to buy a Base or little better model of 2008 Quest.. brand new one.. I went to the dealer and the best they are giving me for the base model is $20,500 OTD.. is this a good deal for base model in New England Area.. or there are better deals out there ? Because I saw many people here getting base models for around $16k OTD in other states... shall I wait or should I try to bargain with them for the lowest price.
    This dealer said they only have one 2008 model left... I dont know if thats true or not.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    It seems like Nissan was running a special back in August to unload all the 2008 Quests. As you can see from the post before yours, it was in the neighborhood of $7000. I don't hink Nissan is doing that anymore.

    $20,500 OTD (I'm assuming that is tax,registration, fees and car) seems like a great deal to me.
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