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  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    My sincere non biased opinion-- I am both a New `07 Honda Odyssey owner and a used `04 quest owner- I sold the Odyssey with barely 800 miles and I got the `04 Quest for a very good deal[ in a color i like-Gray] after trading in my Ford SUV.
    Frankly, I bought the Quest b`cos I got a great deal.If I could get the Sienna for that price I would have bought it.
    If reliability is a factor -- hands down the Sienna.I had the Sienna for a day from Toyota dealer for 1 day.Toyota has rent a car program-- pay about 100 and rent a sienna for 1 day.
    The Sienna is the most reliable van- it is extremely quiet,great smooth ride and the loaded versions are luxurious.A used one will be a bargain.The Odyssey rides very rough,and the road and wind noises are horrible.And relative to the Sienna it rattles a lot more.At first the steering wheel feels taut and sporty,,but drive it everyday and it hurts.A first test drive with Odyssey is great-- where I made my mistake- but u drive it regularly,it becomes a real chore-- feeling every bump,extremely noisy- it can get very tiring.Drive it on a coarse pavement and it is really terrible.
    The main purpose of a minivan is practicality,comfort and ride,,not sporty handling or rough ride or road noise.This is where the Odysseys fails miserably.And , a used Odyssey is more costly than Sienna.
    The Quest is the 3rd choice without any doubt.Unless u are getting a great deal,stick with the Sienna.I have had my used `04 Quest-SL for about 10 days now .It is just OK- minor rattles etc.I hope the reliability keeps up.Plus its tires are expensive.
    But if u want a very reliable ,safe,affordable ,great comfortable ride plus extra features-- Go with the Sienna.You just can`t go wrong.And as u have indicated- as reliability is a very big factor for u- Your best option is Sienna.Hassle free minivan.
    Hope this helps--my personal opinion.
  • Is $21,995 a good deal to buy a Nissan Quest 2009 3.5 basic? It's 0% APR and 0 down payment with $2500 rebate. The total ends up with $24000. Anybody knows the invoice price of this trim? I need to make the decision today. Thank you!
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    24k OTD for a quest is not worth it.It has minor rattles,brake problems,electrical problems. etc.
    Plus it depreciates like crazy.Also,I think a totally new redesigned Quest is due this year,so that drives trade in value down horribly.Essentially u would be buying a 04-09 version-- a 5 year old model.
    Get a used-if possible certified Sienna instead--much much infinitely better.U can get 07 Siennas for 14k and 08 siennas for 17-18k.U save a lot plus get a better minivan.

    24k for a quest is just not worth it.Check any reviews,read edmunds forums- there will be a lot of buyers remorse later.Do not make a hasty snap decision today.
    Just MHO.
  • abby14abby14 Posts: 1
    Don't people buy a Nissan Quest? This forum is so quiet.
    I want to buy S with Powerpackage, but many dealers just trying to cheating me.
    Anybody, please recommend a good dealer in Morris Town, New Jersey . Thanks.
  • rockmobilerockmobile Posts: 115
    I have a 99 Quest that has been reasonably good but that model was discontinued. The newer model is larger and seems to have a lot more problems, which is a good reason not to buy another one.
  • I don't know who the Quest Basher was, but I LOVE my Quest. I previously had a Dodge Grand Caravan and the Quest is better all the way around. I checked out the Sienna and it just wasn't for me. I bought my '07Quest used with 24k miles on it. It's an SL, has back up sensors, a DVD player and auto open doors and hatchback. We got it for about 15k. I don't know anything about dealers in New Jersey, I'm in Texas but we got huge HUGE runarounds with at least 10 dealers before finding the perfect Quest for us! One dealer tried selling us an S model for 36k ! USED ! Thank goodness I had done my homework ! Several dealers tried selling me a base model as an S model. Once again research is worth it. I would name off all of the upgrades that an S model had on it and leave them stumbling around, then walk out.

    Anyway, the interior of the Quest is the roomiest you will find! The engine is powerful and it gets great gas mileage for a minivan (I average 25mpg on the highway and have gotten up to 26.5). The only negative things I can say is it has a large blindspot (but the sideview mirrors make up for that), has a large turning radius(hello it's a minivan). And the air conditioner compressor went out half way to San Antonio, it was fixed within a day at no cost(still under warranty). So, let no one dissuade you from a Quest... it is the best vehicle for my family ! (three rather large adults and twin boys) I would happily buy another one if the newer models rate with this one.
  • Im in tampa fl, we bought our sl brand new 08 for 21k we bought it a year ago july 2008, only thing added was tax and title we transfered tag.

    this is our first van but if you are compairing a sienna its hands down to quest, you cannot get the rear camera and auto door in sienna unless you to to their top of the line. you also get a dual control for audio with an aux for mp3 palyers, we never use the 3rd row and there's a weather tec for quest to include the whole area with 3rd row flipped down, ride is very smooth since it sits very low to the ground, we used to have a murano and this is almost as smooth. the only thing i wished it had was the smooth transmission of the murano.

    hope this helps
  • I am just checking in because I saw a question about the Quests. I bought my 2008 S in Sarasota, FL with seat package and power package: dual doors, back up sensors, etc., exactly one year ago (August) when Nissan was giving away their vans, SUVs and trucks. I just hit 10000 miles on my van last week. I have had no problems with the van except for a loose wire in my dash, steering wheel area that was making a clanging noise and that was promptly fixed and was probably caused by my DVD installation by Circuit City. I recommend the vehicle. It is roomy, I love the automatic rear hatch. The sound system is great the chairs are comfortable. I love the van! It is sexy. I paid $17100 new and I am so happy that I did not buy the Odyssey for double the price. If you can find one, get it. The gas mileage is not as good as my 2006 Odyssey but it is not terrible either, about 22-23 MPG all local non-highway driving. It goes up to about 27 MPG on the highway trips.
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    I have a used 04 Nissan Quest and the reason I bought it was b`cos I got a really good deal.A new Quest is not worth it in my opinion especially compared to the Odyssey or Sienna.Check out CR for the reliability ratings.
    Once Quests start hitting 30k miles -all problems start..Rotors warp easily,brakes are horrible,numerous electrical and hardware problems and there is a steering wheel shake that is present in a lot of models..Also there are numerous squeaks and rattles--it feels like u are driving a van with 125k miles and not 25k miles.The quality of materials is subpar with lots of cheap plastic and fit and finish is poor. Again CR reflects all these ratings.
    Folks can check Edmunds forums for the 04+ Quest problems before planning to buy one..Nissan CEO himself accepted that Quest have lots of quality issues.
    And these depreciate horribly..So a used can be a great bargain.
    But there are much much better choices out there.
    Just MHO.
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    I'm looking at a fully loaded 2008 Quest SE (4500 miles)-DVD/Nav/. Pretty much has everything on it. Including the run flat tires which I don't like. It was purchased at a nissan fleet auction.

    Dealer is asking 31,900 but did come down to 30,100. When I told the dealer that it was too high considering they probably bought it around 25000 from the auction. I said that I was ok with them making a profit, it was how much of a profit that was in question. Basically asked how much over the auction price of 25000 where they willing to sell it for?

    The sales guy said that no way did they buy it at 25000 and that the 30,100 was a "pretty firm" number. Again, he was haggling. But looking at the edmunds tmv pricing, trade in is 23,200 and retail is 28,700. I should be able to get somewhere inbetween at 26000? Especially in this market climate, right? But they didn't budge at all so I walked out.

    Is there something I'm missing on this deal? I mean, 30100 seems to be a lot. What would have been a good offer?? Any advise would help. thanks in advance.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you don't need the nav/dvd [you don't] you can buy a brand new honda odyssey exl for a few grand more. There is no way you should even touch that nissan. It is a huge rip. avg deal on a 2010 exl is 31600. Check edmunds--truecar and others. Went to and got a local guaranteed price of 31210 for a 2010. Get busy.
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    Jayrider - thanks for the reply. I figured it was way too high of an asking price. I was just shocked they allowed me to walk out of the showroom. Especially when I look around and see all the sales guys sitting around with no customers. It's after 5pm when most people are doing their car that's my assumption.

    Definitely wouldn't buy it for 30,100 but might reconsider if the offer was more around the 25-26K range.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Brand new ex for 28k -- lx for 25k. They won't come down on the nissan -- have too much in it. The vw routan sel -- leather etc -- 10k off msrp. Free maintenence for 3 years.
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    Dsmguy, See my post 687. the Nissan Quest has horrible reliability with pathetic resale value. Infact it was the worst vehicle in 2004 as per CR. As a current 04 Quest owner,my advice to you would be to buy a Sienna or Odyssey.Sienna-plush,comfy quiet ride.Odyssey-firm taut ride, road noise,more of a driver`s vehicle with good agility.
    But never buy the Quest .Especially for 25k plus. Most horrible vehicle with a plethora of problems like-brakes,rattles,electrical,A/C,vibrations,shimmys. :sick: You name it, you have it. Worst vehicle choice. Much better options out there. :)
  • I am considering a 2009 SL with DVD, leather, and seat package. I am trying to find the money factor and/or deprec rate on a 39 month lease with 15k miles/yr. I have been quoted $639 (including tax) a month with $1200 down. Can anyone tell me if they think this is a good or a bad deal. There aren't many of these cars in my area.

    Would like to take advantage of potential year end deals and the slow season for them. Thanks so much for any help.
  • not sure if this will help but here you go

    I bought a Quest last year July 2008 for a 2008 SL no leather and no DVD but with a seat package price is 21k

    i think they have a huge mark ups o these vans they were selling 5 of the same load in the dealership when i bought it and its not a manager used vehicle

    location St Petersburg FL
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    that does not seem like a good deal to me for a lease. Basically you are paying $24,921 to RENT a minivan for 3+ years. Honestly, you can pay a bit more and OWN a Grand Caravan/Town & Country or Kia Sedona/Hyundai Entourage.

    I would shop some of the other minivans and compare owning versus leasing. If you still want to lease, I bet you can find better deals.
  • snooks2snooks2 Posts: 2
    Im not sure if you ended up buying that quest or if you are waiting a bit to maybe find a cheaper one. just in case....i have a 2007 nissan quest and i have had problem after problem with it! my transmission started slipping in oct 2007 (i bought it in april of 2007). nissan gave me the run around and would never fix the transmission and even wrote it off as a bad motor mount and supposedly replaced the motor mount! i kept taking it back to nissan time and time again and they never would fix it. now as i sit here in april of 2010, i am now replacing a transmission ($3500 worth) out of my own pocket. nissan said they just have a sensitive transmission. "sensitive" or not i should not have to be replacing my transmission on a van barely 3 years old and way less than a 100,000 miles on it. then to top it off, my mechanic who is fixing my transmission, calls my husband and says my motor mount is cracked and i have a bad bearing. we call nissan and they said they never replaced my motor mount (which they were supposed to) and they said they replaced my alternator. THEY DIDNT REPLACE MY ALTERNATOR---NOTHING WAS EVER WRONG WITH MY ALTERNATOR AND THEY CLAIM THEY HAVE NO RECORDS OF REPLACING MY MOTOR MOUNT!! it brings me to tears thinking that i have spent 30,000 on a van that is the biggest piece of crap and the company who made it doesnt stand behind their product!! the day i get rid of it will be the happiest day of my life!! my 1st nissan and this will without a doubt be my very very very last!!
  • What, no one buys quirky kleenex box looking cars anymore? :)
    Time to revive this 2 year old thread!

    Chicagoland dealers are offering pretty aggressive prices on leftover 2011's. I picked up a new 2011 LE with moonroof, roof rails, splash guards, and mats for $34,400+TTL. This price included current $3050 cash back. Going by truecar, it is ~$2500 less of dealer cost(or $5500 below target/factory invoice). It seems to be a great deal and a looooot of car for the price.

    Short Review:
    I was cross-shopping Ody EX-L Navi(no RES) and Sienna XLE Navi(no RES). Best price I got on both were around $33.5k+TTL. To me, spending extra cash on HID, smartkey(honda), and blindspot warning alone was worth the price difference(but it offers more! such as DVD RES and second moonroof!!). Top-of-the-line model offerings from Honda/Toyota has more/similar features as the Quest LE, but it was too expensive for me($40k+). The interior is by far the best feeling and looking out of the 3 imo. I admit I HATED the exterior of the Quest from pictures, but the car looks good in person. Even if you don't like the box look, at least you don't have to look at it while you are driving. Plus, you won't look like 90% of minivan drivers on the road. ;) Quest ride was comfy and quiet. Handling was bit on the soft side, but it wasn't boaty(?). I didn't buy a minivan for handling so this was no issue. As for cargo space, I prefer the always available trunk well versus the take out everything before lowering the 3rd row. If you count the well space, there isn't much difference in cargo space between all 3. All in all, this car was perfect for me and my family. Pricing certainly helped making my decision. For those that are in the market for a minivan should definitely go test drive one.
  • mhu89mhu89 Posts: 1
    Which Chicagoland dealer did you buy your 2011 from? Thanks.
  • It was M'Lady Nissan. I took their 2011 LE. I searched all dealer stock and contacted ones with LE's. Most were quoting $35~$36k for LE with no sunroof. I am sure you can negotiate better price from there. If you are serious about buying from M'Lady, I have some tips and what to avoid when you go in the showroom.
  • moodawgmoodawg Posts: 2
    Nissan has some good deals going on now. I'm looking to buy a 2012 Nissan Quest LE with moon roof (MSRP $44525). Anyone have a good price target I can ask for? Hoping for $37-38k + TT&L + 0.9% 60 months, but not sure if that's reasonable.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • victord1victord1 Posts: 94
    I was in a similar situation a few months ago. But, I wanted an AWD van, so I was limited to the sienna.

    If I was looking for an FWD van, the quest would have been my pick due to its quiet/complience ride and cargo arrangement.

    Enjoy your van
  • greekpolisgreekpolis Posts: 2
    i am in the Chicagoland area and have been looking for a demo/used LE. but seems i may be better off with new. I would love to get tips and insight into your buying experience.

    thanks in advance
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    If you are a parent of young children (at least one under 12 years old) who owns the latest model Nissan Quest or Honda Odyssey, a reporter would like for you to fill out a survey, due by December 1, 2012, for use in a print publication. Please email [email protected] no later than Friday, November 30, 2012 for a copy of the survey.
  • In Florida, the lowest prices I was able to negotiate for Quest SV with leather was $29,985 out the door. I don't think you can get lower than this. I had leverage from another dealer's offer. I was offered the Quest SL for $32,640 out the door, but I think this could be negotiated down closer to $32,000.
  • Best price I received from a dealer in CA on a LE with dual sunroof package is $36,000 before tax and lic., which means it's around $39,XXX out the door. Still think it's a bit high, any thoughts?
  • Hi ds1688,

    Is that the price for 2012 or 2013 LE? If it is for 2012, you can still knock down at least another $1K off in my opinion as my local dealer is selling it for around that price without any negotiation.

    I am in the market for a 2013 LE with dual moonroofs. Anyone can share their price paid for this trim?

  • xadionxadion Posts: 4
    edited February 2013
    Dealer had on their site 9600 off MSRP about, but that was "January" and I was there Feb 1st and it was only 8600 off now... made "some" of that up in my trade to make the deal... Ended with 27.7k OTD for a 2012 Nissan Quest SL with DVD system, illuminated door stills, cargo net, whole back cargo protector thing, roof rail cross bars, rear cargo rubber cover thing... I purchased the stupid "paint protection" thing as it is platnium graphite- as was my Murano and that paint color shows ANY lovebug mark easy- if I didnt clean them the day of there would be minor pitting- and I had 2 really bad spots on the hood of my Murano from damn bugs that drove me nuts so yes.. I bought the stupid thing, and GAP...although I should have been fine with the deal I got- but better safe than sorry and also extended factory B2B full for 72mo/100k because its my main fam van and the sucker needs to last- I belive it was 30k OTD at the end of the day- paying less than I did on my Murano (although years start over) also decent APR from Nissan, fiance guy cut about 1% to get me to buy the "extras" - so I bet Nissan adds 1-1.5 or even 2 "points" on to start so if your financeing dont forget to haggel the APR down some.

    Few days review : Love the quest, drives as solid as the Murano and the new gen CVT is even better! - only gripe is no audio streaming via bluetooth (LE only) and where my leg rests on the center console is not "soft" yet it is on the passanger side? lol? Other than that, best Van ever :-)
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