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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sarathyjsarathyj Posts: 3
    Was looking around for a 2006 Kia Sedona EX with "Luxury Package" (Adjustable Pedals are a must for us, and it comes only with the Luxury Package). The local dealer has 2006 EX without the luxury package, but says they can install it themselves. I'm taking this with a pinch of salt, because I thought these options have to be added during manufacturing. Any thoughts. Should I go ahead with these guys or be circumspect? Thanks!
  • stevenfjlstevenfjl Posts: 5
    What I've gained in features for the price I'll more than lose in what it costs to fuel this vehicle. I get 7MPG in the city and my driving habits are conducive to getting good mileage. My 2006 KIA Sedona EX vehicle was rated at 19MPG City although KIA has revised it to 18MPG. So, I'm getting only 37% of the rated mileage in the city. Highway mileage is great as I get 28MPG Highway. Unfortunately, I do little highway driving so my overall mileage is 11MPG. Considering that the current cost of fuel is just under $3 per gallon, based on my actual mileage its like paying $8 per gallon for city driving and $6 per gallon overall.

    I've been trying to get KIA to do something about this since early September 2006. After much prodding I had a factory representative go for a fuel consumption test with me. The 28MPG Highway / 7MPG City I mentioned above was the results of that test. Since then KIA has REFUSED to do anything. There's even a loophole in the lemon law since mileage is not covered. So, BUYER BEWARE before making this purchase.
  • wileemomwileemom Posts: 1
    Basic Kia Sedona, only extra was a tow package. Paid 20,595 and took the 3.5 financing instead of the 1,000 rebate.
    Kia Dealership in Auburn, WA. Nice salesman, easy experience.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Obviously, 7 mpg is not normal for this vehicle, or any minivan for that matter. That sucks. I'd try everything you can think of to get the problem resolved. Couldn't this be some sort of underlying mechanical issue causing the van to use so much gas?

    It is hard to understand how you can get 28 mpg highway but only 7 mpg city from the same vehicle. Perhaps a skilled mechanic might have some ideas?

    Personally, I would scour the web, including Kia's own good info in their Kiatech area, looking for any sort of mechanical/driveability issues. Start reporting the symptoms to your dealer in hopes of getting them to replace as many components as possible. You probably won't need most/all of these new parts, but you might just find the needle in the haystack, i.e. the problem part that is causing the poor city fuel economy.

    At this point, you've got nothing to lose.
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Can you not get a 2007 Sedona EX? You're right to be leery about an added package and suggest you get what will be done in writing. Check to make sure it doesn't invalidate any warrenties..
  • snjdogloversnjdoglover Posts: 13
    I had a 2004 lemon which was traded in for a 2006. Since gettting it in Sept, I've had a dead battery. Arm rests broken in rear. Going back in for another broken arm rest soon. Broken 'oh sh#%" bar in rear. Knocking noise they can't duplicate. Ocassional squeal upon start up they can't duplicate since it's a once in a while thing. My tan leather seats get dirty so fast--they seem to take off your pants color. Not high quality leather. Now my automatic doors are not working. They'll open with the driver button controls and the key chain but they are all manual now when I pull the handle or hit the button by the actual seat. My experience with Kia's are nothing but trouble. I highly suggest those considering think twice. My experience is I am constantly in the shop with my kias.
  • johngusjohngus Posts: 3
    Just for balance, I need to post this. I also have a new 2006 Sedona EX with the power option and luxury option. I bought it in February. It now has 4800 miles on it. I love it. The only thing I have done is change oil. I changed to Mobil One. I paid 21895 plus tax and license. The sticker was 29895.

    I also have a 2004 that I purchased new. It has 82,000 miles with no problems. In fact, I still have the original brake pads on it. While I love this Sedona, the 2006 clearly has a higher level of refinement.
  • stevenfjlstevenfjl Posts: 5
    Thanks for your suggestions. At this point KIA has actually 'flat out' REFUSED to do anything to try and correct the problem. They have seen firsthand the mileage issue and then told me that mileage is not warranted so they aren't going to do anything. I first contacted the dealership and was told that they have to follow KIA's policies for checking out the vehicle. They told me that KIA does not let them check the vehicle out until there is 5000 miles it. So I went to KIA. And a factory representative went for a fuel consumption test with me. My results of the poor mileage bore out and subsequently KIA told me that they 'will not' do anything for the problem -- 'period'. I've talked to mechanics, including two from a performance shop for high end cars and none have ever heard of such a disparity between highway and city mileage. I've contacted local TV stations and am currently working with a representative from one of them to try to get this problem resolved with KIA. I hope to have further information to post at a later date.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I guess I don't understand why Kia would send a rep with you for a 'fuel consumption test' if they had no intentions of doing anything to remedy the problem? Have you asked them under what circumstances they WOULD do something? Otherwise, it makes no sense why they would bother having a Kia rep go with you to prove that the fuel consumption really is as bad as you claim.
  • stevenfjlstevenfjl Posts: 5
    When they decided to go for a fuel consumption test I thought that they had planned on fixing the issue if their mileage numbers bore out the same or similar to mine. In fact, the email I received from the factory rep that went on the test with me sent me an email about a week after the test and said that he would go for another fuel consumption test after the mileage reached 1500 to 2500 miles. At about 2000 miles I contacted him by email to schedule the test and did not receive a response. A week later I emailed him again and still got no response. In another week I emailed him yet again and still got no response after a week. So, I called him and left a message for him to call me back. He didn't call, but another representative from KIA did. That person told me that there is no warranty on mileage issues and that nothing would be done to correct it. When I pursued questioning him on the matter he simply stated that KIA will not do anything for this issue. I can't tell you what the rationale is, but I suspect that it is basically money. I think that they don't want to attempt any repair because then they may open themselves to a legal obligation to correct it. And, it may turn out to be a very expensive proposition for them. If they do nothing then their is no basis under the law requiring them to fix it. My auto mechanic contacted a friend of his that handles lemon law issues and the lawyer said to him -- let me guess, a factory representative checked it out and then they said they wouldn't fix it. So, I guess this is standard practice for auto manufacturers. Beyond that, I don't know what to tell you.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    "So, I guess this is standard practice for auto manufacturers."

    Yes, I suppose it probably is. Makes you wonder why the companies do this. Are they just trying to drag it out, making you feel for a while that they care about your issue and hoping that as time passes, you will get frustrated and just drop the issue altogether?

    This would be a good thread in one of the more 'general' sections here on Edmunds. I wonder if it has been covered already...
  • siennamisiennami Posts: 116
    I bought my '06 LX from Kia Country in Charleston, SC from my friend's brother. I reaaaallllly wanted a Sienna because I'd had one before, but just couldn't afford it. They're amazingly similar, though, except for the price! I was given a price by phone of $22k after a $2k rebate by Kia, and they pretty much gave me Blue Book for my '03 Passat. My payments are just under $400/month, which is only 20 bucks less than what I was already paying for my VW anyway. So.... that's what I was quoted. Drove down to Charleston. My Kia was brand new; in fact, he had to go and get it off the truck; still had the plastic and everything. I was freaking out over the whole thing because I didn't know for sure that I wanted another van, yet I needed one because of my back problems, yada and more yada.... The salesman was very nice(always helps to know folks!). No pressure at all. I could've walked at any time. Everything he told me on the phone was the same at the dealership. He knew everything about the van, which surprisingly some salespeople don't. It was a very, very pleasant experience. I opted for a tire replacement warranty because I tend to find every nail out there, and my payment is still reasonable. To top it all off, my salesperson even installed my car seats for me before I left!
    In my heart of hearts, though, I really wish I'd gotten the EX with the leather package and sliding doors... I probably still could've gotten a good deal.
  • I just bought 2007 Kia Sedona LX.
    Only option is roof rails.
    The negotiated price was 19,999$ and I paid 20,217$ total.(cash deal, no trade in).
    Color is Silver.
    I bought it from Portland, Oregon.
    As soon as I bought it, I drove it from Portland to Corvallis.
    Roughly estimated freeway mileage is 25 or 26 mi per gallon.
    I'm totally satisfied with this vechile
    and I waxed it today. :)
    And how often do I have to do waxing on my new car? :D
  • pdankpdank Posts: 3
    About to begin negotiation on a new 2007 Sedona LX. Options: power doors, roof rails and crossbars, black.

    Sticker $25400 (from memory, might be off by a few hundred $ +/-)

    Current incentives, $2000 cash to customer if financed through Kia.

    Dealer has 67 2007 Sedona's on the lot, and 2 exactly like the one listed above.

    Any thoughts on how low they could go? TMV shows $24240 before incentives. Looking at historical prices paid in this formun it seems like many pay well below TMV. I know TMV is an average. Thanks for any help.
  • pdank If you take a look at Kia's website, it appears as though the 2008 Sedonas are now out. You should be able to get a much better deal on 2007s.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    why not submit a request for quote via internet to a few dealers in your area? not all will reply with a decent price, but some will. it will give you a good comparison against what YOUR dealer offers, and it may alert you that a different dealer is more willing to deal than the dealer you are currently working with.

    On a $25k MSRP 2007 Sedona LX -- this is last year's (2007) model and the less appealing of the 2 trim levels (LX vs. EX). I'd be expecting to get at least $2-3k off MSRP before incentives.
  • pdankpdank Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. I have submitted a request to the next 2 closest dealerships, both are an hour drive. I didn't receive a quote from either of them. One asked me to come in for a test drive, but when I mentioned that I wanted to know if they had the exact vehicle i was looking for and a quote i didn't hear back.

    This dealership just had an ad pushing the base model 2007 sedona for $16500. I calculated this to be about 15% under dealer listed invoice on Edmunds. So I'm going to take the same approach and take 15% off the invoice of the LX and subtract incentives and start there. That puts it at $17900.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    That math makes sense. Sounds like a good starting point for bargaining. You could contact more dealers further away to get quotes. Your local dealer doesn't need to know whether you'd actually be willing to buy from a dealer 4 hours away.

    Personally, I once flew to Maryland to buy a vehicle and drove it back to Michigan.
  • pdankpdank Posts: 3
    It is nice to be able to see what kind of other deals people have received, so I’ll post my experience and I hope it helps:

    I went to negotiate last night for the 2007 LX (power doors, roof rails, cross bars). I typed up my offer of 17,900 and handed it to the sales guys when I walked in. This was based on 2400 of incentives (2000 cash, and 400 new graduate) and 15% off of invoice based on an ad they were running that was about 15% below invoice for the base Sedona. Then I told him I wanted to trade and I handed him a printout from KBB of the trade in value and dealer retail, note there was over a $2000 difference.

    I went through 3 people, the sales guy, the sales manager, then the finance guy. They each tried different ways of moving the numbers around and increasing and decreasing my trade in. One tried to tell me that they only have 6 2007 Sedonas when the sales guy had shown me 2 days before that they have so many he couldn’t find the other one he was looking for and according to their website they have over 60 2007 Sedonas and they are already getting in the 2008 models. The finance wanted to know why I thought I was better than everyone else because “you don’t want to pay taxes”. I kindly informed him that when I ask for a price that includes tax tag and title, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to pay taxes, we went back and forth on that for about 5 min. That must work with some people. Also, the finance guy tried to fool me into thinking he got below my asking price by subtracting my trade from the price they were asking for the van.

    The short of it is that I received 2 counter offers. The first was for $2400 off of MSRP which I quickly rejected. The next offer was 20999 before tax. Technically I got a 3rd offer when they added $500 to my trade in. They told me that they could not go any lower and that they would lose thousands on this deal, so I never offered to increase my price. I had a limit that wasn’t much above what I originally asked, and I knew going in that it would be a tough sell. When they realized that they weren’t going to make any money or a sale they became downright rude. The whole process took about an hour.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    pdank, I'm glad you didn't give that dealership your business. I can't believe some dealers still handle negotiations in that manner. It is like night and day. I've bought 2 new Sedonas -- a 2002 and a 2006 -- from 2 different dealers. In both cases, we agreed on a price within 15 minutes or less -- and that was dealing just with the salesperson (with the salesman each time taking 1 trip for 'approval' from the sales manager).

    There ARE Kia dealers out there that will treat you with courtesy and respect -- and not treat you like you are a moron and/or a thief. Keep looking!

    Good luck finding a good deal on the Sedona you want.
  • mattandimattandi Posts: 588
    Looked through fall/winter 2006-07. This year is much more quiet. Any recent experiences? We're just beginning to look at 2007 Sedonas.
  • Seems the going price is right around 19,5 for an LX 21 - 22 for an EX give or take a few hundred.

    Best deal on minivans by far for power and comfort.
  • mattandimattandi Posts: 588
    just curious

    Where are you getting those numbers?

    Are those number before or after incentives?
  • These are my opinions and just what I have noticed, after incentives before tax/tag/tittle. Of course as rebates change prices might be a little higher. I paid 19.2K before all taxes for my LX long wheel base with roof rack, no power doors or entertainment. I did not want leather in PR and don't trust the power doors on any van. They seem to break reliably. You can add a really nice entertainment system for a good deal less then what the dealer usually charges. I added HID Xenon headlights from e-bay for 150.00, they are a must. Some people pay as much as 1,600.00 for HID. Fools.
  • mattandimattandi Posts: 588
    Thanks. That helps. We are in no hurry. Will be in position to buy mid to late Jan. There are plenty of '07's available locally, so unless there is a run on them we should be ok on inventory. Just trying to get a good number in mind. Prefer to have number before any incentives and TTL and inclusive of any and all dealer fees.

    We are interested in bells and whistles only if it is a stupid great deal.
  • egkoregkor Posts: 24

    Could anyone post what pricing you are getting for the 2007 Sedona EX with Power, Luxury, and Prem. Entertainment packages?

    I am interested in this van. There are several in my area. The closest dealer to me will not go as low as I want them to.

    The earlier posts show these vans to have sold for $7000 +/- off MSRP in the past. I'm not seeing that kind of pricing at this time in my area.

    Right now there is 3k factory to dealer cash, plus another 1k from ???, so I can see 4k total off of invoice.

    Also I'm concerned about the depreciation of this van. Even if the 2007 EX van with all the packages were to sell for around 24k-25k (off of a 32k MSRP), if I drive it off the lot and return 4 days later to trade it in, KBB, NADA and Edmunds all show a trade-in value of approx. 20k. So, a 4k to 5k loss right away it would appear.

    Any help/info/insights appreciated!

    -Gary K
  • Kia and Hyundai have not had the market share and reliability in the past for their resale value to be anywhere close to Honda / Toyota / Nissan. If you plan on selling soon and not keeping the van for a good while you may not want to go with Kia or Hyundai.

    If you look at the 04 / 05 Sedona's there were pieces of crap, for the most part. It is going to be a few more years before their resale value will be up to par. But you can not beat the price and warranty if you plan on keeping the van. The 06+ are great vans.
  • Don't be such a mooch!!!! This is an advertised vehicle where they are willing to lost a great deal of $ as it is to peak interest in hopes that the can bump you into a better equiped one with some profit. Im sure there is only one at this price - so if you like it buy it. You snooze you loose when it comes to ad cars.
  • The incentives on left over '07's aren't quite as good as they were on leftover 06's. Right now, there's a $2500 rebate and $1000 cash to buyers who own select non-Kia products. So max of $3500. Last year, there was $5000 total rebates available. So $1500 less.

    I own an '06 and resale is MUCH worse than I expected. I know Kia hasn't historically had good resale, but I figured with the outstanding press, awards, and really competitive offering with value pricing the Sedona had, resale wouldn't have dropped so dramatically. I was wrong. It's definitely not an Odyssey (which I prefer), but for what I paid I thought it was a smart decision. I'm genuinely concerned now when I see 06 Sedona LX's retail priced at $13.9K at dealers, where you know there's room for negogiating down. I'd hate to think what private party sales would net, or trade-in would net. I'm not sure if owning an EX is a good thing or not, but at least it's not nearly as common....very few EX's in the classifieds. And with the resale concerns,I think I'm holding on to mine for a while... No reason not to, it's been trouble free for 18K miles, but really loyal to Honda and would like to eventually switch back.
  • Yeah that's the only reason I am holding on to my sedona 06..couldn't get anything for it. If you've seen my story my 04 sedona was a lemon. My 06 came home and broke down in my driveway. New car dies in driveway. Had it towed. They put a new battery in. I've since had problems with it screaching upon start up intermittently but enough to be super well as ticking/knocking with idle..of course they can never duplicate. Well in the last 2 days it broke down 3 times where I had to jump the battery. So it's been towed again with 13K on it to the shop and they are supposedly putting in a new part that was recalled that may help the ticking..but they say the engine start up is normal. I's normal for you to start up a new car and have it screach or make a loud noise that people actually stop in their tracks and give you a 'your car is junk' look? That's normal? He said it was because of some explanation about oils and such not being spread out upon start uo? (I have no idea what he said to be honest but it was BS to me anyway). I told them to look at it again and fix this! I am going to apply for a 2nd lemon. It's just a peice of junk car. Yes all the bells and whistles are nice and the car runs nicely---but it's always in the shop for something. i wish I bought an Odessy too. It's worth the extra money not to have to deal with the shop. Plus they don't give you a rental anymore so your car goes in the shop and you are stranded for work etc. It's rediculous. I highly suggest anyone thinking of kia or hyundai to read and do your research. Read the experiences of others. My experience has been a terrible one and sucked the money from me. Yes my first was a lemon--but I piad 24 for it..and they gave me sticker for sticker for a new one (so I got no deals in the settlement) and had to shell out an extra 6K for an 04 to 06 upgrade (not sure how fair that was) so I paid 30K for this 06 when you think of it in my lemon deal..not good when seeing others getting an EX with sunroof and leather package for so much less. I really got ripped all around. If I file another lemon law I hope I can get cash back to go elsewhere. Ughh. I am going to file soon.
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