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2013 and earlier Kia Sedona Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I'm glad you guys are happy with your Sedona. The Ody is a nice van but Honda is far from being flawless. The terrible transmission problems that so many owners experience and being hung out to dry for thousands of dollars for a new tranny is a bit of a testimony to the real Honda and their dedication to quality. Not to mention the cost of standard maintenance is outrageous such as the replacement of the Honda's timing belt as compared to the Kia having a timing chain. By the time you factor in these cost plus the tremendous amount of money you pay over the cost of a new Kia the depreciation difference is not even an argument.
  • versican09versican09 Posts: 5
    I bought a new '08 Kia Sedona EX w/ power pkg & cross bars for $18,700 in Rochester. (No leather, No DVD). This is a "demo" vehicle that won't be released to me for a couple weeks due to some program it's in (but no one will be driving it...I put my deposit down), and it's still considered 'new' with about 1000 miles on it. I'm fine with the mileage -- it's been broken in a bit, right? It's got the great warrantee as they all do. It test-drove just fine, so I look forward to picking it up soon.

    I got quotes from 3 or 4 dealers via email. Then went to visit whoever could give me the lowest quote. I got a couple quotes for new '08 Sedona EX's of $19,500, but the Rochester dealer could make the deal sweeter at 18.7k (even though I have to wait to pick it up a couple weeks due to a demo program it's in.) And the Kia dealer in Rochester was very friendly to work with -- not pushy like the Waterloo Kia dealer. I'll never go back to the Waterloo Iowa Kia dealer.

    I'm pleased with the price for our Kia. Sounds about like what others in this forum would be getting. I would love to hear from other recent purchasers, but only if they paid more than me because I don't want to know if I paid too much.

    The Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey's are just too expensive for us. If money were no issue, I probably would get a Toyota Sienna. But NEVER a Chrysler/Dodge. We have had a horrible experience with our '98 Plymouth Grand Voyager (same as Chrysler/Dodge). When shopping for a minivan recently, I considered Chrysler because of the good deals going on, but then I got stomach aches due to my disgust of their vehicles. We've put so much money into nearly every aspect of our Grand Voyager, I'll never buy another from them. I'd do business with Kia over Chrysler any day.
  • kitagrlkitagrl Posts: 7
    You'll love it! We bought an '07 EX Demo Kia minivan last year, loaded including leather and DVD, heated seats, etc for about that, I think (can't remember exactly, but very close to that price, it wasn't more). It had about 2,000 miles on it. It was one of those things where we were stubborn on the price and the dealer let us go home...and then called us back like "Ohhhh yeah we just remembered, we had something just come in..." (Yeah right he wanted to sell us a minivan!) We are really pleased with the deal we got and so far so good on the vehicle. Had a problem with the brake pads wearing down unevenly after only half a year on the road, but took it back and since we hadn't had the car for too long they gave us brand new brake pads (instead of sanding them down or whatever like they do for repairs). We hope to have this vehicle for a long time....we had a Kia minivan before but it was the model with alot less storage in back and with four kids it wasn't working out.
  • 88hodori88hodori Posts: 11
    18.7 for 2008 EX looks like a sweet deal to me, considering that it's NEW, with the full warranties. To make the deal even sweeter, your purchase qualifies for the auto tax credit, right?

    I live in Austin, TX, and the inventory has simply dried up, and the best I could haggle was 18.7 (before TT+L) for the base LX model.

    Now looking at 2008 Hyundai Entourage Limitied, but all the available units are being sold USED, which limits the warranties that convey, and disqualifies the purchase for the auto tax credit--a double whammy, if you ask me.

    If anyone knows of dealers--pretty much anywhere--with stock of NEW 2008 Sedona EX's, please shout! :-)
  • versican09versican09 Posts: 5
    Hey 88hodori,
    According to their website, (that's Kia in DesMoines Iowa) has some new 2008's left. With me, they went to 19.5 for 2008 EX model (mrp 28,545 or so). But they couldn't match 18.7 -- that was a couple weeks ago though. Good luck!! With all those 2009's on the lot now, I would think they're getting really anxious to unload.
  • jskayjskay Posts: 5
    As far as Kia's go, according to my research compared to Honda and Toyota. Kia is basically the same van. In my area we have a lot of older Kia's. I agree that before the turn of the century Kia may not have been the way to go.

    BUT if you look at how long it took for Honda and Toyota to make a name compared to Kia, (getting ready to start their 16th year in America) then Kia is obviously on the way up and only going to get better. Kia's engineering building in korea has 8,000 engineers working on the next model. I do not know how much better they can get now but we will see. I find that compared to the honda and toyota Kia only lacks in two area's for 2009. No bluetooth available and only seats 7.

    Once again BUT the Kia is safer, and if I am carrying my most precious cargo in the vehicle (my family and me) then I would want it protected.
    Why are you people going to pay more for a van that is not as safe? For an extra passenger? Because honestly you can get devices that plug into your car for hands free phoning.

    The old school yard mentality is put your money where your mouth is, well all I can say is Kia put their WARRANTY where their mouth is.....and it is standard. You do not have to pay extra. IF Honda and Toyota are "SUPERIOR" to Kia then why can't they warrant it that way.

    Kia would be broke if they had to fix a lot of warranty items....obviously the product is reliable otherwise it would not be around.

    P.S. Why don't you get your facts straight before you go bashing Kia, because Mercedes-Benz owns 10% of Kia. Mercedes invented the airbag and Kia's 8,000 engineers have only make it better.
  • irritatrixirritatrix Posts: 40
    I bought a brand new 08 Sedona with 47 miles on it May 3, 2007 for 17,250 plus tax.

    Unfortunately, it has been jump started 4 times since then, had a new battery installed, and has now been in the shop a second time for 13 days now while they try to figure out why the battery is being drained. The dealer is well-regarded by my many neighbors who have purchased vehicles from them, and they are very sympathetic and trying to be helpful, but sheesh. 480 miles, the van doesn't even have its license plates yet, and it's been in the shop 14 of the 35 days I've owned it. :sick:

    I'm bitterly disappointed. I love driving it, and purchased it to camp in, and now I'm fearful that even if they fix that problem, there are going to be other electrical problems. I certainly am not getting any kind of new car buzz excitement from owning it, and I'm afraid to take it on any kind of extended trip; it's going to be a LONG time before I trust it enough to not fear getting stranded in it.
  • kitagrlkitagrl Posts: 7
    You should look into your state's lemon laws before this gets much further. You may qualify for a replacement.
  • irritatrixirritatrix Posts: 40
    Oh, trust me, I have. I'm halfway to qualifying for a good case, on both bases my state uses. CA requires

    1) Reasonable number of attempts to repair problem - generally 4, but not necessarily, or
    2) In the shop 30 days in the first 18 months of ownership - does not have to be for the same problem.
    3) Also, the problem has to affect safety or usability of the vehicle (i.e., can't be for a minor problem like an interior light that they can't get to work or something of that nature).

    #2 is why I'm not pushing them too hard. I really don't want the thing anymore. I've also read that in certain circumstances, a refund can be ordered even if the above are not met, and I may have my attorney friend look into that for me if they don't have it fixed by the end of the week.
  • irritatrixirritatrix Posts: 40
    Also forgot to mention it's an EX. Good deal for 17,250; I just wish I could drive it. :mad:
  • thehothitthehothit Posts: 19

    Kia published a "Pit Stop" article (KT2007101501 - regarding 2006 And Later Sedona (VQ) Possible Battery Discharge Due to Improperly Installed Door Lock Key Switch). The text is as follows:

    This Pitstop addresses a concern on some 2006 and later Sedona (VQ), which may exhibit a discharged battery due to excessive intermittent parasitic electrical draw. In some cases the door lock key switch located on the back of both the driver’s and passenger's front door lock cylinders may not have been properly installed, may have come loose, or possibly was not reinstalled properly during a previous unrelated repair. As mentioned, this parasitic draw may be intermittent, as the switch by itself has no detent center position and is free to rotate (turn ON and OFF in either lock or unlock positions) if not attached properly to the door lock cylinder.

    If a 2006 or later Sedona (VQ) has a discharged battery and a parasitic draw is present, first check the operation of the key switches using the GDS Scan Tool. If either key switch displays ON regardless of actual key position, this is the parasitic draw and the switch may not be fully installed. If the battery is discharged for no apparent reason, and no other symptoms exist, then an intermittent concern may exist. In this case please check both door lock key switches, assuring that the switches are properly installed.

    I suggest that you print this out and show it to your dealer.

    Good Luck!!!
  • irritatrixirritatrix Posts: 40
    THANK YOU!!! I will print it now and take it over there!
  • jskayjskay Posts: 5
    I understand you are upset but obviously there is a problem with the vehicle and you feel like you have been ripped off. Fact of the matter is no matter how much we want as consumers or Kia as a manufacturer wants every vehicle to be "perfect" is completely unreasonable. People put cars together and we all know people are not perfect by any sense of the word. Mistakes can and will happen. Is this any reason to bash the company the dealer or the Is it grounds to be upset....yes. Lets sit back and think though. Other then the fact that the car has a battery problem you still love it you said so yourself. I truly hope the vehicle gets fixed for you and you buy into this company for life.
    Again nothing is perfect, you are one of the unfortunates and it sucks but Kia is the most improved company in the past 10 years and just look at what is coming in the future. I hear within the next couple years the sedona will be redone.
    2010 the sorento is getting a makeover....then probably the sportage.
    I'll keep you updated. I have a very good friend in the kia world.
  • irritatrixirritatrix Posts: 40
    Now come on. Being frustrated at not having use of a new car for 14 straight days and 2 of the 5 weeks you've owned it is far from demanding the vehicle be "perfect." I've owned a number of cars in the last 40 years and not one has been "perfect," but not one has gotten off to this bad of a start - not even my ill-fated 1971 Saab 96, which was plagued with electrical problems from Day 1 and finally, mercifully, caught on fire and completely destroyed itself. :P

    And nowhere did I say I felt "ripped off." I said I was "bitterly disappointed" - because I didn't buy a new vehicle to spend this much time in the shop, and I doubt you would like it any more than I do if it happened to you.
  • ericderekericderek Posts: 5
    I stopped by a local Kia dealer yesterday and they had two 2008 Sedonas for sale. These cars were on the lost about 2 months ago and then disappeared.

    They told me that it was part of a program that Kia made them do. Apparently the cars were supposed to put in "loaner" program. They told me they just parked the cars in the back of another dealership for 45 days, and can now sell them.

    THey were new (13 miles and 24 miles) and I be the first owner of record. The $27k LX model with power package and DVD was on sale for $18K+. They had a few other models with the same thing going on.

    Has anyone encounter this? Any idea how much lower they will go?

  • I posted a short while back, but here's what happened with me. I bought one (an EX) for $18,700 (plus tax/etc). It's MRP was 28,519. It has the power pkg, but no dvd or leather. I negotiated the price a month ago, but they explained I couldn't pick it up until June 15 because it was in that program too. Mine had a little over 1000 miles. The workers at the dealership would take it on drives/weekend trips. (I was sort of glad it had a few miles...made sure there were no problems...perhaps a few less would have been better.) Anyway,we've had it a few days and it's great so far.

    You CAN find another dealer with these -- perhaps out of state. If you've got a price from a dealer already (call them dealer A), go to dealer B and ask if they can beat that price. Do it via email. When they do beat it (and they will), go back to dealer A and ask if they can beat dealer B's price. Continue until you get where you want to be. In this forum, someone picked up a new '08 EX for 17.2K (though he had problems with but lemony). So I'd bet you could get an LX for 17k or less -- but you'll have to get dealers bidding for you. Even if you get an out-of-state vehicle, you use the nearest Kia dealer for it doesn't matter where you buy it from...just get the best deal.
  • kitagrlkitagrl Posts: 7
    I agree the mileage isn't a bad thing...I figured if my van was used to "show off" to other people or show what the Kia minivan was all about, that it was a good one to have! And so far its been fine.... It certainly was a great deal! Ours EX loaded incl leather was only like a thousand more than the basic LX we had bought three years earlier!
  • katie526katie526 Posts: 1
    I bought my 08 2 weeks ago. So far I love it. Buying experience was fine. I paid $15,900 for an 08 LX with 16K on it. Seemed like it may have been a rental or something, not sure. So clean inside and out.

    So far, no problems. I had a Ford Windstar a few years ago. Piece of crap if you ask me. Both of my friends had them and tranny went at 60K for both of them. I got the 60K, 5yr. warranty and the 100K/10Yr. Powertrain with the Kia. Hoping it stays a love of a van. I am turning in my Ford Escape - another piece of crap.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • ericderekericderek Posts: 5
    I wrote previously about two 2008 Sedonas on the lot.

    Last week I picked up a 2008 LX model with the Power Package and the DVD/Entertainment Package.

    Paid $18,000. That was the price had listed in the add. I tried to negotiate them down, but their response was "we can't take anything else off the car." Considering the other 2008 was sold and gone, I just worked on my trade in value. Got about $1000 more than I expected, so I'm good.

    I'm in North Jersey.
  • letoleto Posts: 23
    what dealer was that? Is this a NEW or USED car?
  • ericderekericderek Posts: 5
    It was a new 2008. 20 miles on the car.

    Kia of Mt. Olive. I got the last 2008 Sedona. The 2010s should be arriving shortly, so I'd think there may be incentives for the 2009s soon.
  • kingof8skingof8s Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me what they are paying for their 2008 Sedona EX with Luxury package for? Whats the best deal going on? Looking to purchase one next few days. Also I own a 2006 model and enjoying the van very much. Are the 2009 very similar to 2006?

    Thank you'
  • kingof8skingof8s Posts: 2
    I am sorry, I meant to ask about the 2009 model and not the 2008. Like to get a 2008 but it's hard to find one.
  • dudette3dudette3 Posts: 45
    Hi! I am looking to possibly purchase tomorrow. I am wondering what others are paying for a new 2009 Kia Sedona LX, no additional options. The MSRP is 25040 including destination - I am a bit confused by this because the edmunds site lists MSRP as 22040 including destination.

    The salesman said the price would be around 22K +TTL, but may be able to get a good deal as they are trying to make a record by tomorrow.

    Would really appreciate any help!
  • chiliechilie Posts: 2
    looking at a used 2008 EX for sale by owner, low mileage (under 10k), how much should I pay?

    Should I wait for incentives on 2009 model?

    Appreciate any feedbacks from people in similar situation.
  • I was offered $500-$1,000 below invoice + TTL on a new 2009 Odyssey EX-L; solid deal? I wanted to get the $1,250 factory to dealer rebate but unsure if they'd go lower. I might be able to do better with another dealer in the $30K range and then factor in the rebate and a possible trade-in?

    Still want to drive a Sienna and Sedona again. I like the looks of the Sienna better but the price and package of the Sedona is tough to pass up. $2,000 cash back makes it harder and I just heard from a local dealer they are selling at just above invoice.

    So what do all you experts think? Honda is superior so pay more now to last longer (I take care of my cars and expect them to last; current car is 14 years old)? Save thousands and get the Kia now? Or even wait for hopefully better rebates from all manufacturers and try again during December when salesman are more desperate?
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    I think you need to go into the Honda Odyssey forum and read about the transmission failures they are having. Granted, these are older models but they keep failing after replacement. It seems Honda won't admit there's a problem. Maybe the 09's have a newer transmission, I don't know. I have a 07 Entourage, From June of 06, I love the van, I've had a couple of the early model common problems that popped up but the dealer has been the best. They didn't even charge me for the front rotors I had replaced at 30,000 miles. I assumed they covered it under warranty, never asked, didn't want to point out a mistake if they made one. The Sedona is the exact same thing. It all comes down to the dealer. Are they going to honor the warranty by just replacing or fixing any and all problems that may arise. No questions asked. Get it done and be on your way. As it should be!!
  • Thanks for the info. With the relatively slim difference in price between an Odyssey EX-L and a Sedona EX with comparable options, sounds like the Honda would be the better long term value, right?

    Is it true that shopping at the end of the year (from mid-Dec. on) is better in terms of less customers and better ability to get price breaks from salesmen needing to hit end of month and end of year quotas?

    And even though I'm dealing online with the dealers' internet staff, when I've gone into the dealers they still pass me to a salesman. So what's the point of doing all the advance legwork (other then they know that we know what's going on) if I'm still gonna get treated as if I walked in off the street?

    If I want to do a trade-in there to save time, should I wait until a firm price has been set for the new car? What if they balk at that point? I can't sign something first if it says no trade-in and then do a trade in, but can't they change their mind on price after I mention a trade?

    When do I mention the holdback (I don't want it but I want them to know that I'm aware of it) and the current $1,250 factory rebate?

    What's the deal with the KBB numbers they pull up to justify their trade in rate? Is that what dealers are suggesting to pay and not what dealers are actually paying?

    As a follow up to my initial post, the dealer is now asking if I would buy the car for $500 back of invoice? I am unfamiliar with this expression. Is it the same as $500 below invoice or is it something else like after taxes?

    And can I still negotiate on the $1,250 factory to dealer incentive after we have agreed on a price or does the price we agree on include all rebates, incentives, etc.?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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